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finance commerce/capitalist pyramid 1911 american socialist
CAPITALIST PYRAMID, 1911. American Socialist poster
finance commerce/cartoon anti trust 1889 bosses senate
CARTOON: ANTI-TRUST, 1889. The Bosses of the Senate. American anti-trust cartoon, 1889
finance commerce/wall street bears bulls bulls bears market
WALL STREET: BEARS & BULLS. 'Bulls and Bears in the Market
finance commerce/deadwood south dakota wall street following
DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Wall Street, following Snaky Gulch bottom, in the frontier
finance commerce/jay gould cartoon 1882 1882 cartoon frederick
JAY GOULD CARTOON, 1882. An 1882 cartoon by Frederick Burr Opper of Wall Street as
finance commerce/stock market crash cartoon new york stock exchange
STOCK MARKET CRASH. Cartoon: New York Stock Exchange on "Black Thursday", 1929
finance commerce/bank panic 1857 wall street half past 2 oclock
BANK PANIC OF 1857. Wall Street, half past 2 O'Clock, 13 October 1857
finance commerce/london financial district aerial view financial
LONDON: FINANCIAL DISTRICT. Aerial view of the financial district of London, England
finance commerce/bookkeeper 16th century keeper accounts large
BOOKKEEPER, 16TH CENTURY. The keeper of accounts in a large merchant's house: woodcut
finance commerce/financial center c1920 crowd men involved curb
FINANCIAL CENTER, c1920. Crowd of men involved in curb exchange trading on Broad Street
finance commerce/england currency 1854 banknote printing room
ENGLAND: CURRENCY, 1854. The banknote printing room at the Bank of England
finance commerce/mutual funds 1901 american magazine ad mutual
MUTUAL FUNDS, 1901. American magazine advertisement for mutual accounts at three different
finance commerce/england paper mill 1854 paper manufacture banknotes
ENGLAND: PAPER MILL, 1854. Paper mill for the manufacture of banknotes, in Laverstoke
finance commerce/bank england 1872 burning banknotes taken
BANK OF ENGLAND, 1872. The burning of banknotes taken out of circulation, at the
finance commerce/bank england 1872 entrance gold bullion vaults
BANK OF ENGLAND, 1872. Entrance to the gold bullion vaults at the Bank of England
finance commerce/new york panic 1887 crowd wheat pit new york
NEW YORK: PANIC, 1887. Crowd in the 'wheat pit' of the New York Produce Exchange
finance commerce/dollar bill 1896 dollar silver certificate issued u
TWO DOLLAR BILL, 1896. A two dollar silver certificate issued by the U
finance commerce/dollar bill 1854 dollar issued delaware city bank
DOLLAR BILL, 1854. One dollar bill issued by the Delaware City Bank, Delaware City
finance commerce/dollar bill 1856 dollar issued lecompton kansas
THREE DOLLAR BILL, 1856. Three dollar bill issued in Lecompton, Kansas Territory, 1856
finance commerce/federal reserve board members federal reserve
FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. Members of the Federal Reserve Board shortly after its creation
finance commerce/united states mint 1792 coinage act signed
UNITED STATES MINT, 1792. The Coinage Act, signed 3 March 1791, establishing the
finance commerce/first bank us 1811 contemporary american lithograph
FIRST BANK OF U.S., 1811. Contemporary American lithograph cartoon depicting the
finance commerce/new york curb market rendering building new york
NEW YORK CURB MARKET. Rendering of the building of the New York Curb Market at Trinity
finance commerce/new york curb market new york curb market trinity
NEW YORK CURB MARKET. The New York Curb Market at Trinity Place, New York, to which
finance commerce/massachusetts note 1775 in defense american
MASSACHUSETTS NOTE, 1775. 'In defense of American Liberty
finance commerce/to counterfeit death 5 pound note printed hall
'TO COUNTERFEIT IS DEATH.' Detail from a 5 pound note printed by Hall & Sellers
finance commerce/bank check 1782 check bank north america 22
BANK CHECK, 1782. Check on the Bank of North America, 22 June 1782; one of the
finance commerce/paper currency 1759 pound paper issued philadelphia
PAPER CURRENCY, 1759. Five pound paper bill issued in Philadelphia, 1759
finance commerce/colonial currency 1776 shilling paper issued
COLONIAL CURRENCY, 1776. Four shilling paper bill issued in Delaware, 1 January 1776
finance commerce/colonial bill 1776 18 pence issued colony new
COLONIAL BILL, 1776. 18 pence bill issued by the colony of New Jersey according
finance commerce/stock certificate 1792 share stock certificate
STOCK CERTIFICATE, 1792. A share of stock and a certificate of ownership issued
finance commerce/federal reserve 1914 district governors federal
FEDERAL RESERVE, 1914. District Governors of the Federal Reserve
