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us cities/new york c1919 birds eye view victory
NEW YORK, c1919. Bird's eye view of Victory Arch and Flatiron building, New York City
#media dmcs-12572830
us cities/brooklyn tenements c1909 tenement buildings
BROOKLYN: TENEMENTS, c1909. Tenement buildings under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn
#media dmcs-12572743
us cities/new york synagogue 1872 jewish synagogue
NEW YORK: SYNAGOGUE, 1872. The Jewish synagogue on the corner of 57th Street
#media dmcs-12572477
us cities/new york times square 44th street broadway
NEW YORK: TIMES SQUARE. 44th Street and Broadway in Times Square in New York City
#media dmcs-12572766
us cities/nyc flatiron building c1902 flatiron building
NYC: FLATIRON BUILDING, c1902. The Flatiron Building in New York City. Photograph
#media dmcs-12572764
us cities/new orleans 1936 view le pretre mansion
NEW ORLEANS, 1936. A view from Le Pretre mansion on Dauphine Street in New Orleans
#media dmcs-12572762
us cities/coney island windmill old luna park amusement park
CONEY ISLAND: WINDMILL. The Old Mill at Luna Park amusement park, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
#media dmcs-12572727
us cities/coney island elephant ride elephant ride
CONEY ISLAND: ELEPHANT RIDE. Elephant ride on the boardwalk at Coney Island, Brooklyn
#media dmcs-12572725
us cities/new york worlds fair aerial view unisphere
NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR. Aerial view of the Unisphere at New York World's Fair
#media dmcs-12572723
us cities/coney island goat carts goat carriages coney island
CONEY ISLAND: GOAT CARTS. The goat carriages at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
#media dmcs-12572721
us cities/coney island luna park bridge laughs coney
CONEY ISLAND: LUNA PARK. The Bridge of Laughs at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York
#media dmcs-12572719
us cities/coney island luna park entrance luna park
CONEY ISLAND: LUNA PARK. Entrance to the Luna Park amusement park at Coney Island
#media dmcs-12572717
us cities/coney island dreamland boardwalk dreamland
CONEY ISLAND: DREAMLAND. The boardwalk at Dreamland, Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York
#media dmcs-12572715
us cities/coney island dreamland firefighters fighting
CONEY ISLAND: DREAMLAND. Firefighters fighting the fire that destroyed Dreamland
#media dmcs-12572713
us cities/brooklyn atlantic avenue entrance subway
BROOKLYN: ATLANTIC AVENUE. The entrance to the subway station on Atlantic Avenue
#media dmcs-12572711
us cities/brighton beach c1912 dancing brighton beach
BRIGHTON BEACH, c1912. Dancing at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York. Photograph, c1912
#media dmcs-12572707
us cities/brooklyn lirr c1912 long island railroad
BROOKLYN: LIRR, c1912. The Long Island Railroad station on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn
#media dmcs-12572705
us cities/brooklyn institute c1910 gallery natural
BROOKLYN INSTITUTE, c1910. The gallery of natural history in the Brooklyn Institute
#media dmcs-12572703
us cities/new york luna park c1905 helter skelter ride luna park
NEW YORK: LUNA PARK, c1905. The Helter Skelter ride at Luna Park, Coney Island
#media dmcs-12572701
us cities/coney island ponies c1904 children riding
CONEY ISLAND: PONIES, c1904. Children riding ponies at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
#media dmcs-12572699
us cities/brooklyn prospect park sheep grazing prospect park
BROOKLYN: PROSPECT PARK. Sheep grazing in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York. Photograph
#media dmcs-12572697
us cities/plymouth church c1881 paper model plymouth
PLYMOUTH CHURCH, c1881. A paper model of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, New York
#media dmcs-12572693
us cities/brooklyn fox theatre fox theatre flatbush
BROOKLYN: FOX THEATRE. The Fox Theatre at Flatbush Avenue and Nevins Street in Brooklyn
#media dmcs-12572691
us cities/brooklyn daily eagle 1916 office brooklyn
BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, 1916. The office of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle at 608 14th Street N
#media dmcs-12572689
us cities/brooklyn wagon c1912 boys riding homemade
