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recreation/columbian exposition 1893 members congress washington
COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, 1893. Members of Congress from Washington D
recreation/amherst college 1863 view amherst college amherst
AMHERST COLLEGE, 1863. A view of Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts, Steel
recreation/coney island beach c1897 children holding ropes
CONEY ISLAND: BEACH, c1897. Children holding onto ropes and playing in the surf at
recreation/beach scenery c1920 beach scenery bathing women
BEACH SCENERY, C1920. 'Beach Scenery with Bathing Women
recreation/horseback riding 1842 engraved illustration
HORSEBACK RIDING, 1842. Engraved illustration for the poem 'My Bonnie Steed'
recreation/new jersey elizabeth bathers photo tent beach
NEW JERSEY: ELIZABETH. Bathers at a photo tent on the beach in Elizabeth, New Jersey
recreation/water ride 1885 a summer toboggan slide massachusetts
WATER RIDE, 1885. 'A summer toboggan slide' in Massachusetts. Wood engraving
recreation/crystal palace 1854 booths united states new
CRYSTAL PALACE, 1854. Booths of the United States at the New York Crystal Palace
recreation/crystal palace 1854 booths holland austria
CRYSTAL PALACE, 1854. Booths of Holland, Austria, and Italy at the New York Crystal
recreation/crystal palace 1854 booths great britain ireland
CRYSTAL PALACE, 1854. Booths of Great Britain and Ireland at the New York Crystal
recreation/crystal palace 1853 interior view new york crystal
CRYSTAL PALACE, 1853. Interior view of the New York Crystal Palace during the Exhibition
recreation/tobogganing 1886 tobogganing canada park slide
TOBOGGANING, 1886. 'Tobogganing in Canada: The Park Slide in Montreal.' Engraving
recreation/schutzenfest 1868 the schutzenfest prizes
SCHUTZENFEST, 1868. 'The Schutzenfest - The prizes.' Engraving, 1868
recreation/lesrel chess 1895 the game chess engraving
LESREL: CHESS, 1895. 'The Game of Chess.' Engraving after a painting by A
recreation/new york state fair 1844 interior great marquee
NEW YORK STATE FAIR, 1844. 'Interior the Great Marquee.' Engraving, 1844
recreation/centennial fair 1876 procession grand commandery
CENTENNIAL FAIR, 1876. Procession of the Grand Commandery of the United States Knights
recreation/card players 19th century women playing cards
CARD PLAYERS, 19th CENTURY. Women playing cards. Photograph, late 19th century
recreation/gardening 1868 spring time country gardening
GARDENING, 1868. 'Spring-time in the country - Gardening.' Wood engraving
recreation/schutzenfest 1868 the schutzenfest dance
SCHUTZENFEST, 1868. 'The Schutzenfest - The dance.' Engraving, 1868
recreation/schutzenfest 1868 the schutzenfest convival
SCHUTZENFEST, 1868. 'The Schutzenfest - The convival sharp-shooter.' Engraving
recreation/schutzenfest 1868 the schutzenfest shooting gallery
SCHUTZENFEST, 1868. 'The Schutzenfest - Shooting-gallery at Jones's Wood
recreation/sleighing 1882 fun ice treating ladies
SLEIGHING, 1882. 'Fun on the ice - treating the ladies to a sleigh-ride
recreation/train travel 1873 take hand sir traveling
TRAIN TRAVEL, 1873. 'Take a Hand Sir.' A traveling gambler challenging a fellow
recreation/central park zoo 1866 zoological garden central
CENTRAL PARK ZOO, 1866. 'Zoological Garden, Central Park, N.Y.' Engraving, 1866
recreation/steamboat excursion 1882 sunday steamboat excursions
STEAMBOAT EXCURSION, 1882. 'Sunday steamboat excursions - The last of the season
recreation/coney island 1891 a visit coney island engraving
CONEY ISLAND, 1891. 'A Visit to Coney Island.' Engraving, 1891
recreation/columbian exposition 1893 chocolate pavilion
COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, 1893. A Chocolate Pavilion at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago
recreation/columbian exposition 1893 walter baker companys
COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, 1893. Walter Baker & Company's Cocoa and Chocolate Pavilion
recreation/panama pacific exposition tower jewels reflected
PANAMA-PACIFIC EXPOSITION. The Tower of Jewels reflected in the lagoon at the
recreation/centennial fair 1876 main building centennial
CENTENNIAL FAIR, 1876. The Main Building at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia
recreation/germany fair crowd 1881 the practical
GERMANY: FAIR CROWD, 1881. 'The Practical Munchners
recreation/columbian exposition 1893 train intramural railway
COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, 1893. A train on the Intramural Railway at the World's Columbian
