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symbols/greece triskelion greek symbol victory progress
GREECE: TRISKELION. The Greek symbol of victory and progress
symbols/anchor christian symbol hope
ANCHOR. Christian symbol of hope
symbols/egyptian symbol wedjat wedjat ancient egyptian
EGYPTIAN SYMBOL: WEDJAT. The Wedjat, an ancient Egyptian symbol of the eye of Horus
symbols/symbol holy trinity christian symbol holy
SYMBOL: HOLY TRINITY. Christian symbol of the Holy Trinity
symbols/symbol islam crescent star symbol islam
SYMBOL: ISLAM. The crescent and star symbol of Islam
symbols/patriarchal cross symbol russian orthodox church
PATRIARCHAL CROSS. Symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church
symbols/judaism torah scroll torah symbol judaism
JUDAISM: TORAH. Scroll of the Torah, a symbol of Judaism
symbols/nordic rune gilch gilch nordic rune wealth
NORDIC RUNE: GILCH. Gilch, a Nordic rune for wealth
symbols/symbol keys japanese symbol good luck keys
SYMBOL: THREE KEYS. Japanese symbol of good luck, three keys to open the doors that
symbols/symbol unity bundle arrows symbol unity
SYMBOL: UNITY. Bundle of arrows, a symbol of unity
symbols/black plague 1493 dance death plague victims
BLACK PLAGUE, 1493. Dance of death with plague victims
symbols/academy arts sciences seal american academy
ACADEMY OF ARTS & SCIENCES. Seal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
symbols/allegory europe allegory continent europe
ALLEGORY OF EUROPE. Allegory of the continent of Europe
symbols/america grand seal original design great seal
AMERICA: GRAND SEAL. The original design for the Great Seal of the United States
symbols/duquesne coat arms coat arms marie ange duquesne
DUQUESNE COAT OF ARMS. Coat of arms of Marie-Ange Duquesne de Menneville, Marquis
symbols/automobiles gm logo early logo general motors
AUTOMOBILES: GM LOGO. An early logo of General Motors Company, or GM, founded in Flint
symbols/calendar 1503 circle months surrounded signs
CALENDAR, 1503. The circle of the months, surrounded by the signs of the zodiac
symbols/wheel fortune woodcut 1534 georg pencz
WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Woodcut, 1534, by Georg Pencz
symbols/coptic cross coptic christian cross used christian
COPTIC CROSS. A Coptic Christian cross used by Christian Gnostics in Egypt
symbols/cross gammadia cross composed l shaped angles
CROSS: GAMMADIA. Cross composed of four L-shaped angles, similar to the Greek letter
symbols/early christian symbol early christian symbol
EARLY CHRISTIAN SYMBOL. Early Christian symbol from an ancient coin
symbols/coptic cross coptic cross used christian gnostics
COPTIC CROSS. A Coptic cross used by Christian Gnostics in Egypt
symbols/mariners cross stylized cross shape anchor
MARINER'S CROSS. Stylized cross in the shape of an anchor
symbols/symbol pentacle symbol protection evil
SYMBOL: PENTACLE. Symbol of protection against evil
symbols/symbol incense burner semitic symbol protection
SYMBOL: INCENSE BURNER. Semitic symbol for the protection against evil
symbols/symbol sacred tree semitic symbol life
SYMBOL: SACRED TREE. Semitic symbol of life
symbols/eckstein man dog german silhouette w eckstein
ECKSTEIN: MAN AND DOG. German silhouette by W. Eckstein, 19th century
symbols/cut paper silhouette german silhouette luise
CUT-PAPER SILHOUETTE. German silhouette by Luise Duttenhofer to illustrate Friedrich
symbols/dieters ship our future lies water
DIETERS: SHIP. 'Our future lies upon the water
symbols/asmus woman absorbed thought 19th century
ASMUS: WOMAN. 'Absorbed in thought.' 19th century silhouette by Hildagard Asmus
symbols/schmidt hunter 19th century cut paper silhouette
SCHMIDT: THE HUNTER. 19th century cut-paper silhouette by Felix Schmidt
symbols/frolich playing children 19th century german
FROLICH: PLAYING CHILDREN. 19th century German silhouette by Frolich
