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warfare/first balkan war 1912 montenegrin infantrymen
FIRST BALKAN WAR, 1912. Montenegrin infantrymen photographed in October 1912, during
#media dmcs-12413964
warfare/coldstream guards 1914 recruiting poster
COLDSTREAM GUARDS, 1914. Recruiting poster for His Majesty's Coldstream Guards
#media dmcs-12414180
warfare/japan samurai armor japanese samurai o
JAPAN: SAMURAI IN ARMOR. Japanese samurai in o yoroi armor of Heian period, 8th-12th
#media dmcs-12414006
warfare/united states navy 1919 ad united states navy
UNITED STATES NAVY, 1919. Advertisement for the United States Navy. Lithograph by James H
#media dmcs-12414284
warfare/nordenfelt gun 1887 demonstration nordenfelt machine gun
NORDENFELT GUN, 1887. Demonstration of the Nordenfelt machine gun, at Wiener Neustadt
#media dmcs-12414282
warfare/british army artillery number 4 detachment
BRITISH ARMY: ARTILLERY. The Number 4 detachment of the Third Middlesex Artillery
#media dmcs-12414280
warfare/crimean war 1854 5th french regiment line
CRIMEAN WAR, 1854. The 5th French regiment of the line passing through the Porte
#media dmcs-12414278
warfare/physical examination 1898 physical examination
PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, 1898. Physical examination of soldiers before they are discharged
#media dmcs-12414276
warfare/spanish american war 1898 american artillerymen
SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1898. American artillerymen serving as infantry during the
#media dmcs-12414274
warfare/dynamite gun 1887 eight inch dynamite gun
DYNAMITE GUN, 1887. Eight-inch dynamite gun. Wood engraving, American, 1887
#media dmcs-12414270
warfare/first anglo dutch war 1652 battle kentish
FIRST ANGLO-DUTCH WAR, 1652. The Battle of the Kentish Knock between the Dutch Republic
#media dmcs-12414268
warfare/warriors 1472 soldiers spears crossbows armored
WARRIORS, 1472. Soldiers with spears and crossbows in an armored, ox-drawn cart
#media dmcs-12414266
warfare/battle camperdown 1797 surrender dutch
BATTLE OF CAMPERDOWN, 1797. The surrender of Dutch Vice-Admiral Jan de Winter to
#media dmcs-12414264
warfare/anglo dutch war 1653 battle scheveningen
ANGLO-DUTCH WAR, 1653. The Battle of Scheveningen between the English Fleet under
#media dmcs-12414262
warfare/robert faulknor 1763 1795 english naval
ROBERT FAULKNOR (1763-1795). English naval officer
#media dmcs-12414260
warfare/portugal battle 1833 fourth battle cape st
PORTUGAL: BATTLE, 1833. The fourth Battle of Cape St
#media dmcs-12414258
warfare/bombardment acre 1840 bombardment acre
BOMBARDMENT OF ACRE, 1840. Bombardment of Acre, Palestine, by British, Austrian
#media dmcs-12414256
warfare/naval battle 1757 the desperate action
NAVAL BATTLE, 1757. 'The Desperate Action Between the Terrible and Vengeance
#media dmcs-12414252
warfare/knights joust 1517 knights jousting german
KNIGHTS: JOUST, 1517. Two knights jousting
#media dmcs-12414250
warfare/battle crecy 1346 charge french chivalry english bowmen
BATTLE OF CRECY, 1346. 'Charge of the French chivalry on the English bowmen
#media dmcs-12414248
warfare/battle crecy 1346 edward iii crossing
BATTLE OF CRECY, 1346. 'Edward III. Crossing the Somme in the face of the French army
#media dmcs-12414246
warfare/battle poitiers 1356 sir ride forward day yours
BATTLE OF POITIERS, 1356. ''Sir, ride forward, the day is yours!'-Sir
#media dmcs-12414244
warfare/battle poitiers 1356 the stand king john france
BATTLE OF POITIERS, 1356. 'The last stand of King John of France
#media dmcs-12414242
warfare/battle poitiers 1356 the morning battle
BATTLE OF POITIERS, 1356. 'The morning of the battle: Edward the Black Prince taking
#media dmcs-12414240
