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presidents/helen h taft 1861 1943 mrs william howard taft
HELEN H. TAFT (1861-1943). Mrs. William Howard Taft. Photographed in 1908
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presidents/julia tyler 1820 1869 second wife president john tyler
JULIA TYLER (1820-1869). Second wife of President John Tyler. Lithograph, c1844
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presidents/fillmore campaign 1856 campaign poster
FILLMORE CAMPAIGN, 1856. A campaign poster for presidential candidate Millard Fillmore
#media dmcs-12395669
presidents/thomas jefferson 1743 1826 president united
THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826). Third President of the United States
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presidents/panama roosevelt 1906 president theodore roosevelt
PANAMA: ROOSEVELT, 1906. President Theodore Roosevelt, with his wife Edith and others
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presidents/panama roosevelt c1906 president theodore roosevelt
PANAMA: ROOSEVELT, c1906. President Theodore Roosevelt, with his wife Edith and others
#media dmcs-12395649
presidents/panama roosevelt c1906 president theodore
PANAMA: ROOSEVELT, c1906. President Theodore Roosevelt inspecting a Panama Canal
#media dmcs-12395647
presidents/boston procession 1789 announcement 19 october 1789
BOSTON: PROCESSION, 1789. Announcement, 19 October 1789, of a procession to honor
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presidents/washington masonic apron george washingtons
WASHINGTON: MASONIC APRON. George Washington's Masonic apron, embroidered by
#media dmcs-12395641
presidents/presidential campaign 1876 samuel l tilden
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1876. Samuel L. Tilden and Thomas A
#media dmcs-12395639
presidents/death garfield 1881 death general james
DEATH OF GARFIELD, 1881. Death of General James A
#media dmcs-12395627
presidents/george washington 1775 general george washington
GEORGE WASHINGTON, 1775. General George Washington taking command of the Continental
#media dmcs-12395625
presidents/millard fillmore 1800 1874 thirteenth
MILLARD FILLMORE (1800-1874). Thirteenth President of the United States
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presidents/white house reception guests promenading
WHITE HOUSE: RECEPTION. Guests promenading in the East Room of the White House
#media dmcs-12395605
presidents/white house reception guests arriving white
WHITE HOUSE: RECEPTION. Guests arriving at the White House for the first reception
#media dmcs-12395603
presidents/chapultepec 1847 lieutenant ulysses s
CHAPULTEPEC, 1847. Lieutenant Ulysses S. Grant at Chapultepec during the Mexican
#media dmcs-12395593
presidents/grants tomb 1885 temporary tomb ulysses s
GRANT'S TOMB, 1885. The temporary tomb of Ulysses S
#media dmcs-12395589
presidents/mount vernon 1798 west view mount vernon
MOUNT VERNON, 1798. West view of Mount Vernon, Virginia, the home of George Washington
#media dmcs-12395583
presidents/army wagon train general george washington
ARMY WAGON TRAIN. General George Washington and his staff welcoming a provision
#media dmcs-12395581
presidents/cleveland cabinet 1893 president grover cleveland left
CLEVELAND CABINET, 1893. President Grover Cleveland (left), 22nd and 24th President
#media dmcs-12395577
presidents/cleveland inauguration pennsylvania troops
CLEVELAND INAUGURATION. Pennsylvania troops marching past the review stand during
#media dmcs-12395575
presidents/inaugural ball 1893 inaugural ball pension
INAUGURAL BALL, 1893. Inaugural ball at the Pension Building in Washington, D.C
#media dmcs-12395495
presidents/roosevelt cartoon 1906 the busy showman iv
ROOSEVELT CARTOON, 1906. 'The Busy Showman - IV
#media dmcs-12395493
presidents/presidential election 1864 scene polls
PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 1864. Scene at the polls in the Five Points slum district
#media dmcs-12395489
presidents/presidential election 1864 voters procuring
PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 1864. Voters procuring tickets at ticket booths in New York
#media dmcs-12395487
presidents/presidential election 1864 removal ballot boxes polls
PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 1864. The removal of ballot boxes to the polls, at the fifth
#media dmcs-12395485
presidents/democratic convention view galleries st
DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. View from the galleries of the St
#media dmcs-12395483
presidents/garfield memorial 1881 portrait president james
GARFIELD MEMORIAL, 1881. Portrait of President James A
#media dmcs-12395479
presidents/washington lafayette george washington welcoming
WASHINGTON AND LAFAYETTE. George Washington welcoming the young Marquis de Lafayette
#media dmcs-12395477
presidents/garfield monument c1890 james a garfield
GARFIELD MONUMENT, c1890. The James A. Garfield Monument in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland
#media dmcs-12395475
presidents/coolidge inauguration 1925 president calvin
COOLIDGE INAUGURATION, 1925. President Calvin Coolidge's motorcade in Washington D
#media dmcs-12395469
presidents/lincoln temperance 1842 address delivered
LINCOLN: TEMPERANCE, 1842. 'Address Delivered by Abraham Lincoln Before the
#media dmcs-12395465
american presidents/abraham lincoln 1809 1865 16th president united states
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1809-1865). 16th President of the United States
#media dmcs-12395461
presidents/roosevelt cartoon 1906 the busy showman
ROOSEVELT CARTOON, 1906. 'The busy showman
#media dmcs-12395455
presidents/benjamin harrison 1833 1901 23rd president united states
BENJAMIN HARRISON (1833-1901). 23rd President of the United States. Engraving, 1888
#media dmcs-12395449
presidents/william mckinley 1843 1901 25th president united states
WILLIAM McKINLEY (1843-1901). 25th President of the United States. Engraving, 1896
#media dmcs-12395447
presidents/theodore roosevelt 1858 1919 26th president
THEODORE ROOSEVELT (1858-1919). 26th President of the United States
#media dmcs-12395437
presidents/james buchanan 1791 1868 15th president
JAMES BUCHANAN (1791-1868). 15th President of the United States
#media dmcs-12395417
presidents/andrew johnson 1808 1875 17th president
ANDREW JOHNSON (1808-1875). 17th President of the United States
#media dmcs-12395403
presidents/presidential campaign 1888 benjamin harrison
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1888. Benjamin Harrison and Levi P
#media dmcs-12395393
presidents/washington inauguration view pontoon bridge
WASHINGTON: INAUGURATION. A view of the pontoon bridge at Gray's Ferry near
#media dmcs-12395383
presidents/washington bible 1789 bible used inauguration
WASHINGTON: BIBLE, 1789. Bible used at the inauguration of George Washington, 1789
#media dmcs-12395379
presidents/washington seal impression presidential
WASHINGTON: SEAL. Impression of the presidential seal used by George Washington
#media dmcs-12395375
presidents/mount vernon 1859 mount vernon home george
MOUNT VERNON, 1859. Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington on the Potomac River
#media dmcs-12395367
presidents/mount vernon 1800 mount vernon home george
MOUNT VERNON, 1800. Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington on the Potomac River
#media dmcs-12395365
presidents/electoral commission 1877 session electoral
ELECTORAL COMMISSION, 1877. Session of the Electoral Commission created to resolve
#media dmcs-12395363
presidents/electoral commission 1877 members electoral
ELECTORAL COMMISSION, 1877. Members of the Electoral Commission convened in 1877
#media dmcs-12395361
presidents/johnson impeachment 1868 members house
JOHNSON IMPEACHMENT, 1868. Members of the House of Representatives arriving at
#media dmcs-12395359
presidents/johnson impeachment 1868 ji christie
JOHNSON IMPEACHMENT, 1868. J.I. Christie, Messenger of the Senate, taking admission
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