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seascapes/katsushika great wave men boats large waves
KATSUSHIKA: GREAT WAVE. Men in boats among large waves, off shore of Kanagawa, with
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seascapes/ocean liner queen mary cunard white star
OCEAN LINER QUEEN MARY. The Cunard White Star liner 'Queen Mary' launched in 1934
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seascapes/homer high cliff 1894 winslow homer high cliff
HOMER: HIGH CLIFF, 1894. Winslow Homer: High Cliff, Coast of Maine. Oil, 1894
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seascapes/larsen painting 1911 untitled oil canvas
LARSEN: PAINTING, 1911. Untitled. Oil on canvas, by Johannes Larsen, 1911
#media dmcs-6246428
seascapes/americas cup 1881 american winner mischief
AMERICA'S CUP, 1881. The American winner, 'Mischief' with the Canadian
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seascapes/clipper ship adelaide hove to pilot
CLIPPER SHIP 'ADELAIDE.' '"Hove to" for a pilot.' lithograph
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seascapes/monet sailboat petit gennevilliers oil canvas
MONET: SAILBOAT at Petit-Gennevilliers. Oil on canvas, 1874
#media dmcs-6247567
seascapes/spain medieval ship manuscript illumination
SPAIN: MEDIEVAL SHIP. Manuscript illumination, 13th century, from the 'Cantigas de Alfonso X
#media dmcs-6205861
seascapes/cook hms resolution commanded captain james
COOK: HMS RESOLUTION. Commanded by Captain James Cook on his second and third voyages of discovery
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seascapes/naval ship great harry great harry henri
NAVAL SHIP: GREAT HARRY. The 'Great Harry' (Henri Grâce à Dieu)
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seascapes/darwin hms beagle voyage hms beagle charles
DARWIN: HMS BEAGLE. Voyage of the HMS Beagle, which Charles Darwin sailed as ship's
#media dmcs-6182789
seascapes/americas cup 1883 american winner vigilant
AMERICA'S CUP, 1883. The American winner, 'Vigilant' with the British
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seascapes/americas cup 1886 mayflower saluted
AMERICA'S CUP, 1886. The 'Mayflower' saluted by the fleet while crossing
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seascapes/americas cup 1885 american winner puritan
AMERICA'S CUP, 1885. The American winner, 'Puritan' with the English
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