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religion/life damnation a representation different
LIFE AND DAMNATION. 'A Representation of the different ways leading to everlasting
#media dmcs-12410424
whats new b/wwii poster c1944 soldiers guns lithograph
WWII: POSTER, c1944. 'Soldiers Without Guns.' Lithograph by Adolph Triedler, 1944
#media dmcs-13636298
whats new b/clarence darrow 1857 1938 american lawyer
CLARENCE DARROW (1857-1938). American lawyer. Photograph by Maurice Goldberg, 1931
#media dmcs-13640804
whats new b/jackie robinson 1919 1972 american baseball player
JACKIE ROBINSON (1919-1972). American baseball player. Photograph by Bob Sandberg, 1954
#media dmcs-13639993
whats new b/cuban missile crisis 1962 this hurts hurts
CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS, 1962. 'This hurts me more than it hurts you
#media dmcs-13644580
whats new b/london underground 1944 please stand
LONDON: UNDERGROUND, 1944. 'Please stand on the right of the escalator
#media dmcs-13642782
whats new b/steamer ship ballroom the grand saloon
STEAMER SHIP BALLROOM. 'The Grand Saloon of the Palace Steamer Drew
#media dmcs-13645316
whats new b/conrad schumann 1942 1998 german soldier
CONRAD SCHUMANN (1942-1998). German soldier known for defecting from East Germany
#media dmcs-13644840
whats new b/london underground 1944 the together
LONDON: UNDERGROUND, 1944. 'The more we are together, the more uncomfortable
#media dmcs-13642784
whats new b/airline poster 1936 british poster imperial airways
AIRLINE POSTER, 1936. British poster for Imperial Airways. Lithograph by Mark Severin
#media dmcs-13640834
whats new b/michigan detroit c1980 abandoned storefronts
MICHIGAN: DETROIT, c1980. Abandoned storefronts along Monroe Avenue in Detroit, Michigan
#media dmcs-13645400
whats new b/pennell gun pit c1917 the gun pit no
PENNELL: GUN PIT, c1917. 'The Gun Pit: No
#media dmcs-13645398
whats new b/michigan detroit c1980 commercial building
MICHIGAN: DETROIT, c1980. Commercial building on Monroe Avenue in Detroit, Michigan
#media dmcs-13645396
whats new b/pennell locomotive c1917 the flying locomotive
PENNELL: LOCOMOTIVE, c1917. 'The Flying Locomotive'
#media dmcs-13645394
whats new b/pennell lincoln memorial c1922 view washington d
PENNELL: LINCOLN MEMORIAL, c1922. A view of Washington, D.C. looking towards Virginia
#media dmcs-13645392
whats new b/pennell lincoln memorial c1922 steps leading
PENNELL: LINCOLN MEMORIAL, c1922. Steps leading up to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington
#media dmcs-13645390
whats new b/pennell london c1908 baker street london england
PENNELL: LONDON, c1908. Baker Street in London, England. Drawing by Joseph Pennell
#media dmcs-13645388
whats new b/pennell venice c1901 the casa jacovitz
PENNELL: VENICE, c1901. 'The Casa Jacovitz'. The rooms of James Abbott Whistler in Venice
#media dmcs-13645386
whats new b/pennell venice c1901 venice quadri
PENNELL: VENICE, c1901. 'Venice Quadri'
#media dmcs-13645384
whats new b/pennell venice c1905 evening view steamship
PENNELL: VENICE, C1905. Evening view of a steamship departing Venice, Italy
#media dmcs-13645382
whats new b/pennell venice c1905 the armenian convent
PENNELL: VENICE, c1905. 'The Armenian Convent'
#media dmcs-13645380
whats new b/archibald cox 1912 2004 american lawyer
ARCHIBALD COX (1912-2004). American lawyer and politician
#media dmcs-13645378
whats new b/chicago mounted police mounted police chicago illinois
CHICAGO: MOUNTED POLICE. Mounted police in Chicago, Illinois. Photograph by John Vachon
#media dmcs-13645374
whats new b/chicago michigan avenue couple crossing
CHICAGO: MICHIGAN AVENUE. A couple crossing Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois
#media dmcs-13645372
whats new b/chicago summer 1941 children cooling off
