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impressionism/degas dancers c1891 three dancers yellow skirts
#media dmcs-6238331
impressionism/manet cats poster 1868 french poster edouard
MANET: CATS POSTER, 1868. French poster by Edouard Manet for the novel "Les
#media dmcs-6239929
impressionism/manet folies bergeres bar folies bergeres
MANET: FOLIES-BERGERES. The Bar at Folies-Bergeres. Oil on canvas by Edouard Manet
#media dmcs-6509287
impressionism/bal du moulin la galette oil wood 1876
Bal du Moulin de la Galette. Oil on wood, 1876, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
#media dmcs-10410222
impressionism/seurat grande jatte 1886 a sunday afternoon
SEURAT: GRANDE JATTE, 1886. 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
#media dmcs-6509079
impressionism/pissarro voisins 1872 camille pissarro
PISSARRO: VOISINS, 1872. Camille Pissarro: The entrance to the village at Voisins
#media dmcs-6252571
impressionism/degas blue dancers c1890 oil canvas edgar
DEGAS: BLUE DANCERS, c1890. Oil on canvas by Edgar Degas
#media dmcs-6250291
impressionism/edgar degas cafe absinthe drinker oil canvas
Edgar Degas: At the Cafe, or The Absinthe Drinker. Oil on canvas, 1873
#media dmcs-8856373
post impressionism/cezanne st victoire 1885 paul cezanne
CEZANNE: ST. VICTOIRE, 1885. Paul Cezanne: Mont Sainte-Victoire. Oil on canvas, 1885-87
#media dmcs-6509001
impressionism/caillebotte planers 1875 floor planers
CAILLEBOTTE: PLANERS, 1875. The Floor Planers. Oil on canvas by Gustave Caillebotte
#media dmcs-6254196
flora fauna/monet giverny 1900 artists garden giverny
MONET: GIVERNY, 1900. The Artist's Garden at Giverny. Oil on canvas by Claude Monet
#media dmcs-6247533
impressionism/edgar degas tub 1886 pastel paper
EDGAR DEGAS: THE TUB, 1886. Pastel on paper
#media dmcs-6240023
impressionism/degas dancers c1877 dancers stage oil
DEGAS: DANCERS, c1877. Two dancers on stage. Oil on canvas by Edgar Degas, c1877
#media dmcs-6239101
impressionism/renoir sisters 1881 pierre auguste renoir
RENOIR: TWO SISTERS, 1881. Pierre Auguste Renoir: Two Sisters on the Terrace. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-6238243
impressionism/renoir boy toy soldier oil canvas pierre auguste renoir
RENOIR: BOY & TOY SOLDIER. Oil on canvas by Pierre Auguste Renoir, n.d
#media dmcs-6250057
impressionism/oil canvas 1917 childe hassam
Oil on canvas, 1917, by Childe Hassam
#media dmcs-10414426
impressionism/manet luncheon 1863 luncheon grass oil
MANET: LUNCHEON, 1863. Luncheon on the Grass. Oil on canvas by Edouard Manet
#media dmcs-6509173
impressionism/renoir bathers 1884 87 pierre auguste renoir bathers
RENOIR: BATHERS, 1884-87. Pierre Auguste Renoir: The Bathers. Oil on canvas, 1884-87
#media dmcs-6509153
impressionism/renoir girls piano 1892 pierre auguste renoir
RENOIR: GIRLS/PIANO, 1892. Pierre Auguste Renoir: Young Girls at a Piano. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-6253551
impressionism/renoir town dance 1883 the town dance
RENOIR: TOWN DANCE, 1883. 'The Town Dance
#media dmcs-6253541
impressionism/monet waterlilies claude monet waterlilies
MONET: WATERLILIES. Claude Monet: Waterlilies. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-6253343
impressionism/cassatt mother sewing young mother sewing
CASSATT: MOTHER SEWING. Young Mother Sewing. Oil on canvas, 1902, by Mary Cassatt
#media dmcs-6250677
fine art/renoir odalisque 1870 pierre auguste renoir odalisque
RENOIR: ODALISQUE, 1870. Pierre Auguste Renoir: Odalisque. Canvas, 1870
#media dmcs-6250619
impressionism/cassatt bath 1891 2 oil canvas mary cassatt
CASSATT: THE BATH, 1891-2. Oil on canvas by Mary Cassatt
#media dmcs-6248969
impressionism/edgar degas au cafe oil canvas
EDGAR DEGAS: AU CAFE. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-6248106
post impressionism/cezanne man c1899 man crossed arms canvas
CEZANNE: MAN, c1899. Man with Crossed Arms. Canvas, c1899, by Paul Cezanne
#media dmcs-6246460
impressionism/renoir girl hoop 1885 pierre auguste renoir girl hoop
RENOIR: GIRL/HOOP, 1885. Pierre Auguste Renoir: Girl with a Hoop. Canvas, 1885
#media dmcs-6245942
impressionism/manet gare st lazare 1873 canvas edouard manet
MANET: GARE ST LAZARE, 1873. Canvas by Edouard Manet
#media dmcs-6245936
impressionism/monet zaandam holland oil canvas 1871
MONET: ZAANDAM (HOLLAND). Oil on canvas, 1871, by Claude Monet
#media dmcs-6238412
impressionism/pissarro market 1898 camille pissarro old market rouen
PISSARRO: MARKET, 1898. Camille Pissarro: Old Market at Rouen. Oil on canvas, 1898