symbols/frolich old fritz 19th century german silhouette
FROLICH: OLD FRITZ. 19th century German silhouette by Frolich
symbols/muller bird seller 19th century german silhouette
MULLER: THE BIRD SELLER. 19th century German silhouette by Muller
symbols/rural scene 19th century silhouette
RURAL SCENE. 19th century silhouette
symbols/children playing 19th century silhouette
CHILDREN PLAYING. 19th century silhouette
symbols/fylfot triskelion ancient symbol faith
FYLFOT-TRISKELION. Ancient symbol of faith
symbols/monstrance monstrance vessel used catholic church
MONSTRANCE. A monstrance, a vessel used in the Catholic Church to display the Eucharist
symbols/st catherines wheel christian symbol martyrdom st
ST. CATHERINE'S WHEEL. Christian symbol of martyrdom name for St
symbols/chalice cross christian symbol supper passion
CHALICE AND CROSS. Christian symbol of the Last Supper and the Passion of Christ
symbols/symbol crown thorns christian symbol martyrdom
SYMBOL: CROWN OF THORNS. Christian symbol of martyrdom
symbols/judaism blessing sign blessing sign jewish high
JUDAISM: BLESSING SIGN. The blessing sign of a Jewish High Priest
symbols/lutheran cross symbol luteran church
LUTHERAN CROSS. Symbol of the Luteran Church
symbols/horse dealer silhouette german artist paul konewka
THE HORSE DEALER. Silhouette by German artist Paul Konewka, 19th century
symbols/judaism phylacteries jewish prayer boxes
JUDAISM: PHYLACTERIES. Jewish prayer boxes
symbols/judaism candelabra seven branched candelabra
JUDAISM: CANDELABRA. The seven-branched candelabra, a Jewish symbol of perfection
symbols/symbol passion flower symbol passion jesus christ
SYMBOL: PASSION FLOWER. Symbol of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Line drawing
symbols/saint peter inverted cross keys symbol saint
SAINT PETER. Inverted cross and keys, symbol of Saint Peter
symbols/christianity tetramorph christian symbol evangelists
CHRISTIANITY: TETRAMORPH. Christian symbol of the four Evangelists. Line drawing
symbols/christian monogram jesus nazarenus rex judaeorum
CHRISTIAN MONOGRAM. Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews)
symbols/christian monogram iesus hominum salvator christ
CHRISTIAN MONOGRAM. Iesus Hominum Salvator (Christ, the Savior of Man)
symbols/coptic cross ancient symbol christianity
COPTIC CROSS. Ancient symbol of Christianity
symbols/christian monogram xpistos greek monogram christ
CHRISTIAN MONOGRAM. Xpistos, Greek monogram for Christ
symbols/nordic rune tyr tyr nordic rune fidelity
NORDIC RUNE: TYR. Tyr, a Nordic rune for fidelity
symbols/symbol thors hammer symbol nordic germanic
SYMBOL: THOR'S HAMMER. Symbol of the Nordic-Germanic god or war and thunder
symbols/nordic rune tac tac nordic rune death
NORDIC RUNE: TAC. Tac, a Nordic rune for death
symbols/nordic rune minna minna nordic rune admiration
NORDIC RUNE: MINNA. Minna, a Nordic rune for admiration
symbols/nordic rune kinda kinda nordic rune
NORDIC RUNE: KINDA. Kinda, a Nordic rune for fire
symbols/nordic rune feoh feoh nordic rune good luck
NORDIC RUNE: FEOH. Feoh, a Nordic rune for good luck
symbols/nordic symbol anvil nordic germanic symbol
NORDIC SYMBOL: ANVIL. Nordic (Germanic) symbol of creation
symbols/nordic rune fehe fehe nordic germanic rune
NORDIC RUNE: FEHE. Fehe, a Nordic (Germanic) rune for love
symbols/nordic symbol horns horns moon nordic germanic
NORDIC SYMBOL: HORNS. Horns of the moon, a Nordic (Germanic) symbol of power
symbols/norse god odin triple horn odin emblem norse god
NORSE GOD: ODIN. The Triple Horn of Odin, an emblem of the Norse god, Odin
symbols/nordic symbol wheel cross nordic germanic
NORDIC SYMBOL: WHEEL CROSS. The Nordic (Germanic) wheel cross symbol of eternity
symbols/egyptian symbol sema sema sma ancient egyptian
EGYPTIAN SYMBOL: SEMA. A sema, or sma, an ancient Egyptian symbol of union
