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posters/buffalo bills show 1903 english poster
BUFFALO BILL'S SHOW. A 1903 English poster for Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West
#media dmcs-12394617
posters/french travel poster c1920 esterel palage
FRENCH TRAVEL POSTER, c1920. 'Esterel-Palage.' Lithograph by Henri Gray, c1920
#media dmcs-12395011
posters/wwi poster 1919 learning walk second time
WWI: POSTER, 1919. 'Learning to walk for the Second Time.' Poster, 1919
#media dmcs-12394943
posters/wwi poster 1914 your king country need you
WWI: POSTER, 1914. 'Your king and country need you. Enlist now.' Lithograph, 1914
#media dmcs-12394941
posters/wwi poster 1915 your pal trenches waiting
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Your pal in the trenches is waiting to shake hands with you
#media dmcs-12394939
posters/wwi poster 1917 e e e yah yip us marines
WWI: POSTER, 1917. 'E-E-E-Yah-Yip Go over with U
#media dmcs-12394935
posters/wwi poster 1915 make proud him lithograph
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Make us as proud of you as we are of him!' Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394933
posters/wwi poster 1915 which reason excuse
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Which? Have you a reason, or only an excuse, for not enlisting
#media dmcs-12394931
posters/wwi poster 1915 join once fight dear old flag
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Join at once. Fight for the dear old flag.' Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394929
posters/wwi poster 1915 if cap fits you join army to day
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'If the cap fits you, join the army to-day.' Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394927
posters/wwi poster 1915 surely fight king country
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Surely you will fight for your King and country. Come along
#media dmcs-12394925
posters/wwi poster 1915 rally round flag fit man wanted
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Rally round the flag, every fit man wanted.' Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394923
posters/wwi poster 1917 britishers enlist to day
WWI: POSTER, 1917. 'Britishers - enlist to-day, 280 Broadway
#media dmcs-12394921
posters/wwi poster 1915 step place lithograph 1915
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Step into your place.' Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394919
posters/wwi poster 1917 britishers youre needed come now
WWI: POSTER, 1917. 'Britishers, you're needed - Come across now
#media dmcs-12394917
posters/wwi poster c1917 to recruiting office
WWI: POSTER, c1917. 'To the recruiting office! For the 104th!' Lithograph, c1917
#media dmcs-12394915
posters/wwi poster 1917 la guerre est lindustrie
WWI: POSTER, 1917. 'La guerre est l'industrie nationale de la Prusse
#media dmcs-12394913
posters/wwi poster 1916 tous les jeudis bas
WWI: POSTER, 1916. 'Tous les jeudis. Bas les masques?
#media dmcs-12394911
posters/wwi poster 1918 societe generale pour
WWI: POSTER, 1918. 'Societe Generale. Pour la victoire du droit
#media dmcs-12394909
posters/wwi poster 1917 voila les americains
WWI: POSTER, 1917. 'Voila les Americains!' Lithograph by Charles Saunier, 1917
#media dmcs-12394907
posters/wwi poster 1915 enlisted duration war
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Enlisted for duration of the war
#media dmcs-12394905
posters/wwi war bonds 1918 put national war bonds
WWI: WAR BONDS, 1918. 'Put it into national war bonds.' English lithograph, 1918
#media dmcs-12394903
posters/wwi ywca poster 1917 remember girl man gun y
WWI: YWCA POSTER, 1917. 'Remember the girl behind the man behind the gun - Y.W
#media dmcs-12394901
posters/wwi poster 1915 welsh recruiting poster
WWI: POSTER, 1915. Welsh recruiting poster. Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394899
posters/railroad poster 1920 chemin fer dorleans touraine
RAILROAD POSTER, 1920. 'Chemin de Fer d'Orleans - Touraine.'
#media dmcs-12394893
posters/italian travel poster 1925 montecatini italy
ITALIAN TRAVEL POSTER, 1925. 'Montecatini, Italy.' Lithograph, 1925
#media dmcs-12394891
posters/railroad poster c1920 chemins fer dorleans
RAILROAD POSTER, c1920. 'Chemins de Fer d'Orleans et du Midi-Mazamet
#media dmcs-12394889
posters/international fair 1919 lithograph ludwig hohlwein
INTERNATIONAL FAIR, 1919. Lithograph by Ludwig Hohlwein, 1919
#media dmcs-12394887
posters/wwi poster 1917 forward america lithograph
WWI: POSTER, 1917. 'Forward America!' Lithograph by Carroll Kelly, 1917
#media dmcs-12394885
posters/wwi poster 1915 come lad slip help lithograph
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Come lad slip across and help.' Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394883
posters/wwi poster 1917 uncle sam shaking hands
WWI: POSTER, 1917. Uncle Sam shaking hands with the Marquis de Lafayette
#media dmcs-12394881
posters/wwi poster 1915 an irish hero 1 irishman
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'An Irish hero! 1 Irishman defeats 10 Germans...' Lithograph
#media dmcs-12394879
posters/wwi poster 1915 lend shillings country
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Lend your five shillings to your country and crush the Germans
#media dmcs-12394877
posters/wwi poster 1915 for glory ireland i lithograph
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'For the glory of Ireland. Will you go or must I?' Lithograph
#media dmcs-12394875
posters/wwi poster 1915 will make fourth lithograph
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Will you make a fourth?' Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394873
posters/wwi poster 1915 the real irish spirit
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'The real Irish spirit.' Irish recruitment lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394871
posters/wwi poster 1915 the arms irishmen dont
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'The call to arms
#media dmcs-12394869
posters/wwi poster 1915 irelands war map irish
WWI: POSTER, 1915. 'Irelands War Map.' Irish recruitment poster. Lithograph, 1915
#media dmcs-12394867
posters/wwi poster 1914 will come british recruitment
WWI: POSTER, 1914. 'Will they never come?' British recruitment poster for
#media dmcs-12394865
posters/circus poster 1899 the adam forepaugh
CIRCUS POSTER, 1899. 'The Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers Shows Combined
#media dmcs-12394863
posters/circus poster c1890 cirque dhiver boulevard
CIRCUS POSTER, c1890. 'Cirque d'Hiver, Boulevard des Filles-du-Calvaire, Tous Les
#media dmcs-12394861
posters/world war i poster 1919 italian poster
WORLD WAR I: POSTER, 1919. Italian poster
#media dmcs-12394859
posters/wwi poster 1917 achetez le timbre antituberculeux
WWI: POSTER, 1917. 'Achetez le timbre antituberculeux.' Lithograph by Vila, 1917
#media dmcs-12394857
posters/poster veterinary corps recruiting poster
POSTER: VETERINARY CORPS. Recruiting poster advertising the Veterinary Corps of the U
#media dmcs-12394855
posters/childrens year 1918 the health child power nation
CHILDREN'S YEAR, 1918. 'The health of the child is the power of the nation
#media dmcs-12394853
posters/world war i poster 1917 shoot ships germany
WORLD WAR I: POSTER, 1917. 'Shoot ships to Germany and help America win - Schwab
#media dmcs-12394851
posters/wwi poster 1917 sugar means ships consumption
WWI: POSTER, 1917. 'Sugar means ships - The consumption of sugar sweetened drinks
#media dmcs-12394849
posters/poster tuberculosis 1917 la visiteuse
POSTER: TUBERCULOSIS, 1917. 'La visiteuse d'hygiene vous montrera le chemin
#media dmcs-12394847
posters/poster tuberculosis 1918 il faut vaincre
POSTER: TUBERCULOSIS, 1918. 'Il faut vaincre la tuberculose comme le plus malfaisant
#media dmcs-12394845


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