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plans diagrams/plans wright brothers 1903 biplane
Plans of the Wright Brothers' 1903 Biplane
abstract painting/oil gauze board paul klee editorial use
Oil on gauze and board by Paul Klee. EDITORIAL USE ONLY
music musicians/american sheet music cover come josephine flying
American sheet music cover for 'Come Josephine in My Flying Machine,' with
world war i/1890 1973 american aviator photographed near toul
(1890-1973). American aviator. Photographed near Toul, France, in 1918
propaganda/join air service learn earn us army air
'Join the Air Service, Learn-Earn.' U.S. Army Air Service recruiting poster, 1918
aviation/nadars le geant balloon exhibition crystal
Nadar's 'Le Geant' balloon on exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London in 1863
aviation/charles lindbergh 1902 1974 american aviator
CHARLES LINDBERGH (1902-1974). American aviator
aviation/crash margaret grahams hot air balloon arlington
Crash of Margaret Graham's hot air balloon at Arlington Street in Piccadilly, London, England
plans diagrams/drawings leonardo da vinci ornithopter pilot
Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci of an ornithopter with pilot, and a life-preserver
plans diagrams/sketch parachute c1485 leonardo da vinci
Sketch of a parachute, c1485, by Leonardo da Vinci
aviation/the perils steam coaches english cartoon showing
'The Perils of Steam-Coaches.' English cartoon showing an explosion caused
aviation/jacques alexandre cesar charles departing nesle
Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles departing Nesle, France, after the landing of the
aviation/homo volans flying man parachute invented
'Homo Volans' (Flying Man) parachute invented by Fausto Veranzio (1551-1617)
aviation/steam powered helicopter invented enrico forlanini
Steam-powered helicopter invented by Enrico Forlanini in 1877
plans diagrams/plan flying machine line engraving 18th century
Plan of a flying machine. Line engraving, 18th century
aviation/world war i aircraft gunbus vickers fb5
World War I Aircraft. The Gunbus (Vickers FB5). Painting by Frank Wootton
aviation/filling jacques alexandre cesar charles balloon
Filling Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles' balloon with hydrogen gas, c1783. Wood engraving
aviation/cover agricultural magazine the country gentleman
Front cover of agricultural magazine, 'The Country Gentleman' which ran from 1831-1955
aviation/american dreadnoughts superdreadnoughts steaming
American Dreadnoughts and Superdreadnoughts steaming into New York Harbor, New York
aviation/canadian soldiers inspect armored sides steel
Canadian soldiers inspect the armored sides of an all steel German plane. Photograph
aviation/pictorial summary german weapons supplies surrendered
A pictorial summary of the German weapons and supplies surrendered to the Allies as
aviation/corner house partially wrecked bomb dropped zeppelin
Corner house partially wrecked by bomb dropped from a zeppelin, London, England. Photograph
aviation/aerial view showing remains arras france photograph
Aerial view showing the remains of Arras, France. Photograph, c1916
aviation/soldier basket observation balloon world war i
Soldier in the basket of an observation balloon during World War I. Photograph, c1916
aviation/damaged enemy airplane captured british world war i
A damaged enemy airplane captured by the British during World War I. Photograph, c1916
aviation/american aviator flying biplane bomber ellington field
American aviator flying a biplane bomber over Ellington Field, Texas. Photograph, c1917
aviation/handley page type o biplane bomber used british
The Handley-Page Type O biplane bomber used by the British during World War I. Photograph
aviation/american dirigible returning hangar trial flight
American dirigible returning to its hangar after a trial flight at the Fort Omaha
aviation/british c 2 in flight c 9 on ground airships
The British C-2 (in flight) and C-9 (on ground) airships, photographed during World War I
aviation/british observation balloon partially inflated
British observation balloon partially inflated at an airfield during World War I. Photograph
aviation/italian dirigible flight alps near piave world war i
Italian dirigible in flight over the Alps near the Piave Front during World War I
aviation/captured observation balloon western world war i
Captured observation balloon on the Western Front during World War I. Photograph, c1916
