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chinese art/qing dynasty ancestory portrait ink color paper
Qing dynasty ancestory portrait. Ink and color on paper, late 18th century, by unknown
#media dmcs-10730955
chinese art/mongol groom leading horse presented tribute chinese court
A Mongol groom leading a horse to be presented as tribute to the Chinese court
#media dmcs-10731129
chinese art/silk weaving wooden loom chinese silk painting
Silk weaving on a wooden loom. Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
#media dmcs-10731049
chinese art/landscape rain kao ko kung 1248 1310
'Landscape After the Rain', by Kao K'o-kung (1248-1310). Yuan dynasty
#media dmcs-10731011
chinese art/known pure ones tao chun yu huang lao tse
Also known as the Three Pure Ones. Tao-Chun, Yu-Huang and Lao Tse. Line drawing
#media dmcs-10731015
chinese art/known chin shih huang ti cheng chinese emperor
Also known as Ch'in Shih Huang Ti or Cheng. Chinese emperor. Chinese drawing
#media dmcs-10730959
chinese art/china parakeet five colored parakeet blossoming
CHINA: PARAKEET. Detail from 'Five Colored Parakeet on Blossoming Apricot Tree
#media dmcs-10731147
chinese art/painting peasants harvesting fruit lotus pond
Painting of peasants harvesting fruit from a lotus pond, by a peasant painter of Huhsien
#media dmcs-10731145
chinese art/equestrian acrobats mongol circus left painted
Equestrian acrobats in a Mongol circus. Left detail of a painted silk handscroll
#media dmcs-10731143
chinese art/women drawing silk threads left beating
Women drawing out silk threads (left) and beating silk fibers in a trough with flails
#media dmcs-10731141
chinese art/triumphal entry han emperor liu bang imperial
The triumphal entry of Han emperor Liu Bang into the imperial capital of Chang'an, 202 B
#media dmcs-10731135
chinese art/women ironing completed bolt silk cloth
Women ironing a completed bolt of silk cloth
#media dmcs-10731133
chinese art/palace tang dynasty lake painted silk hanging scroll
A palace of the T'ang Dynasty beside a lake. Painted silk hanging scroll, Yuan Dynasty
#media dmcs-10731131
chinese art/prince siddhartha gautama encounters old man
Prince Siddhartha Gautama encounters an old man, a sick man, a decaying corpse,
#media dmcs-10731127
chinese art/yang kuei fei concubine emperor ming huang 712 756
Yang Kuei-fei, concubine of Emperor Ming Huang (712-756), mounting a horse
#media dmcs-10731125
chinese art/lacquered panel cabinet dragon phoenix floral design
Lacquered panel of a cabinet with dragon, phoenix, and floral design, from the reign of Xuande
#media dmcs-10731123
chinese art/archers china defending fortified house attackers
Archers in China defending a fortified house against attackers armed with spears
#media dmcs-10731117
chinese art/mounted warriors riding mountain pass china
Mounted warriors riding through a mountain pass in China. Watercolor on silk, c1820
#media dmcs-10731115
chinese art/scene outer courtyard forbidden city peking
Scene in the outer courtyard of the Forbidden City, Peking, China, on the return
#media dmcs-10731111
chinese art/emperor china 1661 1722 kang hsi entering
Emperor of China, 1661-1722. K'ang Hsi entering Peking on the occasion of his 60th birthday
#media dmcs-10731105
chinese art/chien lung ching emperor china 1736 1796
Ch'ien Lung, Ch'ing emperor of China (1736-1796), riding in a dragon-drawn
#media dmcs-10731103
chinese art/yang ti sui emperor china 604 618 fleet sailing craft
Yang Ti, Sui emperor of China (604-618), and his fleet of sailing craft, including
#media dmcs-10731097
chinese art/chien lung qing emperor china 1736 1796 deer hunt
Ch'ien Lung, Qing emperor of China (1736-1796), on a deer hunt. Painted silk scroll
#media dmcs-10731093
chinese art/kang hsi ching emperor china 1661 1722
