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10 Sep 2010

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american civil war/civil war gettysburg 72nd pennsylvania infantry
weapons/francisco pancho villa 1877 1923 mexican
botany/audubon thrasher brown thrasher known ferruginous
landmarks monuments/egypt cheops pyramid view great pyramid cheops giza
audubon/audubon woodpecker red headed woodpecker melanerpes
botany/audubon hummingbird black throated mango or
audubon/audubon hummingbird ruby throated hummingbird
botany/audubon nuthatch white breasted nuthatch sitta
botany/audubon hawk merlin pigeon hawk falco columbarius
whats new/battle buena vista 1847 charge kentuckians battle
whats new/white house santa claus first lady betty ford
whats new/palestine afula c1930 zionist colony afula
whats new/palestine harvest harvesting grain zionist colony
whats new/may day parade group union workers marching may
whats new/oklahoma dust bowl 1936 livestock watering
miscellaneous/santa claus c1921 santa claus cockpit biplane
miscellaneous/sharafat shepherd young shepherd guards entrance
miscellaneous/bethlehem home c1928 family outside stone home
miscellaneous/bethlehem home c1928 family camels outside
miscellaneous/bethlehem family family part cave house bethlehem
miscellaneous/bethlehem bell tower christmas bell view bethlehem
miscellaneous/palestine woman c1925 young woman carrying
miscellaneous/palestine almond gatherer girl basket almonds
miscellaneous/may day ceremony 1925 dorothy zimmerman spring
miscellaneous/maypole dance sweet briar college students practicing
us cities/new orleans arcade c1906 view arcade crescent
us cities/new orleans mule team mule team pulling cartload
us cities/new orleans cotton c1903 bales cotton levee
us cities/new orleans alley c1905 view exchange alley
us cities/new orleans square c1905 view jackson square
us cities/new orleans levee c1900 view levee foot canal
us cities/new orleans opera house view french opera house
us cities/new orleans cemetery view metairie cemetery
us cities/new orleans cotton exhcange view cotton exchange
us cities/new orleans customs house view us customs
us cities/new orleans city hall view city hall new orleans
us states/mississippi navy yard c1905 men working naval
us states/key west steamboat c1890 city key west wheel
us states/key west sponge trade sponge exchange wharf key west
us states/key west harbor c1895 fleet boats owned sponge
us states/florida key west c1900 residence key west florida
us states/florida key west c1900 view key west florida
us states/dueling grounds c1900 old dueling grounds new
world geography/holy land leprosy group middle eastern men boys
world geography/petra tomb lions tomb lions ancient city petra
world geography/holy land glass workers glass workers workshop
world geography/palestine gathering olives women gathering olives
world geography/palestine olives c1910 young woman picking
sports/new orleans horse race horses nearing finish
sports/fencing c1904 woman man dueling people watch
technology/russia windmill c1885 view windmills omsk russia
technology/holland windmill c1906 boy standing canal windmill
technology/worlds fair windmills various windmills display
technology/berlin windmill view windmill potsdam berlin
technology/holland windmill scenic view windmills holland
technology/holland windmill view spaarne windmill haarlem
technology/holland windmill view windmills noordendijk
technology/new york windmill c1905 group people posing
travel/new orleans hotel c1900 view st charles hotel
presidents/battle monterrey 1846 storming independence
posters/cass butler 1848 presidential campaign poster
performing arts/night duel c1879 the bankers daughter
maritime/shipwreck c1916 shipwreck probably norwegian ship
maritime/italian galley galley provveditore governor
maritime/sailing ship 17th century italian sailing ship
maritime/venetian galley model venetian galley 17th 18th
maritime/spanish caravel c1587 spanish caravel flying
maritime/portuguese caravel portuguese caravel ship map
industry/textile manufacture 1840 reeding drawing manchester
holidays/christmas c1892 girl speaking santa claus telephone
holidays/santa claus 1921 truck decorated appeal early
holidays/new york santa claus man dressed santa claus
holidays/christmas eve c1906 studio photograph santa
holidays/memorial day poster honor brave american recruitment
holidays/maypole dance c1907 women national park seminary
holidays/may day dance 1778 humours may day
holidays/may day c1910 group schoolgirls dancing field
holidays/may day parade 1916 women men marching may day
holidays/may day parade 1910 group women marching arm in arm
holidays/may day parade 1916 group women marching may
holidays/may day parade 1909 group women marching may
daily life/boys shooting craps 1910 street gang boys playing
american civil war/civil war gettysburg confederate general lewis
american history/wagon trail wagon train settlers crossing plains
american history/battle buena vista 1847 battle buena vista american
american history/battle monterrey 1846 messengers sent general
american history/battle monterrey 1846 day siege monterrey mexico
american history/battle monterrey 1846 mexican general pedro
american squadron lead commodore george dewey
parties celebrations/schoolgirls sitting decorated tree used maypole
parties celebrations/children dancing maypole central park new york city
parties celebrations/dorothy zimmerman spring crowning irma sweeney
parties celebrations/group children may day central park new york city
fine art/gauguin arearea 1892 arearea red dog
botany/audubon parakeet carolina parakeet carolina parrot
botany/audubon jay magpie scrub jay aphelocoma coerulescens
trains trolleys/augustus egg companions travelling companions
whats new/battle buena vista 1847 battle buena vista american
whats new/new york santa claus man dressed santa claus
us cities/new orleans cotton exhcange view cotton exchange
us states/nebraska settlers c1886 family homesteaders
portraits/francisco pancho villa 1878 1923 mexican
portraits/francisco pancho villa 1878 1923 mexican
portraits/francisco pancho villa 1878 1923 mexican
holidays/christmas eve c1906 studio photograph santa
holidays/christmas eve c1897 studio photograph santa
audubon/audubon heron great blue heron ardea herodias