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industry/kroyer steelworks 1885 pouring steel ingots
KROYER: STEELWORKS, 1885. Pouring steel ingots at the Burmeister & Wain Works at
#media dmcs-12242816
industry/flower maker 18th century manufacture artificial
FLOWER-MAKER, 18TH CENTURY. The manufacture of artificial flower bouquets
#media dmcs-12244116
industry/massachusetts blacksmith blacksmith shoeing horse race
MASSACHUSETTS: BLACKSMITH. A blacksmith shoeing a horse before a race, Readville
#media dmcs-12243540
industry/agricola mine 1556 cross section showing
AGRICOLA: MINE, 1556. Cross-section of a mine showing shafts and tunnels
#media dmcs-12244122
industry/washington navy yard 1917 torpedo shop
WASHINGTON NAVY YARD, 1917. The torpedo shop at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D
#media dmcs-12244118
industry/shipbuilding 1486 construction large sailing
SHIPBUILDING, 1486. The construction of a large sailing ship in the Holy Land
#media dmcs-12244114
industry/paper 18th century workers making marbled
PAPER, 18TH CENTURY. Workers making marbled paper by placing it on top of water
#media dmcs-12244112
industry/bookbinding 18th century manufacture pressed
BOOKBINDING, 18TH CENTURY. The manufacture of pressed and gilded book covers
#media dmcs-12244110
industry/bookbinding 18th century bookbinding tools
BOOKBINDING, 18TH CENTURY. Bookbinding tools and press
#media dmcs-12244108
industry/copperplate 18th century tools making copperplate
COPPERPLATE, 18TH CENTURY. Tools for making copperplate prints
#media dmcs-12244106
industry/brazier 18th century workers making cooking
BRAZIER, 18TH CENTURY. Workers making cooking utensils and brass and copper vessels
#media dmcs-12244104
industry/needlemaking 18th century men women workers
NEEDLEMAKING, 18TH CENTURY. Men and women workers making knitting needles
#media dmcs-12244100
industry/tire factory 1897 workers making pockets
TIRE FACTORY, 1897. Workers making pockets at the Beeston pneumatic tire factory
#media dmcs-12244014
industry/tire factory 1897 workers wiring station
TIRE FACTORY, 1897. Workers at a wiring station at the Beeston pneumatic tire factory
#media dmcs-12244012
industry/tire factory 1897 canvas cutting machinery
TIRE FACTORY, 1897. Canvas-cutting machinery at the Beeston pneumatic tire factory
#media dmcs-12244010
industry/tire factory 1897 interior beeston pneumatic
TIRE FACTORY, 1897. Interior of the Beeston pneumatic tire factory in England. Photograph
#media dmcs-12244008
industry/insurance ad american magazine ad mutual
INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENT. American magazine advertisement for the Mutual Life Insurance
#media dmcs-12244006
industry/pennsylvania mauch chunk view mining town mauch chunk
PENNSYLVANIA: MAUCH CHUNK. View of the mining town of Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania
#media dmcs-12244004
industry/arrest miners 1867 insubordinate miners
ARREST OF MINERS, 1867. Insubordinate miners arrested by the police near Pottsville
#media dmcs-12244002
industry/coal mine blast 1867 blasting the face
COAL MINE: BLAST, 1867. Blasting the at the face of a coal mine near Pottsville
#media dmcs-12244000
industry/miners police station 1867 military police
MINERS' POLICE STATION, 1867. Military police station established by and staffed
#media dmcs-12243998
industry/coal mine 1867 miners chiseling away face
COAL MINE, 1867. Miners chiseling away the face of the lead at a coal mine near Pottsville
#media dmcs-12243996
industry/coal mine stable 1867 stable coal near pottsville
COAL MINE: STABLE, 1867. The stable at a coal mine near Pottsville, Pennsylvania
#media dmcs-12243994
industry/coal mine cart 1867 loading cars coal near pottsville
COAL MINE: MINE CART, 1867. Loading the cars at a coal mine near Pottsville, Pennsylvania
#media dmcs-12243992
