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finance commerce/capitalist pyramid 1911 american socialist
CAPITALIST PYRAMID, 1911. American Socialist poster
propaganda/the girl left him american world war ii recruitment
'The Girl He Left Behind Is Still Behind Him
labor/diego riveras mural detroit institute arts depicting
Detail of Diego Rivera's mural at the Detroit Institute of Arts depicting the
labor/hine child labor 1910 young messenger boys
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1910. Two young messenger boys using the showers at the Postal
propaganda/welders employment war poster 1944 ben shahn
'Welders, or For Full Employment After the War
political dissent/handbill english german calling mass meeting haymarket
Handbill in English and in German calling the mass meeting at Haymarket Square, Chicago
music musicians/cover industrial workers world little red songbook
Cover of the Industrial Workers of the World 'Little Red Songbook,' c1905
labor/steel workers organizing comittee painting poster
'Steel Workers Organizing Comittee.' Painting for a poster (never printed)
propaganda/russian world war i war loan poster 1916 depicting
Russian World War I war loan poster, 1916, depicting a woman factory worker
labor/poster industrial workers world american labor
Poster for the Industrial Workers of the World from an American labor newspaper of 1917
propaganda/each blow sledge hammer blow enemy russian poster
'Each Blow of the Sledge-Hammer is a Blow against the Enemy.' Russian poster
labor/amalgamated clothing workers poster used strike
Amalgamated Clothing Workers poster used during a strike at Model Blouse Co., Millville
labor/organize 1 250 000 workers backing us course
'Organize? With 1, 250, 000 Workers Backing Us, Of Course We Will Organize
american elections/american socialist leader debs campaigning presidency
American Socialist leader. Debs campaigning for the Presidency before a freight-yard
propaganda/women britain come factories british poster
'Women of Britain, Come into the Factories
labor/striking coal miners 1871 striking coal miners
STRIKING COAL MINERS, 1871. Striking coal miners writing threats to 'blackleg'
labor/hine women workers c1915 women workers paper
HINE: WOMEN WORKERS, c1915. Women workers in a paper box factory
labor/girls c1913 portuguese girls lowell massachusetts
MILL GIRLS, c1913. Portuguese mill girls in Lowell, Massachusetts. Photograph, c1913
labor/wales strike c1913 girls colliery wales british
WALES: STRIKE, c1913. Girls at a colliery in Wales during a British coal strike
labor/streetcar strike c1916 striking streetcar workers
STREETCAR STRIKE, c1916. Striking streetcar workers raising money for their cause
labor/strikebreakers 1916 strikebreakers broken streetcar
STRIKEBREAKERS, 1916. Strikebreakers on top of a broken streetcar during a streetcar
labor/strikebreakers c1916 strikebreakers police streetcar
STRIKEBREAKERS, c1916. Strikebreakers and police during a streetcar strike, possibly
labor/strikebreakers c1916 men hired scabs subway strike
STRIKEBREAKERS, c1916. Men hired as scabs during a subway strike, possibly in New
labor/streetcar strike c1915 striking streetcar workers
STREETCAR STRIKE, c1915. Striking streetcar workers in New York City. Photograph, c1915
labor/garment worker strike striking cloak makers picketing
GARMENT WORKER STRIKE. Striking cloak makers picketing in New York City. Photograph
labor/garment worker strike striking garment workers
GARMENT WORKER STRIKE. Striking garment workers outside of Webster Hall in New York City
labor/garbage strike 1911 police protecting garbage
GARBAGE STRIKE, 1911. Police protecting garbage carts during a garbage strike in New
labor/lowell strike 1912 big haywood marching strikers
LOWELL STRIKE, 1912. Big Bill Haywood marching with strikers in Lowell, Massachusetts
labor/labor day 1908 us steel strikers marchers
LABOR DAY, 1908. U.S. Steel strikers and other marchers in a Labor Day Parade in New
labor/new york city strike 1910 policemen arresting
NEW YORK CITY: STRIKE, 1910. Two policemen arresting a striker during an Express
labor/streetcar strike 1916 blockade streetcars madison
STREETCAR STRIKE, 1916. A blockade of streetcars on Madison Avenue and 70th Street
labor/streetcar strike 1916 striking streetcar workers
STREETCAR STRIKE, 1916. Striking streetcar workers marching in a parade in New York City
labor/strike c1915 young strike sympathizers rollerskates
STRIKE, c1915. Two young strike sympathizers on rollerskates, probably in New York City
