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trains trolleys/schematic view george stephensons locomotive
Schematic view of George Stephenson's locomotive "The Rocket" of 1829
astronomy/johannes keplers model universe line engraving
Johannes Kepler's model of the universe. Line engraving from his 'Mysterium Cosmographicum
american revolution/benedict arnold persuading major john andre conceal
Benedict Arnold persuading Major John Andre to conceal the plans of West Point in
medicine/cross section heart french wood engraving late
Cross section of heart. French wood engraving, late 19th century
medicine/pen ink studies leonardo da vinci c1510 human thorax
Pen and ink studies by Leonardo da Vinci, c1510, of human thorax, pelvic, and leg bones
plans diagrams/boston tavern 1773 green dragon tavern bostons
BOSTON: TAVERN, 1773. The Green Dragon Tavern in Boston's North End, where the
astronomy/chinese celestial sphere tang dynasty 681 905 a
A Chinese celestial sphere of the T'ang Dynasty (681-905 A.D.). Colored engraving
plans diagrams/first engraved plan city philadelphia thomas holme
The first engraved plan of the city of Philadelphia by Thomas Holme, 1683
halloween/woodcut first book andreas vesalius de humani
Woodcut from the first book of Andreas Vesalius' 'De Humani Corporis Fabrica'
disease healthcare/the zodiac man oldest printed bloodletting chart
'The Zodiac Man,' the oldest printed bloodletting chart, showing the astrological
american revolution/plan chain hudson river fort montgomery
Plan of the chain across the Hudson River at Fort Montgomery
astronomy/sun center copernicus appears lower right ptolemy
With the sun at the center; Copernicus appears at lower right and Ptolemy at lower left
plans diagrams/plan new orleans louisiana 1718 1720 engraving
Plan of New Orleans, Louisiana, 1718-1720: engraving, French, 1753
plans diagrams/old instrument sights roughly marking positions
An old instrument with sights for roughly marking the positions of the celestial bodies
plans diagrams/structure cork viewed microscope cut lengthwise
The structure of cork as viewed under a microscope when cut lengthwise (left) and crosswise
medicine/line engraving french 19th century
Line engraving, French, 19th century
american revolution/plan campaign new york new jersey american revolutionary
Plan of the campaign in New York and New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War
plans diagrams/russian bible 1663 plan moscow the city great csar
RUSSIAN BIBLE, 1663. Plan of Moscow, 'The City of the Great Csar
medicine/pen ink studies leonardo da vinci c1510 11 human
Pen and ink studies by Leonardo da Vinci, c1510-11, of the human hand
japanese art/kondo main hall horyuji nara section
Kondo (Main Hall) at the Horyuji at Nara, section
plans diagrams/drawings leonardo da vinci ornithopter pilot
Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci of an ornithopter with pilot, and a life-preserver
plans diagrams/sketch parachute c1485 leonardo da vinci
Sketch of a parachute, c1485, by Leonardo da Vinci
plans diagrams/zodiac chart incorporating late 15th century woodcut
Zodiac chart incorporating late 15th century woodcut zodiacal signs
plans diagrams/reconstruction ancient assyrian city dur sharrukin
A reconstruction of the ancient Assyrian city of Dur Sharrukin (modern Khorsabad)
plans diagrams/patent drawing thomas crappers sanitary innovation
Patent drawing for Thomas Crapper's sanitary innovation, the 'Water Waste Preventer
plans diagrams/modern diagram cross section filippo brunelleschis
Modern diagram of the cross section of Filippo Brunelleschi's dome for the Cathedral
plans diagrams/plan acropolis athens greece appeared 5th century b
Plan of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, as it appeared in the 5th century B
plans diagrams/writing drawings leonardo da vinci illustrating
Writing and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, illustrating the theory that the earth
medicine/cell types mammalian cerebellum drawing 1894
Cell types in the mammalian cerebellum: drawing, 1894, by the Spanish histologist
plans diagrams/charles augustin coulombs invention torsion balance
Charles Augustin de Coulomb's invention of the torsion balance, the inauguration
plans diagrams/studies ox heart leonardo da vinci c1512 pen
Studies of an ox heart by Leonardo da Vinci, c1512, pen and ink
plans diagrams/floor plan tempietto di san pietro rome designed
