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new testament/judgement woodcut epistole e evangelii
LAST JUDGEMENT. Woodcut from 'Epistole e Evangelii,' published at Florence
#media dmcs-12345573
new testament/nativity illumination flemish book hours
THE NATIVITY. Illumination from a Flemish Book of Hours, late 15th century
#media dmcs-12345833
new testament/delacroix madonna the virgin harvest oil
DELACROIX: MADONNA. 'The Virgin of the Harvest.' Oil, 1819, by Eugene Delacroix
#media dmcs-12345953
new testament/bruegel adoration the adoration magi oil panel
BRUEGEL: ADORATION. 'The Adoration of the Magi
#media dmcs-12346061
new testament/nativity woodcut german 1483
NATIVITY. Woodcut, German, 1483
#media dmcs-12345585
new testament/nativity nativity scene line engraving
NATIVITY. Nativity scene. Line engraving, late 19th century
#media dmcs-12346096
new testament/descent cross taking christ cross copper engraving j
DESCENT FROM THE CROSS. 'Taking Christ From the Cross.' Copper engraving by J
#media dmcs-12346095
new testament/crucifixion c1200 crucifixion fresco
CRUCIFIXION, c1200. 'Crucifixion.' Fresco from Church of the Holy Virgin at the
#media dmcs-12346093
new testament/imprisonment jesus imprisonment jesus
IMPRISONMENT OF JESUS. The Imprisonment of Jesus
#media dmcs-12346091
new testament/raphael virgin rose the virgin rose oil canvas
RAPHAEL: VIRGIN OF THE ROSE. 'The Virgin of the Rose.' Oil on canvas, Raphael
#media dmcs-12346089
new testament/coriolano virgin c1640 head virgin woodcut
CORIOLANO: VIRGIN, c1640. 'Head of the Virgin.' Woodcut, Bartolomeo Coriolano
#media dmcs-12346087
new testament/memling virgin child the virgin child angels
MEMLING: VIRGIN AND CHILD. 'The Virgin and Child Between Two Angels
#media dmcs-12346085
new testament/van eyck virgin child the virgin child chancellor rolin
VAN EYCK: VIRGIN AND CHILD. 'The Virgin and Child with Chancellor Rolin
#media dmcs-12346083
new testament/coronation virgin the coronation virgin
CORONATION OF THE VIRGIN. 'The Coronation of the Virgin
#media dmcs-12346081
new testament/madonna child the virgin child angels tempera wood
MADONNA AND CHILD. 'The Virgin and Child with Four Angels.' Tempera on wood
#media dmcs-12346079
new testament/murillo virgin child the virgin child saints
MURILLO: VIRGIN AND CHILD. 'The Virgin and Child with Saints
#media dmcs-12346077
new testament/murillo shepherds the adoration shepherds
MURILLO: SHEPHERDS. 'The Adoration of the Shepherds
#media dmcs-12346073
new testament/adoration magi the adoration magi oil canvas
ADORATION OF THE MAGI. 'The Adoration of the Magi
#media dmcs-12346065
new testament/immaculate conception immaculate conception soult
IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. 'Immaculate Conception of Soult
#media dmcs-12346063
new testament/murillo annunciation the annunciation
#media dmcs-12346059
new testament/fragonard virgin mary the education virgin
FRAGONARD: VIRGIN MARY. 'The Education of the Virgin
#media dmcs-12346057
new testament/juan diego 1531 virgin guadalupe appearing
JUAN DIEGO, 1531. The Virgin of Guadalupe appearing to Juan Diego in 1531
#media dmcs-12346055
new testament/nativity spanish romanesque panel 13th century
NATIVITY. Spanish Romanesque panel, 13th century
#media dmcs-12346053
new testament/crucifixion c1250 illumination psalter
CRUCIFIXION, c1250. Illumination from a Psalter, c1250, produced for the Benedictine
#media dmcs-12346051
new testament/raphael madonna study raphael c1515 madonna
RAPHAEL: MADONNA. Study by Raphael, c1515, for his 'Madonna del Passeggio.'