labor/hine continuation school young women studying
HINE: CONTINUATION SCHOOL. Young women studying textiles at a continuation school
labor/new york city strike 1910 garment workers picket
NEW YORK CITY: STRIKE, 1910. Two garment workers on a picket line during a garment
labor/hine peddlers 1909 boys peddling notions street
HINE: PEDDLERS, 1909. Boys peddling notions on the street in Boston, Massachusetts
labor/hine boy 1916 15 year old james cooney irish
HINE: BOY, 1916. 15-year-old James Cooney, an Irish immigrant in Fall River, Massachusetts
labor/hine boy 1916 17 year old james donovan irish
HINE: BOY, 1916. 17-year-old James Donovan, an Irish sweeper at the Fall River
labor/hine flower factory 1917 15 year old boy sorting
HINE: FLOWER FACTORY, 1917. A 15-year-old boy sorting cycas leaves at the Boston
labor/hine laundry 1917 15 year old girl folding
HINE: LAUNDRY, 1917. A 15-year-old girl folding laundry at the Bonanno Laundry in Boston
labor/hine seamstress 1917 16 year old helen anderson
HINE: SEAMSTRESS, 1917. 16-year-old Helen Anderson sewing gowns for Madame Robinson
labor/hine cigar store 1917 14 year old mary creed
HINE: CIGAR STORE, 1917. 14-year-old Mary Creed selling cigars in a store in Boston
labor/hine seamstress 1917 15 year old marie vancanvenberg
HINE: SEAMSTRESS, 1917. 15-year-old Marie Vancanvenberg working on corsets for
labor/hine laundry 1917 girls working mangle bonanno
HINE: LAUNDRY, 1917. Girls working the mangle at the Bonanno Laundry in Boston
labor/hine child labor 1917 boys linking bedsprings
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1917. Boys linking bedsprings in a mattress factory in Boston
labor/hine child laborer 1910 jacob futterman 16 year old
HINE: CHILD LABORER, 1910. Jacob Futterman, a 16-year-old coconut shaver at Kibbe's
labor/hine textile mill 1917 girls making stockings
HINE: TEXTILE MILL, 1917. Girls making stockings in the Ipswich Mills in Boston
labor/hine boston index card co girl stamping labels
HINE: BOSTON INDEX CARD CO. A girl stamping labels at the Boston Index Card Co
labor/virginia cotton mill 1911 boys outside century
VIRGINIA: COTTON MILL, 1911. Boys outside of the Century Cotton Mill in South Boston
labor/hine flower factory 1917 14 year old margaret
HINE: FLOWER FACTORY, 1917. 14-year-old Margaret Ciampa working at the Boston Floral
labor/hine office girl 1917 malvina amundsen 15 year old
HINE: OFFICE GIRL, 1917. Malvina Amundsen, a 15-year-old office girl at the Eastern
labor/hine boston index card co girl folding filing folders
HINE: BOSTON INDEX CARD CO. A girl folding filing-folders at the Boston Index Card Co
labor/hine railroad office 1917 15 year old office
HINE: RAILROAD OFFICE, 1917. A 15-year-old office boy working in the New York, New Haven
labor/hine embossing shop 1917 15 year old girl cutting
HINE: EMBOSSING SHOP, 1917. A 15-year-old girl cutting dies in Harry C
labor/hine immigrant children group immigrant children
HINE: IMMIGRANT CHILDREN. A group of immigrant children at the Washington School in
labor/hine embossing shop 1917 14 year old fred cutting
HINE: EMBOSSING SHOP, 1917. 14-year-old Fred cutting dies in Harry C
labor/pullman strike 1894 camp us army troops lakefront
PULLMAN STRIKE, 1894. Camp of U.S. Army troops on the lakefront in Chicago during
labor/pullman strike 1894 crash staged pullman company
PULLMAN STRIKE, 1894. Crash staged by Pullman Company strikers, who drove a switch engine
labor/england child labor 1871 sifting dust
ENGLAND: CHILD LABOR, 1871. 'Sifting the Dust
labor/england child labor 1871 punching holes
ENGLAND: CHILD LABOR, 1871. 'Punching Out the Holes
labor/anti child labor poster poster promoting national
ANTI CHILD LABOR POSTER. A poster promoting the National Child Labor Committee
labor/anti child labor poster national child labor
ANTI CHILD LABOR POSTER. National Child Labor Committee exhibit panel describing
labor/hine child labor 1916 frank wiegel showing hand
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1916. Frank Wiegel showing his hand, from which two fingers
labor/hine rural school 1921 outhouses rural school marey
HINE: RURAL SCHOOL, 1921. The outhouses at a rural school in Marey, West Virginia
labor/hine child labor 1912 young girl carrying sack
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1912. A young girl carrying a sack of hose supporters home in Worcester
labor/hine home industry 1912 jewish family making
HINE: HOME INDUSTRY, 1912. A Jewish family making garters in the kitchen of their
