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portraits/konstantin stanislavski trigorin the seagull
KONSTANTIN STANISLAVSKI as Trigorin in 'The Seagull' (1898) at the Moscow
#media dmcs-12392841
portraits/father joseph 1577 1638 orig francois
FATHER JOSEPH (1577-1638). Orig. Francois Joseph le Clerc du Tremblay. French religious
#media dmcs-12363625
portraits/samuel langhorne clemens 1835 1910 aka mark twain
SAMUEL LANGHORNE CLEMENS (1835-1910). Aka Mark Twain. American humorist and writer
#media dmcs-12392831
portraits/samory toure c1830 1900 west african ruler
SAMORY TOURE (c1830-1900). West African ruler. Pen-and-ink drawing, French
#media dmcs-12392799
portraits/cynthia ann parker 1827 1865 american
CYNTHIA ANN PARKER (1827-1865). American frontierswoman and Native American Cherokee
#media dmcs-12388137
portraits/horatio nelson 1758 1805 british naval officer
HORATIO NELSON (1758-1805). British naval officer. As Vice Admiral of the White
#media dmcs-12387699
portraits/roald amundsen 1872 1928 norwegian polar
ROALD AMUNDSEN (1872-1928). Norwegian polar explorer
#media dmcs-12350173
portraits/franz liszt 1811 1886 hungarian pianist composer
FRANZ LISZT (1811-1886). Hungarian pianist and composer. Photograph, c1860
#media dmcs-12364619
portraits/paul von lettow vorbeck 1870 1964 german soldier
PAUL von LETTOW-VORBECK (1870-1964). German soldier. Photographed at Berlin, c1919
#media dmcs-12364547
portraits/ernest hemingway 1899 1961 american writer
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1899-1961). American writer
#media dmcs-12352957
portraits/alexander von humboldt 1769 1859 german naturalist
ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT (1769-1859). German naturalist. Mezzotint, 1859, by John Sartain
#media dmcs-12352518
portraits/rorschach inkblot 1921 first inkblot test
RORSCHACH INKBLOT, 1921. The first inkblot test devised by Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922)
#media dmcs-12392577
portraits/horatio nelson 1758 1805 british naval officer
HORATIO NELSON (1758-1805). British naval officer
#media dmcs-12387695
portraits/edward hunter 1839 1928 american army officer
EDWARD HUNTER (1839-1928). American Army officer. Colonel Hunter at Guayama, Puerto Rico
#media dmcs-12355501
portraits/maja paul winteler wedding photograph maja 1881 1951
MAJA & PAUL WINTELER. Wedding photograph of Maja (1881-1951), younger sister of Albert
#media dmcs-12354621
portraits/sir francis galton 1822 1911 english scientist
SIR FRANCIS GALTON (1822-1911). English scientist. Oil on panel, 1882, by Gustav Graef
#media dmcs-12352953
portraits/michael hicks beach 1837 1916 michael edward hicks beach
MICHAEL HICKS BEACH (1837-1916). Michael Edward Hicks Beach, 1st Earl St Aldwyn
#media dmcs-12350913
portraits/samuel ryan curtis 1805 1866 union army officer engineer
SAMUEL RYAN CURTIS (1805-1866). Union army officer and engineer. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-12350463
portraits/archibald tait 1811 1882 british archbishop canterbury
ARCHIBALD TAIT (1811-1882). British Archbishop of Canterbury. Photograph, 1876
#media dmcs-12394615
portraits/vivaldi manuscript manuscript gloria antonio vivaldi
VIVALDI MANUSCRIPT. Manuscript for 'Gloria' by Antonio Vivaldi, c1708
#media dmcs-12390675
portraits/estelle sylvia pankhurst 1882 1960 english suffragette
ESTELLE SYLVIA PANKHURST (1882-1960). English suffragette, daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst
#media dmcs-12389769
portraits/charles peirce 1839 1914 american physicist
CHARLES PEIRCE (1839-1914). American physicist, mathematician and logician
#media dmcs-12388589
portraits/luther theses 1517 95 theses german religious
LUTHER: THESES, 1517. The 95 theses which German religious reformer Martin Luther
#media dmcs-12364587
portraits/sir edward elgar 1857 1934 english composer
SIR EDWARD ELGAR (1857-1934). English composer. Drawing by William Rothenstein, 1919
#media dmcs-12355701