symbols/egyptian symbol lotus lotus ancient egyptian
EGYPTIAN SYMBOL: LOTUS. The lotus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of creation or rebirth
symbols/egyptian symbol tyet tyet ancient egyptian
EGYPTIAN SYMBOL: TYET. The tyet, the ancient Egyptian symbol of the goddess Isis
symbols/egyptian symbol hathor hathor ancient egyptian
EGYPTIAN SYMBOL: HATHOR. Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky and of women
symbols/egyptian symbol frog ancient egyptian symbol
EGYPTIAN SYMBOL: FROG. An ancient Egyptian symbol of abundance
symbols/egyptian symbol menat various menats symbols
EGYPTIAN SYMBOL: MENAT. Various menats, symbols representing the heavy beaded necklace
symbols/egyptian symbol ankh ancient egyptian symbol life
EGYPTIAN SYMBOL: ANKH. Ancient Egyptian symbol of life. Line drawings
symbols/symbol tet osiris ancient egyptian symbol
SYMBOL: TET OF OSIRIS. Ancient Egyptian symbol of stability
symbols/symbol vesica piscis used christian medieval
SYMBOL: VESICA PISCIS. Used in Christian medieval art to frame a sacred figure
symbols/symbol griffin symbol vigilance
SYMBOL: GRIFFIN. Symbol of vigilance
symbols/symbol cartography divider ruler symbol science
SYMBOL: CARTOGRAPHY. Divider and ruler, a symbol for the science of cartography
symbols/symbols weddings various symbols weddings
SYMBOLS: WEDDINGS. Various symbols for weddings and anniversaries
symbols/symbol elements chinese symbol representing
SYMBOL: FOUR ELEMENTS. Chinese symbol representing the four elements
symbols/symbols education various symbols education
SYMBOLS: EDUCATION. Various symbols of education
symbols/calligraphy chinese chinese symbol longevity
CALLIGRAPHY: CHINESE. Chinese symbol of longevity
symbols/calligraphy chinese chinese symbol long life
CALLIGRAPHY: CHINESE. Chinese symbol for long life
symbols/symbol tortoise asian symbol long life
SYMBOL: TORTOISE. An Asian symbol of long life. Line engraving
symbols/life buoy symbol safe travel
LIFE BUOY. Symbol of safe travel
symbols/symbols good luck various symbols good luck
SYMBOLS: GOOD LUCK. Various symbols of good luck
symbols/seven league boots element european folklore
SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS. Element of European folklore, allowing the wearer to take great
symbols/symbol announcement town criers bell symbol
SYMBOL: ANNOUNCEMENT. Town crier's bell, symbol of an announcement
symbols/symbol announcement scroll symbol announcement
SYMBOL: ANNOUNCEMENT. Scroll, symbol of an announcement
symbols/death 17th century winged hourglass scythe symbolize
DEATH, 17th CENTURY. The winged hourglass and scythe which symbolize the flight of time
symbols/virtues prudence c1470 allegory prudence
VIRTUES: PRUDENCE c1470. Allegory of Prudence
symbols/virtues temperance c1470 allegory temperance
VIRTUES: TEMPERANCE, c1470. Allegory of Temperance
symbols/cartouches 1544 woodcut french 1544
CARTOUCHES, 1544. Woodcut, French, 1544
symbols/hermit 1430 symbol prudence tarot card italian
HERMIT, 1430. Symbol of Prudence. Tarot card from Italian deck printed in Milan
symbols/cartouches 1534 woodcut french 1534
CARTOUCHES, 1534. Woodcut, French, 1534
symbols/cartouches c1530 woodcut french c1530
CARTOUCHES, c1530. Woodcut, French, c1530
symbols/cartouches 1572 woodcut 1572 jost amman
CARTOUCHES, 1572. Woodcut, 1572, by Jost Amman
symbols/cartouches 1536 woodcut french 1536
CARTOUCHES, 1536. Woodcut, French, 1536
symbols/cartouches 1537 woodcut french 1537
CARTOUCHES, 1537. Woodcut, French, 1537
symbols/cartouche 1765 typographic title french 1765
CARTOUCHE, 1765. Typographic title, French, 1765
symbols/cartouches 1588 woodcut french 1588
CARTOUCHES, 1588. Woodcut, French, 1588
symbols/cartouche 1551 woodcut french 1551
CARTOUCHE, 1551. Woodcut, French, 1551


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