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world history/london dock strike 1889 worker demonstrating
LONDON: DOCK STRIKE, 1889. A worker demonstrating at the Great London Docker's
world history/sephirotic tree life illustration portae lucis
SEPHIROTIC TREE OF LIFE. Illustration from Portae Lucis, 1516, by Paul Ricci
world history/battle waterloo charge cavalry regiment scots greys
BATTLE OF WATERLOO. Charge of the cavalry regiment, the Scots Greys, during the
world history/mexico nun 16th century sor juana ines la cruz
MEXICO: NUN, 16th CENTURY. Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz, niece of Hernan Cortes, dressed
world history/turner burning parliament the burning houses
TURNER: BURNING PARLIAMENT. 'The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, 16th
world history/cruikshank cartoon 1832 source southwark water
CRUIKSHANK: CARTOON, 1832. 'Source of the Southwark Water Works,' or, 'Salus
world history/jahangir 1569 1627 mughal emperor india
JAHANGIR (1569-1627). Mughal emperor of India. Jahangir weighing his son, Prince Khurram
world history/great london 1666 great london england 1666
GREAT FIRE OF LONDON, 1666. The Great Fire of London, England, 1666
world history/england gypsy camp 1880 gypsy camp near latimer
ENGLAND: GYPSY CAMP, 1880. Gypsy camp near Latimer Road in Notting Hill, England
world history/mexico huitzilopochtli aztec god war patron
MEXICO: HUITZILOPOCHTLI. The Aztec god of war and patron of Tenochtitlan
world history/athens tower winds tower winds clocktower roman
ATHENS: TOWER OF THE WINDS. The Tower of the Winds clocktower in the Roman agora in
world history/jordan jerash ruins temple sun roman city jerash
JORDAN: JERASH. Ruins of the Temple of the Sun at the Roman city of Jerash, Jordan
world history/peru chavin stele drawing raimondi stele portraying
PERU: CHAVIN STELE. Drawing of the Raimondi stele, portraying a chieftain wearing
world history/balkan war 1912 turkish prisoners war podgorica
BALKAN WAR, 1912. Turkish prisoners of war at Podgorica (present-day Titograd, Yugoslavia)
world history/canada mount stephen 1888 view mount stephen
CANADA: MOUNT STEPHEN, 1888. View of Mount Stephen in the Rocky Mountains in British
world history/india postman 1858 the catamaran postman
INDIA: POSTMAN, 1858. 'The Catamaran Postman
world history/charterhouse school 1862 classroom charterhouse
CHARTERHOUSE SCHOOL, 1862. The classroom at the Charterhouse boarding school in Surrey
world history/charterhouse school 1862 study room charterhouse
CHARTERHOUSE SCHOOL, 1862. The study room of the Charterhouse boarding school in Surrey
world history/ireland state carriage state carriage used lord
IRELAND: STATE CARRIAGE. State carriage used by the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 1780
world history/isthmus suez 1858 caravan british travelers
ISTHMUS OF SUEZ, 1858. Caravan of British travelers crossing the Isthmus of Suez between
world history/scottish carriage 1869 18th century carriage
SCOTTISH CARRIAGE, 1869. 18th century carriage, lent to the South Kensington Museum
world history/india mail delivery 1858 slinging letter bags
INDIA: MAIL DELIVERY, 1858. 'Slinging Letter-Bags Across a Nullah in the Rainy Season
world history/england gypsy camp 1880 gypsy tent near london
ENGLAND: GYPSY CAMP, 1880. Gypsy tent near London, England. English engraving, 1880
world history/lisle la marseillaise profile bust claude joseph
DE LISLE: LA MARSEILLAISE. Profile bust of Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle and a
world history/battle trafalgar 1896 admiral cuthbert collingwood
BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR, 1896. Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood on board the HMS Royal
world history/canada banff 1888 view banff british columbia
CANADA: BANFF, 1888. View of Banff, British Columbia, from the Canadian Pacific Railroad
world history/sri lanka elephant capture testing rope newly
SRI LANKA: ELEPHANT CAPTURE. 'Testing the Rope' of a newly captured elephant
world history/sri lanka elephant capture the alarm men
world history/sri lanka elephant kraal kraal captured elephants
SRI LANKA: ELEPHANT KRAAL. A kraal for captured elephants in Sri Lanka, with a
world history/china laundry 1859 chinese women washing linen
CHINA: LAUNDRY, 1859. Chinese women washing linen. Wood engraving, English, 1859
world history/china hairdresser 1859 chinese hairdresser
CHINA: HAIRDRESSER, 1859. A Chinese hairdresser. Wood engraving, English, 1859
world history/england epsom races 1875 bringing winner
ENGLAND: EPSOM RACES, 1875. 'Bringing in the Winner' at the Epsom Races in
world history/england epsom racetrack royal stand epsom racetrack
