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education/classroom emerson school girls boston massachusetts
Classroom in the Emerson School for Girls, Boston, Massachusetts. Oil over a daguerreotype
#media dmcs-10410010
modernism/rivera schoolteacher the rural school teacher
RIVERA: SCHOOLTEACHER. 'The Rural School Teacher
#media dmcs-8245403
education/miss blanche lamont school hecla montana
Miss Blanche Lamont with her school in Hecla, Montana, October 1893
#media dmcs-8244329
education/bryn mawr college c1916 labor summer school
BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, c1916. Labor summer school for women workers in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
#media dmcs-12237557
education/schoolbook 1478 title page school book
SCHOOLBOOK, 1478. Title page of a school book by Stephanus Fliscus de Soncino
#media dmcs-12237555
education/oxford military college mounted lance drill
OXFORD MILITARY COLLEGE. A mounted lance drill in the quadrangle at the Military
#media dmcs-12237553
education/atelier 1884 art student lighting chair
ATELIER, 1884. An art student lighting a fire under the chair of a new fellow student
#media dmcs-12237551
education/atelier 1884 bored art students falling
ATELIER, 1884. Bored art students falling asleep in a class focused on drawing ancient
#media dmcs-12237549
education/atelier 1884 art students turned away class arriving late
ATELIER, 1884. Art students turned away from a class after arriving late, at a European
#media dmcs-12237547
education/atelier 1884 relaxation painting room european atelier
ATELIER, 1884. 'Relaxation in the Painting-Room' at a European atelier. Engraving
#media dmcs-12237545
education/atelier 1884 art teacher selects model european atelier
ATELIER, 1884. An art teacher selects a model at a European atelier. Engraving
#media dmcs-12237543
education/glasgow university 1868 prince wales later
GLASGOW UNIVERSITY, 1868. The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), laying the
#media dmcs-12237541
education/atelier 1884 art students drawing copies
ATELIER, 1884. Art students drawing copies of other works of art in a European atelier
#media dmcs-12237539
education/marks professor 1883 professor british college
MARKS: THE PROFESSOR, 1883. Professor at a British college
#media dmcs-12237537
education/italian school 1875 italian school leonard
ITALIAN SCHOOL, 1875. The Italian school on Leonard Street in New York City
#media dmcs-12237535
education/university college 1881 view university college
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, 1881. A view of University College (the present-day University
#media dmcs-12237533
education/university durham 1887 college medicine
UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM, 1887. The College of Medicine of the University of Durham
#media dmcs-12237531
education/hornbook 18th century american colonial
HORNBOOK, 18TH CENTURY. American colonial hornbook of the 18th century. Reproduction
#media dmcs-12237529
education/lehigh university 1888 university library
LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1888. The university library at Lehigh University in Bethlehem
#media dmcs-12237527
education/lehigh university 1888 packer memorial
LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1888. Packer Memorial Church at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem
#media dmcs-12237525
education/lehigh university 1888 gymnasium lehigh
LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1888. The gymnasium at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
#media dmcs-12237523
education/lehigh university 1888 chemistry laboratory
LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1888. The chemistry laboratory at Lehigh University in Bethlehem
#media dmcs-12237521
education/lehigh university 1888 packer hall lehigh university
LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1888. Packer Hall at Lehigh University, named for founder Asa Packer
#media dmcs-12237519
education/tuskegee institute 1916 panorama view tuskegee
TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE, 1916. A panorama view of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. Photograph
#media dmcs-12237517
education/tuskegee institute 1907 aerial view tuskegee
TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE, 1907. An aerial view of the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. Photograph
#media dmcs-12237515
education/tuskegee institute c1906 carnegie library
TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE, c1906. The Carnegie Library at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama
#media dmcs-12237513
education/henry street settlement library henry street
HENRY STREET SETTLEMENT. The library at the Henry Street Settlement in New York City
#media dmcs-12237511
education/booker t washington home residence booker t
BOOKER T. WASHINGTON HOME. The residence of Booker T
#media dmcs-12237509
education/track field c1910 blind track field athletes
TRACK AND FIELD, c1910. Blind track and field athletes at Overbrook School for
#media dmcs-12237507
education/classroom 1492 schoolmaster class italy
CLASSROOM, 1492. A schoolmaster with his class in Italy
#media dmcs-12237505
education/east free school c1910 kindergarten classroom
EAST SIDE FREE SCHOOL, c1910. A kindergarten classroom at the Crippled Children's
#media dmcs-12237503
education/east free school c1910 disabled children
EAST SIDE FREE SCHOOL, c1910. Disabled children in a classroom at the Crippled
#media dmcs-12237501
education/yale university c1910 students leaving
YALE UNIVERSITY, c1910. Students leaving Battell Chapel at Yale University in New Haven
#media dmcs-12237499
education/winchester college 1861 audit room winchester college
WINCHESTER COLLEGE, 1861. The audit room of Winchester College, an independent
#media dmcs-12237493
education/winchester college 1861 schoolroom winchester college
WINCHESTER COLLEGE, 1861. The schoolroom of Winchester College, an independent
#media dmcs-12237491
education/education 1877 before school board engraving drawing e
EDUCATION, 1877. 'Before the school board.' Engraving after a drawing by E
#media dmcs-12237489
education/fisk university c1900 group portrait students
FISK UNIVERSITY, c1900. A group portrait of students at Fisk University in Nashville
#media dmcs-12237487
education/hine education 1920 african american men reading writing
HINE: EDUCATION, 1920. Three African-American men reading and writing, somewhere
#media dmcs-12237483
education/schoolhouse c1910 black white children
SCHOOLHOUSE, c1910. Black and white children outside of an American schoolhouse
#media dmcs-12237481
education/rural school room c1900 interior view rural school room
RURAL SCHOOL ROOM, c1900. Interior view of a rural school room. Painting, c1940
#media dmcs-12237479
education/kansas public school 1867 public school
KANSAS: PUBLIC SCHOOL, 1867. Public school building in Leavenworth, Kansas, under
#media dmcs-12237477
education/websters spelling book page noah websters
WEBSTER'S SPELLING BOOK. Page from Noah Webster's 'Elementary Spelling Book
#media dmcs-12237475
education/orbis pictus c1727 page american edition orbis pictus
ORBIS PICTUS, c1727. Page from an American edition of 'Orbis Pictus (The Visible
#media dmcs-12237473
education/new york tenement c1890 young immigrant
NEW YORK: TENEMENT, c1890. A young immigrant boy learning to write in a tenement
#media dmcs-12237471
education/hine gym class 1910 boys exercising gym
HINE: GYM CLASS, 1910. Boys exercising in a gym class at the Henry St
#media dmcs-12237469
education/hine shop class 1910 boys learning carpentry
HINE: SHOP CLASS, 1910. Boys learning carpentry in a woodwork shop class at the Henry St
#media dmcs-12237467
education/alabama classroom 1911 children settlement
ALABAMA: CLASSROOM, 1911. Children of the mill settlement attending school at Lynchburg
#media dmcs-12237465
education/alabama school 1910 elementary school
ALABAMA: MILL SCHOOL, 1910. The elementary school for children of mill workers
#media dmcs-12237463
education/roof garden recess 1909 immigrant children
ROOF GARDEN RECESS, 1909. Immigrant children learning to play games on the roof
#media dmcs-12237461


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