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us states/new york map 1851 engraved map new york state
NEW YORK: MAP, 1851. Engraved map of New York State, 1851, made with information
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us states/nevada virginia city steamboat springs washoe nevada
NEVADA: VIRGINIA CITY. Steamboat Springs in Washoe, Nevada
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us states/acadian homestead 1867 acadian homestead louisiana
ACADIAN HOMESTEAD, 1867. An Acadian homestead in Louisiana. Engraving after a sketch by A
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us states/tennessee rugby 1880 hotel newly founded town rugby
TENNESSEE: RUGBY, 1880. The hotel in the newly founded town of Rugby, Tennessee, 1880
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us states/utah canyon 1869 big cottonwood canyon utah
UTAH: CANYON, 1869. Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Photograph by Timothy O'Sullivan
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us states/tennessee rugby 1880 clearing central
TENNESSEE: RUGBY, 1880. The clearing of Central Avenue in the newly founded town of Rugby
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us states/pennsylvania titusville view new york liverpool
PENNSYLVANIA: TITUSVILLE. View of the New York and Liverpool Petroleum Company
#media dmcs-12570197
us states/nevada carson desert 1867 carson desert nevada
NEVADA: CARSON DESERT, 1867. Carson Desert in Nevada
#media dmcs-12570195
us states/nevada gold hill 1867 view gold hill nevada
NEVADA: GOLD HILL, 1867. A view of Gold Hill, Nevada
#media dmcs-12570191
us states/new mexico 1890 sketches santa fe new mexico
NEW MEXICO, 1890. 'Sketches at Santa Fe, New Mexico
#media dmcs-12570189
us states/new mexico daily life 1890 sketches new mexico
NEW MEXICO: DAILY LIFE, 1890. 'Sketches in New Mexico, Near Las Vegas
#media dmcs-12570187
us states/louisiana acadians 1866 acadian women
LOUISIANA: ACADIANS, 1866. Acadian women doing laundry on the Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana
#media dmcs-12570185
us states/sewing machine factory wheeler wilson sewing
SEWING MACHINE FACTORY. Wheeler and Wilson sewing machine factory in Connecticut
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us states/missouri joplin c1910 panoramic view joplin missouri
MISSOURI: JOPLIN, c1910. Panoramic view of Joplin, Missouri. Photograph, c1910
#media dmcs-12570175
us states/pennsylvania wilkesbarre city located center
PENNSYLVANIA: WILKESBARRE. A city located in the center of Wyoming Valley in northern
#media dmcs-12570173
us states/apostle islands sphinx sphinx rock formation
APOSTLE ISLANDS: SPHINX. The Sphinx, a rock formation at Stockton Island, one of
#media dmcs-12570171
us states/ohio father fenwick c1870 bishop edward
OHIO: FATHER FENWICK, c1870. Bishop Edward Fenwick blessing the first Catholics in Ohio
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us states/new york briarcliff manor driveway grounds
NEW YORK: BRIARCLIFF MANOR. The driveway and grounds at the lodge at Briarcliff Manor
#media dmcs-12570165
us states/yale skull bones meeting place yale university
YALE: SKULL AND BONES. The meeting place of the Yale University secret club Skull
#media dmcs-12570163
us states/new jersey storm damage storm damaged octagon
NEW JERSEY: STORM DAMAGE. The storm damaged Octagon Hotel in Sea Bright, New Jersey
#media dmcs-12570159
us states/cleveland storm damage buildings damaged
CLEVELAND: STORM DAMAGE. Buildings damaged by the Great Lakes Storm of 1913 in Cleveland
#media dmcs-12570157
us states/alaska ketchikan c1900 cannery tenders
ALASKA: KETCHIKAN, c1900. Cannery tenders in the winter quarters at Ketchikan, Alaska
#media dmcs-12570155
us states/new york lake champlain barn rock lake champlain
NEW YORK: LAKE CHAMPLAIN. Barn Rock on Lake Champlain, New York
#media dmcs-12570153
us states/soldiers sailors home new york state soldiers
SOLDIERS & SAILORS HOME. The New York State Soldiers & Sailors Home in Bath, New York
#media dmcs-12570151
us states/alaska keystone canyon tourists stopping