BROOKLYN: WAGON, c1912. Two boys riding in a homemade sail wagon in Brooklyn, New York
#media dmcs-12572687
us cities/vanderbilt mansion 1885 william vanderbilt
VANDERBILT MANSION, 1885. The William Vanderbilt mansion in New Dorp, Staten Island
#media dmcs-12572685
us cities/new york broadway 1870 crossing broadway
NEW YORK: BROADWAY, 1870. 'Crossing Broadway
#media dmcs-12572683
us cities/grand central station construction grand
GRAND CENTRAL STATION. Construction on Grand Central Station in New York City. Photograph
#media dmcs-12572681
us cities/new york barber strike labor leader joseph james ettor
NEW YORK: BARBER STRIKE. Labor leader Joseph James Ettor (1886-1948) speaking during
#media dmcs-12572808
us cities/brooklyn bridge c1910 birds eye view new
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, c1910. Bird's eye view of New York City with people crossing the
#media dmcs-12572806
us cities/new york 1908 photographer 33rd floor met
NEW YORK, 1908. Photographer on the 33rd floor of the Met Building overlooking New York
#media dmcs-12572804
us cities/new york city c1905 view city looking east singer tower
NEW YORK CITY, c1905. View of the city looking East from the Singer Tower, New York
#media dmcs-12572802
us cities/new york south street view south street
NEW YORK: SOUTH STREET. View of South Street in lower Manhattan with the Brooklyn
#media dmcs-12572800
us cities/new york city c1905 view city looking east singer tower
NEW YORK CITY, c1905. A view of the city looking East from the Singer Tower, New York
#media dmcs-12572798
us cities/new york city college gate entrance college
NEW YORK: CITY COLLEGE. Gate at the entrance of The College of the City of New York
#media dmcs-12572796
us cities/brooklyn bridge c1912 pedestrian promenade new york
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, c1912. Along the pedestrian promenade, New York. Photograph, c1912
#media dmcs-12572792
us cities/brooklyn bridge c1912 pedestrian promenade
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, c1912. Along the pedestrian promenade, c1912
#media dmcs-12572790
us cities/brooklyn bridge c1910 pedestrian promenade new york
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, c1910. The pedestrian promenade, New York. Photograph, c1910
#media dmcs-12572788
us cities/williamsburg bridge c1903 view bridge brooklyn new york
WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE, c1903. A view of the bridge from Brooklyn, New York. Photograph
#media dmcs-12572786
us cities/brooklyn bridge c1905 people walking entrance bridge
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, c1905. People walking on the entrance to the bridge, New York
#media dmcs-12572784
us cities/brooklyn bridge c1905 steamboat parked
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, c1905. Steamboat parked at a marine terminal next to the Brooklyn Bridge
#media dmcs-12572782
us cities/brooklyn bridge c1905 crowd manhattan entrance
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, c1905. Crowd at the Manhattan entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge, New York
#media dmcs-12572780
us cities/church c1907 african american congregation
CHURCH, c1907. African American congregation in front of Abyssinian Baptist Church
#media dmcs-12572778
us cities/easter parade 1915 women walk dog 5th avenue
EASTER PARADE, 1915. Two women walk a dog down 5th Avenue during an Easter parade
#media dmcs-12572776
us cities/toy yacht race c1912 woman pushing off toy yacht
TOY YACHT RACE, C1912. Woman pushing off a toy yacht (gaff cutter) at the Conservatory
#media dmcs-12572772
us cities/new york city traffic c1910 carriage automobile
NEW YORK CITY: TRAFFIC, c1910. Carriage and automobile traffic along 5th Avenue
#media dmcs-12572770
us cities/chicago field building field building
CHICAGO: FIELD BUILDING. The Field Building (later known as the LaSalle National
#media dmcs-12572768
us cities/lincoln memorial c1915 lincoln memorial
LINCOLN MEMORIAL, c1915. The Lincoln Memorial under construction in Washington, D
#media dmcs-12572761
us cities/lincoln memorial 1915 lincoln memorial
LINCOLN MEMORIAL, 1915. The Lincoln Memorial under construction in Washington, D
#media dmcs-12572759


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