K'ang Hsi, Ch'ing emperor of China (1661-1722), on an inspection tour in the south
#media dmcs-10731091
chinese art/mongol khan founder mongol dynasty china
Mongol khan and founder of Mongol dynasty in China. Chinese painting
#media dmcs-10731089
chinese art/tang emperor ming huang 712 756 instructing son
The T'ang emperor Ming Huang (712-756) instructing his son, the crown prince (lower right)
#media dmcs-10731087
chinese art/chinese porcelain vase reign emperor kang hsi 1661 1722
Chinese porcelain vase from the reign of Emperor K'ang Hsi (1661-1722), featuring
#media dmcs-10731085
chinese art/boats pearl river off canton china oil c1845
Boats in the Pearl River off Canton, China. Oil, c1845
#media dmcs-10731083
chinese art/painted fan depicting foreign factories waterfront canton
Painted fan depicting the foreign factories on the waterfront at Canton, China, c1825
#media dmcs-10731081
chinese art/chinese children fighting playing game go
Chinese children fighting while playing the game of 'Go' from the series 'Karako asobi
#media dmcs-10731079
philosophers/chinese wiseman holding sword riding tiger
A Chinese wiseman holding a sword and riding on the back of a tiger. Color woodcut
#media dmcs-10731077
chinese art/chinese sage sitting bench beneath banana trees
A Chinese sage sitting on a bench beneath banana trees, with servants preparing a meal
#media dmcs-10731073
japanese art/battle sino japanese war chinese soldiers
A battle during the Sino Japanese War between Chinese soldiers and Japanese General
#media dmcs-10731071
chinese art/the true nightingale sings emperor drawing henry j
'The true nightingale sings to the Emperor
#media dmcs-10731067
chinese art/cultivated silkworms graded chinese silk painting
Cultivated silkworms are graded. Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
#media dmcs-10731063
chinese art/picking mulberry leaves silkworm culture
Picking mulberry leaves for silkworm culture. Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
#media dmcs-10731061
chinese art/boiling silkworm cocoons chinese silk painting
Boiling silkworm cocoons. Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
#media dmcs-10731039
chinese art/chinese silk painting c1650 1726
Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
#media dmcs-10731029
chinese art/officials chinese cities compose essays designed
Officials of several Chinese cities compose essays designed to demonstrate their
#media dmcs-10731025
chinese art/hydraulic machine used power foundray furnace
Hydraulic machine used to power a foundray furnace. Sketch after a Chinese work of 1313
#media dmcs-10731021
chinese art/kylin celestial horse chinese mythology
Kylin, the celestial horse of Chinese mythology, similar to Pegasus
#media dmcs-10731017
chinese art/chinese philosopher founder taoism line drawing
Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism. Line drawing
#media dmcs-10731009
chinese art/ssu ma chien c145 c85 bc
SSU-MA CH'IEN (c145-c85 B.C.)
#media dmcs-10731007
chinese art/chinese emperor shih huang ti 259 210 b
Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti (259-210 B
#media dmcs-10731005
chinese art/emperor china 1402 24 ming dynasty
Emperor of China, 1402-24. Ming Dynasty
#media dmcs-10731003
chinese art/emperor ming huang 712 756 famous concubine
Emperor Ming Huang (712-756) and his famous concubine, Yang Kuei-fei, on horseback
#media dmcs-10731001
chinese art/war chariot type utilized genghis khans chinese opponents
A war chariot of the type utilized by Genghis Khan's Chinese opponents
#media dmcs-10730999
chinese art/ancient chinese brush drawing
After an ancient Chinese brush drawing
#media dmcs-10730993
chinese art/emperor china nightingale drawing arthur
The Emperor of China with the nightingale
#media dmcs-10730991


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