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whats new/chicago posters 1941 circus posters wall
CHICAGO: POSTERS, 1941. Circus posters on a wall in the Black Belt area of Chicago
#media dmcs-13216349
whats new/vermont creamery 1941 worker united farmers
VERMONT: CREAMERY, 1941. A worker at the United Farmers' Cooperative Creamery
#media dmcs-13216967
whats new/new york chinatown 1942 women gift shop chinatown
NEW YORK: CHINATOWN, 1942. Women in a gift shop in Chinatown, New York City
#media dmcs-13216861
whats new/new york boys 1942 jewish boys sitting
NEW YORK: BOYS, 1942. Jewish boys sitting on the steps of a synagogue in New York City
#media dmcs-13216855
whats new/chicago surgery 1941 surgeons performing
CHICAGO: SURGERY, 1941. Surgeons performing an operation at Provident Hospital
#media dmcs-13216797
whats new/kentucky cemetery c1940 new graves decorated
KENTUCKY: CEMETERY, c1940. New graves decorated in the mountains near Jackson, Kentucky
#media dmcs-13216355
whats new/new mexico circus 1936 boys sneaking circus tent roswell
NEW MEXICO: CIRCUS, 1936. Boys sneaking under a circus tent in Roswell, New Mexico
#media dmcs-13216347
whats new/circus ad 1936 poster ringling bros barnum
CIRCUS ADVERTISEMENT, 1936. Poster for the Ringling Bros
#media dmcs-13216345
whats new/mexican repatriation 1935 mother mexican
MEXICAN REPATRIATION, 1935. A mother of Mexican descent in California discusses
#media dmcs-13216263
whats new/florida keys wharf 1938 fishing wharf
FLORIDA KEYS: WHARF, 1938. A fishing wharf at Lower Matecumbe Key, Florida
#media dmcs-13216209
whats new/idaho farm 1939 farm remaining stumps
IDAHO: FARM, 1939. A farm with remaining stumps after clearing the land for six
#media dmcs-13216179
whats new/child labor 1939 young migrant bean picker marion county
CHILD LABOR, 1939. A young migrant bean picker in Marion County, Oregon
#media dmcs-13216061
whats new/sharecropper 1937 fifty seven year old
SHARECROPPER, 1937. A fifty-seven year old African American sharecropper's feet
#media dmcs-13215881
whats new/alabama workers 1941 group men unemployed
ALABAMA: WORKERS, 1941. A group of men, some of them unemployed, on the main street
#media dmcs-13215552
whats new/texas seeds 1939 jars seeds sale luggage
TEXAS: SEEDS, 1939. Jars of seeds for sale on a luggage carrier of an automobile
#media dmcs-13215461
whats new/texas potato vendor 1939 potato peddler
TEXAS: POTATO VENDOR, 1939. Potato peddler resting in the back of the truck at
#media dmcs-13215457
whats new/texas honey vendor 1939 honey peddler
TEXAS: HONEY VENDOR, 1939. Honey peddler reading a newspaper in a farmer's market
#media dmcs-13215453
whats new/sharecroppers 1939 sharecropper family
SHARECROPPERS, 1939. A sharecropper and his family, clients of the Transylvania
#media dmcs-13215449
whats new/farm couple 1938 sharecropper wife near carutherville
FARM COUPLE, 1938. Sharecropper and wife near Carutherville, Missouri
#media dmcs-13215225
whats new/children 1940 children gold miners sitting
CHILDREN, 1940. Children of gold miners sitting on a store window sill, Mogollon
#media dmcs-13215061
whats new/missouri farmers 1936 farmers sitting
MISSOURI: FARMERS, 1936. Four farmers sitting on a grate in front of a grocery
#media dmcs-13214886
whats new/alabama couple 1936 well dressed african
ALABAMA: COUPLE, 1936. A well-dressed African American woman holding a package
#media dmcs-13214661
whats new/mississippi erosion 1936 eroded farmland near oxford
MISSISSIPPI: EROSION, 1936. Eroded farmland near Oxford, Mississippi
#media dmcs-13214635
whats new/livestock trade 1940 mountaineers farmers
LIVESTOCK TRADE, 1940. Mountaineers and farmers trading mules and horses on 'Jockey
#media dmcs-13214615
whats new/mississippi fishing 1939 african american
MISSISSIPPI: FISHING, 1939. African American men and women fishing in a creek near
#media dmcs-13214611
whats new/jungle gym 1942 children climbing jungle
