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end world/bruegel triumph death triumph death tempera panel
BRUEGEL: TRIUMPH OF DEATH. Triumph of Death; tempera on panel, c1562, by Peter Bruegel
#media dmcs-7586521
end world/view utopia colored woodcut sir thomas mores utopia
THE VIEW OF UTOPIA. Colored woodcut from Sir Thomas More's "Utopia," 1518
#media dmcs-7586569
end world/day earth stood still robot gort scene film
DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. The robot, Gort, in a scene from the film, 'The Day
#media dmcs-7586549
animals/hicks noahs ark 1846 oil canvas edward hicks
HICKS: NOAH'S ARK, 1846. Oil on canvas by Edward Hicks, 1846
#media dmcs-7586527
end world/1904 1967 american physicist oppenheimer
(1904-1967). American physicist. Oppenheimer (left) as scientific director of the
#media dmcs-10406536
disease healthcare/costume worn members brotherhood mercy dealing
Costume worn by members of the Brotherhood of Mercy when dealing with victims of the plague
#media dmcs-8866409
end world/billy graham 1918 william franklin graham
BILLY GRAHAM (1918- ). William Franklin Graham
#media dmcs-7586777
end world/south carolina hurricane hurricane coast charleston
SOUTH CAROLINA: HURRICANE. A hurricane on the coast of Charleston, South Carolina
#media dmcs-7586677
end world/neptune uranus planets neptune uranus line earth sun
NEPTUNE AND URANUS. The planets Neptune and Uranus in line with the Earth and Sun
#media dmcs-7586617
end world/sinners suffer hells buddhism japanese scroll
Sinners suffer in one of the hells of Buddhism. Japanese scroll, late 12th century
#media dmcs-10730747
end world/peruvian incan cosmogram representing sun center
Peruvian Incan cosmogram, representing the sun as the center, the condors of the compass points
#media dmcs-10408740
end world/william gilbert 1540 1603 english physician physicist
William Gilbert (1540-1603). English physician and physicist. Motion in magnetic field
#media dmcs-10408708
end world/manuscript illumination god great architect universe
MANUSCRIPT ILLUMINATION. God as the great Architect of the Universe
#media dmcs-7586685
end world/volcanic lightning 1963 lightning clouds surtsey volcano
VOLCANIC LIGHTNING, 1963. Lightning in the clouds above the Surtsey volcano, off
#media dmcs-7586607
end world/billy sunday 1862 1935 william ashley billy sunday
BILLY SUNDAY (1862-1935). William Ashley 'Billy' Sunday. American evangelist
#media dmcs-7586567
astronomy/astrology 16th century medieval astrologer
ASTROLOGY, 16th CENTURY. Medieval astrologer attempting to discover the secrets behind
#media dmcs-7586559
end world/burying plague victims coffins tournai 1349
BURYING PLAGUE VICTIMS in coffins at Tournai in 1349
#media dmcs-7586541
end world/world war ii bomb shelter woman kneeling
WORLD WAR II: BOMB SHELTER. A woman kneeling beside a girl in a bunk bed in a bomb
#media dmcs-7586829