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japanese art/the blind men elephant japanese woodblock print
'The Blind Men and the Elephant.' Japanese woodblock print from the 'Manga'
japanese art/scroll painting attributed taiko josetsu
Scroll painting attributed to Taiko Josetsu
japanese art/ippen shonen traveling buddhist priest who popularized
Ippen Shonen, a traveling Buddhist priest who popularized dancing-praying ceremonies
japanese art/japanese scroll painting scene yadorigi chapter
Japanese scroll painting of a scene from the Yadorigi chapter of Lady Murasaki's
japanese art/scene chushingura japanese tale 47 ronin or
Scene from the 'Chushingura,' the Japanese tale of the 47 Ronin (or 47 Samurai)
japanese art/red pine wood statue buddha future called miroku
Red pine wood statue of Buddha of the Future, called Miroku Bosatsu or Maitreya, at Koryu-ji
japanese art/kondo main hall horyuji nara section
Kondo (Main Hall) at the Horyuji at Nara, section
japanese art/battle sino japanese war chinese soldiers japanese
A battle during the Sino Japanese War between Chinese soldiers and Japanese General
japanese art/armed japanese monks protectors buddhist monasteries
Armed Japanese monks, the protectors of the Buddhist monasteries, descend from their
japanese art/statue guardian sakara painted lacquer japanese
Statue of the guardian Sakara. Painted lacquer, Japanese, c734 A.D
japanese art/statue heavenly king komoku ten guardians buddhist
Statue of the heavenly king Komoku-Ten, one of four guardians of the Buddhist world
japanese art/statue warrior demigod face indicating wrath
Statue of a warrior demigod, his face indicating wrath, one of the deva gods who guards
japanese art/bronze goblins pedestals holding gods medicine
Bronze goblins on pedestals holding gods of medicine at a Buddhist temple. Japanese
japanese art/amidst flames incarnation spiritual buddha shows
Amidst flames, an incarnation of spiritual Buddha shows that the physical body can
japanese art/prince gautama riding house day meets sick man
Prince Gautama, riding out of his house one day, meets a sick man and dedicates his
athletes/prince gautama wrestling youth japanese silk painting
Prince Gautama wrestling as a youth. Japanese silk painting, 8th century
japanese art/gong struck birth buddha erase evil desires
A gong is struck at the birth of the Buddha to erase evil desires. Japanese silk painting
japanese art/prince gautama third right leaves wealthy familys
Prince Gautama (third from right) leaves his wealthy family's home to enter the
japanese art/prince gautama wills arrows pierce targets using
Prince Gautama wills his arrows to pierce targets using a bow only he could draw
japanese art/prince gautama lifts elephant japanese silk painting
Prince Gautama lifts up an elephant. Japanese silk painting, 8th century
japanese art/buddha born queen maya reaches branch garden
The Buddha is born out of the side of Queen Maya as she reaches up to a branch in her garden
japanese art/seated father mother prince gautama entertained
Seated with his father and mother, Prince Gautama is entertained by dancers
japanese art/buddha born queen maya reaches branch garden
Buddha is born from the side of Queen Maya as she reaches up to a branch in her garden
japanese art/bronze statue buddha future called miroku japanese
Bronze statue of Buddha of the Future, called Miroku. Japanese, c606 A.D
japanese art/japanese buddhist deities adapted hindu deity ganesh
Japanese Buddhist deities, adapted from the Hindu deity, Ganesh. Deities of marital happiness
japanese art/inari rice bearer japanese shinto deity agriculture
Inari, the rice bearer, the Japanese Shinto deity of agriculture and fertility
japanese art/demon creature japanese folklore line drawing
Demon creature from Japanese folklore. Line drawing
japanese art/japanese buddhist deity who judges souls dead
Japanese Buddhist deity who judges the souls of the dead. Derived from the Sanskrit Yama
japanese art/japanese buddhist divinity wisdom fire known acala
Japanese Buddhist divinity of wisdom and fire, also known as Acala. Line drawing
japanese art/benten benzaiten japanese buddhist goddess music
Benten, or Benzaiten, the Japanese Buddhist goddess of music, eloquence and wealth, playing a biwa
japanese art/japanese buddhist sacred knot longevity
Japanese Buddhist sacred knot of longevity
japanese art/lacquered wood figure zen priest abbot monastery
Lacquered wood figure of a Zen priest, abbot of a monastery, Muromachi period, 1392-1573
japanese art/mask bodhisattva used gyodo religious dances
Mask of a Bodhisattva, used in gyodo or religious dances. Lacquer, Japanese, late Fujiwara period
japanese art/head amida buddha wood painted japanese late
Head of Amida Buddha. Wood, formerly painted. Japanese, late 12th century. Heignt: 38
japanese art/daibutsu grand buddha japanese
Daibutsu, the grand Buddha (Japanese)
japanese art/japanese samurai warrior genkuro yoshitsune warrior
Japanese samurai warrior, Genkuro Yoshitsune and warrior monk, Saito Musashibo Benkei
japanese art/statue heavenly king komoku ten guardians buddhist
Statue of the heavenly king Komoku-Ten, one of four guardians of the Buddhist world
japanese art/scoll painting toba sojo 1053 1140
Scoll painting by Toba Sojo (1053-1140)
japanese art/japanese tsuri daiko hanging drum taiko drum
Japanese tsuri-daiko (hanging drum) and taiko (drum). Ink drawing, Japanese, 1878
japanese art/ichijo jiro tadanori notonokami noritsune japanese
Ichijo Jiro Tadanori and Notonokami Noritsune, two Japanese samurai warriors battling each other
japanese art/samurai cleaning sword japanese painting 16 17th
Samurai cleaning his sword. Japanese painting, 16-17th century
japanese art/japanese ornamental stone lantern post garden setting
Japanese ornamental stone lantern post in a garden setting, next to a tall bush and small stones
japanese art/street scene top public bath bottom sketch
Street scene (top)/Public bath (bottom). Sketch from Katsushika Hokusai's 'Manga
japanese art/samurai upper court practicing archery lower
Six samurai; the upper three at court, practicing their archery; the lower three in
love romance/the lovers umegawa chubei japanese oban print
'The Lovers Umegawa and Chubei': Japanese Oban print, c1797, by Kitagawa Utamaro