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science/botany garden angelica woodcut 1633 edition
BOTANY: GARDEN ANGELICA. Woodcut from the 1633 edition of John Gerard's 'The
#media dmcs-12402936
science/rhumb heaven symbol composed signs taken
RHUMB OF HEAVEN. Symbol composed of eight signs taken from a French calendar
#media dmcs-12407834
science/flax 1597 woodcut john gerards herball
FLAX, 1597. Woodcut, from John Gerard's Herball
#media dmcs-12408620
science/postcard oranges c1905 oranges blossoms
POSTCARD: ORANGES, c1905. Oranges and blossoms. Chromolithograph, c1905
#media dmcs-12407982
science/constellation hercules astronomical chart
CONSTELLATION: HERCULES. Astronomical chart showing the constellations Hercules
#media dmcs-12407974
science/cactus 1547 opuntia west indies
CACTUS, 1547. An opuntia of the West Indies
#media dmcs-12407972
science/cactus 1606 cereus cactus west indies
CACTUS, 1606. Cereus cactus of the West Indies
#media dmcs-12407970
science/cactus opuntia 1606 west indian opuntia cactus
CACTUS: OPUNTIA, 1606. West Indian opuntia cactus
#media dmcs-12407968
science/melocactus 1613 melocactus rosa hiericontea
MELOCACTUS, 1613. Melocactus and Rosa Hiericontea
#media dmcs-12407966
science/aloe barbadensis 1613 aloe barbadensis
ALOE BARBADENSIS, 1613. Aloe barbadensis
#media dmcs-12407964
science/botany prickly pear 1868 prickly pear plant
BOTANY: PRICKLY PEAR, 1868. Prickly pear plant, native to Argentina. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-12407962
science/thermometer 1869 self registering thermometer
THERMOMETER, 1869. A self-registering thermometer, used at the meteorological observatory
#media dmcs-12407960
science/botany wild garden 1885 wild garden weybridge england
BOTANY: WILD GARDEN, 1885. A wild garden at Weybridge, England
#media dmcs-12407958
science/rain gauge 1869 self registering rain gauge
RAIN GAUGE, 1869. A self-registering rain gauge, used at the meteorological observatory
#media dmcs-12407956
science/weather vane 1869 self registering wind vane
WEATHER VANE, 1869. A self-registering wind vane, used at the meteorological observatory
#media dmcs-12407954
science/ichthyosaur 1812 fossil skull ichthyosaur
ICHTHYOSAUR, 1812. The fossil skull of an ichthyosaur discovered by Joseph Anning
#media dmcs-12407952
science/darwin coral reefs diagram highest points vanikoro
DARWIN: CORAL REEFS. Diagram of highest points of Vanikoro, Gambier and Maurua islands
#media dmcs-12407950
science/fossils ammonites various ammonites djebel ouasch
FOSSILS: AMMONITES. Various ammonites found at Djebel Ouasch, Algeria. Lithograph
#media dmcs-12407946
science/halleys comet 1910 newsboy viewing halleys
HALLEY'S COMET, 1910. A newsboy viewing Halley's Comet through a telescope
#media dmcs-12407944
science/multiplication table 1859 multiplication
MULTIPLICATION TABLE, 1859. Multiplication table printed in the 1859 Uncle Sam's
#media dmcs-12407942
science/india observatory 1871 british observatory
INDIA: OBSERVATORY, 1871. British observatory bunglaow in Kanara, India, before
#media dmcs-12407938
science/regius magnets 1654 diagram rene decartes
REGIUS: MAGNETS, 1654. Diagram of Rene Decartes' theory about how magnets work
#media dmcs-12407936
science/mycenae treasury 1877 interior treasury atreus
MYCENAE: TREASURY, 1877. Interior of the Treasury of Atreus, a tholos tomb in Mycenae
#media dmcs-12407934
science/india observatory 1871 british astronomers
INDIA: OBSERVATORY, 1871. British astronomers in India await the solar eclipse
#media dmcs-12407932
science/mycenae treasury 1877 rock cut chamber treasury atreus
MYCENAE: TREASURY, 1877. Rock-cut chamber in the Treasury of Atreus, a tholos tomb