aviation/wreckage german zeppelin brought england world war i
Wreckage of a German Zeppelin brought down in England during World War I. Photograph
aviation/german zeppelin airship lying helpless field near
German Zeppelin airship lying helpless in a field near Bourbonne-les-Bains, France
aviation/damaged airplanes repairing plant france world war i
Damaged airplanes at a repairing plant in France during World War I. Photograph, c1916
aviation/german zeppelin airship world war i photograph
German Zeppelin airship during World War I. Photograph, c1916
aviation/german biplane later shot french guns world war i
German biplane that was later shot down by French guns during World War I. Photograph
aviation/british seaplane launched warship world war i
British seaplane being launched from a warship during World War I. Photograph, c1916
aviation/british biplane equipped radio transmitter airfield
A British biplane equipped with a radio transmitter, at an airfield in France during World War I
aviation/seaplanes assembled league island navy yard philadelphia
Seaplanes being assembled at the League Island Navy Yard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
aviation/elaborately camouflaged german fighter plane brought
An elaborately camouflaged German fighter plane brought down by a French Canon de
aviation/aviators american airfield world war i photograph
Aviators at an American airfield during World War I. Photograph, c1917
aviation/french aviation camp photographed observation
French aviation camp photographed by a observation balloon during World War I, c1916
aviation/british artillery passing road targeted enemy
British artillery passing on a road and targeted by enemy air raid bombers, who instead
aviation/1873 1932 brazilian aviator santos dumont
(1873-1932). Brazilian aviator. Santos-Dumont being rescued out of the Bay of Monaco
aviation/the aviator photograph harry whittier frees
'The aviator' Photograph by Harry Whittier Frees, c1914
aviation/fanciful airships flying machines wood engraving
Fanciful airships and flying machines. Wood engraving, American, 1856
aviation/german infantry artillery shooting hot air balloon
German infantry and artillery shooting a hot air balloon during a drill. Illustration
aviation/six passenger flying machine voisin works
A six-passenger flying machine, the 'Voisin,' which works both in the air and on the water
aviation/paul didier flying bicycle rise height feet
Paul Didier with his flying bicycle, which could rise to the height of several feet
aviation/german aviators western world war i photograph
German aviators on the Western Front during World War I. Photograph, 1914
aviation/french market new orleans sunday morning
The French Market in New Orleans on a Sunday Morning. Wood engraving, American, 1867
aviation/flying machines 1 langleys flying machine 2 3
FLYING MACHINES. 1. Langley's flying machine 2 and 3
aviation/newlyweds dr john f boynton mary west jenkins
Newlyweds Dr. John F. Boynton and Mary West Jenkins ascend from Central Park in New York City
aviation/different systems sailing air featuring inventions
'Different Systems of Sailing in the Air.' Featuring the inventions of: 1
aviation/flying machine invented jacob degen 1807
Flying machine invented by Jacob Degen, 1807. Wood engraving, American, 1857
aviation/charles greens proposed design hot air balloon
Charles Green's proposed design for a hot air balloon. Wood engraving, American, 1857
aviation/rear view armored antoinette monoplane developed
Rear view of an 'armored' Antoinette monoplane developed for the French military
aviation/view bleriot military monoplane triple wheels
Front view of a Bleriot military monoplane with triple wheels and a glass window. Photograph
aviation/it far better face bullets killed home bomb
'It is far better to face the bullets than to be killed at home by a bomb
aviation/drawing man powered flying machine designed english
Drawing of a man-powered flying machine designed by English pioneer of aviation, George Cayley
aviation/greeleys thermometer cartoon depicting presidential
'Greeley's Thermometer.' Cartoon depicting presidential candidate Horace
aviation/ascent henry tracey coxwells hot air balloon
Ascent of Henry Tracey Coxwell's hot air balloon from the Crystal Palace grounds in London
aviation/ascent nassau hot air balloon vauxhall gardens london
Ascent of the Nassau hot air balloon from Vauxhall Gardens in London, England, 1840
aviation/view wright brothers glider kitty hawk north
