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Post Impressionism

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post impressionism/cezanne annecy lake 1896 paul cezanne le lac
CEZANNE: ANNECY LAKE, 1896. Paul Cezanne: Le Lac d'Annecy. Canvas, 1896
post impressionism/van gogh neunen 1885 garden rectory nuenen
VAN GOGH: NEUNEN, 1885. 'Garden of the Rectory at Nuenen,' Netherlands
post impressionism/utrillo mont cenis rue du mont cenis cardboard
UTRILLO: MONT-CENIS. Rue du Mont-Cenis. Cardboard by Maurice Utrillo (1883-1955)
post impressionism/van gogh boots 1886 boots laces oil canvas
VAN GOGH: BOOTS, 1886. Boots with Laces. Oil on canvas, Paris, by Vincent Van Gogh
post impressionism/van gogh starry night starry night oil canvas
VAN GOGH: STARRY NIGHT. The Starry Night. Oil on canvas by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889
post impressionism/cezanne st victoire 1885 paul cezanne mont
CEZANNE: ST. VICTOIRE, 1885. Paul Cezanne: Mont Sainte-Victoire. Oil on canvas, 1885-87
post impressionism/van gogh night cafe 1888 vincent van gogh
VAN GOGH: NIGHT CAFE, 1888. Vincent Van Gogh: The Night Cafe. Oil on canvas, 1888
post impressionism/gauguin tahiti women 1891 paul guaguin women
GAUGUIN: TAHITI WOMEN, 1891. Paul Guaguin: Women of Tahiti, or On the Beach. Oil on canvas
post impressionism/denis muses 1893 muses oil canvas maurice denis
DENIS: MUSES, 1893. The Muses. Oil on canvas by Maurice Denis, 1893
post impressionism/van gogh sower 1888 oil canvas vincent van
VAN GOGH: SOWER, 1888. Oil on canvas by Vincent Van Gogh
flora fauna/van gogh life 1886 vincent van gogh life poppies
VAN GOGH: STILL LIFE, 1886. Vincent Van Gogh: Still Life with poppies, cornflowers
post impressionism/cezanne bathers 1892 94 oil canvas paul cezanne
CEZANNE: BATHERS, 1892-94. Oil on canvas by Paul Cezanne, 1892-94
daily life/gauguin siesta 1891 paul gauguin siesta
GAUGUIN: SIESTA, 1891. Paul Gauguin: The Siesta. Oil on canvas, c1891
post impressionism/van gogh midwife 1885 midwife white bonnet
VAN GOGH: MIDWIFE, 1885. Midwife with a white bonnet. Oil on canvas, 1885
post impressionism/van gogh bible 1885 open bible oil canvas
VAN GOGH: BIBLE, 1885. The open Bible. Oil on canvas, Nuenen, by Vincent Van Gogh
post impressionism/cezanne man c1899 man crossed arms canvas
CEZANNE: MAN, c1899. Man with Crossed Arms. Canvas, c1899, by Paul Cezanne
post impressionism/felix valloton balloon oil cardboard 1899
Felix Valloton: The Balloon. Oil on cardboard, 1899
post impressionism/gauguin marie derrien 1890 paul gauguin portrait
GAUGUIN: MARIE DERRIEN, 1890. Paul Gauguin: Portrait of Marie Derrien. Oil on canvas
post impressionism/utrillo limpasse 1911 limpasse cottin
UTRILLO: L'IMPASSE, 1911. L'Impasse Cottin. Canvas by Maurice Utrillo
post impressionism/redon closed eyes 1890 odilon redon closed eyes
REDON: CLOSED EYES, 1890. Odilon Redon: The Closed Eyes. Oil on canvas, 1890
post impressionism/toulouse lautrec 1889 guele bois the morning
TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, 1889. Guele de Bois ('The Morning After'). Oil on canvas
post impressionism/redon vase flowers pastel drawing odilon redon
REDON: VASE OF FLOWERS. Pastel drawing by Odilon Redon (1840-1916)
post impressionism/derain big ben 1906 big ben london oil canvas
DERAIN: BIG BEN, 1906. Big Ben, London. Oil on canvas by André Derain, 1906
fine art/gauguin arearea 1892 arearea red dog
GAUGUIN: AREAREA, 1892. 'Arearea' (Red Dog). Oil on canvas, 1892, by Paul Gauguin
post impressionism/gauguin pandanus 1891 paul gauguin pandanus
GAUGUIN: PANDANUS, 1891. Paul Gauguin: Under the Pandanus. Oil on canvas, 1891
post impressionism/ripple ronai woman 1892 woman cage oil canvas
RIPPLE-RONAI: WOMAN, 1892. Woman at a Cage. Oil on canvas by Jozef Ripple-Ronai, 1892
post impressionism/vincent van gogh 1853 1890 dutch artist
VINCENT VAN GOGH (1853-1890). Dutch artist. Self-portrait. Paper, Summer 1887