labor/hine home industry 1912 mrs mary george daughter
HINE: HOME INDUSTRY, 1912. Mrs. Mary George, daughter Mary and son Aaron working
labor/hine home industry 1912 young girl working
HINE: HOME INDUSTRY, 1912. A young girl working on crochet while her grandmother
labor/hine home industry 1912 boys girls working
HINE: HOME INDUSTRY, 1912. Boys and girls working on garment tags on the steps
labor/hine home industry 1912 girl carrying boxes
HINE: HOME INDUSTRY, 1912. A girl carrying several boxes of garment tags on the street
labor/hine home industry 1912 annie fedele working
HINE: HOME INDUSTRY, 1912. Annie Fedele working on crochet in the kitchen of her
labor/great railroad strike 1877 scenes angry mobs
GREAT RAILROAD STRIKE, 1877. Scenes of angry mobs and rioting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
labor/great railroad strike 1877 pennsylvania governor
GREAT RAILROAD STRIKE, 1877. Pennsylvania Governor John F
labor/great railroad strike 1877 eighteenth regiment
GREAT RAILROAD STRIKE, 1877. The Eighteenth Regiment of the National Guard of Pennsylvania
labor/great railroad strike 1877 national guard camp
GREAT RAILROAD STRIKE, 1877. National Guard camp of the Twentieth Veteran Regiment
labor/great railroad strike 1877 national guardsmen
GREAT RAILROAD STRIKE, 1877. National Guardsmen under General Henry Huidekoper
labor/homestead strike 1892 national guard soldier
HOMESTEAD STRIKE, 1892. A National Guard soldier getting a haircut and a shave
labor/homestead strike 1892 arrest correspondent
HOMESTEAD STRIKE, 1892. 'Arrest of a correspondent by the strikers' during the
labor/homestead strike 1892 postmaster delivering
HOMESTEAD STRIKE, 1892. Postmaster delivering mail to National Guard troops in Homestead
labor/homestead strike 1892 thunderstorm blowing tents
HOMESTEAD STRIKE, 1892. Thunderstorm blowing tents over at the military camp during
labor/homestead strike 1892 commissaries transporting
HOMESTEAD STRIKE, 1892. Commissaries transporting camp supplies to General George
labor/homestead strike 1892 members sharidan cavalry
HOMESTEAD STRIKE, 1892. Members of the Sharidan Cavalry and the Governor's Troop
labor/homestead strike 1892 headquarters advisory board
HOMESTEAD STRIKE, 1892. Headquarters of the Advisory Board, where strikers gather
labor/robert pattison 1850 1904 governor pennsylvania
ROBERT PATTISON (1850-1904). Governor of Pennsylvania. Engraving, American, 1892
labor/miners war 1874 fight factions miners near
MINERS' WAR, 1874. Fight between two factions of miners, near Macdonald Station
labor/general george snowden general national guard
GENERAL GEORGE SNOWDEN. General of the National Guard, a leader of the military
labor/colonel robert dechert colonel national guard
COLONEL ROBERT DECHERT. Colonel of the National Guard who responded to the Homestead
labor/labor investigation 1886 legislative investigation
LABOR INVESTIGATION, 1886. Legislative investigation of the Broadway Railway Franchise
labor/cartoon railroad strike alice wonderland heart rending
CARTOON: RAILROAD STRIKE. 'Alice in Wonderland: Another heart-rending consequence
labor/labor movement cartoon the quiet citizens way
LABOR MOVEMENT: CARTOON. 'The Quiet Citizen's Way: 'If those fellows unite
labor/great railroad strike 1877 endeavoring train
GREAT RAILROAD STRIKE, 1877. 'Endeavoring to move a train at the outer depot
labor/great railroad strike 1877 attack philadelphia
GREAT RAILROAD STRIKE, 1877. 'Attack on the Philadelphia Militia by the Mob at
labor/railroad post strike 1888 first suburban train
RAILROAD: POST-STRIKE, 1888. The first suburban train started after the strike
labor/railroad strike 1886 striking workers kill
RAILROAD STRIKE, 1886. Striking workers 'kill' a locomotive engine on the
labor/hine child labor 1911 mildred griffiths 13 year old
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1911. Mildred Griffiths, a 13-year-old packer at Blanchard's
labor/hine cotton mill 1909 pregnant woman girl working
HINE: COTTON MILL, 1909. Pregnant woman and girl working in the Globe Cotton Mill
labor/new york sweatshop c1900 workers clothing sweatshop
NEW YORK: SWEATSHOP, c1900. Workers in a clothing sweatshop on Ludlow Street in New
labor/new york sweatshop italian women sewing lower
NEW YORK: SWEATSHOP. Italian women sewing in a Lower Manhattan sweatshop
labor/new york moe levy workshop moe levys clothing
NEW YORK: MOE LEVY WORKSHOP. Moe Levy's clothing workshop in New York City


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