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travel/velocipede 1914 george c maynard curator technology
VELOCIPEDE, 1914. George C. Maynard, curator of technology at the United States National
travel/barquentine 1871 english barquentine waterwitch
BARQUENTINE, 1871. The English barquentine 'Waterwitch,' built in 1871
travel/ships hms victoria hms victoria launched 1859
SHIPS: HMS 'VICTORIA.' HMS 'Victoria,' launched in 1859, the last
travel/interstate commerce act cartoon wa
Interstate Commerce Act. Cartoon by W.A
transportation/railroad 19th century railroad track american
RAILROAD: 19th CENTURY. A railroad track in the American west
transportation/indianapolis 500 1911 second place finisher
INDIANAPOLIS 500, 1911. Second-place finisher Ralph Mulford driving a Lozier during
transportation/michigan construction highway construction crew
MICHIGAN: CONSTRUCTION. A highway construction crew at work in Michigan. Photograph
transportation/road building c1930 road building united states
ROAD BUILDING, c1930. Road building somewhere in the United States. Photograph, c1930
transportation/florida land use 1937 tractor clearing brush
FLORIDA: LAND USE, 1937. A tractor clearing brush to prepare the ground for seed planting
transportation/tennessee roads 1936 road building near memphis
TENNESSEE: ROADS, 1936. Road building near Memphis, Tennessee. Photograph, 1936
transportation/south dakota roads 1932 highway construction
SOUTH DAKOTA: ROADS, 1932. Highway construction in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Photograph
transportation/ad bicycles 1898 ad acatene bicycles lithograph
AD: BICYCLES, 1898. Advertisement for Acatene bicycles. Lithograph by Lucien Baylac
transportation/cuba havana c1904 volanta street havana cuba
CUBA: HAVANA, c1904. A volanta on the street in Havana, Cuba. Photograph, c1904
transportation/cuba havana c1900 havana cuba photograph
CUBA: HAVANA, c1900. Havana, Cuba. Photograph by Henry William Jackson, c1900
transportation/east river c1905 tugboats east river brooklyn
EAST RIVER, c1905. Tugboats on the East River, with the Brooklyn and Williamsburg
transportation/torpedo 1913 sailors hauling torpedoes board
TORPEDO, 1913. Sailors hauling torpedoes on board an American warship. Photograph, 1913
transportation/torpedo 1913 sailors manuevering torpedo board
TORPEDO, 1913. Sailors manuevering a torpedo on board an American warship. Photograph
transportation/ad streetcars 1901 american magazine ad john
AD: STREETCARS, 1901. American magazine advertisement for John Stephenson Company
transportation/ad studebaker carriages american magazine ad
AD: STUDEBAKER CARRIAGES. American magazine advertisement for Studebaker Carriages
transportation/manchester omnibus 1857 three horse drawn omnibus
MANCHESTER: OMNIBUS, 1857. A three-horse-drawn omnibus in Manchester, England
transportation/india train station 1854 byculla railroad station
INDIA: TRAIN STATION, 1854. The Byculla railroad station in Bombay, India. Wood engraving
transportation/hydrocycle 1912 moretti brothers milan italy
HYDROCYCLE, 1912. The Moretti brothers of Milan, Italy, on their tandem hydrocycle
transportation/immigrant coach car 1881 on immigrant train
IMMIGRANT COACH CAR, 1881. 'On an Immigrant Train, Westward Bound
transportation/modes travelling various modes travelling world
MODES OF TRAVELLING. 'Various Modes of Travelling in the World.' Wood engraving
transportation/motorcycle club c1911 los angeles motorcycle
MOTORCYCLE CLUB, c1911. Los Angeles motorcycle club on the boardwalk in Venice, California
transportation/hotel drummers room 1883 the drummers room
HOTEL: DRUMMERS ROOM, 1883. 'The Drummer's Room in a Western Hotel
transportation/train travel 1883 westward bound scenes immigrant
TRAIN TRAVEL, 1883. 'Westward Bound - Scenes on an Immigrant Train.' Engraving
transportation/france carriages c1740 examples light carriages
FRANCE: CARRIAGES, c1740. Examples of light carriages from France, c1740. Engraving
transportation/france carriages c1740 examples carriages coaches
FRANCE: CARRIAGES, c1740. Examples of carriages and coaches in France, c1740. Engraving
transportation/velocipedes 1868 american men riding velocipedes
VELOCIPEDES, 1868. American men riding velocipedes. Wood engraving, American, 1868
transportation/british fleet 1881 steamship hms helicon right
BRITISH FLEET, 1881. The steamship HMS Helicon (right), with Lord Dufferin, the
transportation/horseless carriage 1899 whats name article
HORSELESS CARRIAGE, 1899. 'What's in a Name?' Article from an American
transportation/algeria camel caravan camel caravan departing biskra
