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poets writers/charles dickens 1812 1870 english novelist
CHARLES DICKENS (1812-1870). English novelist
poets writers/saint therese lisieux 1873 1897 french carmelite
SAINT THERESE DE LISIEUX (1873-1897). French Carmelite nun and author, known as Saint
poets writers/anna eleanor roosevelt 1884 1962 mrs franklin
ANNA ELEANOR ROOSEVELT (1884-1962). Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
poets writers/theodor herzl 1860 1904 hungarian born austrian
THEODOR HERZL (1860-1904). Hungarian-born Austrian journalist and founder of Zionism
poets writers/edith newbold wharton 1862 1937 american writer
EDITH NEWBOLD WHARTON (1862-1937). American writer
poets writers/sartre beauvoir 1964 french philosopher jean paul
SARTRE & BEAUVOIR, 1964. French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and writer Simone Beauvoir
poets writers/james joyce 1882 1941 irish writer caricature
JAMES JOYCE (1882-1941). Irish writer. Caricature of Leopold Bloom, drawn in Myron C
poets writers/george orwell 1903 1950 pseudonym eric blair
GEORGE ORWELL (1903-1950). Pseudonym of Eric Blair. English novelist and essayist
cycling/ernest hemingway 1899 1961 american writer
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1899-1961). American writer. As a soldier in World War I, Milan
poets writers/oscar wilde 1854 1900 irish poet wit dramatist
OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900). Irish poet, wit and dramatist
poets writers/madison federalist essay number federalist papers
MADISON: FEDERALIST. Essay number ten from the 'Federalist Papers,' written
poets writers/thomas wolfe 1900 1938 american novelist
THOMAS WOLFE (1900-1938). American novelist. Photographed by Carl Van Vechten, 1937
poets writers/william gilmore simms 1806 1870 american writer
WILLIAM GILMORE SIMMS (1806-1870). American writer. Line engraving, 1870
poets writers/james joyce 1882 1941 irish writer autograph
JAMES JOYCE (1882-1941). Irish writer. Autograph signature
poets writers/langston hughes 1902 1967 american writer
LANGSTON HUGHES (1902-1967). American writer. Photographed by Gordon Parks, 1943
poets writers/sartre beauvoir 1970 jean paul sartre simone
SARTRE & BEAUVOIR, 1970. Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir speaking to reporters
poets writers/alexander solzhenitsyn 1918 russian writer
ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN (1918- ). Russian writer. Photographed in exile at Dueren, West Germany
poets writers/thomas edward lawrence 1888 1935 british archaeologist
THOMAS EDWARD LAWRENCE (1888-1935). British archaeologist, soldier and writer
poets writers/ernest hemingway 1899 1961 american writer
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1899-1961). American writer. Hunting in Kenya, February 1934
poets writers/ts eliot 1888 1965 thomas stearns eliot
T.S. ELIOT (1888-1965). Thomas Stearns Eliot. American (naturalized British) poet and critic
poets writers/charles pierre peguy 1873 1914 french writer
CHARLES PIERRE PEGUY (1873-1914). French writer
poets writers/letitia elizabeth landon 1802 1838 pseudonym l
LETITIA ELIZABETH LANDON (1802-1838). Pseudonym L
poets writers/jorge luis borges 1899 1986 argentine writer
JORGE LUIS BORGES (1899-1986). Argentine writer. Photograph, 1976
poets writers/anglo american political philosopher writer paine
Anglo-American political philosopher and writer. Paine, holding the scroll 'Rights of Man
poets writers/robert burns 1759 1796 scottish poet steel
ROBERT BURNS (1759-1796). Scottish poet. Steel engraving, English, 19th century
poets writers/phillis wheatley 1753 1784 african american poet
PHILLIS WHEATLEY (1753?-1784). African-American poet
poets writers/sir thomas overbury 1581 1613 english courtier poet
SIR THOMAS OVERBURY (1581-1613). English courtier and poet
poets writers/louisa may alcott 1832 1888 american author
LOUISA MAY ALCOTT (1832-1888). American author. U.S. commemorative postage stamp, 1940
poets writers/percy bysshe shelley 1792 1822 english poet
PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY (1792-1822). English poet. Wood engraving, late 19th century
poets writers/george bernard shaw 1856 1950 irish man letters
GEORGE BERNARD SHAW (1856-1950). Irish man of letters
poets writers/grimod la reyniere 1758 1838 french writer food
GRIMOD DE LA REYNIERE (1758-1838). French writer on food. Copper engraving, French
poets writers/tarjei vesaas 1897 1970 norwegian writer
TARJEI VESAAS (1897-1970). Norwegian writer
