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neolithic paleolithic eras/cave art bison bison nave lascaux dordogne
CAVE ART: BISON. Bison from the Nave at Lascaux, Dordogne, France, 7 feet and 10
#media dmcs-6250469
neolithic paleolithic eras/cave art standing bull bison cave altamira
CAVE ART. Standing bull bison from Cave of Altamira, Santander, Spain, c10, 000 B.C
#media dmcs-6245888
neolithic paleolithic eras/prehistoric man tools prehistoric men making
PREHISTORIC MAN: TOOLS. Prehistoric men making tools and weapons from flint. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-7504031
neolithic paleolithic eras/lascaux running deer running deer cave lascaux
LASCAUX: RUNNING DEER. Running deer from the Cave of Lascaux, Montignac, France
#media dmcs-6253081
neolithic paleolithic eras/cave art pech merle prehistoric human handprint
CAVE ART: PECH MERLE. Prehistoric human handprint from Pech Merle cave, France
#media dmcs-6247232
neolithic paleolithic eras/paleolithic tools paleolithic scraper left arrow heads
PALEOLITHIC TOOLS. Paleolithic scraper (left) and arrow heads, c40, 000 B.C
#media dmcs-6257669
neolithic paleolithic eras/prehistoric skulls australopithecus africanus skulls
PREHISTORIC SKULLS. Australopithecus africanus skulls, from South Africa
#media dmcs-6252449
neolithic paleolithic eras/cave art prehistoric rock painting probably
CAVE ART. Prehistoric rock painting, probably depicting a horned goddess. From Aounrhet
#media dmcs-6250717
neolithic paleolithic eras/cave art lascaux head bull cave lascaux
CAVE ART: LASCAUX. Head of a bull from the Cave of Lascaux, Montignac, France
#media dmcs-6245886
neolithic paleolithic eras/neanderthal man first reconstruction neanderthal man
NEANDERTHAL MAN. First reconstruction of a Neanderthal man, from the La Chapelle-aux-Saints
#media dmcs-6215903
neolithic paleolithic eras/venus willendorf late paleolithic stone
VENUS OF WILLENDORF. Late Paleolithic stone statuette
#media dmcs-6250727
neolithic paleolithic eras/prehistoric bison carving bison turned head
PREHISTORIC BISON CARVING. Bison with turned head carved from reindeer antler. Magdalenian
#media dmcs-6248020