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world geography/london whitehall rush hour whitehall london
LONDON: WHITEHALL. Rush-hour at Whitehall, London, England, 1820s
#media dmcs-12422971
world geography/metropolitan tabernacle 6000 seat metropolitan
METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE. The 6000-seat Metropolitan Tabernacle at London, England
#media dmcs-12423239
world geography/travels brazil 1820 drawing prince alexander
TRAVELS IN BRAZIL, 1820. A drawing from Prince Alexander Philipp Maximilian of
#media dmcs-12422861
world geography/wittenberg germany 1509 castle church
WITTENBERG, GERMANY, 1509. The Castle Church (Schlosskirche) at Wittenberg, Germany
#media dmcs-12423025
world geography/wright cotton mill arkwrights cotton mills night
WRIGHT: COTTON MILL. 'Arkwright's Cotton Mills by Night,' in Cromford
#media dmcs-12422883
world geography/germany cologne c1915 deutscher ring cologne germany
GERMANY: COLOGNE, c1915. The Deutscher Ring in Cologne, Germany. Illustration, c1915
#media dmcs-12428139
world geography/germany bad nauheim sprudelhof health resort
GERMANY: BAD NAUHEIM. Sprudelhof health resort in the town of Bad Nauheim, Germany
#media dmcs-12428137
world geography/germany oberammergau small church kofel
GERMANY: OBERAMMERGAU. Small church in front of Kofel mountain in Oberammergau, Germany
#media dmcs-12428135
world geography/germany bavaria c1920 hotel hintergraseck
GERMANY: BAVARIA, c1920. The hotel Hintergraseck in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria
#media dmcs-12428133
world geography/germany heidelberg c1920 view city heidelberg
GERMANY: HEIDELBERG, c1920. View of the city of Heidelberg including Heidelberg Castle
#media dmcs-12428131
world geography/germany andernach c1920 view rhine river town andernach
GERMANY: ANDERNACH, c1920. View of the Rhine River and the town of Andernach, Germany
#media dmcs-12428129
world geography/germany wiesental c1920 view feldberg
GERMANY: WIESENTAL, c1920. View from Feldberg of the Black Forrest towards Wiesental
#media dmcs-12428127
world geography/germany pirna c1920 view pirna including
GERMANY: PIRNA, c1920. View of Pirna including Sonnenstein Castle. Photograph, c1920
#media dmcs-12428125
world geography/germany pfaffendorf rhine river running town pfaffendorf
GERMANY: PFAFFENDORF. The Rhine river running through the town of Pfaffendorf, Germany
#media dmcs-12428123
world geography/germany duisburg c1920 ships port duisburg germany
GERMANY: DUISBURG, c1920. Ships in port at Duisburg, Germany. Photograph, c1920
#media dmcs-12428121
world geography/germany munich c1920 bridge isar river
GERMANY: MUNICH, c1920. Bridge over the Isar River with the Maximilianeum building
#media dmcs-12428119
world geography/germany dusseldorf c1920 rhine promenade dusseldorf
GERMANY: DUSSELDORF, c1920. The Rhine Promenade in Dusseldorf, Germany. Photograph
#media dmcs-12428117
world geography/germany urfeld c1920 jager hotel walchensee lake urfeld
GERMANY: URFELD, c1920. The Jager am See Hotel and Walchensee Lake at Urfeld, Germany
#media dmcs-12428115
world geography/germany friedrichroda view friedrichroda germany
GERMANY: FRIEDRICHRODA. View of Friedrichroda, Germany. Illustration, c1920
#media dmcs-12428113
world geography/germany heidelberg c1920 christmas tree
GERMANY: HEIDELBERG, c1920. Christmas tree in front of the Church of the Holy Spirit
#media dmcs-12428111
world geography/germany cologne c1920 rhein river cologne
GERMANY: COLOGNE, c1920. The Rhein River and Cologne Cathedral in the evening at Cologne
#media dmcs-12428109
world geography/nuremberg castle c1920 sinwell tower nuremberg castle
NUREMBERG CASTLE, c1920. Sinwell Tower at Nuremberg Castle, Bavaria, Germany. Photograph
#media dmcs-12428107
world geography/germany porta westfalica wittekindsberg
GERMANY: PORTA WESTFALICA. Wittekindsberg hill with the Emperor William Monument
#media dmcs-12428105
world geography/germany mittenwald c1920 lautersee lake
GERMANY: MITTENWALD, c1920. Lautersee Lake at the base of the Karwendel mountain
#media dmcs-12428103
world geography/germany cologne c1920 view cologne cathedral cologne