ENGLAND: EPSOM RACETRACK. The Royal Stand at Epsom Racetrack in England. Engraving
world history/england gypsy camp 1880 gypsy encampment hackney
ENGLAND: GYPSY CAMP, 1880. Gypsy encampment at Hackney, London, England
world history/england gypsy camp 1880 knife grinder gypsy
ENGLAND: GYPSY CAMP, 1880. A knife-grinder at a gypsy encampment at Hackney Wick, London
world history/england gypsy camp 1880 gypsy encampment mitcham
ENGLAND: GYPSY CAMP, 1880. Gypsy encampment at Mitcham Common, near London, England
world history/battle waterloo arthur wellesley 1st duke wellington
BATTLE OF WATERLOO. Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, passing lines of
world history/war spanish succession prince eugene savoy received
WAR OF SPANISH SUCCESSION. Prince Eugene of Savoy received by the Duke of Marlborough
world history/murad v 1840 1904 sultan ottoman empire 1876
MURAD V (1840-1904). Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, 1876. Wood engraving, American, 1876
world history/quebec st louis fire 1876 victims st
QUEBEC: ST. LOUIS FIRE, 1876. Victims of a fire at St
world history/herzegovina uprising 1875 bashi bazouk soldiers
HERZEGOVINA UPRISING, 1875. Bashi-bazouk soldiers escorting insurgent prisoners
world history/egypt ismailia 1875 prince wales later king
EGYPT: ISMAILIA, 1875. The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and his entourage
world history/italy milan reception reception emperor germany
ITALY: MILAN RECEPTION. Reception of the Emperor of Germany in the Hall of the
world history/spain second carlist war sketches battleships
SPAIN: SECOND CARLIST WAR. Sketches of the battleships in the harbor and the city
world history/battle oudenarde 1708 john churchill 1st duke
BATTLE OF OUDENARDE, 1708. John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, visiting the
world history/battle oudenarde 1708 future king george ii
BATTLE OF OUDENARDE, 1708. The future King George II leading his squadron into
world history/guise assassination 1588 assassination henri i
GUISE ASSASSINATION, 1588. The assassination of Henri I, Duke of Guise, by the
world history/sri lanka elephant 1874 captive mother elephant
SRI LANKA: ELEPHANT, 1874. A captive mother elephant pining for her calf, who had
world history/temple elephant 1874 temple elephant keeper
TEMPLE ELEPHANT, 1874. A temple elephant and keeper at Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka. Engraving
world history/elephant capture 1874 sri lankans leading captive
ELEPHANT CAPTURE, 1874. Sri Lankans leading a captive elephant. Engraving, American
world history/elephant shooting 1874 shooting spare elephants
ELEPHANT SHOOTING, 1874. 'Shooting spare elephants in a corral' to control the
world history/abdelaziz morocco 1878 1943 sultan morocco
ABDELAZIZ OF MOROCCO (1878-1943). Sultan of Morocco, 1894-1908
world history/london cannon street 1866 cannon street railroad
LONDON: CANNON STREET, 1866. The Cannon Street railroad station, the terminus of
world history/thames embankment 1866 workers cutting piles
THAMES EMBANKMENT, 1866. Workers cutting the piles which form the cofferdam of
world history/thames embankment 1865 contstruction thames
THAMES EMBANKMENT, 1865. Contstruction of the Thames River embankment, as seen
world history/thames embankment 1862 driving first pile thames
THAMES EMBANKMENT, 1862. Driving the first pile of the Thames River embankment
world history/thames embankment 1857 construction thames river
THAMES EMBANKMENT, 1857. Construction of the Thames River embankment at Chelsea, London
world history/england virginia water queen victorias barge
ENGLAND: VIRGINIA WATER. Queen Victoria's barge for Virginia Water in Surrey, England
world history/london rowing 1865 procession london boat clubs
LONDON: ROWING, 1865. Procession of the London Boat Clubs on the Thames River
world history/south africa hunter 1891 british hunter south
SOUTH AFRICA: HUNTER, 1891. A British hunter in South Africa, lost after chasing game
world history/china british factories the british factories
CHINA: BRITISH FACTORIES. 'The British Factories at Canton', China
world history/fashoda incident 1898 captain marcel joseph germain
FASHODA INCIDENT, 1898. Captain Marcel Joseph Germain, a leader of a French expedition
world history/fashoda incident 1898 captain albert baratier
FASHODA INCIDENT, 1898. Captain Albert Baratier, a leader of a French expedition to
world history/fashoda incident 1898 captain jean baptiste marchand
FASHODA INCIDENT, 1898. Captain Jean-Baptiste Marchand, French soldier and explorer
world history/elephant labor 1874 elephant hauling timber
ELEPHANT LABOR, 1874. An elephant hauling timber in Sri Lanka. Engraving, American
world history/africa hunting 1877 african elephant shooting