industry/pennsylvania coal miners down coal mines
PENNSYLVANIA: COAL MINERS. 'Down among the coal mines - The miners' pay-day'
#media dmcs-12243990
industry/whaling 1855 trying out melting whale
WHALING, 1855. 'Trying Out.' The melting of whale fat on board an American
#media dmcs-12243986
industry/whaling 1855 cutting in killed whale
WHALING, 1855. 'Cutting In.' A killed whale is brought to the side of an
#media dmcs-12243984
industry/whaling 1855 the flurry harpooned whale
WHALING, 1855. 'The Flurry.' A harpooned whale destroys one of the rowboats
#media dmcs-12243982
industry/whaling 1855 laying on american whalers
WHALING, 1855. 'Laying On.' American whalers attempt to harpoon a whale
#media dmcs-12243980
industry/whaling 1855 lowering boats american
WHALING, 1855. 'Lowering the Boats.' American whalers approaching a pod of
#media dmcs-12243978
industry/whaling 1855 the chase american whaling
WHALING, 1855. 'The Chase.' An American whaling ship approaching a pod of whales
#media dmcs-12243976
industry/boston foundry 1855 casting cannon parts
BOSTON: FOUNDRY, 1855. Casting cannon parts at Cyrus Alger's iron foundry in Boston
#media dmcs-12243974
industry/boston foundry 1855 cyrus algers iron foundry boston
BOSTON: FOUNDRY, 1855. Cyrus Alger's iron foundry in Boston, Massachusetts
#media dmcs-12243970
industry/diagram saw mill diagram sawmill limehouse england
DIAGRAM: SAW MILL. Diagram of a sawmill at Limehouse, England. Engraving, English
#media dmcs-12243964
industry/germany salt mine 1875 tourists crossing
GERMANY: SALT MINE, 1875. Tourists crossing an underground lake in a salt mine in Bavaria
#media dmcs-12243960
industry/nevada mining 1867 miner work underground virginia city
NEVADA: MINING, 1867. A miner at work underground in Virginia City, Nevada
#media dmcs-12243958
industry/germany salt mine 1875 tourists sliding
GERMANY: SALT MINE, 1875. Tourists sliding down a wooden slide to the lower level
#media dmcs-12243956
industry/pennsylvania titusville view city titusville
PENNSYLVANIA: TITUSVILLE. View of the city of Titusville, Pennsylvania, where the
#media dmcs-12243952
industry/pennsylvania oil creek rafting petroleum
PENNSYLVANIA: OIL CREEK. 'Rafting Petroleum Down Oil Creek' in Pennsylvania
#media dmcs-12243950
industry/coal depot 1867 loading boats coal market
COAL DEPOT, 1867. Loading boats for the coal market at the depot in Port Carbon
#media dmcs-12243946
industry/type foundry designs various samples printed
TYPE FOUNDRY DESIGNS. Various samples of printed scenes printed and sold by Thomas
#media dmcs-12243942
industry/card maker 18th century manufacture playing cards
CARD-MAKER, 18th CENTURY. The manufacture of playing cards. Line engraving, French
#media dmcs-12243940
industry/wheelwright 18th century interior wheelwrights shop
WHEELWRIGHT, 18th CENTURY. Interior of a wheelwright's shop. Line engraving, French
#media dmcs-12243938
industry/harness maker 18th century harness making shop
HARNESS-MAKER, 18th CENTURY. A harness-making shop, with workers cutting, punching
#media dmcs-12243936
industry/tailor 18th century tailor measures client
TAILOR, 18th CENTURY. A tailor measures a client while other workers cut and sew
#media dmcs-12243934
industry/purse making 18th century accessories used purse maker
PURSE-MAKING, 18th CENTURY. Accessories used by a purse-maker. Line engraving, French
#media dmcs-12243933
industry/fishing 1889 preparing nets shad fishing
FISHING, 1889. 'Preparing nets for shad fishing.' Engraving after a drawing by W
#media dmcs-12243931
industry/maryland oysters 1889 a southern oyster peddler
MARYLAND: OYSTERS, 1889. 'A Southern oyster peddler
#media dmcs-12243929
industry/canada fishing 1875 workers cleaning fish
CANADA: FISHING, 1875. Workers cleaning fish in a shed at the cod fishery off Newfoundland
#media dmcs-12243927


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