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sports/falconer 15th century falconer falcons arm following
FALCONER, 15th CENTURY. A falconer with two falcons on his arm following his greyhound
sports/scotland curling 1854 medal match fingask
SCOTLAND: CURLING, 1854. 'Medal Match of the Fingask Curling Club' in Scotland
sports/raccoon hunters 1867 men chopping tree dogs
RACCOON HUNTERS, 1867. Men chopping down a tree so that their dogs can catch the raccoons
sports/princeton baseball c1903 member princeton university
PRINCETON BASEBALL, c1903. Member of the Princeton University baseball team about
sports/baseball 1937 bucky jacobs washington senators
BASEBALL, 1937. Bucky Jacobs of the Washington Senators and Bob Feller of the Cleveland
sports/baseball catcher signals diagram signals used
BASEBALL: CATCHER SIGNALS. Diagram of signals used by New York Giants catcher Earl Smith
sports/baseball chicago c1877 chicago champions
BASEBALL: CHICAGO, c1877. 'Chicago Champions
sports/badminton c1936 badminton players photograph
BADMINTON, c1936. Two badminton players. Photograph, c1936
sports/hudson bay trappers 1892 talking musquash
HUDSON BAY: TRAPPERS, 1892. 'Talking Musquash
sports/brooklyn baseball 1889 brooklyn bridegrooms
BROOKLYN BASEBALL, 1889. The Brooklyn Bridegrooms
sports/yacht 1887 american steel sloop yacht volunteer
YACHT, 1887. The American steel sloop yacht, 'Volunteer,' built to compete
sports/golden jubilee 1887 finish golden jubilee challenge
GOLDEN JUBILEE, 1887. Finish of the Golden Jubilee challenge race between rowing
sports/fishing 1887 british salmon fishers engraving
FISHING, 1887. British salmon fishers. Engraving, English, 1887
sports/racehorse 1902 rubinstein american racehorse
RACEHORSE, 1902. Rubinstein. American racehorse. Illustration, 1902
sports/racehorse 1902 todd american racehorse
RACEHORSE, 1902. Todd. American racehorse. Illustration, 1902
sports/mckinney 1902 american racehorse illustration
MCKINNEY, 1902. American racehorse. Illustration, 1902
sports/trotter racehorses 1902 notable trotters
TROTTER RACEHORSES, 1902. Notable trotters. Photographs and illustrations, 1902
sports/king 1902 american racehorse illustration
MAY KING, 1902. American racehorse. Illustration, 1902
sports/kremlin 1902 american racehorse illustration
KREMLIN, 1902. American racehorse. Illustration, 1902
sports/pacer racehorses 1902 notable pacer racehorses
PACER RACEHORSES, 1902. Notable pacer racehorses. Photographs and illustrations, 1902
sports/dare devil 1902 american standardbred racehorse
DARE DEVIL, 1902. American standardbred racehorse. Illustration, 1902
sports/baron wilkes 1902 american standardbred racehorse
BARON WILKES, 1902. American standardbred racehorse
sports/ad horse racing vehicles american magazine ad
AD: HORSE-RACING VEHICLES. American magazine advertisement for horse-racing vehicles
sports/ice velocipede 1896 leahans ice velocipede
ICE VELOCIPEDE, 1896. 'Leahan's ice velocipede.' Engraving, American, 1896
sports/steam yacht 1898 steam yacht eleanor owned
STEAM YACHT, 1898. Steam yacht, 'Eleanor,' owned by Colonel Oliver Hazard Payne
sports/caledonian games 1890 the roaring game curling
CALEDONIAN GAMES, 1890. 'The "Roaring Game" of Curling' at the International
sports/caledonian games 1890 sack race international
CALEDONIAN GAMES, 1890. A sack race at the International Caledonian Games. Engraving
sports/caledonian games 1890 athlete putting stone
CALEDONIAN GAMES, 1890. An athlete 'putting the stone' at the International
sports/caledonian games 1890 athlete throwing hammer
CALEDONIAN GAMES, 1890. An athlete 'throwing the hammer,' at the International
sports/brooklyn baseball 1866 baseball game atlantic
BROOKLYN: BASEBALL, 1866. Baseball game between the Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn
sports/caledonian games 1867 international caledonian games
CALEDONIAN GAMES, 1867. The International Caledonian Games, held at Jones' Wood
sports/caledonian games 1867 events caledonian games
CALEDONIAN GAMES, 1867. Events of the Caledonian Games, held at Jones' Wood in
sports/manhattan athletic club start handicap race
MANHATTAN ATHLETIC CLUB. 'Start of the Handicap Race at the Games of the Manhattan
sports/royal henley regatta 1872 riverside picnic royal
