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warfare/first balkan war 1912 montenegrin infantrymen
warfare/coldstream guards 1914 recruiting poster majestys
warfare/japan samurai armor japanese samurai o yoroi
warfare/united states navy 1919 ad united states navy
warfare/nordenfelt gun 1887 demonstration nordenfelt
warfare/british army artillery number 4 detachment middlesex
warfare/crimean war 1854 5th french regiment line passing
warfare/physical examination 1898 physical examination
warfare/spanish american war 1898 american artillerymen
warfare/dynamite gun 1887 eight inch dynamite gun
warfare/first anglo dutch war 1652 battle kentish knock
warfare/warriors 1472 soldiers spears crossbows armored
warfare/battle camperdown 1797 surrender dutch vice admiral
warfare/anglo dutch war 1653 battle scheveningen english
warfare/robert faulknor 1763 1795 english naval officer
warfare/portugal battle 1833 fourth battle cape st
warfare/bombardment acre 1840 bombardment acre palestine
warfare/naval battle 1757 the desperate action terrible
warfare/knights joust 1517 knights jousting german
warfare/battle crecy 1346 charge french chivalry english
warfare/battle crecy 1346 edward iii crossing somme
warfare/battle poitiers 1356 sir ride forward day yours
warfare/battle poitiers 1356 the stand king john france
warfare/battle poitiers 1356 the morning battle edward
warfare/armorer 18th century armorer various medieval
warfare/england aldershot 1856 the queen addressing
warfare/battle roosebeke 1382 battle roosebeke 27 november
warfare/french cannons c1762 engraving recueil planches
warfare/musketeer 1608 musketeer firing weapon
warfare/leonardo warfare drawings leonardo da vinci
warfare/leonardo catapult c1500 plan catapult ratchet
warfare/roman ballista roman soldiers horse drawn
warfare/us general c1900 general united states volunteers
warfare/spartan warriors engraving the history sandford
warfare/catapult 14th century military engineers
warfare/ballista 14th century military engineers
warfare/us army scouts 1891 long row u
warfare/scouts artillerymen 1891 corporal paul weinert
warfare/foot soldier c1510 foot soldier landscape
warfare/us marine 1819 member united states marine corps
warfare/uss constellation 1799 american frigate uss
warfare/uss constitution 1812 the english frigate warrior
warfare/battle nile 1798 the destruction lorient
warfare/crimean war inkerman second attack british
warfare/us signal corps c1880 photograph us
warfare/warfare c1450 wheel mounted cannon used battle
warfare/uss michigan c1910 uss michigan south carolina class
warfare/siege 15th century soldiers scaling walls city
warfare/archers 15th century archers defending castle
warfare/japanese battleship japanese battleship kongo
warfare/fort franklin 1780s fort franklin french creek
warfare/coldstream guard c1855 colonel michael walker
warfare/gerald goodlake 1832 1890 english lieutenant
warfare/maccabees 2nd century bc maccabee soldiers
warfare/maccabees 2nd century bc maccabean soldiers
warfare/maccabee soldier maccabean soldier horseback
warfare/tilting 14th century man tilting target rowboat
warfare/battleship launch 1917 launch battleship uss
warfare/amman cutler 1568 cutler makes knives handles ivory
warfare/amman gunsmith 1568 gunsmith makes excellent
warfare/weapons ballista line drawing american c1900
warfare/cannon 16th century sighting cannon 16th century
warfare/russian cossacks c1914 group mounted russian
warfare/cossack inspection russian czar nicholas ii son
warfare/sino japanese war 1895 japanese soldiers using
warfare/russian officers 1870 non commissioned officers
warfare/us soldiers 1913 colonel ga wingate group u
warfare/sir alexander cochrane 1758 1832 sir alexander
warfare/new spain cavalry uniform cavalry uniform new spain
warfare/british army officer portrait unidentified british
warfare/maxim gun mechanism mechanism machine gun invented
warfare/boisdeffre 1839 1919 raoul le mouton boisdeffre
warfare/paul von hatzfeldt 1831 1901 count paul von
warfare/tiepolo roman soldier roman soldier pen wash
warfare/scottish soldiers 1845 soldiers edinburgh castle
warfare/ohio fort putnam ruins ruins fort putnam a
warfare/naval battle 14th century line engraving illumination
warfare/ww i french tank six ton renault type tank used
warfare/lancelot lake illustration french version lancelot
warfare/dwellers sky woodcut german 16th century
warfare/british soldier 1887 private south wales boderers
warfare/army brigadier general american brigadier general
warfare/armor worker 1568 armor worker makes shirts
warfare/france knights 1364 french soldiers battle auray
warfare/punch british soldier caricature private british
warfare/weapons mangonel mangonel siege engine c13th
warfare/cuirass 16th century italian breastplate ornamented
warfare/knights hospitaler 1585 knight order hospitalers
warfare/romance alexander besieging army margin
warfare/crusaders galley crusaders galley 12th 13th
warfare/german soldier 1535 lansquenet mercenary companion
warfare/macedonian phalanx celebrated macedonian phalanx
warfare/armorer 1568 woodcut 1568 jost amman
warfare/fort stanwix fort mohawk river present site rome
warfare/cannon 1547 angling cannon woodcut german manual
warfare/soldiers pikes c1632 etching jacques callot
warfare/fort dearborn 1816 1856 fort dearborn demolished
warfare/longbowmen 16th century english longbowmen halberdier
warfare/virtues 12th century warriors 4 virtues


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