portraits/gwendolen fitzalan howard 1853 1932 wife
GWENDOLEN FITZALAN-HOWARD (1853-1932). Wife of John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute
#media dmcs-12355591
portraits/mileva maric sons mileva maric first wife albert einstein
MILEVA MARIC WITH SONS. Mileva Maric, the first wife of Albert Einstein, photographed
#media dmcs-12354619
portraits/austen persuasion looking face pallid
AUSTEN: PERSUASION. 'Looking on her with a face as pallid as her own
#media dmcs-12348819
portraits/bronte sisters charlotte bronte 1816 1855
BRONTE SISTERS. Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855), English novelist; Emily Jane Bronte
#media dmcs-12346779
portraits/rupert brooke 1887 1915 english poet photographed
RUPERT BROOKE (1887-1915). English poet. Photographed, 1913, by Sherill Shell
#media dmcs-12346245
portraits/james talbot 1805 1883 4th baron talbot malahide
JAMES TALBOT (1805-1883). 4th Baron Talbot of Malahide
#media dmcs-12394613
portraits/frederic thesiger 1794 1878 1st baron
FREDERIC THESIGER (1794-1878). 1st Baron of Chelmsford
#media dmcs-12394611
portraits/cecil sharp 1859 1924 english folk song revivalist
CECIL SHARP (1859-1924). English folk song revivalist. Photograph by Arnold Genthe
#media dmcs-12394609
portraits/pieter schuyler 1657 1724 first mayor albany
PIETER SCHUYLER (1657-1724). The first mayor of Albany, New York and a long-serving
#media dmcs-12394607
portraits/teslas laboratory c1900 essential electrical
TESLA'S LABORATORY, c1900. Essential part of the electrical oscillator used in
#media dmcs-12394599
portraits/teslas laboratory c1900 experiment illustrate
TESLA'S LABORATORY, c1900. An experiment to illustrate an effect of an electrical
#media dmcs-12394595
portraits/teslas laboratory c1900 burning nitrogen
TESLA'S LABORATORY, c1900. Burning the nitrogen of the atmosphere in an experiment
#media dmcs-12394593
portraits/teslas laboratory c1900 experiment demonstrate
TESLA'S LABORATORY, c1900. An experiment to demonstrate the capacity of the oscillator
#media dmcs-12394591
portraits/teslas laboratory c1900 coils responding
TESLA'S LABORATORY, c1900. Coils responding to electrical oscillations during a
#media dmcs-12394589
portraits/tesla coil 1894 tesla coil nikola teslas
TESLA COIL, 1894. The Tesla coil in Nikola Tesla's laboratory in New York. Photograph
#media dmcs-12394585
portraits/mark twain 1835 1910 samuel clemens american
MARK TWAIN (1835-1910). Samuel Clemens. American writer and humorist
#media dmcs-12394581
portraits/nikola tesla 1856 1943 serbian american
NIKOLA TESLA (1856-1943). Serbian-American electrician and inventor
#media dmcs-12394579
portraits/robert lee scott jr 1908 2006 american
ROBERT LEE SCOTT JR. (1908-2006). American fighter pilot and author of 'God is
#media dmcs-12394575
portraits/roosevelt wells c1903 president theodore roosevelt
ROOSEVELT AND WELLS, C1903. President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) with Utah
#media dmcs-12394573
portraits/sir joseph john thomson 1856 1940 english physicist
SIR JOSEPH JOHN THOMSON (1856-1940). English physicist. Drawing by William Rothenstein
#media dmcs-12394571
portraits/winnaretta singer 1865 1943 american socialite
WINNARETTA SINGER (1865-1943.) American socialite, Princesse Edmond de Polignac
#media dmcs-12394569
portraits/john d rockefeller jr visit tokyo japan
JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER JR. On a visit to Tokyo, Japan. Photograph, c1915
#media dmcs-12394561
portraits/istvaan tisza 1861 1918 hungarian politician
ISTVAAN TISZA (1861-1918). Hungarian politician and Prime Minister, 1903-1905
#media dmcs-12394559
portraits/reinhard scheer 1863 1928 admiral imperial
REINHARD SCHEER (1863-1928). Admiral in the Imperial German Navy
#media dmcs-12394557
portraits/terauchi masatake 1852 1919 japanese military
TERAUCHI MASATAKE (1852-1919). Japanese military officer and politician. Photograph
#media dmcs-12394555


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