ALASKA: KEYSTONE CANYON. Tourists stopping at Keystone Canyon and Bridal Veil Falls
#media dmcs-12570149
us states/nevada virginia city view mining town virginia city
NEVADA: VIRGINIA CITY. View of the mining town, Virginia City, Nevada
#media dmcs-12570145
us states/adirondacks c1910 tour bus road adirondack mountains
ADIRONDACKS, c1910. A tour bus on the road in the Adirondack Mountains. Photograph
#media dmcs-12570143
us states/massachusetts fitchburg southern view fitchburg
MASSACHUSETTS: FITCHBURG. Southern view of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-12570141
us states/nantucket coffin house jethro coffin house
NANTUCKET: COFFIN HOUSE. The Jethro Coffin House, built in 1686, on Nantucket
#media dmcs-12570139
us states/panama pacific exposition pillars palace
PANAMA-PACIFIC EXPOSITION. Pillars from the Palace of Fine Arts at the Panama-Pacific
#media dmcs-12570137
us states/santa barbara c1899 franciscan monks cemetery
SANTA BARBARA, c1899. Franciscan monks in the cemetery of Mission Santa Barbara in
#media dmcs-12570135
us states/alaska forest c1910 spruce forest alaska
ALASKA: FOREST, c1910. A spruce forest in Alaska. Photograph, c1910
#media dmcs-12570133
us states/santa barbara 1917 arcade fountain mission
SANTA BARBARA, 1917. The arcade and fountain at Mission Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara
#media dmcs-12570131
us states/holyoke map 1881 birds eye view holyoke
HOLYOKE: MAP, 1881. Bird's eye view of Holyoke, Massachusetts, with border vignettes
#media dmcs-12570129
us states/newport 1878 birds eye view newport rhode island
NEWPORT, 1878. Bird's eye view of Newport, Rhode Island. Lithograph, 1878
#media dmcs-12570127
us states/saco biddeford c1855 twin cities saco biddeford maine
SACO AND BIDDEFORD, c1855. Twin cities of Saco and Biddeford, Maine. Lithograph, c1855
#media dmcs-12570125
us states/new haven 1849 new haven connecticut viewed ferry hill
NEW HAVEN, 1849. New Haven, Connecticut, viewed from Ferry Hill. Lithograph, 1849
#media dmcs-12570123
us states/gloucester c1845 harbor gloucester massachusetts
GLOUCESTER, c1845. The harbor of Gloucester, Massachusetts, viewed from Rocky Neck
#media dmcs-12570121
us states/croton cortlandt manor van cortlandt manor house croton
CROTON: CORTLANDT MANOR. The Van Cortlandt Manor House in Croton, New York. Engraving
#media dmcs-12570119
us states/poughkeepsie court house old court house poughkeepsie
POUGHKEEPSIE: COURT HOUSE. The old court house in Poughkeepsie, New York where
#media dmcs-12570117
us states/bryn mawr college c1912 women costume saint
BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, c1912. Women in costume as Saint George and the dragon at Bryn
#media dmcs-12570115
us states/steamboat dock c1908 steamboat dock port jefferson
STEAMBOAT DOCK, c1908. Steamboat dock at Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York
#media dmcs-12570111
us states/virginia new river 1873 running new river rapids
VIRGINIA: NEW RIVER, 1873. 'Running New River Rapids
#media dmcs-12570109
us states/ohio marietta college view marietta college ohio
OHIO: MARIETTA COLLEGE. View of Marietta College in Ohio. Line engraving, American
#media dmcs-12570107
us states/return jonathan meigs jr 1764 1825 american politician
RETURN JONATHAN MEIGS, JR. (1764-1825). American politician, fourth Governor of Ohio
#media dmcs-12570105
us states/santa barbara 1917 arcade mission santa
SANTA BARBARA, 1917. The arcade at Mission Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California
#media dmcs-12570103
us states/santa barbara 1917 franciscan monk garden
SANTA BARBARA, 1917. A Franciscan monk in the garden of Mission Santa Barbara in
#media dmcs-12570101
us states/santa barbara c1899 brother odoricus franciscan monk
SANTA BARBARA, c1899. Brother Odoricus, a Franciscan monk, at the Mission Santa
#media dmcs-12570099
us states/santa barbara c1912 franciscan monk mission
SANTA BARBARA, c1912. A Franciscan monk at the Mission Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara
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