warfare/armorer 18th century armorer various medieval weapons
ARMORER, 18th CENTURY. An armorer and various medieval weapons. Copper engraving
#media dmcs-12414238
warfare/england aldershot 1856 the queen addressing
ENGLAND: ALDERSHOT, 1856. 'The Queen addressing the troops at Aldershott
#media dmcs-12414236
warfare/battle roosebeke 1382 battle roosebeke 27 november 1382
BATTLE OF ROOSEBEKE, 1382. The Battle of Roosebeke, 27 November 1382. French engraving
#media dmcs-12414234
warfare/french cannons c1762 engraving recueil planches
FRENCH CANNONS, c1762. Engraving from 'Recueil de planches, sur les sciences
#media dmcs-12414232
warfare/musketeer 1608 musketeer firing weapon
MUSKETEER, 1608. A musketeer, after firing his weapon. Watercolor by Jacob de Gheyn II
#media dmcs-12414230
warfare/leonardo warfare drawings leonardo da vinci
LEONARDO: WARFARE. Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, c1500, depicting various types
#media dmcs-12414228
warfare/leonardo catapult c1500 plan catapult ratchet
LEONARDO: CATAPULT, c1500. Plan for a catapult with ratchet. Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci
#media dmcs-12414226
warfare/roman ballista roman soldiers horse drawn
ROMAN BALLISTA. Roman soldiers with a horse-drawn ballista
#media dmcs-12414224
warfare/us general c1900 general united states volunteers
U.S. GENERAL, c1900. A general with the United States Volunteers. Photograph, c1900
#media dmcs-12414222
warfare/spartan warriors engraving the history sandford merton
SPARTAN WARRIORS. Engraving from 'The History of Sandford and Merton,' by
#media dmcs-12414220
warfare/catapult 14th century military engineers
CATAPULT, 14th CENTURY. Military engineers with a catapult
#media dmcs-12414218
warfare/ballista 14th century military engineers
BALLISTA, 14th CENTURY. Military engineers with a ballista
#media dmcs-12414216
warfare/us army scouts 1891 long row u
U.S. ARMY SCOUTS, 1891. A long row of U
#media dmcs-12414214
warfare/scouts artillerymen 1891 corporal paul
SCOUTS & ARTILLERYMEN, 1891. Corporal Paul Weinert of the U
#media dmcs-12414212
warfare/foot soldier c1510 foot soldier landscape
FOOT SOLDIER, c1510. 'Foot Soldier in a Landscape
#media dmcs-12414210
warfare/us marine 1819 member united states marine corps
U.S. MARINE, 1819. A member of the United States Marine Corps, in dress uniform
#media dmcs-12414208
warfare/uss constellation 1799 american frigate
USS CONSTELLATION, 1799. The American frigate USS 'Constellation' bearing down
#media dmcs-12414206
warfare/uss constitution 1812 the english frigate
USS CONSTITUTION, 1812. 'The English frigate Warrior captured by the American frigate
#media dmcs-12414204
warfare/battle nile 1798 the destruction lorient battle nile
BATTLE OF THE NILE, 1798. 'The Destruction of "L'Orient" at the
#media dmcs-12414202
warfare/crimean war inkerman second attack british
CRIMEAN WAR: INKERMAN. In their second attack, the British Grenadier Guards, left
#media dmcs-12414200
warfare/us signal corps c1880 photograph us
U.S. SIGNAL CORPS, c1880. Photograph of a U
#media dmcs-12414198
warfare/warfare c1450 wheel mounted cannon used
WARFARE, c1450. A wheel-mounted cannon used in battle against a stronghold
#media dmcs-12414196
warfare/uss michigan c1910 uss michigan south
USS MICHIGAN, c1910. The USS Michigan, a South Carolina-class battleship of the U
#media dmcs-12414194
warfare/siege 15th century soldiers scaling walls
SIEGE, 15th CENTURY. Soldiers scaling the walls of a city during an attack
#media dmcs-12414192
warfare/archers 15th century archers defending
ARCHERS, 15th CENTURY. Archers defending a castle under siege
#media dmcs-12414190


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