ALGERIA: CAMEL CARAVAN. A camel caravan departing Biskra, Algeria. Photograph, c1875
transportation/centennial fair 1876 bent wood furniture austrian
CENTENNIAL FAIR, 1876. Bent wood furniture at the Austrian section of the Main
transportation/railroad washout 1885 men women walking footbridge
RAILROAD WASHOUT, 1885. Men and women walking across a footbridge due to a washed-out
transportation/junk ship c1900 junk ship japan hand colored
JUNK SHIP, c1900. A junk ship in Japan. Hand colored photograph, c1900
transportation/junk ship c1900 junk ship possibly china
JUNK SHIP, c1900. A junk ship, possibly in China. Photograph, c1900
transportation/racecar drivers c1913 drivers racecar photograph
RACECAR DRIVERS, c1913. Two drivers in a racecar. Photograph, c1913
transportation/stagecoach 1926 wp hulbert arriving guests
STAGECOACH, 1926. W.P. Hulbert arriving with his guests for the annual cross country
transportation/new york little falls new york central railroad
NEW YORK: LITTLE FALLS. Four New York Central Railroad trains passing through Little
transportation/new york central railroad american express companys
NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD. The American Express company's express train on the
transportation/new york central railroad empire state express
NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD. The Empire State Express on the New York Central Railroad
transportation/new york central railroad new york central railroad
NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD. New York Central Railroad Depot at Syracuse, New York
transportation/new york central railroad electric locomotive
NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD. An electric locomotive on the New York Central Railroad
transportation/china railroad 1918 dining car american chinese
CHINA: RAILROAD, 1918. A dining car of the American-Chinese Express in China
transportation/new york waldorf astoria by durn samanthey
NEW YORK: WALDORF-ASTORIA. 'By durn, Samanthey, this beats the old pump all holler
transportation/syria train c1908 third class carriage sultans
SYRIA: TRAIN, c1908. 'Third class carriage, Sultan's Railway, Syria
transportation/thomas stevens 1854 1935 english born american
THOMAS STEVENS (1854-1935). English-born American cyclist, first to circumnavigate
transportation/imperial yacht livadia livadia imperial yacht
IMPERIAL YACHT: LIVADIA. 'Livadia,' the imperial yacht of the House of Romanov
transportation/hms prince george c1903 boat drill british
HMS PRINCE GEORGE, c1903. 'Boat drill on the British battleship Prince George
transportation/laplander c1785 laplander driving reindeer drawn
LAPLANDER, c1785. A Laplander driving a reindeer-drawn sled
transportation/american express shipping american ad american
AMERICAN EXPRESS SHIPPING. American advertisement for American Express Company
transportation/sailing car 1830 wind powered locomotive south
SAILING CAR, 1830. A wind-powered locomotive on the South Carolina Railroad, 19 March
transportation/horse powered locomotive horse powered locomotive
HORSE-POWERED LOCOMOTIVE. A horse-powered locomotive invented by C
transportation/saddler 18th century interior saddler shop
SADDLER, 18th CENTURY. Interior of a saddler shop. Line engraving, French, 18th century
transportation/harnesses 18th century different types harnesses
HARNESSES, 18th CENTURY. Three different types of harnesses for horse-drawn carriages
transportation/polar expedition 1901 ship america baldwin ziegler
POLAR EXPEDITION, 1901. The ship 'America' of the Baldwin-Ziegler North Pole
transportation/france hotel brighton hotel brighton boulogne
FRANCE: HOTEL BRIGHTON. The Hotel Brighton, in Boulogne, France. Wood engraving
transportation/drawing room car 1869 drawing room car union
DRAWING-ROOM CAR, 1869. A drawing-room car of the Union Pacific Railroad. Wood engraving
transportation/pullman car 1869 pullman sleeper car union pacific
PULLMAN CAR, 1869. The Pullman Sleeper Car of the Union Pacific Railway. Wood engraving
transportation/locomotive factory 1864 steam hammer locomotive
LOCOMOTIVE FACTORY, 1864. Steam hammer at the locomotive factory at Newcastle-On-Tyne
transportation/japan first railway 1872 foreign residents
JAPAN: FIRST RAILWAY, 1872. Foreign residents present an address to the Emperor
travel/japan first railway 1872 procession saiwaibashi
JAPAN: FIRST RAILWAY, 1872. Procession at the Saiwaibashi Gate in Tokyo, Japan
travel/railway carriage 1864 railway carriage prince
RAILWAY CARRIAGE, 1864. Railway carriage for the Prince and Princess of Wales
travel/underground railway 1864 cross section underground