AFRICA: HUNTING, 1877. 'African Elephant-Shooting by Moonlight.' Engraving
world history/africa hunting 1867 elephant hunting africa
AFRICA: HUNTING, 1867. 'Elephant Hunting in Africa - Prince Alfred of England
world history/australian gold rush 1853 view gold mining town
AUSTRALIAN GOLD RUSH, 1853. View of the gold mining town of Sofala, along the Turon
world history/australian gold rush 1853 gold mining camp junction
AUSTRALIAN GOLD RUSH, 1853. Gold mining camp at the junction of the Turon River
world history/australian gold rush 1853 gold mining town sofala
AUSTRALIAN GOLD RUSH, 1853. Gold mining town of Sofala, along the Turon River in New
world history/dore london 1872 the royal exchange wood
DORE: LONDON: 1872. 'The Royal Exchange
world history/london statue 1872 statue american financier
LONDON: STATUE, 1872. Statue of American financier, George Peabody, near the Royal
world history/dore london 1872 beggars street london
DORE: LONDON: 1872. Beggars on the street in London
world history/thames river storm 1865 scene river thames
THAMES RIVER: STORM, 1865. 'Scene on the River Thames during the gale on Sunday
world history/french noblemen 15th century french noblemen
FRENCH NOBLEMEN. 15th century French noblemen
world history/battle crecy 1346 edward iii greeting prince
BATTLE OF CRECY, 1346. 'Edward III. Greeting the Prince of Wales after the battle
world history/ishikawa goemon 1558 1594 legendary japanese outlaw
ISHIKAWA GOEMON (1558-1594). Legendary Japanese outlaw, as portrayed by an actor
world history/spain cadiz 1869 spain charge chasseurs
SPAIN: CADIZ, 1869. 'Spain - Charge of the Chasseurs of Madrid upon the insurgents
world history/madagascar oxen 1864 transporting oxen boat
MADAGASCAR: OXEN, 1864. Transporting oxen by boat at the port of Tamatave, Madagascar
world history/berlin subway c1900 subway entrance berlin germany
BERLIN: SUBWAY, c1900. A subway entrance in Berlin, Germany. Photograph, c1900
world history/berlin soup kitchen crowd people buying goulash
BERLIN: SOUP KITCHEN. A crowd of people buying goulash, supplied by the Berliner
world history/mexico priests 1847 priests horseback mexico
MEXICO: PRIESTS, 1847. Priests on horseback in Mexico. Engraving, English, 1847
world history/mexico travelers 1847 travelers bridge texmelucan
MEXICO: TRAVELERS, 1847. Travelers at the bridge at Texmelucan, Mexico. Engraving
world history/berlin parade 1913 parade the opening new sports
BERLIN: PARADE, 1913. A parade at the the opening of a new sports stadium in Berlin
world history/mexico guerillas 1847 guerilla fighters mexico
MEXICO: GUERILLAS, 1847. Guerilla fighters in Mexico. Engraving, English, 1847
world history/fashoda incident 1898 lieutenant victor emmanuel
FASHODA INCIDENT, 1898. Lieutenant Victor Emmanuel Largeau, a leader of a French
world history/argentina blockade 1845 argentinian ships captured
ARGENTINA: BLOCKADE, 1845. Argentinian ships captured off the coast of Montevideo
world history/french revolution english engraving 1889 commemorating
FRENCH REVOLUTION. English engraving, 1889, commemorating the centenary of the
world history/france estates general representatives estates
FRANCE: ESTATES GENERAL. Representatives to the Estates General in contemporary costume
world history/schloss braunfels 1881 schloss braunfels ancestral
SCHLOSS BRAUNFELS, 1881. 'Schloss Braunfels, the ancestral residence of the Princes
world history/italy venice 1881 italy fete canal geographical
ITALY: VENICE, 1881. 'Italy - The fete on the canal to the Geographical Congress
world history/italy venice 1881 italy pavilion royal garden
ITALY: VENICE, 1881. 'Italy - The pavilion of the Royal Garden at Venice
world history/france exhibition 1881 france edisons inventions
FRANCE: EXHIBITION, 1881. 'France - Edison's inventions at the electrical
world history/spain madrid 1881 spain exhibition americana
SPAIN: MADRID, 1881. 'Spain - The exhibition of Americana at Madrid.' Engraving
world history/battle dreux 1562 second charge led louis i
BATTLE OF DREUX, 1562. The second charge, led by Louis I, Prince of Conde, during
world history/russo turkish war 1878 house san stefano treaty
RUSSO-TURKISH WAR, 1878. 'House at San Stefano in which the treaty of peace was
world history/liberian ship 1878 the liberian ship azor
LIBERIAN SHIP, 1878. 'The Liberian ship "Azor" - Photographed by G.N
world history/secretaries state 1869 secretaries state prime
SECRETARIES OF STATE, 1869. The Secretaries of State under the prime ministry of
world history/russia st petersburg mourners visiting place
RUSSIA: ST. PETERSBURG. Mourners visiting the place were Czar Alexander II of Russia


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