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religion/salome john baptist salome head st john baptist
SALOME & JOHN THE BAPTIST. Salome with the head of St. John the Baptist. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-12410416
religion/england witch trial 1566 first woman hanged
ENGLAND: WITCH TRIAL, 1566. The first woman to be hanged as a witch in England
#media dmcs-13633672
religion/england witch trial 1579 first known english
ENGLAND: WITCH TRIAL, 1579. The first known English illustration of a 'familiar
#media dmcs-13633670
religion/death 1496 woodcut allegorical representation
DEATH, 1496. Woodcut allegorical representation of Death from 'Le grant kalendrier
#media dmcs-13633668
religion/lutheran bible 1534 title page first edition
LUTHERAN BIBLE, 1534. Title page of the first edition of Martin Luther's German
#media dmcs-13633664
religion/basphomet bouc la goetie basphomet goat
BASPHOMET. 'Bouc de la goetie Basphomet,' the goat incarnation of the Devil
#media dmcs-13633646
religion/god satan lord satan vying soul man who
GOD AND SATAN. The Lord and Satan vying for the soul of man, who is navigating the
#media dmcs-13633616
religion/english bible 1535 first printed english bible
ENGLISH BIBLE, 1535. First printed English Bible, Miles Coverdale's translation
#media dmcs-13633596
religion/flagellants middle ages procession flagellants
FLAGELLANTS: MIDDLE AGES. A procession of flagellants wending its way through Spain
#media dmcs-13633586
religion/dance death 1538 death goes forth woodcut
DANCE OF DEATH, 1538. 'Death Goes Forth
#media dmcs-13633582
religion/cabalistic symbol ideogram letter aleph
CABALISTIC SYMBOL. Ideogram of the Letter Aleph
#media dmcs-13633576
religion/cabalistic symbol sefirotic tree
#media dmcs-13633574
religion/camp meeting 1869 campground market national
CAMP MEETING, 1869. The campground market at the national Methodist camp meeting
#media dmcs-12412530
religion/massachusetts psalter massachusetts psalter
MASSACHUSETTS PSALTER. The Massachusetts Psalter, or, Psalms of David, with the
#media dmcs-12412434
religion/kaiser wilhelm church main entrance pipe
KAISER WILHELM CHURCH. Main entrance and pipe organ of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial
#media dmcs-12412422
religion/methodist conference 1891 african american
METHODIST CONFERENCE, 1891. The African-American delegates to the Second Ecumenical
#media dmcs-12412410
religion/garden shrine 1915 marian shrine garden
GARDEN SHRINE, 1915. A Marian shrine in a garden
#media dmcs-12412406
religion/london french church french protestant church st
LONDON: FRENCH CHURCH. The French Protestant church at St. Martin's le Grand, London
#media dmcs-12412402
religion/pyle saints 1886 the rich man saints
PYLE: SAINTS, 1886. 'The Rich Man and the Two Saints
#media dmcs-12412400
religion/pyle saint christopher the poor man saint
PYLE: SAINT CHRISTOPHER. 'The Poor Man and Saint Christopher
#media dmcs-12412398
religion/book common prayer title page 1662 edition
BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. Title page of a 1662 edition of the 'Book of Common Prayer
#media dmcs-12412396
religion/althamer title page 1527 title page published
ALTHAMER: TITLE PAGE, 1527. Title page for the published notes on the letters of St
#media dmcs-12412394
religion/lutheran title page 1525 title page against murderous
LUTHERAN TITLE PAGE, 1525. Title page for 'Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes
#media dmcs-12412392
religion/denmark church england consecration new
DENMARK: CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Consecration of the new Church of England Church of St
#media dmcs-12412390
religion/benedict xv 1854 1922 giacomo paolo giovanni
BENEDICT XV (1854-1922). Giacomo Paolo Giovanni Battista della Chiesa. Pope, 1914-1922