UNDERGROUND RAILWAY, 1864. Cross-section of the underground freight railway, sewers
travel/california donner lake view donner lake route
CALIFORNIA: DONNER LAKE. View of Donner Lake, along the route of the Central Pacific
travel/central pacific railroad long ravine bridge central
CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILROAD. The Long Ravine Bridge of the Central Pacific Railraod in
travel/baltimore ohio railroad baltimore ohio railroad
BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILROAD. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad pass at Board Tree Hill in
travel/railway carriage 1858 summer railway carriage
RAILWAY CARRIAGE, 1858. The summer railway carriage for the Viceroy of Egypt
travel/traction engine 1858 brays patent traction engine
TRACTION ENGINE, 1858. Bray's patent traction engine. Wood engraving, English, 1858
travel/locomotive rocket 1829 george stephensons rocket
LOCOMOTIVE: ROCKET, 1829. George Stephenson's 'Rocket,' the winner of
travel/railroad passenger car experiment first railway
travel/suspension bridge 1830 first railway suspension
SUSPENSION BRIDGE, 1830. The first railway suspension bridge, built over the River
travel/george stephenson 1781 1848 english inventor
GEORGE STEPHENSON (1781-1848). English inventor and founder of railways
travel/steam carriage steam carriage invented francis
STEAM CARRIAGE. Steam carriage invented by Francis Maceroni, c1836. Engraving, English
travel/steam carriage f churchs steam carriage built 1832
STEAM CARRIAGE. F. Church's steam carriage, built in 1832, designed to run between
travel/steam carriage steam versus horses english
STEAM CARRIAGE. 'Steam versus Horses.' English caricature comparing the ease of
travel/locomotive 1838 steam engine birmingham derby
LOCOMOTIVE, 1838. Steam engine for the Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway, 1838
travel/locomotive 1815 steam locomotive built george
LOCOMOTIVE, 1815. Steam locomotive built by George Stephenson, 1815. Engraving
travel/locomotive puffing billy puffing billy steam
LOCOMOTIVE: PUFFING BILLY. The 'Puffing Billy' steam locomotive built by William
travel/locomotive rocket 1829 competition rainhill
LOCOMOTIVE: ROCKET, 1829. Competition at Rainhill for the Liverpool and Manchester
travel/locomotive rocket 1829 george stephensons rocket
LOCOMOTIVE: ROCKET, 1829. George Stephenson's 'Rocket,' the winner of
travel/locomotive 1808 trial richard trevithicks steam powered
LOCOMOTIVE, 1808. Trial of Richard Trevithick's steam-powered locomotive on a
travel/canada dog sled c1910 girls dog sled canada
CANADA: DOG SLED, c1910. Girls on a dog sled in Canada. Photograph, c1910
travel/ziegler polar expedition dog sled teams ziegler
ZIEGLER POLAR EXPEDITION. Dog sled teams of the Ziegler Polar Expedition at the
travel/steamship cleopatra 1851 steamship cleopatra
STEAMSHIP: CLEOPATRA, 1851. The steamship Cleopatra in the New York Harbor, after
travel/steamship 1877 sunday service board pacific
STEAMSHIP, 1877. 'Sunday service on board a Pacific Mail steamship.' Engraving
travel/new york saratoga 1874 views saratoga new york
NEW YORK: SARATOGA, 1874. Views of Saratoga, New York. Engraving, 1874
travel/saratoga springs 1865 lelands new opera house
SARATOGA SPRINGS, 1865. 'Leland's new opera house, Union Hotel grounds, Saratoga Springs
travel/4gcr235 american express train 1864 lithograph
4GCR235 AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAIN, 1864. Lithograph by Currier & Ives
travel/railroad 1874 american railroad scene lightning
RAILROAD, 1874. 'American railroad scene: Lightning Express trains leaving the
travel/railroad junction c1876 night scene american
RAILROAD JUNCTION, c1876. 'Night scene at an American railway junction
travel/railroad junction c1885 night scene junction
RAILROAD JUNCTION, c1885. 'Night scene at a junction
travel/england railroad 1899 opening great central
ENGLAND: RAILROAD, 1899. 'Opening of the Great Central Railway - Mr
travel/steamship 1853 american steam ship the golden age
STEAMSHIP, 1853. The American steam-ship 'The Golden Age.' Engraving, 1853
travel/steam tricycle 1888 inventor lucius d copeland
STEAM TRICYCLE, 1888. Inventor Lucius D. Copeland demonstrating his steam tricycle
travel/sailors 1880 clearing track banks fog
SAILORS, 1880. 'Clearing the Track - On the Banks in a Fog
travel/sailing ship 1880 moonlight water engraving
SAILING SHIP, 1880. 'Moonlight on the Water
travel/steam locomotives steam locomotives depot photograph
STEAM LOCOMOTIVES. Steam locomotives at a depot. Photograph, mid to late 19th century


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