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maritime/robert fultons clermont view west point
ROBERT FULTON'S CLERMONT. A view of West Point on the Hudson River with Robert
#media dmcs-12319893
maritime/hms trafalgar 1887 hms trafalgar ironclad
HMS TRAFALGAR, 1887. The HMS Trafalgar, an ironclad battleship in the British Navy
#media dmcs-12321792
maritime/manchester ship canal 1887 construction
MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL, 1887. Construction of the Manchester Ship Canal. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-12321790
maritime/manchester ship canal 1887 end manchester
MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL, 1887. The end of the Manchester Ship Canal at Eastham
#media dmcs-12321786
maritime/lighthouse 1856 the lighthouse christmas eve
LIGHTHOUSE, 1856. 'The Lighthouse, Christmas Eve
#media dmcs-12321776
maritime/nordenfelt submarine 1885 trial submarine
NORDENFELT SUBMARINE, 1885. Trial of a submarine developed by Thorsten Nordenfelt
#media dmcs-12321774
maritime/arctic expedition 1882 steamship hope
ARCTIC EXPEDITION, 1882. The steamship 'Hope,' captained by Sir Allen Young
#media dmcs-12321770
maritime/submarine c1885 submarine invented claude goubet c1885
SUBMARINE, c1885. Submarine invented by Claude Goubet, c1885. Engraving, English, 1899
#media dmcs-12321768
maritime/submarine 1749 egg shaped submarine 1749
SUBMARINE, 1749. An egg-shaped submarine made in 1749. English illustration, 1899
#media dmcs-12321766
maritime/england shipwreck 1868 penzance lifeboat
ENGLAND: SHIPWRECK, 1868. The Penzance lifeboat, 'Richard Lewis,' going out
#media dmcs-12321764
maritime/french naval ships 1902 french battleship
FRENCH NAVAL SHIPS, 1902. A French battleship, cruiser, and submarine. Illustration
#media dmcs-12321762
maritime/ship inspection 1885 princess louise inspecting
SHIP INSPECTION, 1885. Princess Louise inspecting the training ship 'HMS Exmouth
#media dmcs-12321758
maritime/uss massachusetts 1898 uss massachusetts
USS MASSACHUSETTS, 1898. The USS Massachusetts in dry-dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
#media dmcs-12321756
maritime/spanish american war 1898 the ships did work
SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1898. 'The Ships That Did the Work
#media dmcs-12321752
maritime/spanish american war 1898 the ships did work
SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1898. 'The Ships That Did the Work.' The USS New York
#media dmcs-12321750
maritime/shipwreck 1887 sailor john white also
SHIPWRECK, 1887. Sailor John White (also shown in inset at upper left) standing
#media dmcs-12321746
maritime/photographers 1898 at admiral sampson
PHOTOGRAPHERS, 1898. 'At Last Admiral Sampson Meets the Camera Fleet
#media dmcs-12321744
maritime/suez canal conference ferdinand lesseps
SUEZ CANAL: CONFERENCE. Ferdinand de Lesseps, President of the Suez Canal Company
#media dmcs-12321738
maritime/navigation stars 1575 sailors navigating
NAVIGATION BY STARS, 1575. Sailors navigating by stars at night
#media dmcs-12321736
maritime/england yachting 1873 collier yacht sinking
ENGLAND: YACHTING, 1873. A collier yacht sinking, with the yacht 'Violet'
#media dmcs-12321732
maritime/great eastern explosion scene deck ss great
GREAT EASTERN EXPLOSION. Scene on the deck of the SS Great Eastern after the explosion
#media dmcs-12321728
maritime/screw steamship 1851 city manchester screw steamer
SCREW STEAMSHIP, 1851. The 'City of Manchester' screw steamer, launched
#media dmcs-12321726
maritime/phoenician bireme phoenecian bireme ship
PHOENICIAN BIREME. A Phoenecian bireme ship. Engraving
#media dmcs-12321722
maritime/ship great eastern 1860 british iron steamship
SHIP: GREAT EASTERN, 1860. The British iron steamship 'Great Eastern' at
#media dmcs-12321718
