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miscellaneous/england election 1868 the general election
ENGLAND: ELECTION, 1868. 'The general election: the nomination of Mr. Disraeli
#media dmcs-12323292
miscellaneous/george h ruth 1895 1948 known babe ruth
GEORGE H. RUTH (1895-1948). Known as Babe Ruth
#media dmcs-13138155
miscellaneous/ernest hemingway 1899 1961 american writer
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1899-1961). American writer. In Key West, Florida, 1929
#media dmcs-13136713
miscellaneous/winifred lenihan 1898 1964 american actress
WINIFRED LENIHAN (1898-1964). American actress, writer, and director. Photograph
#media dmcs-13140131
miscellaneous/poster train 1929 french poster ad loiseau bleu
POSTER: TRAIN, 1929. French poster advertising 'L'Oiseau Bleu,' Pullman
#media dmcs-13139959
miscellaneous/france vichy c1920 lithograph roger broders
FRANCE: VICHY, c1920. Lithograph by Roger Broders, c1920
#media dmcs-13139935
miscellaneous/lee oliver stack 1868 1924 sir lee oliver
LEE OLIVER STACK (1868-1924). Sir Lee Oliver Fitzmaurice Stack. British soldier
#media dmcs-13137972
miscellaneous/ford joyce pound quinn ford madox ford
FORD, JOYCE, POUND, & QUINN. Ford Madox Ford, James Joyce, Ezra Pound and John
#media dmcs-13134637
miscellaneous/cartoon league nations if league nations
CARTOON: LEAGUE OF NATIONS. 'If we were in the League of Nations
#media dmcs-12323568
miscellaneous/villa doria pamphilj 1925 villa doria pamphili monteverde
VILLA DORIA PAMPHILJ, 1925. Villa Doria-Pamphili in Monteverde, Rome, Italy
#media dmcs-13139775
miscellaneous/charlie chaplin 1889 1977 charles spencer chaplin
CHARLIE CHAPLIN (1889-1977). Charles Spencer Chaplin. English film actor and comedian
#media dmcs-13139235
miscellaneous/empires highway india the empires highway
EMPIRE'S HIGHWAY TO INDIA. 'The Empire's Highway to India
#media dmcs-13137290
miscellaneous/new york city c1920 construction workers
NEW YORK CITY, c1920. Construction workers atop a skyscraper in New York City. Photograph
#media dmcs-13136103
miscellaneous/gilbert murray 1866 1957 british classical scholar
GILBERT MURRAY (1866-1957). British classical scholar. Drawing, 1929, by Helen Wilson
#media dmcs-13135034
miscellaneous/magic broadside c1925 broadside c1925
MAGIC BROADSIDE, c1925. Broadside, c1925, announcing a performance in Hungary in
#media dmcs-13134681
miscellaneous/mount everest expedition camp 1924 british
MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION. The camp of the 1924 British expedition to Mount Everest
#media dmcs-13134611
miscellaneous/earl h sande 1898 1968 american jockey horse trainer
EARL H. SANDE (1898-1968). American jockey and horse trainer. Photographed by Bachrach
#media dmcs-13140163
miscellaneous/assiniboin hunter 1926 hunter assiniboin
ASSINIBOIN HUNTER, 1926. A hunter of the Assiniboin people with pack-laden dogs
#media dmcs-13140161
miscellaneous/laurel raceway 1925 spectators auto race laurel
LAUREL: RACEWAY, 1925. Spectators at an auto race in Laurel, Maryland. Photograph
#media dmcs-13140157
miscellaneous/soccer c1920 young women playing soccer
SOCCER, c1920. Young women playing soccer. Photograph, c1920
#media dmcs-13140155
miscellaneous/soccer c1920 young women soccer field photograph
SOCCER, c1920. Young women on a soccer field. Photograph, c1920
#media dmcs-13140153
miscellaneous/archbishop platon 1866 1934 born porphyry
ARCHBISHOP PLATON (1866-1934). Born Porphyry Theodorovich Rozhdestvensky
#media dmcs-13140141
miscellaneous/olive alcorn 1900 1975 american dancer
OLIVE ALCORN (1900-1975). American dancer, model, and silent film actress. Photograph
#media dmcs-13140127
miscellaneous/albrecht bavaria 1905 1996 albrecht luitpold
ALBRECHT OF BAVARIA (1905-1996). Albrecht Luitpold Ferdinand Michael, Duke of Bavaria
#media dmcs-13140121
miscellaneous/lon chaney 1883 1930 american actor director
LON CHANEY (1883-1930). American actor, director, and screenwriter. In the film 'Mr