JUNGLE GYM, 1942. Children climbing on a jungle gym in the Central Park playground
#media dmcs-13214591
whats new/minnesota logging 1937 transporting timber
MINNESOTA: LOGGING, 1937. Transporting timber with a horse drawn sled on dry ground
#media dmcs-13214557
whats new/blacksmith 1943 daniel anastazia blacksmiths assistant
BLACKSMITH, 1943. Daniel Anastazia, a blacksmith's assistant, at the roundhouse
#media dmcs-13214551
whats new/poverty lean to 1936 twelve year old girl
POVERTY: LEAN-TO, 1936. A twelve-year old girl cooking for her family in a lean-to
#media dmcs-13214545
whats new/new mexico blacksmith men hammering draw
NEW MEXICO: BLACKSMITH. Three men hammering out a draw bar on the steam drop hammer
#media dmcs-13214541
whats new/baltimore row houses view row houses street baltimore
BALTIMORE: ROW HOUSES. A view of row houses along a street in Baltimore, Maryland
#media dmcs-13214537
whats new/african american migrants african american
AFRICAN AMERICAN MIGRANTS. African American migrants traveling from Florida through
#media dmcs-13214285
whats new/coal miner 1938 polish american coal miner capels
COAL MINER, 1938. A Polish-American coal miner in Capels, West Virginia
#media dmcs-13214263
whats new/ponderosa forest 1942 virgin ponderosa
PONDEROSA FOREST, 1942. Virgin ponderosa pine trees in Malheur National Forest
#media dmcs-13214255
whats new/real estate office 1938 real estate loan
REAL ESTATE OFFICE, 1938. Real estate and loan office in Marysville, Ohio
#media dmcs-13214247
whats new/hoover dam 1934 aerial view construction
HOOVER DAM, 1934. Aerial view of the construction site of Hoover Dam on the Colorado
#media dmcs-13214221
whats new/michigan fiddlers 1937 lon allen son playing
MICHIGAN: FIDDLERS, 1937. Lon Allen and his son playing fiddles in their home near
#media dmcs-13213989
whats new/schoolchildren 1942 graders elementary
SCHOOLCHILDREN, 1942. Third graders in an elementary school classroom for migrant workers
#media dmcs-13213677
whats new/illinois shoppers 1939 pedestrians storefront
ILLINOIS: SHOPPERS, 1939. Pedestrians in front of a storefront with signs pleading
#media dmcs-13213661
miscellaneous/hine reading c1924 boy reading photograph
HINE: READING, c1924. A boy reading. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine, c1924
#media dmcs-13139551
miscellaneous/hine doctor 1924 doctor examining young
HINE: DOCTOR, 1924. A doctor examining a young worker in the infirmary at the Cheney
#media dmcs-13139549
miscellaneous/hine child labor 1923 13 year old girl
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1923. A 13-year-old girl embroidering a dress by hand in Newark
#media dmcs-13139547
miscellaneous/hine silk mill 1924 boy girl working loom
HINE: SILK MILL, 1924. A boy and a girl working a loom at the Cheney Silk Mills
#media dmcs-13139545
miscellaneous/hine child labor 1924 young worker cheney
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1924. A young worker at the Cheney Silk Mills in South Manchester
#media dmcs-13139359
miscellaneous/hine newsboys 1924 young newsboy selling
HINE: NEWSBOYS, 1924. A young newsboy selling newspapers in Hartford, Connecticut
#media dmcs-13139123
miscellaneous/mechanical toy c1924 boy playing mechanical toy
MECHANICAL TOY, c1924. A boy playing with mechanical toy. Photograph by Lewis Hine
#media dmcs-13139067
miscellaneous/hine child labor 1924 young worker pushing
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1924. A young worker pushing a cart of machine parts at the
#media dmcs-13135629
miscellaneous/hine child labor 1924 young worker older
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1924. A young worker and an older worker weaving silk at the
#media dmcs-13135627
miscellaneous/hine child labor 1924 young worker using
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1924. A young worker using textile machinery at the Cheney Silk
#media dmcs-13135625


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