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surrealism/salvador dali 1904 1989 spanish painter
SALVADOR DALI (1904-1989). Spanish painter. Photographed with objects, including cats
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surrealism/gare montparnasse 1914 giorgio chirico
GARE MONTPARNASSE, 1914. Giorgio de Chirico: oil on canvas
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surrealism/chirico enigma 1914 giorgio chirico enigma day
CHIRICO: ENIGMA, 1914. Giorgio de Chirico: Enigma of a Day. Oil on canvas, 1914
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surrealism/illustration edmond dulac the dreamer dreams
Illustration by Edmond Dulac for 'The Dreamer of Dreams,' by Queen Marie of Romania
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surrealism/chirico melancolie 1914 giorgio chirico melancolie
CHIRICO: MELANCOLIE, 1914. Giorgio de Chirico: Melancolie. Oil on canvas, 1914
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surrealism/picabia parade parade amoureuse oil canvas
PICABIA: PARADE. Parade amoureuse; oil on canvas, 1917, by Francis Picabia
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surrealism/chirico melancolie 1913 giorgio chirico
CHIRICO: MELANCOLIE, 1913. Giorgio de Chirico: Melancolie d'une belle journée
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