Floor plan of the Tempietto di San Pietro, Rome, as designed by Donato Bramante in 1502
plans diagrams/ground plan reading room british museum now british
The ground-plan of the Reading Room at the British Museum (now the British Library)
world war ii/the way back american cartoon dr fitzpatrick
'The Way Back.' American cartoon by D.R. Fitzpatrick, 1947, on the Marshall Plan
plans diagrams/plan flying machine line engraving 18th century
Plan of a flying machine. Line engraving, 18th century
plans diagrams/plans wright brothers 1903 biplane
Plans of the Wright Brothers' 1903 Biplane
plans diagrams/leonardo da vincis diagram typographical press
Leonardo da Vinci's diagram of a typographical press with automatic page-feeder
medicine/pen ink studies human spinal column leonardo da vinci
Pen and ink studies of the human spinal column by Leonardo da Vinci, c1510-11
plans diagrams/coffey columnar still patented 1831 dublin ireland
The Coffey or columnar still, patented 1831 in Dublin, Ireland. Line engraving, French
plans diagrams/reconstructed map 13th century london england
Reconstructed map of 13th century London, England
weapons/leonardo da vincis drawing giant crossbow wheels
Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of a giant crossbow on wheels
plans diagrams/sketch architect antonio santelia italian futurist
Sketch by architect Antonio Sant'Elia of an Italian Futurist apartment, 1914
plans diagrams/lines san francisco 2 masted scow schooner robbie
Lines of San Francisco 2-masted scow schooner 'Robbie Hunter,' built in 1870
plans diagrams/plan teatro olimpico vicenza italy 1579
Plan of the Teatro Olimpico at Vicenza, Italy, 1579
plans diagrams/plan eugene viollet le duc who restored cathdedral
Plan by Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, who restored the cathdedral in the mid-19th century
plans diagrams/wimshurst machine developed 1880 1883 british
The Wimshurst machine, developed, 1880-1883, by British inventor James Wimshurst. Wood engraving
plans diagrams/dmitri mendeleyevs periodic table elements arranged
Dmitri Mendeleyev's Periodic Table in which the elements are arranged by atomic
plans diagrams/diagram vacuum cleaner using foot bellows create
Diagram of a vacuum cleaner using foot bellows to create suction, 1912
plans diagrams/cross section details inner workings space shuttle
Cross-section and details of the inner workings of the Space Shuttle Columbia developed by NASA
plans diagrams/cross section british steamship great eastern
Cross section of the British steamship 'Great Eastern,' christened 'Leviathan'
plans diagrams/diagram gustave trouves ornithopter powered
Diagram of Gustave Trouve's ornithopter, which was powered by an internal combustion engine
plans diagrams/airship invented jean pierre francois blanchard
Airship invented by Jean Pierre Francois Blanchard in the 18th century
plans diagrams/prone ornithopter legs moving together wings
Prone ornithopter, with both legs moving together, and wings hand operated on the up stroke
plans diagrams/design flying machine wing operated spring
Design for a flying machine wing operated by a spring
plans diagrams/design flying machine human operator
Design for flying machine with human operator
plans diagrams/birds wing action tendons flight drawing leonardo
A bird's wing and the action of the tendons in flight. Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci
plans diagrams/wing testing rig scales ornithopter wing drawing
Wing-testing rig on scales, for an ornithopter wing. Drawing, c1485, by Leonardo da Vinci
plans diagrams/leonardo da vincis drawing wing testing rig ornithopter
Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of a wing-testing rig for an ornithopter wing, 1486-1490
plans diagrams/sketch semi prone ornithopter showing gear train
Sketch of a semi-prone ornithopter, showing gear train, and cog-pedal transmission
plans diagrams/leonardo da vincis drawing c1487 prone ornithopter
Leonardo da Vinci's drawing, c1487, of a prone ornithopter with pilot's legs
plans diagrams/drawing c1486 90 standing ornithopter man standing
Drawing, c1486-90, of a standing ornithopter
plans diagrams/drawing c1510 1515 falling leaf glider showing
Drawing, c1510-1515, of a falling-leaf glider, showing a series of descent positions
plans diagrams/drawing c1486 90 helical screw helicopter
Drawing, c1486-90, of a helical-screw helicopter
plans diagrams/airship patented bf barnes circleville ohio 1892
