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mythology/the mermaids come extraordinary numbers play bubbles
'The mermaids come up in extraordinary numbers to play with their bubbles
#media dmcs-8857357
religious icons/saints sergius bacchus byzantine icon saint
SAINTS SERGIUS AND BACCHUS. Byzantine icon of Saint Sergius and Saint Bacchus
#media dmcs-6614921
mythology/president andrew jackson destroying bank united states
President Andrew Jackson destroying the Bank of the United States. Lithograph cartoon
#media dmcs-7784289
native americans/iroquois creation myth sky woman depiction
IROQUOIS CREATION MYTH. 'Sky Woman.' A depiction of the Iroquois creation myth
#media dmcs-6620259
maps/st brendan mass st brendan monks celebrate
ST. BRENDAN: MASS. St. Brendan and his monks celebrate Mass on the back of a whale
#media dmcs-6617259
mythology/ouroboros 16th century dragon ouroboros
OUROBOROS, 16th CENTURY. The dragon Ouroboros
#media dmcs-12323268
mermaids/they saw shining potion glistening hand
'They saw the shining potion glistening in her hand
#media dmcs-8857235
flora fauna/vampire bat vampyrus spectrum wood engraving
VAMPIRE BAT (Vampyrus spectrum). Wood engraving, 19th century
#media dmcs-7546353
mermaids/andersen little mermaid the little mermaid
#media dmcs-6621953
maps/voyage argonauts voyage argonauts according
VOYAGE OF THE ARGONAUTS. Voyage of the Argonauts according to Greek mythology
#media dmcs-6621815
astronomy/allegory mercury 1496 personification mercury
ALLEGORY OF MERCURY, 1496. Personification of Mercury, the planet of science
#media dmcs-6617797
vintage ads/mobil ad 1935 american ad mobil gasoline motor oil
MOBIL ADVERTISEMENT, 1935. American advertisement for Mobil gasoline and motor oil, 1935
#media dmcs-6265438
mythology/sea monster medieval woodcut
SEA MONSTER. Medieval woodcut
#media dmcs-12323370
mythology/dragon 1640 draco aethiopicus woodcut
DRAGON, 1640. Draco Aethiopicus. Woodcut from Ulisse Aldrovandi's 'Serpentum et
#media dmcs-12323272
mythology/siren woodcut german 1599
SIREN. Woodcut, German, 1599
#media dmcs-12323170
mythology/homer odyssey odysseus bending bow contest
HOMER: THE ODYSSEY. Odysseus bending his bow in contest with the suitors of his wife
#media dmcs-12323073
mythology/odysseus sirens painting karl von blaas
ODYSSEUS AND THE SIRENS. Painting by Karl von Blaas (1815-1876)
#media dmcs-12323059
mythology/moreau argonauts the return argonauts
MOREAU: ARGONAUTS. 'The Return of the Argonauts
#media dmcs-12323378
mythology/mars rhea silvia vestal virgin rhea silvia
MARS AND RHEA SILVIA. The Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia, mother of Romulus and Remus
#media dmcs-12323374
mythology/medieval whale medieval woodcut showing
MEDIEVAL WHALE. Medieval woodcut showing sailors who landed on a whale, thinking
#media dmcs-12323366
mythology/fairy hoax 1920 frances griffiths leaping fairy
FAIRY HOAX, 1920. Frances Griffiths and a leaping fairy, in a photograph made in
#media dmcs-12323362
mythology/unicorn 12th century drawing illuminated
UNICORN, 12th CENTURY. Drawing after an illuminated bestiary manuscript, 12th century
#media dmcs-12323358
mythology/monster 1493 part wolf part human monster
MONSTER, 1493. Part-wolf, part-human monster. Woodcut from the Nuremberg Chronicle
#media dmcs-12323354
mythology/monster 1569 woodcut edward fentons certain
MONSTER, 1569. Woodcut from Edward Fenton's 'Certain Secret Wonders of Nature
#media dmcs-12323352
mythology/crane headed man 1557 woodcut prodigiorum
CRANE-HEADED MAN, 1557. Woodcut from the 'Prodigiorum' of Conrad Lycosthenes
#media dmcs-12323350
mythology/headless man 1557 woodcut prodigiorum