#media dmcs-12346049
new testament/crucifixion c1200 tempera panel umbrian school
CRUCIFIXION, c1200. Tempera on panel, Umbrian School, c1200
#media dmcs-12346047
new testament/weyden virgin mary virgin st john
WEYDEN: VIRGIN MARY. Virgin and St. John
#media dmcs-12346045
new testament/christ pilate oil canvas sir anthony van dyck
CHRIST BEFORE PILATE. Oil on canvas by Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641)
#media dmcs-12346043
new testament/crucifixion christ illumination psalter
CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST. Illumination from the Psalter executed about 1250 for an
#media dmcs-12346041
new testament/virgin child etching jacques bellange
VIRGIN & CHILD. Etching by Jacques Bellange
#media dmcs-12346039
new testament/virgin child miniature sforza book hours
VIRGIN & CHILD. Miniature from the Sforza Book of Hours, Flemish, c1520
#media dmcs-12346037
new testament/madonna child drawing raphael 1483 1520
MADONNA & CHILD. Drawing by Raphael (1483-1520)
#media dmcs-12346035
new testament/mary joseph christmas eve room inn
MARY & JOSEPH. 'Christmas Eve: and there was no room for them at the inn
#media dmcs-12346033
new testament/virgin child cat drawing leonardo da vinci
VIRGIN & CHILD WITH A CAT. Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci
#media dmcs-12346031
new testament/nativity oil canvas c1577 el greco
THE NATIVITY. Oil on canvas, c1577, by El Greco
#media dmcs-12346029
new testament/adoration magi woodcut decachordum christianum
ADORATION OF THE MAGI. Woodcut from 'Decachordum Christianum,' 1507
#media dmcs-12346027
new testament/christ parents house jesus josephs carpenters shop
CHRIST IN PARENTS' HOUSE. Jesus in Joseph's carpenter's shop. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-12346025
new testament/christ pilate station number 1 lithograph
CHRIST BEFORE PILATE. Station Number 1. Lithograph, American, 1845
#media dmcs-12346023
new testament/visitation illumination 15th century manuscript
THE VISITATION. Illumination from the 15th century manuscript of the 'Tres Riches
#media dmcs-12346021
new testament/scenes virgins life scenes life virgin
SCENES FROM VIRGIN'S LIFE. Scenes from the life of the Virgin. Illumination, c1485
#media dmcs-12346019
new testament/coronation virgin master passion dominicans
CORONATION OF THE VIRGIN Master of the Passion of the Dominicans. Polish School
#media dmcs-12346017
new testament/harrowing hell st john prochoros manuscript
HARROWING OF HELL. St John with Prochoros: manuscript illumination from a Greek Gospel
#media dmcs-12346015
new testament/journey magi the star east steel engraving
JOURNEY OF THE MAGI. 'The Star in the East.' Steel engraving, 19th century
#media dmcs-12346013
new testament/pentecost illumination german missal c1200 1230
PENTECOST. Illumination from a German missal, c1200-1230
#media dmcs-12346011
new testament/pentecost historiated initial d german psalter
PENTECOST. Historiated initial D from a German psalter, early 13th century
#media dmcs-12346009
new testament/virgin child peter paul rubens canvas
VIRGIN AND CHILD. Peter Paul Rubens. Canvas
#media dmcs-12346007
new testament/nativity illumination french flemish book hours
THE NATIVITY Illumination from a French or Flemish Book of Hours, c1480
#media dmcs-12346005
new testament/adoration magi adoration magi border everyday
ADORATION OF MAGI. Adoration of the Magi with border of everyday life in Spain
#media dmcs-12346003
new testament/annunciation flemish breviary illumination
THE ANNUNCIATION. Flemish breviary illumination, c1500
#media dmcs-12346001


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