recreation/panama pacific exposition palace fine arts panama pacific
PANAMA-PACIFIC EXPOSITION. The Palace of Fine Arts at the Panama-Pacific Exposition
recreation/panama pacific exposition dome palace fine arts
PANAMA-PACIFIC EXPOSITION. The dome of the Palace of Fine Arts at night from across
recreation/st louis worlds fair 1904 palace liberal arts
ST. LOUIS WORLD'S FAIR, 1904. The Palace of Liberal Arts as seen from across the
recreation/crystal palace 1853 birds eye view new york
CRYSTAL PALACE, 1853. Bird's eye view of the New York Crystal Palace during the
recreation/centennial fair 1876 birds eye view centennial
CENTENNIAL FAIR, 1876. 'Birds Eye View of the Centennial Exhibition Buildings'
recreation/new orleans fair 1884 horticultural hall worlds
NEW ORLEANS FAIR, 1884. The Horticultural Hall at the World's Industrial and Cotton
recreation/hine girl doll 1912 young girl playing campbell
HINE: GIRL WITH DOLL, 1912. A young girl playing with a Campbell Kid doll, at a
recreation/girl toys c1902 girl photographing toys stereograph
GIRL WITH TOYS, c1902. A girl photographing her toys. Stereograph, c1902
recreation/boys shooting craps 1912 boys gambling dice
BOYS SHOOTING CRAPS, 1912. Three boys gambling with dice at midnight in the street
recreation/christmas morning c1902 happy girl bedroom surrounded
CHRISTMAS MORNING, c1902. A happy girl in her bedroom surrounded by toys on Christmas
recreation/toy peddler c1903 street peddler demonstrating
TOY PEDDLER, c1903. A street peddler demonstrating wind-up toys in New York City
recreation/bowling alley 1910 pin boys working supervisor
BOWLING ALLEY, 1910. Pin boys working with a supervisor in the Subway Bowling Alleys
recreation/hine shooting marbles 1908 young doffers kesler
HINE: SHOOTING MARBLES, 1908. Young doffers at the Kesler Mfg
recreation/hine billiards 1910 boys shooting game pool
HINE: BILLIARDS, 1910. Boys shooting a game of pool at the Pool Branch Chauteau & Manchester
recreation/casino pool c1890 swimming pool casino saint
CASINO POOL, c1890. A swimming pool in a casino, Saint Augustine, Florida
recreation/ohio sack race 1908 sack race newsboys picnic
OHIO: SACK RACE, 1908. Sack race at the Newsboys' Picnic in Cincinnati, Ohio
recreation/chess players c1795 indian man englishman playing
CHESS PLAYERS, c1795. An Indian man and an Englishman playing chess in India. Aquatint
recreation/chess players c1508 the chess players oil wood
CHESS PLAYERS, c1508. 'The Chess Players
recreation/chess players c1340 man woman playing chess
CHESS PLAYERS, c1340. A man and a woman playing chess
recreation/chess 14th century game chess players sit peacocks
CHESS, 14th CENTURY. A game of chess. Beside the players sit two peacocks and a dog
recreation/tug war 14th century tug of war game
TUG OF WAR, 14th CENTURY. A tug-of-war game
recreation/games 14th century men playing fighting games
GAMES, 14th CENTURY. Men playing fighting games
recreation/game 14th century people playing game similar
GAME, 14th CENTURY. Two people playing a game similar to Blind Man's Buff
recreation/sword fight 14th century men sword fighting
SWORD FIGHT, 14th CENTURY. Two men sword fighting as a game
recreation/checkers 14th century lady page playing game
CHECKERS, 14th CENTURY. A lady and a page playing a game of checkers
recreation/coney island shute c1900 elephant shute ride
CONEY ISLAND: SHUTE, c1900. The elephant shute ride at Steeplechase Park, the first
recreation/coney island luna park pains spectacle luna
CONEY ISLAND: LUNA PARK. Pain's Spectacle show at Luna Park amusement park, Coney
recreation/manhattan beach c1902 crowd manhattan beach
MANHATTAN BEACH, c1902. Crowd at Manhattan Beach situated on the eastern end of Coney
recreation/coney island luna park promenade luna park amusement
CONEY ISLAND: LUNA PARK. Promenade at Luna Park amusement park at Coney Island
recreation/coney island panorama 1910 far left steeplechase
CONEY ISLAND: PANORAMA, 1910. To the far left is Steeplechase Park and in the distance
recreation/coney island luna park reserve boxes open air
CONEY ISLAND: LUNA PARK. Reserve boxes, open-air circus at Luna Park amusement
recreation/coney island dreamland destruction dreamland
CONEY ISLAND: DREAMLAND. The destruction of Dreamland amusement park at Coney Island
recreation/coney island beach c1903 bathers breaking waves
CONEY ISLAND: BEACH, c1903. Bathers in the breaking waves at Coney Island, Brooklyn
recreation/coney island beach c1896 bathers coney island
CONEY ISLAND: BEACH, c1896. Bathers at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Stereograph
recreation/coney island beach c1906 family sitting wet
