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presidents/helen h taft 1861 1943 mrs william howard taft
presidents/julia tyler 1820 1869 second wife president
presidents/fillmore campaign 1856 campaign poster presidential
presidents/thomas jefferson 1743 1826 president united
presidents/panama roosevelt 1906 president theodore roosevelt
presidents/panama roosevelt c1906 president theodore roosevelt
presidents/panama roosevelt c1906 president theodore roosevelt
presidents/boston procession 1789 announcement 19 october
presidents/washington masonic apron george washingtons
presidents/presidential campaign 1876 samuel l tilden
presidents/death garfield 1881 death general james
presidents/george washington 1775 general george washington
presidents/millard fillmore 1800 1874 thirteenth president
presidents/john f kennedy 1917 1963 35th president united
presidents/white house reception guests promenading east
presidents/white house reception guests arriving white
presidents/chapultepec 1847 lieutenant ulysses s grant
presidents/grants tomb 1885 temporary tomb ulysses s
presidents/mount vernon 1798 west view mount vernon virginia
presidents/army wagon train general george washington staff
presidents/cleveland cabinet 1893 president grover cleveland
presidents/cleveland inauguration pennsylvania troops marching
presidents/inaugural ball 1893 inaugural ball pension building
presidents/roosevelt cartoon 1906 the busy showman iv
presidents/presidential election 1864 scene polls points
presidents/presidential election 1864 voters procuring
presidents/presidential election 1864 removal ballot boxes
presidents/democratic convention view galleries st
presidents/garfield memorial 1881 portrait president james
presidents/washington lafayette george washington welcoming
presidents/garfield monument c1890 james a garfield monument
presidents/coolidge inauguration 1925 president calvin
presidents/lincoln temperance 1842 address delivered
american presidents/abraham lincoln 1809 1865 16th president united
presidents/roosevelt cartoon 1906 the busy showman
presidents/benjamin harrison 1833 1901 23rd president
presidents/william mckinley 1843 1901 25th president united
presidents/theodore roosevelt 1858 1919 26th president
presidents/james buchanan 1791 1868 15th president united
presidents/andrew johnson 1808 1875 17th president united
presidents/presidential campaign 1888 benjamin harrison
presidents/washington inauguration view pontoon bridge
presidents/washington bible 1789 bible used inauguration
presidents/washington seal impression presidential seal
presidents/mount vernon 1859 mount vernon home george
presidents/mount vernon 1800 mount vernon home george
presidents/electoral commission 1877 session electoral
presidents/electoral commission 1877 members electoral
presidents/johnson impeachment 1868 members house representatives
presidents/johnson impeachment 1868 ji christie messenger
presidents/johnson impeachment 1868 crowd outside newspaper
presidents/presidential campaign 1864 crowd campaigning
presidents/lincoln assassination 1865 the assassination
presidents/garfield assassination washington dc attack
presidents/lincoln ball 1865 ball honour president lincoln
presidents/johnson impeachment 1868 impeachment committee
presidents/johnson impeachment 1868 general lorenzo thomas
presidents/johnson impeachment 1868 the guard war office
presidents/lincoln inauguration 1861 inauguration abraham
presidents/mamie eisenhower 1896 1979 wife president dwight
presidents/mamie eisenhower 1896 1979 wife president dwight d
presidents/dc fords theater 1865 exterior fords theater
presidents/garfield children c1880 children president james a
presidents/james madison memorial james madisons memorial
presidents/edith k c roosevelt 1861 1948 edith kermit carow
presidents/julia dent grant 1826 1902 wife president ulysses s
presidents/louisa catherine adams 1775 1852 mrs
presidents/battle monterrey 1846 storming independence
presidents/helen taft 1861 1943 wife president william
presidents/edith roosevelt 1861 1948 edith kermit carow
presidents/frances folsom cleveland 1864 1947 wife president
presidents/ida saxton mckinley 1847 1907 wife president
presidents/republican convention 1860 wigwam site 1860
presidents/lincoln cartoon 1865 the peace commission
presidents/presidential campaign 1860 the rail candidate
presidents/presidential campaign 1860 lithograph campaign
presidents/presidential campaign 1860 democratic national
presidents/death lincoln 1865 death abraham lincoln april
presidents/lou h hoover 1874 1944 wife president herbert
presidents/death lincoln 1865 death bed lincoln lithograph
presidents/presidential map c1912 photomontage presidents
presidents/lincoln garfield memorial card assassinated presidents
presidents/death lincoln 1865 death president lincoln
presidents/lincoln family 1861 president abraham lincoln
presidents/lincoln family president abraham lincoln sons
presidents/lincoln sons 1860 abraham lincoln sons willie
presidents/2nd philippine commission members second philippine
presidents/jeffersons house 1776 house market seventh
presidents/william howard taft 1857 1930 27th president
presidents/abigail adams home birthplace abigail adams weymouth
presidents/washington residence sketch 1790 residence
presidents/mary todd lincoln 1818 1882 wife president
presidents/thomas tad lincoln 1853 1871 youngest son
presidents/stephen trigg logan 1800 1880 american lawyer
presidents/washington farewell 1783 page original manuscript
presidents/jefferson floor plan measured drawing governors
presidents/william augustine washington iii 1757 1810
presidents/mount vernon home george washington potomac river
presidents/sarah tayloe washington 1765 1835 sister john


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