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medicine/death physician woodcut hans lutzelburger
'Death and the Physician.' Woodcut by Hans Lützelburger after Hans Holbein the Younger
#media dmcs-8864199
medicine/deaths dispensary 1866 cartoon indicating
'Death's Dispensary.' An 1866 cartoon indicating water pollution as a
#media dmcs-8865673
disease healthcare/hippocratic oath hippocrates code ethical
The Hippocratic oath, Hippocrates' code of ethical conduct for practitioners of medicine
#media dmcs-8867565
medicine/cross section heart french wood engraving
Cross section of heart. French wood engraving, late 19th century
#media dmcs-10408852
cartoons/the cow pock satirical etching 1802
'The Cow-Pock.' Satirical etching, 1802, by James Gillray on Edward Jenner
#media dmcs-8866317
medicine/pen ink studies leonardo da vinci c1510
Pen and ink studies by Leonardo da Vinci, c1510, of human thorax, pelvic, and leg bones
#media dmcs-10407992
halloween/woodcut first book andreas vesalius de
Woodcut from the first book of Andreas Vesalius' 'De Humani Corporis Fabrica'
#media dmcs-10409736
disease healthcare/the zodiac man oldest printed bloodletting chart
'The Zodiac Man,' the oldest printed bloodletting chart, showing the astrological
#media dmcs-10409590
medicine/line engraving french 19th century
Line engraving, French, 19th century
#media dmcs-10408216
medicine/1824 1886 german neurologist line engraving
(1824-1886). German neurologist. Line engraving, English, 1886
#media dmcs-8867733
medicine/john hughlings jackson english neurologist
John Hughlings Jackson. English neurologist. Wood engraving, 19th century
#media dmcs-8867681
vintage ads/poster c1880 pratts healing ointment
Poster, c1880, for Pratts Healing Ointment
#media dmcs-8867525
medicine/dr edward jenner collecting cowpox vesicles hand dairymaid
Dr. Edward Jenner collecting cowpox vesicles from the hand of a dairymaid, to use
#media dmcs-8867381
medicine/college physicians surgeons columbia university new york
College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University, New York. Wood engraving, 1868
#media dmcs-8867189
vintage ads/late 19th century american patent medicine
Late 19th century American patent medicine poster for Hall's Hair Renewer
#media dmcs-8866961
medicine/panax quinquefolium colored engraving
(Panax quinquefolium). Colored engraving, American, c1818
#media dmcs-8866591
disease healthcare/costume worn members brotherhood mercy dealing
Costume worn by members of the Brotherhood of Mercy when dealing with victims of the plague
#media dmcs-8866409
medicine/1825 1893 french neurologist charcot
(1825-1893). French neurologist. Charcot with patients from his neurological clinic
#media dmcs-8865939
medicine/rene theophile hyacinthe laennec french physician
Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec. French physician. Laennec, with his stethoscope
#media dmcs-8865515
disease healthcare/first vaccination edward jenner 14 1796
The First Vaccination by Edward Jenner, 14 May 1796. Photogravure, late 19th century
#media dmcs-8865195
medicine/1819 1868 american dentist dr morton
(1819-1868). American dentist. Dr. Morton successfully performing a tooth extraction
#media dmcs-8865043
medicine/greek physician steel engraving english 1839
Greek physician. Steel engraving, English, 1839
#media dmcs-8864837
medicine/english physician plant physiologist line engraving
English physician and plant physiologist. Line engraving, 1701
#media dmcs-8864313
crime punishment/french revolutionary politician jean paul marat
French revolutionary politician Jean-Paul Marat, fatally stabbed in his bath by Charlotte Corday
#media dmcs-8244731
medicine/pen ink studies leonardo da vinci c1510 11
Pen and ink studies by Leonardo da Vinci, c1510-11, of the human hand
#media dmcs-10411258
american presidents/cures ills man beast cartoon 1921 rollin
'Cures All the Ills of Man or Beast.' Cartoon, 1921, by Rollin Kirby commenting
#media dmcs-8867283
medicine/pollution cartoon 1866 deaths dispensary
POLLUTION CARTOON, 1866. 'Death's Dispensary
#media dmcs-12320214
medicine/cell types mammalian cerebellum drawing
Cell types in the mammalian cerebellum: drawing, 1894, by the Spanish histologist
#media dmcs-10409854
medicine/the gout etching 1799 james gillray
'The Gout.' Etching, 1799, by James Gillray
#media dmcs-8865277
medicine/1847 1919 american preacher physician suffragist
(1847-1919). American preacher, physician, and suffragist. Photographed c1910
#media dmcs-8864671
medicine/england hospital 1883 princess alice memorial
ENGLAND: HOSPITAL, 1883. The Princess Alice Memorial Hospital in Eastbourne, East Sussex
#media dmcs-12322118
medicine/pen ink studies human spinal column leonardo da vinci
Pen and ink studies of the human spinal column by Leonardo da Vinci, c1510-11
#media dmcs-10411374
medicine/english physician mezzotint english 1811
English physician. Mezzotint, English, 1811
#media dmcs-8866875
womens movement/1847 1919 american preacher physician suffragette
(1847-1919). American preacher, physician and suffragette
#media dmcs-8866493
medicine/dr elisha perkins using quack metallic tractor
Dr. Elisha Perkins using a quack metallic tractor
#media dmcs-8866247
medicine/sherlock holmes doctor john watson illustration
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. Illustration by Sidney Paget from the 'Strand'
#media dmcs-8865853
medicine/father thames introducing offspring fair city london
'Father Thames Introducing His offspring to the Fair City of London.' English cartoon
#media dmcs-8865495
disease healthcare/manuscript illumination maqamat al hariri
Manuscript illumination from 'Maqamat of al-Hariri,' by Muhammad al-Qasim
#media dmcs-8865181
cartoons/deaths laboratory american cartoon 1906
'Death's Laboratory.' American cartoon, 1906, by Edward Windsor Kemble
#media dmcs-8864493
medicine/the headache etching 1819 george cruikshank
'The Headache.' Etching, 1819, by George Cruikshank
#media dmcs-8864219
medicine/nyc yellow fever 1796 valentine seamans
NYC: YELLOW FEVER, 1796. Valentine Seaman's map of the New York City waterfront
#media dmcs-12322154
medicine/hospital 1917 seated woman shown saint
HOSPITAL, 1917. Seated woman shown from behind in Saint Elizabeth's Hospital
#media dmcs-12322152
medicine/new york hospital 1868 new york hospital
NEW YORK HOSPITAL, 1868. New York Hospital at Duane Street and Worth Street in downtown
#media dmcs-12322148
medicine/new york medical school new york medical college women
NEW YORK: MEDICAL SCHOOL. The New York Medical College for Women. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-12322146
medicine/rhode island hospital butler hospital psychiatric
RHODE ISLAND: HOSPITAL. Butler Hospital for psychiatric patients in Providence, Rhode
#media dmcs-12322144
medicine/national cottage hospital procession princess louise
NATIONAL COTTAGE HOSPITAL. Procession of princess Louise, arriving to lay the first
#media dmcs-12322142
medicine/london french hospital mens day room french
LONDON: FRENCH HOSPITAL. The men's day-room at the French Protestant hospital
#media dmcs-12322140
medicine/london french hospital french protestant
LONDON: FRENCH HOSPITAL. The French Protestant hospital at Victoria Park, London
#media dmcs-12322138
medicine/french hospital elderly elderly women
FRENCH HOSPITAL: ELDERLY. Elderly women, descendants of French Huguenot refugees
#media dmcs-12322136


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