GERMANY: COLOGNE, c1920. View of the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany. Photograph
#media dmcs-12428101
world geography/germany oberammergau view town oberammergau bavaria
GERMANY: OBERAMMERGAU. View of the town of Oberammergau in Bavaria, Germany. Photograph
#media dmcs-12428099
world geography/germany cologne c1920 aerial view cologne
GERMANY: COLOGNE, c1920. Aerial view of the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany
#media dmcs-12428097
world geography/munich town hall c1920 new town hall munich germany
MUNICH: TOWN HALL, c1920. New Town Hall in Munich, Germany. Photograph, c1920
#media dmcs-12428095
world geography/montreal map 1855 montreal skyline backed
MONTREAL: MAP, 1855. Montreal skyline backed by the Saint Lawrence River, from Mount
#media dmcs-12428093
world geography/halifax map 1879 birds eye view halifax
HALIFAX: MAP, 1879. Bird's eye view of Halifax, Nova Scotia, featuring Fort George
#media dmcs-12428091
world geography/quebec skyline c1844 quebec city viewed
QUEBEC: SKYLINE, c1844. Quebec City viewed from Saint Lawrence River. Lithograph, c1844
#media dmcs-12428089
world geography/london c1815 the light days lord alvanley
LONDON, c1815. 'The light of other Days: Lord Alvanley, Lord Hill, Lord Yarmouth
#media dmcs-12428083
world geography/liverpool 1842 view liverpool england
LIVERPOOL, 1842. View of Liverpool, England. Engraving, 1842
#media dmcs-12428081
world geography/moscow gate c1890 paper model gate moscow russia
MOSCOW: GATE, c1890. Paper model of a gate in Moscow, Russia. Engraving, c1890
#media dmcs-12428079
world geography/germany c1920 girls posing building germany
GERMANY, c1920. Girls posing in front of a building in Germany. Photograph, c1920
#media dmcs-12428077
world geography/germany cologne c1920 gate cologne germany
GERMANY: COLOGNE, c1920. Gate in Cologne, Germany. Photograph, c1920
#media dmcs-12428075
world geography/mexico guadalajara c1890 street guadalajara mexico
MEXICO: GUADALAJARA, c1890. A street in Guadalajara, Mexico
#media dmcs-12428069
world geography/mexico lavanderas c1890 laundresses mexico
MEXICO: LAVANDERAS, c1890. Laundresses in Mexico. Photograph by William Henry Jackson
#media dmcs-12428067
world geography/mexico c1890 portales market san marcos aguascalientes
MEXICO, c1890. Portales of the market of San Marcos in Aguascalientes, Mexico
#media dmcs-12428065
world geography/borneo railroad 1899 railroad station
BORNEO: RAILROAD, 1899. A railroad station in British North Borneo
#media dmcs-12428063
world geography/mexico c1890 market aguascalientes mexico
MEXICO, c1890. A market in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Photograph by William Henry Jackson
#media dmcs-12428061
world geography/rock gibraltar etching robert swain gifford
ROCK OF GIBRALTAR. Etching by Robert Swain Gifford, 1885
#media dmcs-12428059
world geography/england sefton park 1872 bazaar pavilion sefton park
ENGLAND: SEFTON PARK, 1872. Bazaar pavilion at Sefton Park, Liverpool, England
#media dmcs-12428053
world geography/shakespeare house interior house henley
SHAKESPEARE: HOUSE. Interior of the house on Henley Street in Stratford-on-Avon
#media dmcs-12428051
world geography/shakespeare house sale auction william shakespeares house
SHAKESPEARE HOUSE SALE. The auction of William Shakespeare's house, 16 September 1847
#media dmcs-12428049
world geography/stratford on avon 1847 view church holy
STRATFORD-ON-AVON, 1847. View of the Church of the Holy Trinity at the river at
#media dmcs-12428047
world geography/stratford on avon 1847 guild chapel shakespeares garden
STRATFORD-ON-AVON, 1847. The Guild Chapel Shakespeare's Garden, at Stratford-on-Avon
#media dmcs-12428045
world geography/charlecote park 1847 great hall charlecote park
CHARLECOTE PARK, 1847. The Great Hall in Charlecote Park, near Stratford-on-Avon, England
#media dmcs-12428043
world geography/charlecote park 1847 view charlecote park
CHARLECOTE PARK, 1847. View of Charlecote Park near Stratford-on-Avon, England
#media dmcs-12428041


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