#media dmcs-6238370
bridges/corot cathedral c1855 60 distant view mantes cathedral
COROT: CATHEDRAL, c1855-60. 'Distant View of Mantes Cathedral
#media dmcs-6200864
impressionism/saint denis street festivities 30 june 1878
Saint Denis street festivities of 30 June 1878 on La rue Montorgueil, Paris, France
#media dmcs-10406298
impressionism/divan japonais lithograph poster 19th century
Divan Japonais. Lithograph poster, 19th century
#media dmcs-8856483
impressionism/la guingette oil canvas edouard manet
La Guingette. Oil on canvas by Edouard Manet
#media dmcs-8856011
impressionism/hassam avenue rain the avenue rain oil
HASSAM: AVENUE IN THE RAIN. 'The Avenue in the Rain.' Oil on canvas by Childe Hassam
#media dmcs-7443827
impressionism/degas opera foyer 1872 edgar degas le
DEGAS: OPERA FOYER, 1872. Edgar Degas: Le foyer de la Danse a l'Opera de la Rue le Peletier
#media dmcs-6509209
impressionism/manet boaters 1874 argenteuil boaters
MANET: BOATERS, 1874. Argenteuil, The Boaters. Oil on canvas by Edouard Manet
#media dmcs-6252625
post impressionism/cezanne annecy lake 1896 paul cezanne le lac dannecy
CEZANNE: ANNECY LAKE, 1896. Paul Cezanne: Le Lac d'Annecy. Canvas, 1896
#media dmcs-6252275
trains trolleys/pissarro station 1871 camille pissarro
PISSARRO: STATION, 1871. Camille Pissarro: Lordship Lane Station, South London ('Penge
#media dmcs-6252243
impressionism/claude monet magpie oil canvas c1869
CLAUDE MONET: THE MAGPIE. Oil on canvas, c1869
#media dmcs-6250573
impressionism/degas dancer 1881 83 edgar degas seated dancer
DEGAS: DANCER, 1881-83. Edgar Degas: Seated Dancer. Pastel on paper, 1881-83
#media dmcs-6249381
impressionism/pissarro eragny 1895 camille pissarro landscape eragny
PISSARRO: ERAGNY, 1895. Camille Pissarro: Landscape at Eragny. Oil on canvas, 1895
#media dmcs-6248779
seascapes/monet sailboat petit gennevilliers oil canvas
MONET: SAILBOAT at Petit-Gennevilliers. Oil on canvas, 1874
#media dmcs-6247567
impressionism/degas star 1876 77 edgar degas star dancer stage
DEGAS: STAR, 1876-77. Edgar Degas: The Star or The Dancer on Stage. Pastel on paper
#media dmcs-6238360
impressionism/sisley louveciennes 1872 la route du coeur
SISLEY: LOUVECIENNES, 1872. La route du coeur volant a Louveciennes en hiver. Canvas
#media dmcs-6509253
impressionism/monet woman parasol 1886 claude monet woman parasol
MONET: WOMAN/PARASOL, 1886. Claude Monet: Woman with a parasol. Canvas, 1886
#media dmcs-6509103
impressionism/seurat knobloch 1889 90 madeleine knobloch
SEURAT: KNOBLOCH, 1889-90. Madeleine Knobloch seated at a powder table
#media dmcs-6254364
impressionism/columbian exposition 1893 us government
COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, 1893. U.S. Government Building at the World's Columbian Exposition
#media dmcs-6251869
impressionism/sorolla painter 1907 maria sorolla painting el prado
SOROLLA: PAINTER, 1907. Maria Sorolla painting at El Prado, Madrid, Spain. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-6199030
impressionism/claude renoir playing oil canvas pierre auguste renoir n
Claude Renoir, Playing. Oil on canvas by Pierre Auguste Renoir, n.d
#media dmcs-8244451
impressionism/seurat eiffel tower 1889 georges seurat eiffel tower
SEURAT: EIFFEL TOWER, 1889. Georges Seurat: The Eiffel Tower. Oil on panel, 1889
#media dmcs-6618463
impressionism/renoir bather rock oil canvas 1892 p
RENOIR: BATHER ON A ROCK. Oil on canvas, 1892, by P.A. Renoir
#media dmcs-6509301
impressionism/boudin laundresses laundresses stream
BOUDIN: LAUNDRESSES. 'Laundresses by a Stream.' Oil on wood by Eugene Boudin
#media dmcs-6254596
impressionism/degas ballet 1888 edgar degas ballet
DEGAS: BEFORE BALLET, 1888. Edgar Degas: Before the Ballet. Canvas, 1888
#media dmcs-6252943
impressionism/manet spanish costume young woman reclining
MANET: SPANISH COSTUME. Young Woman Reclining in Spanish Costume. Oil on canvas, 1862
#media dmcs-6249943
impressionism/degas ballet class c1880 ballet class
DEGAS: BALLET CLASS, c1880. A Ballet Class. Oil on canvas by Edgar Degas, c1880
#media dmcs-6247473
trains trolleys/monet gare st lazare 1877 oil canvas claude
MONET: GARE ST-LAZARE, 1877. Oil on canvas by Claude Monet
#media dmcs-6247290
impressionism/degas dancers c1899 canvas
DEGAS: FOUR DANCERS, c1899. Canvas
#media dmcs-6239057
impressionism/monet bridge giverny 1900 japanese bridge giverny
MONET: BRIDGE AT GIVERNY, 1900. Japanese Bridge at Giverny. Oil on canvas by Claude Monet
#media dmcs-6238490
impressionism/claude monet argenteuil oil canvas
#media dmcs-6238448