ROYAL HENLEY REGATTA, 1872. Riverside picnic during the Royal Henley Regatta at
sports/fishing 1854 amateur fisherman fishing leisure
FISHING, 1854. Amateur fisherman fishing for leisure. Wood engraving, American, 1854
sports/england cricket 1864 cricket match eton college
ENGLAND: CRICKET, 1864. Cricket match between Eton College at Winchester College
sports/england cricket 1850 visit royal party cricket
ENGLAND: CRICKET, 1850. Visit of the royal party to the cricket ground at Castle
sports/england cricket 1844 grand cricket match brighton
ENGLAND: CRICKET, 1844. Grand cricket match at Brighton, England. Wood engraving
sports/england rugby 1845 rugby version football played
ENGLAND: RUGBY, 1845. Rugby version of football played at Rugby School in England, 1845
sports/hunting 1885 hunters getting fight accidental
HUNTING, 1885. Hunters getting into a fight after the accidental death of the lurcher dog
sports/picnic races 1872 luncheon lawn grandstand
PICNIC AT THE RACES, 1872. A luncheon on the lawn behind the grandstand at the
sports/yacht britannia 1893 prince wales yacht britannia
YACHT: BRITANNIA, 1893. The Prince of Wales' yacht 'Britannia,' winner
sports/cowes regatta 1898 scenes cowes regatta england
COWES REGATTA, 1898. Scenes from the Cowes Regatta in England. Top to bottom: the Two
sports/yacht meteor 1896 yacht meteor owned emperor
YACHT: METEOR, 1896. The yacht 'Meteor,' owned by Emperor Wilhelm II, anchored
sports/cowes regatta 1895 scenes cowes regatta england
COWES REGATTA, 1895. Scenes from the Cowes Regatta in England. Upper illustration
sports/cowes regatta 1898 prince princess wales watching
COWES REGATTA, 1898. The Prince and Princess of Wales watching the yacht racing
sports/yacht meteor 1891 yacht meteor owned emperor
YACHT: METEOR, 1891. The yacht 'Meteor,' owned by Emperor Wilhelm II. Engraving
sports/yacht meteor 1899 yacht meteor owned emperor
YACHT: METEOR, 1899. The yacht 'Meteor,' owned by Emperor Wilhelm II, winning the
sports/cowes regatta 1894 arrival german emperor wilhelm
COWES REGATTA, 1894. The arrival of the German Emperor Wilhelm II at Cowes, England
sports/cowes regatta 1900 scenes cowes regatta england
COWES REGATTA, 1900. Scenes at the Cowes Regatta in England. Upper illustration
sports/world war i poster 1918 that arm country
WORLD WAR I: POSTER, 1918. 'That Arm - Your Country Needs It
sports/chinese baseball team chinese base ball team
CHINESE BASEBALL TEAM. 'Chinese Base Ball Team Tour of the United States, 1913
sports/harness racing c1887 a good race won
HARNESS RACING, c1887. 'A good race, well won.' Lithograph by Currier & Ives
sports/baseball spectators 1909 spectators utility
BASEBALL: SPECTATORS, 1909. Spectators on a utility pole at a World Series game
sports/tily cricket match the cricket match mezzotint
TILY: CRICKET MATCH. 'The Cricket Match.' Mezzotint by Eugene James Tily, c1936
sports/world series 1913 fans field game philadelphia
WORLD SERIES, 1913. Fans on the field after the third game between the Philadelphia
sports/royal henley regatta 1902 royal henley regatta
ROYAL HENLEY REGATTA, 1902. The Royal Henley Regatta race at Henley-on-Thames, England
sports/chicago white sox 1917 chicago white sox players
CHICAGO WHITE SOX, 1917. Chicago White Sox players Eddie Murphy, John 'Shano'
sports/big fish 1910 great sport fishing here
BIG FISH, 1910. 'Great sport fishing here.' Photomontage postcard, Canadian, 1910
sports/big fish 1910 i caught myself photomontage
BIG FISH, 1910. 'I caught these by myself.' Photomontage postcard, Canadian, 1910
sports/horse grooming currycomb improved currycomb
HORSE GROOMING: CURRYCOMB. An improved currycomb for grooming horses, invented by W
sports/football yale c1914 portrait richard m
FOOTBALL: YALE, c1914. Portrait of Richard M. Scovil of the Yale University football team
sports/baseball yale c1890 portrait yale university
BASEBALL: YALE, c1890. Portrait of Yale University baseball players Stagg and Warner
sports/scotland curling 1854 curling match invernytie
SCOTLAND: CURLING, 1854. 'Curling Match in Invernytie Loch, Near Perth,' Scotland
sports/japan fencing 1864 japanese soldiers fencing
JAPAN: FENCING, 1864. 'Japanese Soldiers Fencing.' Wood engraving, English, 1864