maritime/frigate mississippi 1853 steam frigate
FRIGATE: MISSISSIPPI, 1853. The steam frigate Mississippi of the United States Navy
#media dmcs-12321716
maritime/suez canal 1869 prince wales later king edward vii
SUEZ CANAL, 1869. The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), letting the waters
#media dmcs-12321714
maritime/ship nuzetieh 1854 nuzetieh victorious
SHIP: NUZETIEH, 1854. The Nuzetieh (Victorious), flagship of Admiral Adolphus Slade
#media dmcs-12321712
maritime/england anchor test 1852 trial various
ENGLAND: ANCHOR TEST, 1852. Trial of various types of anchors at the Royal Dockyard
#media dmcs-12321710
maritime/suez canal 1869 arrival prince princess wales
SUEZ CANAL, 1869. Arrival of the Prince and Princess of Wales (later King Edward VII
#media dmcs-12321708
maritime/uss pennsylvania c1850 uss pennsylvania u
USS PENNSYLVANIA, c1850. The USS Pennsylvania, a U.S. Ship of the Line. Engraving
#media dmcs-12321706
maritime/suez canal 1875 royal yacht osborne prince wales
SUEZ CANAL, 1875. The Royal Yacht 'Osborne', with the Prince of Wales (later King
#media dmcs-12321704
maritime/suez canal inauguration french ship aigle
SUEZ CANAL: INAUGURATION. The French ship 'Aigle,' carrying the French Empress
#media dmcs-12321700
maritime/england naval review 1775 the dockyard deptford
ENGLAND: NAVAL REVIEW, 1775. 'The Dockyard at Deptford: A Review by the First Lord
#media dmcs-12321698
maritime/stoddard anchors illustrated poem the anchors
STODDARD: THE TWO ANCHORS. An illustrated poem, 'The Two Anchors,' by Richard
#media dmcs-12321696
maritime/england naval review 1773 the naval review spithead
ENGLAND: NAVAL REVIEW, 1773. 'The Naval Review at Spithead, 1773
#media dmcs-12321694
maritime/portsmouth point c1814 port portsmouth
PORTSMOUTH POINT, c1814. The port at Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
#media dmcs-12321692
maritime/cartoon british neptune british neptune
CARTOON: BRITISH NEPTUNE. 'British Neptune Riding Triumphant
#media dmcs-12321690
maritime/steamship cross section cross section diagram
STEAMSHIP: CROSS-SECTION. Cross-section diagram of a large American steamship, showing
#media dmcs-12321688
maritime/england naval review planning great naval expedition
ENGLAND: NAVAL REVIEW. 'Planning the Great Naval Expedition
#media dmcs-12321686
maritime/cramps shipyard cruiser minneapolis stocks
CRAMP'S SHIPYARD. The cruiser 'Minneapolis' in the stocks, and a keel
#media dmcs-12321684
maritime/ship la champagne 1890 passenger ship
SHIP: LA CHAMPAGNE, 1890. The passenger ship, 'La Champagne,' passing through ice
#media dmcs-12321682
maritime/uss saint paul 1898 cruiser us navy
USS 'SAINT PAUL,' 1898. Cruiser in the U
#media dmcs-12321680
maritime/steamboat new world 1861 new world
STEAMBOAT: NEW WORLD, 1861. The 'New World,' a steamboat on the Hudson River
#media dmcs-12321678
maritime/yacht boiler 1880 cross section boiler steam yacht
YACHT: BOILER, 1880. Cross-section of the boiler for the steam-yacht, 'Anthracite
#media dmcs-12321676
maritime/natural gas 1890 struck gas workers
NATURAL GAS, 1890. 'Struck Gas.' Workers trying to remove their drilling tools
#media dmcs-12321674
maritime/yacht anthracite 1880 english ocean steam yacht
YACHT: ANTHRACITE, 1880. The English ocean steam-yacht, 'Anthracite.' Engraving
#media dmcs-12321672
maritime/steamship city rome stateroom steamship
STEAMSHIP: CITY OF ROME. Stateroom of the steamship 'City of Rome' of the
#media dmcs-12321670
maritime/steam yacht 1880 james gordon bennett jr
STEAM-YACHT, 1880. James Gordon Bennett, Jr
#media dmcs-12321668
maritime/steamship abyssinia british steamship abyssinia
STEAMSHIP: ABYSSINIA. The British steamship, 'Abyssinia.' Engraving, American
#media dmcs-12321664


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