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vintage ads/american ad display card groves chill tonic
American advertising display card for Grove's Chill Tonic
#media dmcs-8865119
vintage ads/arrow shirt collar ad 1914 american ad j
ARROW SHIRT COLLAR AD, 1914. American advertisement by J.C. Leyendecker for Arrow shirt collars
#media dmcs-6512507
automobiles/ford cars edsel 1957 this edsel ad
FORD CARS: EDSEL, 1957. 'This Is the Edsel
#media dmcs-7543051
vintage ads/arrow shirt collar ad american ad jc leyendecker
ARROW SHIRT COLLAR AD. American advertisement by J.C. Leyendecker for Arrow Collars
#media dmcs-6512891
automobiles/jeep station wagon 1947 willys overland
JEEP STATION WAGON, 1947. Willys-Overland "Jeep" Station Wagon advertisement
#media dmcs-6251511
vintage ads/children paradise 1945 french poster film
CHILDREN OF PARADISE, 1945. French poster for the film 'Les Enfants du Paradis'
#media dmcs-6512519
vintage ads/gilbert sullivan 1878 poster first production 1878 h
GILBERT & SULLIVAN, 1878. Poster for the first production, 1878, of "H
#media dmcs-6512271
vintage ads/sewing machine ad c1880 american merchants trade card
SEWING MACHINE AD, c1880. American merchant's trade card, c1880, for Crown Sewing
#media dmcs-6512111
circus/circus poster 1920s american poster 1920s
CIRCUS POSTER, 1920s. American poster, 1920s, for Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey
#media dmcs-6512093
vintage ads/american airlines 1936 american airlines
AMERICAN AIRLINES, 1936. An American Airlines display card from 1936 featuring a
#media dmcs-6257289
vintage ads/ad sean connery jim beam kentucky bourbon 1966
Advertisement with Sean Connery for Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon, 1966
#media dmcs-7832111
cartoons/good man hard find lithograph poster 1948
A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND. Lithograph poster, 1948, by Ben Shahn for the Progressive Party
#media dmcs-7593293
vintage ads/texaco ad 1929 american magazine ad texaco gasoline
TEXACO ADVERTISEMENT, 1929. American magazine advertisement for Texaco gasoline, 1929
#media dmcs-6512751
vintage ads/johnson vs jeffries 1910 american boxing
JOHNSON VS. JEFFRIES, 1910. American boxing poster promoting the championship fight
#media dmcs-6512689
music musicians/view cotton club harlem new york 1930s
View of the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York, 1930s
#media dmcs-8856545
vintage ads/world war ii themed coca cola ad poster 1941
World War II themed Coca-Cola advertisement poster, 1941
#media dmcs-7834103
vintage ads/eternity 1953 american poster film version
FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, 1953. American poster for film version of James Jones's
#media dmcs-6512523
vintage ads/arrow shirt collar ad 1916 american ad j
ARROW SHIRT COLLAR AD, 1916. American advertisement by J.C. Leyendecker for Arrow shirt collars
#media dmcs-6512513
art nouveau/beer ad mucha c1897 french lithograph ad poster
BEER AD BY MUCHA, c1897. French lithograph advertising poster, c1897, by Alphonse
#media dmcs-6512245
vintage ads/1934 trans world airlines poster introducing
A 1934 Trans-World Airlines poster introducing the new Douglas DC-2 on transcontinental
#media dmcs-10407580
vintage ads/banner wells fargo express 1915
Banner for Wells Fargo & Co Express, 1915
#media dmcs-10407540
vintage ads/woman golfer featured french tourist poster
Woman golfer featured on a French tourist poster for the Brittany resort area, c1930
#media dmcs-10407466
vintage ads/poster c1880 pratts healing ointment
Poster, c1880, for Pratts Healing Ointment
#media dmcs-8867525
vintage ads/late 19th century american patent medicine
Late 19th century American patent medicine poster for Hall's Hair Renewer
#media dmcs-8866961
vintage ads/american ad ancient age kentucky bourbon 1967
American advertisement for Ancient Age Kentucky Bourbon, 1967
