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winter/winter scene c1875 winter sunday olden times
WINTER SCENE, c1875. 'Winter Sunday in Olden Times.' American lithograph, c1875
#media dmcs-6237410
winter/bruegel hunters 1565 pieter bruegel elder hunters snow
BRUEGEL: HUNTERS, 1565. Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Hunters in the Snow. Panel, 1565
#media dmcs-6209433
winter/homestead winter 1868 lithograph 1868
HOMESTEAD WINTER, 1868. Lithograph, 1868, by Currier & Ives
#media dmcs-6237607
winter/home thanksgiving 1867 lithograph 1867
HOME TO THANKSGIVING, 1867. Lithograph, 1867, by Currier & ives
#media dmcs-6214593
winter/boughton winter twilight george h boughton
BOUGHTON: WINTER TWILIGHT. George H. Boughton: Winter Twilight near Albany. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-6209417
winter/illumination 15th century manuscript tres riches heures
Detail of an illumination from the 15th century manuscript of the 'Tres Riches Heures
#media dmcs-8857307
winter/winter scene morning 1854 lithograph 1854
WINTER SCENE: MORNING 1854. Lithograph, 1854, by Nathaniel Currier
#media dmcs-6237492
winter/henri new york winter robert henri new
HENRI: NEW YORK WINTER. Robert Henri: New York Street in Winter, 1902
#media dmcs-6209415
winter/currier ives winter morning winter morning country
CURRIER & IVES: WINTER MORNING. Winter morning in the country
#media dmcs-6209377
winter/currier ives winter scene frozen up lithograph
CURRIER & IVES WINTER SCENE. 'Frozen Up.' Lithograph, 1872, by Currier & Ives
#media dmcs-6209379
winter/japanese print crow crows flowering plum winter
JAPANESE PRINT: CROW. Two Crows on a Flowering Plum in Winter. Japanese Kakemono-e color print
#media dmcs-6256547
winter/frozen thames oil painting 1677 abraham
FROZEN THAMES. Oil painting, 1677, by Abraham Hondius
#media dmcs-6249883
winter/currier ives winter moonlight winter moonlight
#media dmcs-6238551
winter/currier ives winter scene winter country
CURRIER & IVES WINTER SCENE. "Winter in the Country: Getting Ice": lithograph
#media dmcs-6237621
winter/currier ives winter scene the snow storm
#media dmcs-6237521
winter/london fog c1905 alvin langdon coburns
LONDON: FOG, c1905. Alvin Langdon Coburn's photograph 'Portland Place,' c1905
#media dmcs-6209405
winter/stieglitz new york 1903 horses carriages
STIEGLITZ: NEW YORK, 1903. Horses and carriages on a snowy street in New York City
#media dmcs-6209371