#media dmcs-13140119
miscellaneous/osa johnson 1894 1953 american adventurer
OSA JOHNSON (1894-1953). American adventurer and documentary filmmaker. In the film 'Simba'
#media dmcs-13140117
miscellaneous/yankee stadium 1923 yankee stadium bronx
YANKEE STADIUM, 1923. Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, shortly before the official opening
#media dmcs-13140115
miscellaneous/london c1920 view palace westminster big ben london
LONDON, c1920. View of the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben in London, England
#media dmcs-13140113
miscellaneous/london 1929 view st pauls cathedral morning
LONDON, 1929. View of St. Paul's Cathedral in the morning
#media dmcs-13140111
miscellaneous/london c1929 view st pauls cathedral morning
LONDON, c1929. View of St. Paul's Cathedral in the morning
#media dmcs-13140109
miscellaneous/washington dc c1920 exterior moores
WASHINGTON, D.C., c1920. The exterior of Moore's Rialto movie theatre in Washington
#media dmcs-13140105
miscellaneous/washington dc c1920 moores garden theatre washington
WASHINGTON, D.C., c1920. Moore's Garden Theatre in Washington, D.C. Photograph, c1920
#media dmcs-13140101
miscellaneous/washington dc c1920 street georgetown
WASHINGTON, D.C., c1920. A street in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D
#media dmcs-13140099
miscellaneous/house representatives session house representatives u
HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. A session of the House of Representatives in the U.S
#media dmcs-13140097
miscellaneous/coolidge lindbergh portraits calvin coolidge
COOLIDGE AND LINDBERGH. Portraits of Calvin Coolidge and Charles Lindbergh
#media dmcs-13140093
miscellaneous/ad arrow c1925 ad arrow handkerchiefs
AD: ARROW, c1925. Advertisement for Arrow handkerchiefs. Lithograph by Edward Penfield
#media dmcs-13140089
miscellaneous/poster laundry 1929 laundry washing costs less
POSTER: LAUNDRY, 1929. 'Laundry washing costs less!' Lithograph, 1929
#media dmcs-13140087
miscellaneous/poster laundry 1928 launderland spotless
POSTER: LAUNDRY, 1928. 'Launderland is spotless
#media dmcs-13140085
miscellaneous/basketball team c1919 womens war risk basketball team
BASKETBALL TEAM, c1919. The women's War Risk basketball team. Photograph, c1919
#media dmcs-13140083
miscellaneous/roller hockey 1926 men arcade roller hockey club
ROLLER HOCKEY, 1926. Men of the Arcade Roller Hockey Club. Photograph, 15 January 1926
#media dmcs-13140081
miscellaneous/car race 1925 automobile race laurel park laurel
CAR RACE, 1925. An automobile race at Laurel Park in Laurel, Maryland. Photograph
#media dmcs-13140079
miscellaneous/basketball team 1921 portrait tech high basketball team
BASKETBALL TEAM, 1921. Portrait of the Tech High basketball team. Photograph, 1921
#media dmcs-13140077
miscellaneous/basketball team 1920 portrait yankee basketball team
BASKETBALL TEAM, 1920. Portrait of the Yankee basketball team. Photograph, 1920
#media dmcs-13140073
miscellaneous/basketball team 1920 portrait tech high basketball team
BASKETBALL TEAM, 1920. Portrait of the Tech High basketball team. Photograph, 1920
#media dmcs-13140071
miscellaneous/new orleans c1925 street corner new orleans louisiana
NEW ORLEANS, c1925. A street corner in New Orleans, Louisiana
#media dmcs-13140069
miscellaneous/new orleans c1925 children watching organ
NEW ORLEANS, c1925. Children watching an organ grinder on the street corner in New
#media dmcs-13140067
miscellaneous/new orleans c1925 organ grinder street new orleans
NEW ORLEANS, c1925. An organ grinder on the street in New Orleans, Louisiana
#media dmcs-13140065
miscellaneous/new orleans c1925 view rooftops buildings
NEW ORLEANS, c1925. A view of the rooftops of buildings on Royal Street in New Orleans
#media dmcs-13140063
miscellaneous/new orleans c1925 spiral staircase new orleans louisiana
NEW ORLEANS, c1925. A spiral staircase in New Orleans, Louisiana
#media dmcs-13140061


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