#media dmcs-7834319
vintage ads/american label featuring tomatoes wayne county
American label featuring tomatoes for the Wayne County Preserving Company
#media dmcs-7834305
vintage ads/ad american magazine 1968
Advertisement from an American magazine, 1968
#media dmcs-7834237
vintage ads/france champagne french lithograph ad
'France-Champagne.' French lithograph advertising poster by Pierre Bonnard
#media dmcs-7834215
vintage ads/ad bakers breakfast cocoa c1900
Advertisement for Baker's Breakfast Cocoa, c1900
#media dmcs-7834025
vintage ads/ad chef boy ar dees quick tempting
Advertisement for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee's 'Quick, tempting... tasty' spaghetti dinner
#media dmcs-7834019
vintage ads/american ad old grand dad old taylor mount vernon
American advertisement for Old Grand-Dad, Old Taylor, Mount Vernon, and Old Overholt whiskeys
#media dmcs-7832799
vintage ads/ad high straight bourbon whiskey 1939
Advertisement for Ten High Straight Bourbon whiskey, 1939
#media dmcs-7832747
vintage ads/kodak ad 1948 ad kodak color film american magazine
KODAK ADVERTISEMENT, 1948. Advertisement for Kodak color film from an American magazine
#media dmcs-6513073
automobiles/pontiac ad 1957 pontiac automobile ad american magazine
PONTIAC ADVERTISEMENT 1957. Pontiac automobile advertisement from an American magazine
#media dmcs-6513039
vintage ads/movie theatre 1920 strand times square
MOVIE THEATRE, 1920. The Strand, in Times Square, New York City, 1920
#media dmcs-6512881
vintage ads/clipper ship ad c1848 american ad poster
CLIPPER SHIP AD, c1848. American advertising poster for the clipper ship 'Storm King'
#media dmcs-6512877
vintage ads/sears catalog cover 1899 cover sears roebuck
SEARS CATALOG COVER, 1899. Cover of the Sears, Roebuck and Company catalogue
#media dmcs-6512873
art nouveau/mucha biscuit ad c1895 flirt french lithograph ad
MUCHA: BISCUIT AD, c1895. "Flirt": French lithograph advertisement, c1895
#media dmcs-6512847
art nouveau/mucha bicycle ad 1897 french lithograph
MUCHA: BICYCLE AD, 1897. French lithograph advertising poster by Alphonse Mucha for
#media dmcs-6512841
vintage ads/odeon casino poster 1920 german poster
ODEON CASINO POSTER, 1920. German poster for Odeon Casino by Walter Schnackenberg, 1920
#media dmcs-6512725
vintage ads/thread trade card c1880 willimantic thread
THREAD TRADE CARD, c1880. Willimantic Thread. American merchant's trade card, c1880
#media dmcs-6512667
vintage ads/girls fashions 1952 page september 1952
GIRLS' FASHIONS, 1952. Page from the September 1952 issue of 'McCall's' magazine
#media dmcs-6512663
vintage ads/wild life poster c1940 national parks service poster
WILD LIFE POSTER, c1940. National Parks Service poster, c1940, promoting wild life
#media dmcs-6512591
vintage ads/gone wind 1939 american poster 1939 featuring
GONE WITH THE WIND, 1939. American poster, 1939, featuring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable
#media dmcs-6512549
vintage ads/bringing baby 1938 cover ad campaign book
BRINGING UP BABY, 1938. Cover of the advertising campaign book for the film 'Bringing Up Baby
#media dmcs-6512517
vintage ads/trade card c1880 cluett sons troy albany new york
TRADE CARD, c1880. Cluett & Sons, Troy and Albany, New York. American merchant's trade card
#media dmcs-6512469
vintage ads/clothing ad 1957 american magazine ad 1957
CLOTHING AD, 1957. American magazine advertisement, 1957, for Dan River Cottons
#media dmcs-6512375
vintage ads/phonograph 1914 american magazine ad 1914
PHONOGRAPH, 1914. American magazine advertisement, 1914, for the Victor Talking Machine
#media dmcs-6512357
vintage ads/national air race poster 1947 national air race poster
NATIONAL AIR RACE POSTER. A 1947 National Air Race poster, held in Cleveland, Ohio
#media dmcs-6512335


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