finance commerce/stock brokers c1902 crowd men involved curb
STOCK BROKERS, c1902. Crowd of men involved in curb exchange trading on Broad Street
finance commerce/stock brokers 1920 crowd men involved curb exchange
STOCK BROKERS, 1920. Crowd of men involved in curb exchange trading on Wall Street
finance commerce/financial centre c1900 corner broad street wall
FINANCIAL CENTRE, c1900. The corner of Broad Street and Wall Street, New York City
finance commerce/new york curb market 1918 view broad street
NEW YORK CURB MARKET, 1918. View up Broad Street, overlooking the 'Curb Market
finance commerce/stock exchange c1908 exterior new york stock
STOCK EXCHANGE, c1908. Exterior of the New York Stock Exchange
finance commerce/new york stock exchange consolidated stock exchange
NEW YORK: STOCK EXCHANGE. The Consolidated Stock Exchange of New York building
finance commerce/new york curb market 1921 new york curb market
NEW YORK CURB MARKET, 1921. The New York Curb Market Building
finance commerce/broad street c1916 view broad street new york
BROAD STREET, c1916. A view of Broad Street in New York City's financial district
finance commerce/curb stock brokers c1916 stock brokers trading
CURB STOCK BROKERS, c1916. Stock brokers trading on the New York Curb Association market
finance commerce/check forger 1890 check forger caught new york bank
CHECK FORGER, 1890. A check forger is caught at a New York bank. Wood engraving
finance commerce/minting coins c1515 minting coins woodcut german
MINTING COINS, c1515. The minting of coins. Woodcut, German, by Hans Burgkmair, c1515
finance commerce/austria banknote 1902 banknote 1000 kronen
AUSTRIA: BANKNOTE, 1902. Banknote for 1000 kronen issued in the Austro-Hungarian
finance commerce/hungary banknote 1902 1000 korona banknote
HUNGARY: BANKNOTE, 1902. 1000 korona banknote issued in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
finance commerce/london stock exchange well known faces consol market
LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE. 'Well-Known Faces in the Consol Market
finance commerce/london royal exchange bank england royal exchange
LONDON: ROYAL EXCHANGE. Bank of England and Royal Exchange at Threadneedle
finance commerce/canadian currency 1837 rebellion scrip issued
CANADIAN CURRENCY, 1837. Rebellion scrip issued under the name Distillery of St
finance commerce/new jersey banknote 1763 pound paper
NEW JERSEY BANKNOTE, 1763. Six pound paper bill
finance commerce/indented banknote 1709 new york fifty shilling
INDENTED BANKNOTE, 1709. New York fifty shilling indented paper bill, 1709
finance commerce/cartoon charge accounts delusion snare american
CARTOON: CHARGE ACCOUNTS. 'Delusion' and snare in this American cartoon of 1914
finance commerce/clearing house certificate new york 1887
Clearing House Certificate. New York, 1887
finance commerce/exchange 1739 english exchange issued bristol 1739
BILL OF EXCHANGE, 1739. An English bill of exchange issued at Bristol, 1739. English
finance commerce/black friday cartoon 1873 the short boys i
BLACK FRIDAY CARTOON, 1873. 'The Short Boys: I don't mind losing my own
finance commerce/texas banknote 1840 note dollars issued treasury
TEXAS BANKNOTE, 1840. Note for five dollars issued by the Treasury Department of
finance commerce/wild men wall street giving animals little
WILD MEN OF WALL STREET. 'Giving the animals a little sunlight
finance commerce/texas banknote 1841 note dollars issued treasury
TEXAS BANKNOTE, 1841. Note for three dollars issued by the Treasury Department
finance commerce/texas banknote 1838 dollar banknote issued treasury
TEXAS BANKNOTE, 1838. Ten dollar banknote issued by the Treasury Department of
finance commerce/texas banknote 1839 fifty dollar banknote issued
TEXAS BANKNOTE, 1839. Fifty dollar banknote issued by the Treasury Department of
finance commerce/texas banknote 1839 note dollars issued treasury
TEXAS BANKNOTE, 1839. Note for one hundred dollars issued by the Treasury Department
finance commerce/stock ticker 1885 line drawing american 1885
STOCK TICKER, 1885. Line drawing, American, 1885
finance commerce/new york stock exchange photographed c1904
NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Photographed c1904
finance commerce/new york stock exchange secret picture c1907
NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. A "secret" picture, c1907, made with a camera concealed
finance commerce/us bank banknote 1840 thousand dollar banknote
U.S. BANK BANKNOTE, 1840. One thousand dollar banknote issued in 1840 by The Bank
finance commerce/new york stock exchange dedication ceremonies
NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Dedication ceremonies at the opening of the New York Stock