#media dmcs-12412386
religion/monastery painter 1883 monk painting icon
MONASTERY: PAINTER, 1883. A monk painting an icon
#media dmcs-12412384
religion/salvation army wedding a salvation army
SALVATION ARMY WEDDING. 'A Salvation Army wedding at the barracks on Fourteenth Street
#media dmcs-12412382
religion/salvation army 1891 salvation army headquarters
SALVATION ARMY, 1891. The Salvation Army headquarters in New York City. Engraving
#media dmcs-12412380
religion/london weaver 1885 weaver work spitalfields london
LONDON: WEAVER, 1885. A weaver at work in Spitalfields, London. Engraving, English
#media dmcs-12412378
religion/london french choir 1885 choir french
LONDON: FRENCH CHOIR, 1885. Choir of the French Church of the Savoy in London, England
#media dmcs-12412376
religion/walloon church 1885 domus dei walloon
WALLOON CHURCH, 1885. 'Domus Dei,' a Walloon church in Southampton, England
#media dmcs-12412374
religion/london french church old french church wandsworth
LONDON: FRENCH CHURCH. Old French Church in Wandsworth, London (now demolished)
#media dmcs-12412372
religion/canterbury cathedral 1885 french church
CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL, 1885. French church in the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral
#media dmcs-12412370
religion/huguenots dover 1685 french huguenots landing dover
HUGUENOTS IN DOVER, 1685. French Huguenots landing at Dover, England, after the
#media dmcs-12412368
religion/camp meeting 1869 outdoor preacher national
CAMP MEETING, 1869. An outdoor preacher at the national Methodist camp meeting
#media dmcs-12412366
religion/camp meeting 1869 public drinking fountain
CAMP MEETING, 1869. Public drinking fountain at the national Methodist camp meeting
#media dmcs-12412364
religion/camp meeting 1869 round lake station round lake
CAMP MEETING, 1869. Round Lake Station at Round Lake, New York, the site of the
#media dmcs-12412362
religion/salvation army 1891 woman salvation army
SALVATION ARMY, 1891. A woman of the Salvation Army speaking with a drunkard
#media dmcs-12412358
religion/salvation army 1891 a street parade
SALVATION ARMY, 1891. 'A Street Parade
#media dmcs-12412356
religion/salvation army 1891 the handkerchief drill
SALVATION ARMY, 1891. 'The Handkerchief Drill
#media dmcs-12412354
religion/salvation army 1891 family party promoting
SALVATION ARMY, 1891. A family party promoting the Salvation Army charity. Drawing
#media dmcs-12412352
religion/camp meeting 1869 central circle national
CAMP MEETING, 1869. The central circle at the national Methodist camp meeting, 6-15
#media dmcs-12412350
religion/camp meeting 1869 big tent national methodist
CAMP MEETING, 1869. The big tent at the national Methodist camp meeting, 6-15 July 1869
#media dmcs-12412348
religion/camp meeting 1869 wesley avenue campground
CAMP MEETING, 1869. Wesley Avenue at the campground at the national Methodist camp
#media dmcs-12412346
religion/camp meeting 1869 boating round lake national
CAMP MEETING, 1869. Boating on Round Lake during the national Methodist camp meeting
#media dmcs-12412344
religion/camp meeting 1869 family tent national
CAMP MEETING, 1869. A family tent at the national Methodist camp meeting, 6-15 July 1869
#media dmcs-12412342
religion/camp meeting 1869 campground registration
CAMP MEETING, 1869. Campground registration at the national Methodist camp meeting
#media dmcs-12412340
religion/camp meeting 1869 book store national methodist
CAMP MEETING, 1869. Book store at the national Methodist camp meeting, 6-15 July 1869
#media dmcs-12412338
religion/bible history 1752 frontispiece a complete
BIBLE: HISTORY, 1752. Frontispiece for 'A Complete History of the Holy Bible
#media dmcs-12412336


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