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food drink/louise moillon life fruit basket box asparagus
Louise Moillon: Still life of fruit basket and box of asparagus. Oil, 17th century
#media dmcs-7832481
food drink/french ad poster 1924 am cassandre pivolo
French advertising poster, 1924, by A.M. Cassandre for Pivolo aperitif
#media dmcs-7834167
food drink/american soldiers sidewalk cafe paris france
Three American soldiers at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, France, following the Allied
#media dmcs-10406326
food drink/tv dinner 1954 packaging swansons turkey tv dinner
TV DINNER, 1954. Packaging for Swanson's turkey TV dinner, 1954, designed to
#media dmcs-6203057
food drink/gin label c1900 gordon company gin label
GIN LABEL, c1900. Gordon & Company gin label, London, c1900
#media dmcs-12244052
food drink/florida native americans curing fish game barbecue
Florida Native Americans curing fish and game on a barbecue. Colored engraving, 1591
#media dmcs-7832891
vintage ads/ad sean connery jim beam kentucky bourbon 1966
Advertisement with Sean Connery for Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon, 1966
#media dmcs-7832111
food drink/gourd cucurbitaceae family taro dasheen
Gourd (Cucurbitaceae family), taro or dasheen (Colocasia esculenta), and pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo)
#media dmcs-7834343
vintage ads/world war ii themed coca cola ad poster 1941
World War II themed Coca-Cola advertisement poster, 1941
#media dmcs-7834103
food drink/cowboys making bread camp montana photograph l
Cowboys making bread at a camp in Montana. Photograph by L.A. Huffman, 1904
#media dmcs-7832531
food drink/variegated spanish iris iris bulbosa mixta
Variegated Spanish iris (iris bulbosa mixta), wild leek (moly latifolium) and another
#media dmcs-7831931
vintage ads/american ad ancient age kentucky bourbon 1967
American advertisement for Ancient Age Kentucky Bourbon, 1967
#media dmcs-7834319
vintage ads/american label featuring tomatoes wayne county
American label featuring tomatoes for the Wayne County Preserving Company
#media dmcs-7834305
vintage ads/ad american magazine 1968
Advertisement from an American magazine, 1968
#media dmcs-7834237
vintage ads/france champagne french lithograph ad
'France-Champagne.' French lithograph advertising poster by Pierre Bonnard
#media dmcs-7834215
food drink/edouard manet oysters canvas 1862
Edouard Manet: Oysters. Canvas, 1862
#media dmcs-7834203
food drink/tomato lycopersicon esculentum engraving
The tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum). Engraving for Basilius Besler's 'Florilegium
#media dmcs-7834161
vintage ads/ad bakers breakfast cocoa c1900
Advertisement for Baker's Breakfast Cocoa, c1900
#media dmcs-7834025
vintage ads/ad chef boy ar dees quick tempting
Advertisement for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee's 'Quick, tempting... tasty' spaghetti dinner
#media dmcs-7834019
food drink/to thee thine mine hearty thanksgiving greeting
'To thee and thine, from me and mine, a hearty Thanksgiving greeting
#media dmcs-7832883
food drink/american magazine advretisement 1919
American magazine advretisement, 1919
#media dmcs-7832857
vintage ads/american ad old grand dad old taylor mount vernon
American advertisement for Old Grand-Dad, Old Taylor, Mount Vernon, and Old Overholt whiskeys
#media dmcs-7832799
food drink/give first priority gathering soviet harvest
"Give first priority to gathering the Soviet harvest!": Russian Soviet poster
#media dmcs-7832787
vintage ads/ad high straight bourbon whiskey 1939
Advertisement for Ten High Straight Bourbon whiskey, 1939
#media dmcs-7832747
food drink/american thanksgiving card c1900
American Thanksgiving card, c1900
