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fine art/eckersberg nude c1837 woman standing mirror
ECKERSBERG: NUDE, c1837. 'Woman Standing in Front of a Mirror.' Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-6622799
fine art/delacroix orphan 1824 eugene delacroix
DELACROIX: ORPHAN, 1824. Eugene Delacroix: Orphan Girl at Cemetery. Oil on canvas, 1824
#media dmcs-6249361
flora fauna/durham bull 1856 duke cambridge durham bull
DURHAM BULL, 1856. 'Duke of Cambridge, Durham Bull
#media dmcs-6191470
abstract painting/oil gauze board paul klee editorial use
Oil on gauze and board by Paul Klee. EDITORIAL USE ONLY
#media dmcs-10717186
fine art/renoir odalisque 1870 pierre auguste renoir odalisque
RENOIR: ODALISQUE, 1870. Pierre Auguste Renoir: Odalisque. Canvas, 1870
#media dmcs-6250619
fine art/chambers macedonian capture hbm frigate macedonian u
#media dmcs-12244624
fine art/chambers boston boston harbor oil canvas
CHAMBERS: BOSTON. 'Boston Harbor.' Oil on canvas by Thomas Chambers, mid-19th
#media dmcs-12244622
fine art/chambers gibraltar felucca off gibraltar
CHAMBERS: GIBRALTAR. 'Felucca off Gibraltar.' Oil on canvas by Thomas Chambers
#media dmcs-12244620
fine art/chambers new york lake george village caldwell
CHAMBERS: NEW YORK. 'Lake George and the Village of Caldwell
#media dmcs-12244618
fine art/chambers new york packet ship passing castle williams
CHAMBERS: NEW YORK. 'Packet Ship Passing Castle Williams, New York Harbor
#media dmcs-12244616
fine art/chambers new york staten island narrows
CHAMBERS: NEW YORK. 'Staten Island and the Narrows
#media dmcs-12244614
fine art/chambers new york view west point
CHAMBERS: NEW YORK. 'View of West Point
#media dmcs-12244612
fine art/chambers new york threatening sky bay new york
CHAMBERS: NEW YORK. 'Threatening Sky, Bay of New York
#media dmcs-12244610
fine art/chambers new york the bay new york sunset
CHAMBERS: NEW YORK. 'The Bay of New York, Sunset
#media dmcs-12244608
fine art/venice piazza san marco piazza san marco venice
VENICE: PIAZZA SAN MARCO. Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy, looking looking east
#media dmcs-12244604
fine art/venice santi apostoli campo santi apostoli venice
VENICE: SANTI APOSTOLI. Campo Santi Apostoli in Venice, Italy, with the canal Rio dei SS
#media dmcs-12244602
fine art/venice campo dei gesuiti campo dei gesuiti venice
VENICE: CAMPO DEI GESUITI. Campo dei Gesuiti in Venice, Italy, with Ponte dei Gesuiti
#media dmcs-12244600
fine art/venice maria formosa campo sta maria formosa venice
VENICE: MARIA FORMOSA. Campo Sta. Maria Formosa in Venice, Italy, with Palazzo
#media dmcs-12244598
fine art/venice stefano 1735 campo san stefano venice
VENICE: STEFANO, 1735. Campo San Stefano in Venice, Italy,(formerly named after
#media dmcs-12244596
fine art/venice church 1735 santa maria zobenigo venice
VENICE: CHURCH, 1735. Santa Maria Zobenigo in Venice, Italy, also known as Santa
#media dmcs-12244594
fine art/sailor 1918 portrait sailor looking picture
SAILOR, 1918. Portrait of a sailor looking at a picture of his sweetheart
#media dmcs-12244587
fine art/lady hangaku c1885 lady hangaku samurai
LADY HANGAKU, c1885. Lady Hangaku, a samurai warrior from the 12th century
#media dmcs-12244585
fine art/bellows john sullivan introducing john l
#media dmcs-12244583
fine art/cassatt caress 1891 maternal caress
CASSATT: CARESS, 1891. 'Maternal Caress.' Drypoint and aquatint by Mary Cassatt
#media dmcs-12244581
fine art/cassatt jeannette 1901 jeannette mother
CASSATT: JEANNETTE, 1901. 'Jeannette and her mother seated on a sofa
#media dmcs-12244579
fine art/cassatt coiffure 1891 the coiffure
CASSATT: COIFFURE, 1891. 'The Coiffure.' Drypoint and aquatint by Mary Cassatt
