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crime punishment/charles lucky luciano 1897 1962 american gangster
#media dmcs-6212541
mob mafia/benjamin bugsy siegel 1906 1947 american mobster
BENJAMIN 'BUGSY' SIEGEL (1906-1947). American mobster. Mug shot photograph, 1928
#media dmcs-6212433
mob mafia/john dillinger 1903 1934 american bank robber
JOHN DILLINGER (1903-1934). American bank robber. Photographed in 1933
#media dmcs-6267857
mob mafia/frank costello 1891 1973 american gangster
FRANK COSTELLO (1891-1973). American gangster. Photographed by the New York City Police Department
#media dmcs-6212417
mob mafia/meyer lansky 1902 1983 american gangster
MEYER LANSKY (1902-1983). American gangster. Mugshot photograph, 1930s
#media dmcs-6212415
mob mafia/al capone 1899 1947 american italian born gangster
AL CAPONE (1899-1947). American (Italian born) gangster. Al Capone's 1928 bulletproof
#media dmcs-6185622
mob mafia/alphonse capone 1899 1947 american gangster
ALPHONSE CAPONE (1899-1947). American gangster. Photographed after having been arrested in Miami
#media dmcs-6185249
crime punishment/vito genovese 1897 1969 new york city
VITO GENOVESE (1897-1969). New York City Police Department photograph, 1934
#media dmcs-6214928
mob mafia/charles lucky luciano 1897 1962 american gangster
#media dmcs-6183737