#media dmcs-7832573
food drink/citron citrus medica seville orange citrus
Citron (Citrus medica); Seville orange (Citrus aurantium) and orange (citrus aurantium)
#media dmcs-7832511
food drink/artichoke heads cynara scolymus engraving
Artichoke heads (Cynara scolymus): engraving from Basilius Besler's "Florilegium
#media dmcs-7832479
food drink/arcimboldo summer 1563 oil canvas giuseppe arcimboldo
ARCIMBOLDO: SUMMER, 1563. Oil on canvas by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1563
#media dmcs-6202821
vintage ads/american ad old grand dad old taylor mount vernon
American advertisement for Old Grand-Dad, Old Taylor, Mount Vernon, and Old Overholt whiskeys
#media dmcs-7834155
food drink/interior food counter rural coffee shop alpine texas
Interior of a food counter in a rural coffee shop in Alpine, Texas. Photograph by Russell Lee
#media dmcs-13215459
food drink/miraculous still 1839 lalambic miraculous
MIRACULOUS STILL, 1839. 'L'alambic miraculous' (The Miraculous Still)
#media dmcs-12244140
food drink/cookbook 1914 cover a book good dinners
COOKBOOK, 1914. Cover of 'A Book of Good Dinners For My Friend' by Fannie
#media dmcs-12244138
food drink/title page wine book 1568 title page a
TITLE PAGE: WINE BOOK, 1568. Title page of 'A New Boke of the Natures and Properties
#media dmcs-12244136
food drink/title page cookbook 1681 title page a new digester
TITLE PAGE: COOKBOOK, 1681. Title page for 'A New Digester, or Engine for Softening
#media dmcs-12244134
food drink/drinking party 1516 satirical woodcut drinking party
DRINKING PARTY, 1516. Satirical woodcut of a drinking party, referring to a legend
#media dmcs-12244132
food drink/cartoon alcoholism 1874 the bottle imp
CARTOON: ALCOHOLISM, 1874. 'The Bottle Imp.' Cartoon by Frank Bellew, 1874
#media dmcs-12244130
food drink/pruning grape vines march illumination late
PRUNING GRAPE VINES in March: illumination from a late 14th century French psalter
#media dmcs-12244124
food drink/mexico coffee c1890 coffee stand tracks
MEXICO: COFFEE, c1890. A coffee stand along the tracks of the Mexican Central Railroad
#media dmcs-12244094
food drink/new york wine industry exporting american
NEW YORK: WINE INDUSTRY. Exporting American wine produced by Werner and Company
#media dmcs-12244092
food drink/new york wine industry werner company employees
NEW YORK: WINE INDUSTRY. Werner and Company employees bottling champagne in New York City
#media dmcs-12244090
food drink/new york wine industry interior werner
NEW YORK: WINE INDUSTRY. Interior of Werner and Company's champange depot on Broadway
#media dmcs-12244088
food drink/new york wine industry entrance werner
NEW YORK: WINE INDUSTRY. Entrance to Werner and Company's wine store on Broadway
#media dmcs-12244086
food drink/new york wine industry wine cellars werner
NEW YORK: WINE INDUSTRY. Wine cellars of Werner and Company on Park Place in New
#media dmcs-12244084
food drink/silhouette daily life coffee drinking scene
SILHOUETTE: DAILY LIFE. Coffee drinking scene
#media dmcs-12244082
food drink/palestine grinding coffee palestinian women
PALESTINE: GRINDING COFFEE. Two Palestinian women grinding coffee. Stereograph, c1905
#media dmcs-12244080
food drink/dinner party c1820 the dinner party
DINNER PARTY, c1820. 'The Dinner Party
#media dmcs-12244076
food drink/cooking roast c1530 smelling roast woodcut
COOKING: ROAST, c1530. Smelling the roast. Woodcut, c1530
#media dmcs-12244074
food drink/glutton 1568 gluttonous fool woodcut 1568
GLUTTON, 1568. The gluttonous fool. Woodcut, 1568, by Jost Amman
#media dmcs-12244072
food drink/maple sugar party c1900 stereograph american
MAPLE SUGAR PARTY, c1900. Stereograph, American, c1900
#media dmcs-12244070


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