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statue liberty/immigrants ellis island immigrants united
IMMIGRANTS: ELLIS ISLAND. Immigrants to the United States at Ellis Island. Oil over a photograph
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statue liberty/statue liberty construction paris c1884
THE STATUE OF LIBERTY. Under construction in Paris c1884
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statue liberty/immigrants ship 1887 immigrants steerage
IMMIGRANTS ON SHIP, 1887. Immigrants on the steerage deck of an ocean steamer passing
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statue liberty/centennial fair 1876 hand statue liberty
CENTENNIAL FAIR, 1876. The hand of the Statue of Liberty exhibited at the Centennial
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statue liberty/inaugural ceremonies statue liberty new york
The inaugural ceremonies for the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor on the night
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statue liberty/new york city photograph
New York City. Photograph
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cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1889 the rising usurpers
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1889. 'The Rising of the Usurpers and the Sinking of the
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statue liberty/statue liberty 1885 page joseph pulitzers
STATUE OF LIBERTY, 1885. Front page of Joseph Pulitzer's New York newspaper 'The World
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cartoons/anti immigration cartoon american cartoon f
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statue liberty/statue liberty 1885 arrival ship lisafare
STATUE OF LIBERTY, 1885. The arrival of the ship 'L'Isère' (white)
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statue liberty/statue liberty c1883 statue liberty construction paris
STATUE OF LIBERTY, c1883. The Statue of Liberty under construction in Paris, c1883
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statue liberty/statue liberty 1885 face statue liberty
STATUE OF LIBERTY, 1885. Face of the Statue of Liberty before asemblage at Bedloe's
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