CONEY ISLAND: BEACH c1906. Family sitting on wet sand at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
recreation/coney island ocean avenue arrival wet goods
CONEY ISLAND: OCEAN AVENUE. The arrival of the wet goods on Ocean Avenue at Coney Island
recreation/coney island beach c1903 crowded beach coney island
CONEY ISLAND: BEACH, c1903. Crowded beach at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
recreation/coney island c1904 luna park amusement park night
CONEY ISLAND, c1904. Luna Park amusement park at night, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
recreation/coney island beach c1903 men sliding water
CONEY ISLAND: BEACH, c1903. Men sliding down a water toboggan in the surf at Coney Island
recreation/coney island luna park boat people foreground
CONEY ISLAND: LUNA PARK. Boat with nine people in foreground riding 'The Chutes'
recreation/scottish bagpiper c1912 bagpiper playing street
SCOTTISH BAGPIPER, c1912. Bagpiper playing on a street corner at Coney Island, Brooklyn
recreation/steeplechase park c1900 observation tower steeplechase
STEEPLECHASE PARK, c1900. Observation Tower at Steeplechase Park, the first amusement
recreation/steeplechase park c1901 shooting rapids ride
STEEPLECHASE PARK, c1901. 'Shooting the rapids' ride at Steeplechase Park, the
recreation/coney island bowery 1903 crowded street bowery
CONEY ISLAND: BOWERY, 1903. Crowded street on the Bowery at Coney Island, Brooklyn
recreation/steeplechase park c1900 flip flap loop rollercoaster
STEEPLECHASE PARK, c1900. The 'Flip Flap' loop rollercoaster at Steeplechase Park
recreation/coney island dreamland shoot chutes ride dreamland
CONEY ISLAND: DREAMLAND. The 'Shoot the Chutes' ride at Dreamland amusement park
recreation/coney island luna park open air circus performance
CONEY ISLAND: LUNA PARK. An open air circus performance at Luna Park amusement park
recreation/coney island womens race start womens 100
CONEY ISLAND: WOMEN'S RACE. Start of women's 100 yard swim race at Coney Island
recreation/coney island mens race swim race men street
CONEY ISLAND: MEN'S RACE. A swim race of men in street clothes at Coney Island
recreation/coney island beach c1910 people seated park
CONEY ISLAND: BEACH, c1910. People seated on park benches by the seashore at Coney Island
recreation/new york orphans c1911 orphans excursion luna
NEW YORK: ORPHANS, c1911. Orphans on excursion to Luna Park amusement park at Coney
recreation/coney island cake walk cake walk ride dreamland
CONEY ISLAND: CAKE WALK. The 'Cake Walk' ride at Dreamland or Luna Park amusement
recreation/elephant ride c1910 1915 women riding elephant
ELEPHANT RIDE, c1910-1915. Women riding an elephant at Dreamland amusement park
recreation/coney island sideshow a free show dreamland
CONEY ISLAND: SIDESHOW. 'A Free Show' at Dreamland amusement park, Coney Island
recreation/coney island drand family the drand family
recreation/coney island fire 1911 destroyed dreamland
CONEY ISLAND: FIRE, 1911. The fire that destroyed Dreamland amusement park at Coney
recreation/coney island dreamland boardwalk dreamland amusement
CONEY ISLAND: DREAMLAND. The boardwalk at the Dreamland amusement park at Coney Island
recreation/women playing billiards 19th century american
WOMEN PLAYING BILLIARDS. 19th century American lithograph
recreation/sleighing 19th century winter country
SLEIGHING, 19th CENTURY. 'Winter in the Country.' 19th century lithograph
recreation/winter scene 1872 american lithograph produced
WINTER SCENE, 1872. American lithograph produced by Joseph Hoover, 1872
recreation/new york dewey parade parade admiral george
NEW YORK: DEWEY PARADE. Parade for Admiral George Dewey in New York City, 30 September
recreation/backgammon 15th century illustration der renner
BACKGAMMON, 15th CENTURY. Illustration from 'Der Renner,' by Hugo von Trimberg
recreation/cuban lottery 1869 ad royal havana lottery
CUBAN LOTTERY, 1869. Advertisement for the Royal Havana Lottery from an American
recreation/france chess c1480 woodcut c1480 le quatre
FRANCE: CHESS, c1480. Woodcut, c1480, from 'Le Quatre Filz Aymon,' published
recreation/playing cards 1664 cavalier swords trappola
PLAYING CARDS, 1664. The cavalier and the two of swords from a trappola pack of
recreation/playing card 1877 hearts eclipse comic playing cards
PLAYING CARD, 1877. Four of Hearts from Eclipse Comic Playing Cards, American, 1877
recreation/russia playing cards russian geographical playing
RUSSIA: PLAYING CARDS. Russian geographical playing cards, 1830


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