CHICAGO: SUMMER, 1941. Children cooling off from the summer heat in water
#media dmcs-13645370
whats new b/chicago traffic 1941 jaywalkers traffic chicago
CHICAGO: TRAFFIC, 1941. Jaywalkers in traffic in Chicago, Illinois
#media dmcs-13645368
whats new b/chicago beach 1941 ohio street bathing
CHICAGO: BEACH, 1941. The Ohio Street bathing beach on Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois
#media dmcs-13645366
whats new b/chicago south side 1941 condemned houses south chicago
CHICAGO: SOUTH SIDE, 1941. Condemned houses on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois
#media dmcs-13645364
whats new b/chicago loan bank 1941 loan bank south chicago
CHICAGO: LOAN BANK, 1941. A loan bank on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois
#media dmcs-13645362
whats new b/chicago children 1941 group african american
CHICAGO: CHILDREN, 1941. Group of African American children outside a building
#media dmcs-13645358
whats new b/chicago street scene 1941 group people
CHICAGO: STREET SCENE, 1941. Group of people outside of an apartment building
#media dmcs-13645356
whats new b/chicago conversation 1941 african american
CHICAGO: CONVERSATION, 1941. Two African American woman talking outside of an apartment
#media dmcs-13645354
whats new b/chicago paper collecting african american
CHICAGO: PAPER COLLECTING. An African American man and woman collecting paper for sale
#media dmcs-13645352
whats new b/chicago children 1941 boys playing pretending
CHICAGO: CHILDREN, 1941. Boys playing and pretending that they are shooting machine
#media dmcs-13645350
whats new b/chicago children 1941 children apartment
CHICAGO: CHILDREN, 1941. Children in front of apartment buildings on the South Side
#media dmcs-13645348
whats new b/chicago children 1941 group african american
CHICAGO: CHILDREN, 1941. A group of African American children in the 'Kitchenette'
#media dmcs-13645346
whats new b/chicago children 1941 children jumping
CHICAGO: CHILDREN, 1941. Children jumping rope outside of an apartment building
#media dmcs-13645338
whats new b/chicago easter 1941 congregation outside
CHICAGO: EASTER, 1941. Congregation outside of a church on the South Side of Chicago
#media dmcs-13645336
whats new b/chicago easter procession easter procession
CHICAGO: EASTER PROCESSION. Easter procession outside of a church on the South Side
#media dmcs-13645330
whats new b/chicago shoeshine 1941 shoeshine 47th
CHICAGO: SHOESHINE, 1941. A shoeshine on 47th Street on the South Side of Chicago
#media dmcs-13645326
whats new b/chicago lily vendors 1941 lily vendors south chicago
CHICAGO: LILY VENDORS, 1941. Lily vendors on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois
#media dmcs-13645324
whats new b/family register c1869 illustrated family
FAMILY REGISTER, c1869. Illustrated family register template, written in German
#media dmcs-13645322
whats new b/new york harbor 1892 the port new york
NEW YORK HARBOR, 1892. 'The Port of New York
#media dmcs-13645318
whats new b/horse racing c1893 the grand pacer mascot
HORSE RACING, c1893. 'The Grand Pacer Mascot by Deceiver
#media dmcs-13645314
whats new b/horse racing c1890 the grand california
HORSE RACING, c1890. 'The Grand California Trotting Mare Sunol
#media dmcs-13645312
whats new b/horse racing c1872 a good send off go
HORSE RACING, c1872. 'A Good Send Off, - Go!' Horse harness race in Fleetwood
#media dmcs-13645308
whats new b/sport hunting c1869 a good days sport
SPORT HUNTING, c1869. 'A Good Days Sport: Homeward Bound
#media dmcs-13645306
whats new b/horse racing c1868 goldsmith maid american
HORSE RACING, c1868. 'Goldsmith Maid and American Girl
#media dmcs-13645304
whats new b/horse racing c1869 going trot good day
HORSE RACING, c1869. 'Going to the Trot: A Good Day and Good Track
#media dmcs-13645302


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