finance commerce/new york stock exchange day new york stock exchange
NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. The last day of the New York Stock Exchange in its former
finance commerce/bank 1910 students participating school savings
BANK, 1910. Students participating in a school savings program at an American bank
finance commerce/bank panic 1869 what fall there countrymen
BANK PANIC, 1869. 'What a Fall was There, My Countrymen!' Thomas Nast's
finance commerce/bank panic 1873 the long short general
BANK PANIC, 1873. "The 'Long' and 'Short' of it is a General
finance commerce/london stock exchange watercolor thomas rowlandson
LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE. Watercolor by Thomas Rowlandson, published in Rudolph
finance commerce/maryland bank note 1774 banknote dollars
MARYLAND BANK NOTE, 1774. Banknote for eight dollars
finance commerce/coiners 1577 coiners work woodcut 1577 raphael
COINERS, 1577. Coiners at work. Woodcut, 1577, from Raphael Holinshed's 'Historie
finance commerce/new york stock exchange diorama founding new
NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Diorama of the founding of the New York Stock Exchange
finance commerce/colt factory c1903 colt firearms company view
COLT FACTORY, c1903. Colt Firearms Company, view of armory, Hartford, Connecticut
finance commerce/peddler 1868 the peddlers wagon wood engraving
PEDDLER, 1868. 'The Peddler's Wagon
finance commerce/new york bell foundry moulding casting bells
NEW YORK: BELL FOUNDRY. Moulding and casting bells at Meneely's Bell Foundry in Troy
finance commerce/new york bell foundry mounting room yard meneelys
NEW YORK: BELL FOUNDRY. The mounting room and yard at Meneely's Bell Foundry in Troy
finance commerce/market c1916 sa gatte dry goods stand photograph
MARKET, c1916. S.A. Gatte dry goods stand. Photograph, c1916
finance commerce/berlin fish market 1874 the preserving tanks
BERLIN: FISH MARKET, 1874. 'The preserving tanks at the fish-market, Berlin, Prussia
finance commerce/new york toys c1910 vendor selling christmas
NEW YORK: TOYS, c1910. A vendor selling Christmas toys on 6th Avenue in New York City
finance commerce/du bois shops 1922 women window shopping
DU BOIS: SHOPS, 1922. Two women window shopping. Oil on panel by Guy Pene Du Bois, 1922
finance commerce/furriers 1568 woodcut 1568 jost amman
FURRIERS, 1568. Woodcut, 1568, by Jost Amman
finance commerce/country peddler c1825 woodcut c1825 alexander
COUNTRY PEDDLER, c1825. Woodcut, c1825, by Alexander Anderson
finance commerce/trade card c1830 trade card boston merchant
TRADE CARD, c1830. Trade card of a Boston merchant who sold to country dealers
finance commerce/country store 1847 store selling west india
COUNTRY STORE, 1847. Store selling West India goods in Worcester, Massachusetts
finance commerce/country trader card c1830 trade card concord
COUNTRY TRADER CARD, c1830. Trade card of a Concord, Massachusetts, country trader
finance commerce/country store 1826 stock items typical new england
COUNTRY STORE, 1826. Stock items of a typical New England country store, and their
finance commerce/school trade card c1860 mes school carmel
SCHOOL TRADE CARD, c1860. M.E.S. School, Carmel, New York
finance commerce/clothing trade card c1890 dress goods jamestown
CLOTHING TRADE CARD, c1890. Dress goods by Jamestown Worsted Mills
finance commerce/trade card c1890 merchants trade card american
TRADE CARD, c1890. Merchant's trade card, American, c1890, for the Northern Queen
finance commerce/pawn shop 1874 government pawn shop
PAWN SHOP, 1874. The government pawn shop
finance commerce/christmas shopping c1750 line drawing american
CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, c1750. Line drawing, American, 1896
finance commerce/england trade charter act parliament 13 october
ENGLAND: TRADE CHARTER. Act of Parliament, 13 October 1698, establishing the English
finance commerce/female barber shop 1895 a chicago phase development
FEMALE BARBER-SHOP, 1895. 'A Chicago phase of the development of the "New Woman
finance commerce/drugstore 1890 american drugstore exterior
DRUGSTORE, 1890. American drugstore exterior. Photograph
finance commerce/trading post 1882 first trading post canyon diablo
TRADING POST, 1882. First Trading Post, Canyon Diablo, Arizona, 1882
finance commerce/country store 1906 checkers country store
COUNTRY STORE, 1906. 'Checkers at the country store
finance commerce/merchants trade card london england c1685
MERCHANT'S TRADE CARD. London, England, c1685
finance commerce/auction ad auction ad new york newspaper 1873
AUCTION ADVERTISEMENT. An auction advertisement from a New York newspaper of 1873


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