HEADLESS MAN, 1557. Woodcut from the 'Prodigiorum' of Conrad Lycosthenes, 1557
#media dmcs-12323348
mythology/monster 1557 large eared man woodcut prodigiorum
MONSTER, 1557. Large-eared man. Woodcut from the 'Prodigiorum' of Conrad
#media dmcs-12323346
mythology/siegfried slaying dragon photogravure late 19th century
SIEGFRIED SLAYING DRAGON. Photogravure, late 19th century, after a painting by Konrad
#media dmcs-12323342
mythology/japan god happiness hotei god happiness
JAPAN: GOD OF HAPPINESS. Hotei, the god of happiness in the Shinto religion of Japan
#media dmcs-12323338
mythology/gilgamesh gilgamesh taming monsters woodcut
GILGAMESH. Gilgamesh taming two monsters
#media dmcs-12323336
mythology/atalanta meleager meleager hunting calydonian boar
ATALANTA AND MELEAGER. Meleager hunting the Calydonian boar. Aquatint, c1800
#media dmcs-12323334
mythology/head orpheus thracian girl carrying head orpheus
HEAD OF ORPHEUS. Thracian girl carrying the head of Orpheus. Etching, late 19th century
#media dmcs-12323332
mythology/sea monster 1560 monk like sea monster
SEA MONSTER, 1560. Monk-like sea monster allegedly captured off the coast of Norway
#media dmcs-12323290
mythology/sea monster 1560 bishop like sea monster
SEA MONSTER, 1560. Bishop-like sea monster allegedly sighted off the coast of Poland
#media dmcs-12323288
mythology/monsters 1578 broadside announcing birth human monsters
MONSTERS, 1578. Broadside announcing the birth of two human monsters, one with a
#media dmcs-12323286
mythology/death orpheus orpheus bacchantes oil canvas emile levy
DEATH OF ORPHEUS. Orpheus and the Bacchantes. Oil on canvas by Emile Levy (1826-1890)
#media dmcs-12323284
mythology/satyr nymphs photogravure oil painting
SATYR & NYMPHS. Photogravure after an oil painting, 1873, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau
#media dmcs-12323282
mythology/romulus remus 15th century french ms illumination
ROMULUS AND REMUS. 15th century French ms. illumination attributed to Jean Fouquet
#media dmcs-12323276
mythology/pyramus thisbe woodcut 1494 book romances
PYRAMUS AND THISBE. Woodcut, 1494, from a book of romances
#media dmcs-12323274
mythology/judgment paris cedar wood relief carving
THE JUDGMENT OF PARIS. Cedar wood relief carving, Austrian, early 16th century
#media dmcs-12323270
mythology/rinaldo armida oil canvas 1629 anthony
RINALDO AND ARMIDA. Oil on canvas, 1629, by Anthony van Dyck
#media dmcs-12323266
mythology/tree life yggdrasil norse teutonic mythology
TREE OF LIFE. Yggdrasil in Norse-Teutonic mythology
#media dmcs-12323264
mythology/mythology selene allegorical representation
MYTHOLOGY: SELENE. Allegorical representation of the Greek moon goddess, Selene
#media dmcs-12323262
mythology/mythology hercules woodcut c1496 albrecht
MYTHOLOGY: HERCULES. Woodcut, c1496, by Albrecht Durer
#media dmcs-12323260
mythology/poussin shepherds the shepherds arcadie
POUSSIN: SHEPHERDS. 'The Shepherds of Arcadie.' Canvas, 1629, by Nicolas Poussin
#media dmcs-12323254
mythology/hercules cerberus woodcut villenas doze
HERCULES AND CERBERUS. Woodcut from Villena's 'Doze Trabajos de Hercules
#media dmcs-12323252
mythology/hercules judgement hercules etching 18th
HERCULES. The Judgement of Hercules. Etching, 18th century
#media dmcs-12323250
mythology/griffin 1533 woodcut 1533 french signet
GRIFFIN, 1533. Woodcut, 1533, from a French signet
#media dmcs-12323248
mythology/fantin latour rheingold henri fantin latour 1836 1904
FANTIN-LATOUR: RHEINGOLD. Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904): The first scene from "Das
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