poets writers/robert capa 1913 1954 hungarian born american
ROBERT CAPA (1913-1954). Hungarian-born American war photographer
poets writers/anne bradstreet poems pages bradstreets poems
ANNE BRADSTREET POEMS. Two pages of Bradstreet's 'Poems,' Boston, 1678
poets writers/newspaper editor 1880 wood engraving english
NEWSPAPER EDITOR, 1880. Wood engraving, English, 1880
poets writers/jean genet 1910 1986 french writer
JEAN GENET (1910-1986). French writer
poets writers/henry wadsworth longfellow 1807 1882 american poet
HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW (1807-1882). American poet. Stipple engraving after a drawing
poets writers/walt whitman 1819 1892 american poet wood
WALT WHITMAN (1819-1892). American poet. Wood engraving, 1876
poets writers/george macdonald 1824 1905 scottish novelist
GEORGE MACDONALD (1824-1905). Scottish novelist and poet
poets writers/heinrich boll 1917 1985 german writer
HEINRICH BOLL (1917-1985). German writer
poets writers/dorothy parker 1893 1967 american writer naa
DOROTHY PARKER (1893-1967). American writer. NÃÂ
poets writers/ernest hemingway center cuban sportsman elicio
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (center) with Cuban sportsman Elicio Arguelles, Jr
poets writers/granville hicks 1901 1982 american critic
GRANVILLE HICKS (1901-1982). American critic, novelist and teacher
poets writers/eric hoffer 1902 1983 american writer
ERIC HOFFER (1902-1983). American writer
poets writers/truman capote 1924 1984 american writer
TRUMAN CAPOTE (1924-1984). American writer. Photographed c1966
poets writers/pablo neruda 1904 1973 chilean poet diplomat
PABLO NERUDA (1904-1973). Chilean poet and diplomat
poets writers/gustavo adolfo becquer 1836 1870 spanish poet
GUSTAVO ADOLFO BECQUER (1836-1870). Spanish poet
poets writers/louis ferdinand celine 1894 1961 pseudonym
LOUIS-FERDINAND CELINE (1894-1961). Pseudonym for Louis-Ferdinand Destouches. French physician
poets writers/jessie ann fremont 1824 1902 nee benton
JESSIE ANN FREMONT (1824-1902) (nee Benton). American writer and wife of John Charles Fremont
poets writers/joyce ulysses 1918 beginning serialization
JOYCE: ULYSSES, 1918. The beginning of the serialization of 'Ulysses' by Irish
poets writers/wallace stegner 1909 1993 american writer
WALLACE STEGNER (1909-1993). American writer
poets writers/euripides greek playwright 5th century b
EURIPIDES. Greek playwright of 5th century B.C. Ancient marble bust
poets writers/arthur rimbaud 1854 1891 french poet drawing
ARTHUR RIMBAUD (1854-1891). French poet. Drawing, 19th century, by Coussins
poets writers/john steinbeck 1902 1968 american writer photographed
JOHN STEINBECK (1902-1968). American writer, photographed in 1940
poets writers/john keats 1795 1821 english poet steel engraving
JOHN KEATS (1795-1821). English poet. Steel engraving after a miniature, 1819, by
poets writers/geoffrey chaucer c1340 1400 english poet
GEOFFREY CHAUCER (c1340-1400). English poet
poets writers/samuel langhorne clemens 1835 1910 american
SAMUEL LANGHORNE CLEMENS (1835-1910). American writer and humorist. Mark Twain as Huck Finn
poets writers/john milton 1608 1674 english poet line stipple
JOHN MILTON (1608-1674). English poet. Line and stipple engraving, English, 1829
poets writers/walt whitman manuscript autograph manuscript
WALT WHITMAN MANUSCRIPT. Autograph manuscript fragment and signature
poets writers/gertrude stein 1874 1946 american writer
GERTRUDE STEIN (1874-1946). American writer
poets writers/american suffragists playwright mercedes acosta
AMERICAN SUFFRAGISTS. Playwright Mercedes de Acosta and her sister demonstrating for
poets writers/edgar allan poe 1809 1849 american writer
EDGAR ALLAN POE (1809-1849). American writer
poets writers/edwin arlington robinson 1869 1935 american poet
EDWIN ARLINGTON ROBINSON (1869-1935). American poet. Caricature, 1929, by Eva Herrmann
poets writers/emanuel swedenborg 1688 1772 swedish scientist
EMANUEL SWEDENBORG (1688-1772). Swedish scientist, philosopher and religious writer
poets writers/francis hopkinson 1737 1791 american political
FRANCIS HOPKINSON (1737-1791). American political leader and writer. Stipple engraving
poets writers/f scott fitzgerald 1896 1940 francis scott
F. SCOTT FITZGERALD (1896-1940). Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. American writer
poets writers/geoffrey chaucer c1340 1400 english poet
GEOFFREY CHAUCER (c1340-1400). English poet. Stipple engraving, English, 19th century
