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love romance/american wedding party c1904 stereograph view
American wedding party, c1904: from a stereograph view
#media dmcs-10406272
food drink/american soldiers sidewalk cafe paris france
Three American soldiers at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, France, following the Allied
#media dmcs-10406326
famous faces/american actor james dean swiss actress ursula andress
American actor James Dean with Swiss actress Ursula Andress, 9 September 1955
#media dmcs-10414430
impressionism/bal du moulin la galette oil wood 1876
Bal du Moulin de la Galette. Oil on wood, 1876, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
#media dmcs-10410222
silent film stills/time comedian 1925
#media dmcs-10493211
impressionism/oil canvas 1917 childe hassam
Oil on canvas, 1917, by Childe Hassam
#media dmcs-10414426
silent film stills/dance charleston 1920s
Dance: Charleston, 1920S
#media dmcs-10410126
music musicians/jazz band shimmy office workers oclock dance
'Jazz Band and Shimmy.' Office workers at a five o'clock dance. Pen-and-ink drawing
#media dmcs-10410122
bars taverns saloons/dancers dancing harlem conga blend lindy hop
Three dancers dancing the 'Harlem conga,' a blend of the lindy hop, conga
#media dmcs-10410156
parties celebrations/beau brummell second left ball almacks london 1815
Beau Brummell (second from left) at a ball at Almack's in London in 1815. Color lithograph
#media dmcs-10506088
parties celebrations/french lithograph poster johann strauss operetta
French lithograph poster for Johann Strauss' operetta, "Die Fledermaus"
#media dmcs-10505601
silent film stills/constance talmadge tullio carminsty at
Constance Talmadge, Tullio Carminsty (at right) and Lawrence Grant (at her left)
#media dmcs-10501903
parties celebrations/drinking
#media dmcs-10501901
parties celebrations/julie piano illustration 1897 honore balzacs novel
'Julie at the Piano.' Illustration, 1897, for Honore de Balzac's novel
#media dmcs-10501893
silent film stills/silent film restaurants
Silent Film: Restaurants
#media dmcs-10501891
parties celebrations/wedding celebration bermondsey england painting
Wedding celebration at Bermondsey, England. Painting, c1600, by Joris Hoefnagel
#media dmcs-10501885
parties celebrations/american illustration late 19th century
American illustration, late 19th century
#media dmcs-10501879
parties celebrations/male state dinner given white house prince henry prussia
All male state dinner given at the White House for Prince Henry of Prussia, brother
#media dmcs-10501877
parties celebrations/posed studio portrait girls having tea party dogs
A posed studio portrait of three girls having a tea party with six dogs. Stereograph
#media dmcs-10501873
performing arts/mexican party dancing jarabe tapatio hat dance
Mexican party dancing the 'jarabe tapatio' or hat dance. Illustration after an oil painting
#media dmcs-10501871
parties celebrations/girls having tea party table photograph c1893
Four girls having a tea party around a table. Photograph, c1893
#media dmcs-10501869
parties celebrations/19th century german silhouette frolich
19th century German silhouette by Frolich
#media dmcs-10501865
parties celebrations/schoolgirls sitting decorated tree used maypole
Schoolgirls sitting around a decorated tree used for a Maypole in celebration of May Day
#media dmcs-10501861
parties celebrations/dance public ballroom imperial palace vienna
Dance in the public ballroom of the Imperial Palace, Vienna. Watercolor by Wilhelm Gause, 1900
#media dmcs-10501859
silent film stills/leatrice joy scene film
Leatrice Joy in a scene from the film
#media dmcs-10493249
parties celebrations/the wedding pen watercolor unknown artist
'The Wedding.' Pen and watercolor by an unknown artist, c1805
#media dmcs-10493245
parties celebrations/16th president united states lincolns reception
16th President of the United States. Lincoln's last reception on the night of
#media dmcs-10493239
silent film stills/silent film still big 1924
Silent Film Still: so Big, 1924
#media dmcs-10493225
parties celebrations/group immigrant children photographed christmas
Group of immigrant children photographed in front of a Christmas tree inside the
#media dmcs-10493223
silent film stills/film still costume party
Film Still: Costume Party
#media dmcs-10493221
parties celebrations/everybody loves parade personification
'Everybody loves a parade.' Personification of parades and celebrations
#media dmcs-10493215
parties celebrations/the banquet really grand company assembled
'The banquet where the really grand company were assembled
#media dmcs-10493213
silent film stills/taylor holmes scene film
Taylor Holmes in a scene from the film
#media dmcs-10493209
erotica/photogravure late 19th century
Photogravure, late 19th century
#media dmcs-10493203
parties celebrations/members womens union fall river massachusetts
Members of the Women's Union in Fall River, Massachusetts, folk dancing together
#media dmcs-10493197
silent film stills/his false step 1919
'His Last False Step,' 1919
#media dmcs-10493193
silent film stills/scene film manslaughter 1922
Scene from the film 'Manslaughter,' 1922
#media dmcs-10493185
parties celebrations/children dancing maypole central park new york city
Children dancing around a Maypole in Central Park, New York City. Photograph, 1905
#media dmcs-10493175
bars taverns saloons/contestants charleston dance contest served
Contestants at a Charleston dance contest being served food by musicians at a nightclub
#media dmcs-10493171
parties celebrations/dance recreation tent farm security administration
A dance in the recreation tent at a Farm Security Administration workers' camp in Bridgeton
#media dmcs-10414462
parties celebrations/garden party marlborough house london home
A garden party at Marlborough House, London, home of the Prince and Princess of Wales
#media dmcs-10414454
silent film stills/film still golly 1920
Film Still: by Golly, 1920
#media dmcs-10414452
music musicians/pen and ink drawing 1920 karl arnold
Pen-and-ink drawing, 1920, by Karl Arnold
#media dmcs-10414446
parties celebrations/emil jannings emanuel raht marlene dietrich
Emil Jannings as Emanuel Raht and Marlene Dietrich as Lola Lola in 'The Blue
#media dmcs-10414440
parties celebrations/mr mrs thomas tarallo cutting wedding cake
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tarallo cutting their wedding cake for 700 guests at a Chicago hetel
#media dmcs-10414438
silent film stills/scene silent film starring doris kenyon
Scene from the silent film starring Doris Kenyon
#media dmcs-10414436
charles dana gibson/chares dana gibson 1867 1944 american illustrator
Chares Dana Gibson (1867-1944). American illustrator. 'Making Bread Pills.' Pen
#media dmcs-10414434
parties celebrations/christmas dinner c1880
Christmas Dinner, C1880
#media dmcs-10414428
parties celebrations/cajun hawaiian guitar player national rice festival
Cajun Hawaiian guitar player at the National Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana
#media dmcs-10414420


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