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propaganda/im counting you american world war ii
'I'm Counting On You!' American World War II poster featuring Uncle Sam
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cartoons/pro immigration cartoon welcome all 1880
PRO-IMMIGRATION CARTOON. 'Welcome to All!' An 1880 American cartoon by Joseph
#media dmcs-6245096
uncle sam/world war i uncle sam james montgomery
WORLD WAR I: UNCLE SAM. James Montgomery Flagg's famous 'I Want You' U
#media dmcs-6250195
uncle sam/monroe doctrine cartoon
Monroe Doctrine Cartoon
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uncle sam/thanksgiving cartoon 1898 new faces thanksgiving dinner
THANKSGIVING CARTOON, 1898. New Faces at the Thanksgiving Dinner: American cartoon, 1898, on the U
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uncle sam/cartoon us intervention way save democracy
CARTOON: U.S. INTERVENTION. The Only Way We Can Save Her [Democracy]: American cartoon
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propaganda/your red cross needs you american world
'Your Red Cross Needs You.' American World War II poster by James Montgomery Flagg
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propaganda/american world war ii poster james montgomery flagg
American World War II poster by James Montgomery Flagg, c1944, urging support for
#media dmcs-10406476
cartoons/american cartoon f victor gillam 1896
American cartoon by F. Victor Gillam, 1896, invoking the Monroe Doctrine against Great Britain
#media dmcs-7783767
propaganda/world war ii bond poster buy war bonds
WORLD WAR II BOND POSTER. "Buy War Bonds": American poster by N.C. Wyeth, 1942
#media dmcs-6254836
uncle sam/open door cartoon 1900 american cartoon
OPEN DOOR CARTOON, 1900. An American cartoon of 1900 showing Uncle Sam opening China
#media dmcs-6252093
cartoons/monroe doctrine cartoon american cartoon bernard gillam
MONROE DOCTRINE: CARTOON. American cartoon by Bernard Gillam, 1889, invoking the
#media dmcs-6250899
cartoons/spanish american war 1896 the cuban melodrama
SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1896. 'The Cuban Melodrama.' American cartoon by C
#media dmcs-6245108
uncle sam/cartoon us neutrality satirical american
CARTOON: U.S. NEUTRALITY. Satirical American cartoon comment, c1917, on Uncle Sam's
#media dmcs-6192581
uncle sam/boxer rebellion cartoon american cartoon comment
BOXER REBELLION CARTOON. American cartoon comment, 1900, on American participation
#media dmcs-6192203
cartoons/spanish american war 1898 american newspaper
SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1898. American newspaper cartoon of June 1898 about the French
#media dmcs-6190949
propaganda/russo japanese war c1905 russian propaganda
RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR, c1905. Russian propaganda poster depicting Russians smoking the
#media dmcs-6190415
uncle sam/spanish american war 1898 uncle sam towing
SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1898. Uncle Sam towing battleships to Cuba: an early 20th century
#media dmcs-6185681
uncle sam/monroe doctrine cartoon uncle sam straddles
MONROE DOCTRINE CARTOON. Uncle Sam straddles the Americas while wielding a big stick
#media dmcs-6183565
uncle sam/the reluctant bridegroom 1897 american
'The Reluctant Bridegroom.' An 1897 American cartoon on the growing annexation movement
#media dmcs-7777937
uncle sam/national recovery act 1933 american cartoon
NATIONAL RECOVERY ACT, 1933. American cartoon by Clifford Berryman, 1933, showing
#media dmcs-6247214
cartoons/new territories cartoon patient waiters losers
NEW TERRITORIES CARTOON. 'Patient Waiters Are No Losers
#media dmcs-6245092
uncle sam/cartoon new deal 1933 american cartoon clifford berryman
CARTOON: NEW DEAL, 1933. American cartoon by Clifford Berryman, 1933, showing the
#media dmcs-6190553