poets writers/voltaire 1694 1778 assumed francois marie arouet
VOLTAIRE (1694-1778). Assumed name of Francois Marie Arouet. French man of letters
poets writers/langston hughes 1902 1967 american writer
LANGSTON HUGHES (1902-1967). American writer
poets writers/leo tolstoy 1828 1910 russian novelist philosopher
LEO TOLSTOY (1828-1910). Russian novelist and philosopher. Original cabinet photograph
poets writers/leo tolstoy 1828 1910 russian writer philosopher
LEO TOLSTOY (1828-1910). Russian writer and philosopher
poets writers/1862 1948 american journalist statesman i resign
(1862-1948). American journalist and statesman. 'I resign.' American cartoon
poets writers/the chancellor exchequer coming easy cartoon
'The Chancellor of the Exchequer coming down easy.' Cartoon from 'Punch' (London)
poets writers/assumed francois marie arouet french writer
Assumed name of Francois Marie Arouet. French writer. Voltaire in different portraits
poets writers/1880 1956 american editor satirist contemporary
(1880-1956). American editor and satirist. Contemporary caricature
poets writers/polish poet daguerreotype detail 1853
Polish poet. Daguerreotype (detail), 1853
poets writers/1783 1859 american writer daguerreotype mathew
(1783-1859). American writer. Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, c1855
poets writers/macarthur hayes 1937 american journalist playwright
MACARTHUR & HAYES, 1937. American journalist and playwright Charles MacArthur and his wife
poets writers/c1817 1895 american abolitionist writer
(c1817-1895). American abolitionist and writer. Oil over a daguerreotype, c1855
poets writers/harriet beecher stowe 1811 1896 american abolitionist
HARRIET BEECHER STOWE (1811-1896). American abolitionist and writer. Oil over a daguerrotype
poets writers/1835 1910 mark twain american writer humorist
(1835-1910). 'Mark Twain.' American writer and humorist. Mark Twain's Memory Builder
political dissent/title page thomas paines pamphlet common sense
Title-page of Thomas Paine's pamphlet 'Common Sense, ' which urged Americans
poets writers/william butler yeats 1865 1939 irish poet playwright
WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS (1865-1939). Irish poet and playwright. Pencil and wash, c1910
poets writers/james joyce 1882 1941 irish writer drawing
JAMES JOYCE (1882-1941). Irish writer. Drawing, 1922, by Mina Loy
poets writers/rupert brooke 1887 1915 english poet photographed
RUPERT BROOKE (1887-1915). English poet. Photographed in 1913 by Sherril Schell
poets writers/emma lazarus 1849 1887 american poet wood
EMMA LAZARUS (1849-1887). American poet. Wood engraving, 1888
poets writers/f scott fitzgerald 1896 1940 francis scott
F. SCOTT FITZGERALD (1896-1940). Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
poets writers/rebecca ann felton 1835 1930 n
poets writers/friedrich von schiller 1759 1805 johann christoph
FRIEDRICH von SCHILLER (1759-1805). Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller. German poet
poets writers/john keats 1795 1821 english poet oil canvas
JOHN KEATS (1795-1821). English poet. Oil on canvas, 1821, by Joseph Severn
poets writers/karoline michaelis 1763 1809 german writer hostess
KAROLINE MICHAELIS (1763-1809). German writer and hostess. Wife of August Wilhelm von Schlegel
poets writers/james joyce 1882 1941 irish writer portrait
JAMES JOYCE (1882-1941). Irish writer. 'Portrait of James Joyce,' by Wyndham Lewis
poets writers/gabriele dannunzio 1863 1938 italian author
GABRIELE D'ANNUNZIO (1863-1938). Italian author and soldier
poets writers/thomas hobbes 1588 1679 english philosopher
THOMAS HOBBES (1588-1679). English philosopher. Autograph signature
poets writers/nathaniel hawthorne 1804 1864 american writer
NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE (1804-1864). American writer. Oil painting by Charles Osgood, 1840
poets writers/disraeli signature autograph signature benjamin
DISRAELI SIGNATURE. Autograph signature of Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield
poets writers/charles baudelaire 1821 1867 french poet
CHARLES BAUDELAIRE (1821-1867). French poet. Photographed by Etienne Carjat, 1863
poets writers/leo tolstoy 1828 1910 russian novelist philosopher
LEO TOLSTOY (1828-1910). Russian novelist and philosopher. Photograph by Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii
poets writers/sarah elizabeth carmichael 1838 1901 american poet
SARAH ELIZABETH CARMICHAEL (1838-1901). American poet


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