#media dmcs-12407930
science/testing machine 1878 universal testing machine
TESTING MACHINE, 1878. A universal testing machine, used to test the tensile
#media dmcs-12407928
science/pointing hands typefounders cuts united
POINTING HANDS. Typefounder's cuts made by the United States Type Foundry, James
#media dmcs-12407924
science/mycenae treasury entrance second treasury mycenae
MYCENAE: TREASURY. Entrance to the 'Second Treasury' in Mycenae, Greece
#media dmcs-12407922
science/mycenae treasury entrance fourth treasury mycenae
MYCENAE: TREASURY. Entrance to the 'Fourth Treasury' in Mycenae, Greece
#media dmcs-12407920
science/decorative sun face
Decorative Sun Face
#media dmcs-12407918
science/mycenae treasury entrance third treasury mycenae
MYCENAE: TREASURY. Entrance to the 'Third Treasury' in Mycenae, Greece, constructed
#media dmcs-12407916
science/mycenae treasury entrance treasury atreus
MYCENAE: TREASURY. Entrance to the Treasury of Atreus, a tholos tomb in Mycenae
#media dmcs-12407914
science/maple leaves seeds photographic illustration silver maple
MAPLE LEAVES AND SEEDS. Photographic illustration of silver maple (Acer saccharinum)
#media dmcs-12407912
science/alchemy ether deriving ether fifth element
ALCHEMY: ETHER. Deriving ether, the fifth element, through alchemical means
#media dmcs-12407908
science/ahnighito meteorite 1897 ahnighito meteorite
AHNIGHITO METEORITE, 1897. The Ahnighito meteorite being transported during Robert
#media dmcs-12407906
science/brenham meteorite fragment brenham meteorite
BRENHAM METEORITE. Fragment of the Brenham meteorite found in 1882 in Brenham County
#media dmcs-12407904
science/pricetown meteorite pricetown meteorite fell pricetown
PRICETOWN METEORITE. The Pricetown meteorite that fell in Pricetown, Ohio in 1893
#media dmcs-12407902
science/crab orchard meteorite photograph crab orchard
CRAB ORCHARD METEORITE. Photograph of the Crab Orchard meteorite found in Tennessee
#media dmcs-12407900
science/november meteors 1868 meteor shower occured november
THE NOVEMBER METEORS, 1868. A meteor shower that occured in November, 1868. Painting by E
#media dmcs-12407898
science/meteor shower c1550 meteor shower woodcut
METEOR SHOWER, c1550. A meteor shower. Woodcut, c1550
#media dmcs-12407896
science/rome excavation 1885 view excavation site
ROME: EXCAVATION, 1885. A view of an excavation site on the Quirinal Hill in Rome
#media dmcs-12407894
science/reflecting telescope c1910 english reflecting
REFLECTING TELESCOPE, c1910. English reflecting telescope at an unidentified tropical
#media dmcs-12407892
science/shepherd plumb line shepherd plumb line
SHEPHERD WITH PLUMB LINE. A shepherd with a plumb line
#media dmcs-12407888
science/jeffries wyman 1814 1874 american naturalist
JEFFRIES WYMAN (1814-1874). American naturalist, anatomist and Harvard professor
#media dmcs-12407886
science/mastodon skull fossilized mastodon skull teeth
MASTODON SKULL. Fossilized mastodon skull and teeth. Stereograph, c1909
#media dmcs-12407884
science/perfect gardener 1690 title page the perfect
PERFECT GARDENER, 1690. Title page to 'The Perfect Gardener' by Jean-Baptiste
#media dmcs-12407882
science/date palm 1575 woodcut andre tevets la
DATE PALM, 1575. Woodcut from Andre Tevet's 'La cosmographie universelle
#media dmcs-12407880
science/modern gardening 1770 title page observations
MODERN GARDENING, 1770. Title page of 'Observations on Modern Gardening'
#media dmcs-12407878
science/chemistry title page 1758 title page thomas
CHEMISTRY: TITLE PAGE, 1758. Title page of Thomas Jefferson copy of 'Elements
#media dmcs-12407876


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