#media dmcs-12244577
fine art/cassatt mother 1891 mothers kiss drypoint
CASSATT: MOTHER, 1891. 'Mother's Kiss.' Drypoint and aquatint by Mary Cassatt
#media dmcs-12244575
fine art/cassatt bath 1891 the bath drypoint
CASSATT: BATH, 1891. 'The Bath.' Drypoint and aquatint by Mary Cassatt, 1891
#media dmcs-12244573
fine art/cassatt toilette 1891 la toilette drypoint
CASSATT: TOILETTE, 1891. 'La Toilette' Drypoint and aquatint by Mary Cassatt
#media dmcs-12244571
fine art/cassatt lamp 1891 the lamp drypoint
CASSATT: THE LAMP, 1891. 'The Lamp.' Drypoint and aquatint by Mary Cassatt, 1891
#media dmcs-12244569
fine art/cassatt banjo lesson the banjo lesson
CASSATT: BANJO LESSON. 'The Banjo Lesson.' Drypoint and aquatint by Mary Cassatt
#media dmcs-12244567
fine art/cassatt letter c1890 the letter drypoint
CASSATT: THE LETTER, c1890. 'The Letter.' Drypoint and aquatint by Mary Cassatt
#media dmcs-12244565
fine art/homer boys 1875 three boys dory lobster pots
HOMER: THREE BOYS, 1875. 'Three Boys in a Dory with Lobster Pots.' Winslow Homer
#media dmcs-12244563
fine art/homer cotton pickers oil canvas winslow homer
HOMER: THE COTTON PICKERS. Oil on canvas, Winslow Homer, 1876
#media dmcs-12244561
fine art/homer blue boat 1892 watercolor paper
HOMER: THE BLUE BOAT, 1892. Watercolor on paper, Winslow Homer, 1892
#media dmcs-12244559
fine art/venice campo san polo campo san polo venice
VENICE: CAMPO SAN POLO. Campo San Polo in Venice, Italy, with Palazzo Corner Mocenigo
#media dmcs-12244557
fine art/venice san rocco 1735 scuola di san rocco venice
VENICE: SAN ROCCO, 1735. Scuola di San Rocco in Venice, Italy, one of the great Guilds
#media dmcs-12244555
fine art/venice molo 1735 molo venice italy looking west
VENICE: THE MOLO, 1735. The Molo in Venice, Italy, looking west, Column of St
#media dmcs-12244553
fine art/venice church 1735 church san nicolo di castello venice
VENICE: CHURCH, 1735. Church of San Nicolo di Castello in Venice, Italy, with canal
#media dmcs-12244551
fine art/venice monument 1735 campo santi giovanni e paolo venice
VENICE: MONUMENT, 1735. Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice, Italy, and the
#media dmcs-12244549
fine art/venice grand canal 1735 riva degli schiavoni venice
VENICE: GRAND CANAL, 1735. Riva degli Schiavoni in Venice, Italy, looking east
#media dmcs-12244547
fine art/venice bucintoro 1735 bucintoro state
VENICE: BUCINTORO, 1735. The Bucintoro (state barge) returning to the Molo on Ascension
#media dmcs-12244529
fine art/venice chiara canal 1735 canale di santa chiara venice
VENICE: CHIARA CANAL, 1735. The Canale di Santa Chiara in Venice, Italy looking
#media dmcs-12244525
fine art/venice grand canal 1735 regatta grand canal venice
VENICE: GRAND CANAL, 1735. A regatta on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. Engraving
#media dmcs-12244523
fine art/venice grand canal 1735 grand canal venice
VENICE: GRAND CANAL, 1735. The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy looking from Chiesa
#media dmcs-12244521
fine art/venice grand canal 1735 grand canal venice italy
VENICE: GRAND CANAL, 1735. The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. View of the Rialto Bridge
#media dmcs-12244519
fine art/homer herring net 1885 oil canvas winslow homer
HOMER: HERRING NET, 1885. Oil on canvas, Winslow Homer, 1885
#media dmcs-12244517
fine art/homer fog warning 1885 oil canvas winslow homer
HOMER: FOG WARNING, 1885. Oil on canvas, Winslow Homer, 1885
#media dmcs-12244515
fine art/sisley les sablons 1883 a path les sablons
SISLEY: LES SABLONS, 1883. 'A Path at Les Sablons.' Oil on canvas, Alfred Sisley
#media dmcs-12244513


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