Airship patented by B.F. Barnes of Circleville, Ohio, in 1892
plans diagrams/sir george cayley 1773 1857 english pioneer
Sir George Cayley (1773-1857), English pioneer of aviation
plans diagrams/diagram thomas walkers ornithopter
Diagram of Thomas Walker's ornithopter
plans diagrams/plan flying machine similar present day
Plan for a flying machine, similar to a present-day helicopter
plans diagrams/sketch 1901 orville wilbur wright wind tunnel
Sketch, 1901, by Orville and Wilbur Wright for a wind tunnel
plans diagrams/proposed plan reaching north pole balloon
Proposed plan for reaching the North Pole by balloon
plans diagrams/sketch parachute 1784 letter marquis brantes
A sketch for a parachute, 1784, from a letter by the Marquis de Brantes to Joseph
plans diagrams/wright brothers biplane flight drawing 1903
A Wright Brothers biplane in flight. Drawing, 1903
plans diagrams/letter benjamin franklin friend polly stevenson
Letter from Benjamin Franklin to his friend, Polly Stevenson, 21 June 1762, containing
plans diagrams/schematic drawing mechanism eli whitneys cotton
Schematic drawing of the mechanism of Eli Whitney's cotton gin
plans diagrams/upper surface brain lithograph 19th century
Upper surface of the brain. Lithograph, 19th century
plans diagrams/arabic manuscript as sufis treatise fixed stars
from Arabic manuscript of as-Sufi's Treatise on the Fixed Stars, 1009 A.D
plans diagrams/machinery robert fultons first steamboat clermont
The machinery of Robert Fulton's first steamboat, the 'Clermont,' 1807
plans diagrams/sketch gears designed control counter weight
Sketch for gears designed to control counter-weight
plans diagrams/pen ink study c1492 leonardo da vinci horses
Pen and ink study, c1492, by Leonardo da Vinci of a horse's anatomy, possibly
plans diagrams/design flying machine leonardo da vinci pen ink
Design for a flying machine, by Leonardo da Vinci: pen and ink, c1488
plans diagrams/designs leonardo da vinci bridges
Designs by Leonardo da Vinci for bridges
plans diagrams/page showing method teaching early edition john
A page showing the method of teaching in an early edition of John Amos Comenius's
plans diagrams/drawing naval vessel
Drawing of a Naval Vessel
plans diagrams/day woodcut hartmann schedels weltchronik
The Third Day. Woodcut from Hartmann Schedel's 'Weltchronik,' Nuremberg
plans diagrams/fort frederick albany new york line engraving
Fort Frederick at Albany, New York. Line engraving, 1763
medicine/fifth plate muscles woodcut second book andreas
The fifth plate of the muscles. Woodcut from the second book of Andreas Vesalius'
medicine/dissection brain fig 8 woodcut seventh book
Dissection of the brain (fig. 8). Woodcut from the seventh book of Andreas Vesalius'
plans diagrams/leonardo da vinci flying machine
Leonardo da Vinci. Flying machine
plans diagrams/37 year calendar published j bussemecher cologne
A 37 year calendar published by J. Bussemecher at Cologne
plans diagrams/designs chairs chinese manner thomas chippendale
Designs for chairs in the Chinese manner by Thomas Chippendale, 1753
plans diagrams/sample line graph depicting changes stock prices
Sample line graph depicting changes in stock prices, displayed on an Apple II computer
plans diagrams/position hands making single plain mesh filet
The third position of the hands in the making of a single or plain mesh filet lace
plans diagrams/plan tenochtitlan site modern mexico city time
Plan of Tenochtitlan (site of modern Mexico City) at the time of the Spanish Conquest
medicine/drawings used illustrate german bacteriologist
Drawings used to illustrate German bacteriologist Paul Ehrlich's theory of how
plans diagrams/lines square topsail coasting schooners arrowsic
Lines of the square-topsail coasting schooners 'Arrowsic' and 'Eagle,'
weapons/leonardo da vincis drawing military hardware
Leonardo da Vinci's drawing for military hardware, including machine gun
plans diagrams/plan george washington expedition led general
Plan by George Washington for an expedition led by General John Forbes during the French
plans diagrams/american phrenological chart c1870
American phrenological chart, c1870
plans diagrams/wood engraving english 1860
Wood engraving, English, 1860
plans diagrams/desire savalles fractional making wine 19th
Desire Savalle's fractional still for making wine. 19th century French line engraving


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