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bars taverns saloons/american comedian title role the bank dick
American comedian. In the title-role of 'The Bank Dick,' 1940
#media dmcs-8856203
bars taverns saloons/men standing board trade bar gambling house butte
Men standing in front of the 'Board of Trade' bar and gambling house in Butte, Montana
#media dmcs-8856341
bars taverns saloons/john greenwood american sea captains carousing surinam
John Greenwood: (American) Sea Captains Carousing in Surinam. Oil on bed ticking, c1758
#media dmcs-8856403
impressionism/edgar degas cafe absinthe drinker oil canvas
Edgar Degas: At the Cafe, or The Absinthe Drinker. Oil on canvas, 1873
#media dmcs-8856373
music musicians/view cotton club harlem new york 1930s
View of the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York, 1930s
#media dmcs-8856545
bars taverns saloons/oliver goldsmith james boswell samuel johnson
Oliver Goldsmith, James Boswell, and Samuel Johnson at the Mitre Tavern in London
#media dmcs-8856543
silent film stills/lupino lane pirates beware 1928
Lupino Lane in 'Pirates beware,' 1928
#media dmcs-8856019
bars taverns saloons/western film richard dix mid 20th century
Western film still with Richard Dix, mid 20th century
#media dmcs-8856597
bars taverns saloons/dancers dancing harlem conga blend lindy hop
Three dancers dancing the 'Harlem conga,' a blend of the lindy hop, conga
#media dmcs-10410156
bars taverns saloons/carmen amaya 1913 1963 dancing flamenco
Carmen Amaya (1913-1963) dancing the flamenco. Photograph, 1942
#media dmcs-8856615
bars taverns saloons/moses weinberger center bartenders mack obrien
Moses Weinberger (center) with bartenders Mack O'Brien (left) and Ike Reed at
#media dmcs-8856593
bars taverns saloons/daddys there american cartoon broadside
'Daddy's In There...'. American cartoon from a broadside published by
#media dmcs-8856551
bars taverns saloons/the temperance crusade who win cartoon
'The Temperance Crusade - Who will win?' Cartoon from an American newspaper
#media dmcs-8856537
bars taverns saloons/a womans liquor raid ladies fredericktown
'A woman's liquor raid - How the ladies of Fredericktown, Ohio, abolished
#media dmcs-8856521
bars taverns saloons/a fight street drawing frederic remington
'A Fight in the Street.' Drawing by Frederic Remington, late 19th century
#media dmcs-8856015
bars taverns saloons/exterior beer hall mound bayou mississippi
Exterior of a beer hall, Mound Bayou, Mississippi
#media dmcs-13215201
bars taverns saloons/saturday night craigsville minnesota saloon
A Saturday night at a Craigsville, Minnesota, saloon. Photograph, 1937, by Russell Lee
#media dmcs-13213370
silent film stills/leatrice joy scene film
Leatrice Joy in a scene from the film
#media dmcs-10493249
bars taverns saloons/contestants charleston dance contest served
Contestants at a Charleston dance contest being served food by musicians at a nightclub
#media dmcs-10493171
bars taverns saloons/line engraving american 1886
Line engraving, American, 1886
#media dmcs-10410240
bars taverns saloons/viennese nights 1930
Viennese Nights, 1930
#media dmcs-10410188
bars taverns saloons/texas guinan 1884 1933 queen nightclubs
Texas Guinan (1884-1933), Queen of the Nightclubs, in one of the New York City speakeasies
#media dmcs-10410164
bars taverns saloons/1960 film directed michelangelo antonioni
Still from the 1960 film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
#media dmcs-8856635
american elections/new yorkers predominantly irish immigrants
New Yorkers, predominantly Irish immigrants, casting their ballots in the 1858 elections
#media dmcs-8856631
bars taverns saloons/halt president rutherford b hayes bars
'Halt!' President Rutherford B. Hayes bars influence peddlers from entering U
#media dmcs-8856627