View of Wright Brothers' glider at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Photograph, 1911
aviation/german soldier guarding wrecked airplane photograph
A German soldier guarding a wrecked airplane. Photograph, c1914
aviation/twentieth century transportation lithograph e
'Twentieth Century Transportation.' Lithograph by E.S. Yates, c1910
aviation/american actress photographed aeroplane performance
American actress. Photographed in an 'aeroplane' from her performance, 'Up
aviation/illustration centenary ballooning engraving
'Illustration of the centenary of ballooning.' Engraving, 1884
aviation/tractor drawn artillery 89th division largest
'Tractor-drawn artillery of the 89th Division before largest hangar in Germany
aviation/amplifiers bolling field washington dc photograph
Amplifiers at Bolling Field in Washington, D.C. Photograph, 1921
aviation/enemy observation balloon fatally pierced shell fire
An enemy observation balloon fatally pierced by shell-fire from an American fighter plane
aviation/american eagles biplanes airships banks rhine
'American Eagles' with biplanes and airships on the banks of the Rhine River
aviation/1885 1928 american aviator first united states
(1885-1928). American aviator and the first United States Navy officer designated as an aviator
aviation/heartiest congratulations postcard arrival new baby
'Heartiest Congratulations' postcard for the arrival of a new baby, American
aviation/italian soldiers civilians watch aerial battle
Italian soldiers and civilians watch an aerial battle during World War I. Stereograph
aviation/american journalist explorer dirigible america
American journalist and explorer. With his dirigible 'America' prior to his
aviation/italian circus performer corradini descending
The Italian circus performer, Corradini, descending on horseback on a platform at a circus
aviation/plenary council baltimore 1884 national meeting
The Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, 1884, a national meeting of Roman Catholic
aviation/metal typefounders cut united states type foundry
Metal typefounder's cut by The United States Type Foundry, James Conner's Sons
aviation/the balloon man engraving 1868
'The balloon man.' Engraving, 1868
aviation/hot air balloon race berlin germany photograph
A hot air balloon race in Berlin, Germany. Photograph, 1908
aviation/german aviator oscar erbsloh hot air balloon berlin
German aviator Oscar Erbsloh in the hot air balloon 'Berlin' shortly before
aviation/german aviator photographed hot air balloon
German aviator. Photographed in a hot air balloon, c1908
aviation/man attaching german flag hot air balloon race berlin
A man attaching a German flag to a hot air balloon before a race in Berlin, Germany
aviation/descent m godards hot air balloon english channel
Descent of M. Godard's hot air balloon into the English Channel, at Boulogne, France
aviation/start hot air balloon race berlin germany photograph
The start of a hot air balloon race in Berlin, Germany. Photograph, 1908
aviation/the grouse harvest engraving english 1887
'The Grouse Harvest.' Engraving, English 1887
aviation/men hunting grouse engraving drawing harrison weir
Men hunting grouse. Engraving after a drawing by Harrison Weir, English, 1860
aviation/scenes hunters new jersey autumn engraving american
Scenes of hunters in New Jersey during the autumn. Engraving, American, 1877
aviation/yelping wild turkeys engraving american
''Yelping' Up Wild Turkeys.' Engraving, American, 1885
aviation/the first grouse season engraving english
'The First Grouse of the Season.' Engraving, English, 1868
aviation/the first bird season engraving american
'The First Bird of the Season.' Engraving, American, 1868
aviation/prairie chicken shooting kansas wood engraving
'Prairie-Chicken Shooting in Kansas.' Wood engraving, American, 1867
aviation/scenes ducks duck hunters wood engraving american
Scenes of ducks and duck hunters. Wood engraving, American, 1868
aviation/spring snipe shooting engraving american
'Spring Snipe-Shooting.' Engraving, American, 1886
aviation/a tight cartridge bird hunter having trouble rifle
'A Tight Cartridge.' A bird hunter having trouble with his rifle. Wood engraving
aviation/katharine orville wright aboard wright model hs
Katharine and Orville Wright aboard the Wright Model HS airplane. Photograph, 1915
aviation/wright brothers flying machine launching track
The Wright brothers' flying machine at the launching track at Big Kill Devil Hill


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