sports/yacht volunteer 1887 american yacht volunteer
YACHT: VOLUNTEER, 1887. The American yacht 'Volunteer,' to compete for the
sports/england epsom racetrack crowd spectators epsom
ENGLAND: EPSOM RACETRACK. Crowd of spectators at Epsom Racetrack in England, waiting
sports/london ice skating 1854 ice skating regents park
LONDON: ICE SKATING, 1854. Ice skating in Regent's Park, London, England
sports/salmon fishing 1890 on restigouche gaffing boat
SALMON FISHING, 1890. 'On the Restigouche: Gaffing from a boat.' Engraving, 1890
sports/salmon fishing 1890 on miramichi mending rod
SALMON FISHING, 1890. 'On the Miramichi: mending a rod.' Engraving, 1890
sports/salmon fishing 1890 angling miramichi gaffing
SALMON FISHING, 1890. 'Angling on the Miramichi: gaffing a salmon from the shore
sports/salmon fishing 1890 salmon fishing north america
SALMON FISHING, 1890. 'Salmon fishing in North America - Birch-bark camp of anglers
sports/fishing 1884 black bass fishing adirondacks
FISHING, 1884. 'Black-bass fishing in the Adirondacks
sports/fishing 1871 fishing country engraving 1871
FISHING, 1871. 'Fishing in the country.' Engraving, 1871
sports/fishing 1886 smelt fishing engraving drawing j
FISHING, 1886. 'Smelt-fishing.' Engraving after a drawing by J. MacDonald, 1886
sports/fishing 1885 cod fishing engraving drawing m
FISHING, 1885. 'Cod-fishing.' Engraving after a drawing by M.J. Burns, 1885
sports/new jersey fishing 1880 squidding blue fish
NEW JERSEY: FISHING, 1880. 'Squidding for blue-fish at Asbury Park.' Engraving
sports/fishing 1886 pennsylvania day fishermen pike
FISHING, 1886. 'Pennsylvania - A day among the fishermen of Pike County
sports/fishing 1889 a day fishing banks engraving
FISHING, 1889. 'A day at the fishing banks.' Engraving after a drawing by W
sports/trout fishing 1875 the tribulations trout fisher
TROUT FISHING, 1875. 'The tribulations of a trout fisher.' Engraving, 1877
sports/trout fishing 1877 nature versus art hey mister
TROUT FISHING, 1877. 'Nature versus art
sports/canada fishing 1883 salmon fishing canadian waters
CANADA: FISHING, 1883. 'Salmon-fishing in Canadian waters
sports/ice fishing 1874 pickerel fishing ice
ICE FISHING, 1874. 'Pickerel fishing through the ice
sports/hunting deer 1874 a deer camp michigan woods
HUNTING: DEER, 1874. 'A deer camp in the Michigan woods
sports/salmon fishing 1885 salmon fishing canada
SALMON FISHING, 1885. Salmon fishing in Canada. Engraving from a drawing by Dan Beard
sports/trout fishing 1886 trout fishing montana
TROUT FISHING, 1886. Trout fishing in Montana. Engraving from a drawing by R.F
sports/new york fishing 1889 trolling blue fish island
NEW YORK: FISHING, 1889. 'Trolling for blue-fish in Fire Island Inlet.' Engraving
sports/new york billiards 1892 scenes new york pool room
NEW YORK: BILLIARDS, 1892. Scenes in a New York pool-room. Engraving from a drawing by W
sports/boat race 1873 the oxford cambridge boat race
BOAT RACE, 1873. 'The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - Ready to start.'
sports/boat race 1877 the university boat race dead heat
BOAT RACE, 1877. 'The university boat-race dead-heat: the finish.' Engraving
sports/yachting 1876 group yachters wood engraving
YACHTING, 1876. A group of yachters. Wood engraving, English, 1876
sports/tennis 1886 lawn tennis tournament championship
TENNIS, 1886. 'Lawn tennis tournament for the championship of New Jersey
sports/tennis 1890 singles lawn tennis match the campbell slocum
TENNIS, 1890. Singles lawn tennis match at the at the Campbell-Slocum contest at
sports/tennis trophies 1890 championship lawn tennis
TENNIS TROPHIES, 1890. Championship lawn tennis trophies for the Singles, Doubles
sports/night fishing 1858 spearing fish night america
NIGHT FISHING, 1858. 'Spearing a fish at night' in America. Wood engraving
sports/baseball game 1886 baseball game polo grounds
BASEBALL GAME, 1886. Baseball game at the Polo Grounds in New York City, between
sports/new york tennis 1881 new yorkers playing tennis
NEW YORK: TENNIS, 1881. New Yorkers playing tennis at the Seventh Regiment Armory
sports/fencing school 1890 a school arms engraving
FENCING SCHOOL, 1890. 'A School of Arms.' Engraving, English, 1890


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