bars taverns saloons/beer garden wurzburg germany wood engraving
A Beer Garden at Würzburg, Germany. Wood engraving, American, 1870
#media dmcs-8856625
poets writers/1728 1774 anglo irish writer goldsmith
(1728-1774). Anglo-Irish writer. Goldsmith, James Boswell, and Samuel Johnson at
#media dmcs-8856623
bars taverns saloons/film hudsons bay paul muni pierre radisson
Film still from 'Hudson's Bay' with Paul Muni as Pierre Radisson, John
#media dmcs-8856619
bars taverns saloons/great northern railway saloon carriage prince
The Great Northern Railway saloon carriage for the Prince and Princess of Wales. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-8856613
bars taverns saloons/politicians country bar oil canvas james goodwyn clooney
'Politicians at a Country Bar.' Oil on canvas by James Goodwyn Clooney, 1844
#media dmcs-8856607
bars taverns saloons/eddie foy jr scene film
Eddie Foy, Jr. in a scene from a film
#media dmcs-8856603
bars taverns saloons/if body meet body comin rye cartoon
'If a body meet a body, Comin' through the rye.' Cartoon
#media dmcs-8856601
bars taverns saloons/an english lady preacher salvation army swiss tavern
'An English Lady-Preacher of the 'Salvation Army' in a Swiss Tavern
#media dmcs-8856599
bars taverns saloons/road honolulu hawaii photograph c1875
A road in Honolulu, Hawaii. Photograph, c1875
#media dmcs-8856587
bars taverns saloons/a german beer cellar night wood engraving
'A German beer cellar at night.' Wood engraving, 1875
#media dmcs-8856583
bars taverns saloons/men saloon leadville colorado photographed virgil g
Men in a saloon in Leadville, Colorado. Photographed by Virgil G. Jackson, c1900
#media dmcs-8856581
bars taverns saloons/manhattans business district 1888 contemporary
Manhattan's business district, 1888. Contemporary line engraving after a drawing
#media dmcs-8856577
expressionism/tabarin dancer tabarin nightclub montmartre paris
'Tabarin.' Dancer at the Tabarin nightclub in Montmartre, Paris. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-8856573
bars taverns saloons/grand saloon steamship pacific wood engraving
Grand saloon of the steamship 'Pacific.' Wood engraving, American, 1856
#media dmcs-8856571
bars taverns saloons/gin mill fox court london england wood engraving
A 'gin mill' in Fox Court, London, England. Wood engraving, English, 1861
#media dmcs-8856569
bars taverns saloons/from gin shop dancing rooms dancing rooms gin shop
'From the Gin Shop to the Dancing Rooms, from the Dancing Rooms to the Gin Shop
#media dmcs-8856567
bars taverns saloons/tavern leipzig germany action goethes faust takes place
The tavern in Leipzig, Germany, where part of the action in Goethe's Faust takes place
#media dmcs-8856565
bars taverns saloons/row cattle town line engraving 19th century
A row in a cattle town. Line engraving, 19th century
#media dmcs-8856559
silent film stills/the fighting roosevelts 1919
'The Fighting Roosevelts,' 1919
#media dmcs-8856555
bars taverns saloons/couple seated tavern french quarter new orleans louisiana
A couple seated in a tavern in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana
#media dmcs-8856541
bars taverns saloons/scenes cardplaying wining dining london tavern
Scenes of cardplaying, wining and dining in a London tavern: English watercolors
#media dmcs-8856533
bars taverns saloons/the drunkards children fine flaring gin
'The Drunkard's Children: Between the Fine Flaring Gin Palace and the Low Dirty Beer Shop
#media dmcs-8856531
bars taverns saloons/newly arrived immigrant ireland welcomed
A newly arrived immigrant from Ireland being welcomed at an Irish pub in New York City
#media dmcs-8856525
bars taverns saloons/1859 1881 known billy kid american desperado
(1859-1881). Known as Billy the Kid. American desperado
#media dmcs-8856519


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