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Astronomy Gallery

JAPAN: ASTRONOMY, 1936. Women watching stars. Color drawing, 1936, by Ota Chou
Johannes Keplers model of the universe. Line engraving from his Mysterium Cosmographicum, 1596
With the sun at the center; Copernicus appears at lower right and Ptolemy at lower left
JOHN FLAMSTEED, c. 1700. Royal astronomer John Flamsteed, his one paid assistant, and friend, Marsh
MARS MISSION, 1950s. American magazine illustration by Chesley Bonestell, early 1950s
MILTON VISITING GALILEO. John Milton visiting Galileo Galilei during Miltons Italian tour of 1638-1639
HIPPARCHUS (146-127 BC). Greek astronomer. Hipparchus observing the stars. 19th century line engraving
A Chinese celestial sphere of the T ang Dynasty (681-905 A.D.). Colored engraving
CONSTELLATION: CASSIOPEIA. The constellation Cassiopeia: engraving from Johann Bayers celestial atlas, Uranometria
COPERNICAN UNIVERSE, 1660. Copernican map of the Universe, with the sun at the center
ALLEGORY OF MERCURY, 1496. Personification of Mercury, the planet of science
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE, 1660. Schillers Christianized Heaven, southern hemisphere
PTOLEMAIC UNIVERSE, 1660. Depiction of the Ptolemaic universe with the earth at the center
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE of the Northern Hemisphere, c. 1700, by Carel Allard, Amsterdam
ASTROLOGY, 16th CENTURY. Medieval astrologer attempting to discover the secrets behind the Milky Way: colored woodcut
Southern Hemisphere, by Carel Allard, Amsterdam
APIAN: WORLD MAP, 1530. Heart-shaped map of the world, with small portraits of Amerigo Vespucci
CONSTELLATION MAP. An Indian Sanskrit star map, 1840, ordered as a manuscript horoscope for Prince
GALILEO GALILEI (1564-1642). Galileo before the Holy Office in 1633. After the painting, 1847, by Tony Robert-Fleury
DONATIs COMET, 1858. Telescopic view of Donatis Comet as seen from the Cambridge
DONATIs COMET, 1858. Donatis Comet as it appeared on 11 October 1858 over the
DONATIs COMET, 1858. Telescopic views of Donatis Comet as seen from the Cambridge
HALLEYs COMET, 1910. Two views of Halleys Comet. Photographed from Honolulu, 12 May
HALLEYs COMET, 1910. The head of Halleys Comet. Photographed by the Mount Wilson Observatory
HALLEYs COMET, 1910. Fourteen views of Halleys Comet. Photograph, May-June 1910
encircling a geocentric (Ptolemaic) universe: drawing from a 16th century Austrian ms
Depiction of the Ptolemaic universe with the Earth at the center. Color woodcut from C
Anatomical / Astrological Man. Miniature depicting the influence of the zodiacal stars on the human body from the 15th
A pre-Copernican (Ptolemaic) conception of the universe with the earth at the center
Christian / Ptolemaic conception of the universe, with the Earth at the center
American magazine cover, 1931
American science fiction magazine cover, 1939, by Robert Fuqua
For an American science fiction magazine. Cover by Frank R. Paul
Cover by Leo Morey for an American science fiction magazine of 1930
Cover by Frank R. Paul for an American science fiction magazine of 1931
American magazine cover, 1929
American science fiction magazine Amazing Stories, May 1929. Illustration by Frank R. Paul
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE, 1660. Celestial planisphere of the northern hemisphere from Andreas Cellarius Atlas Coelestis
ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY. Observatory at Peking, China. French engraving, 1747
GALILEO GALILEI (1564-1642). Galileo demonstrating his telescopic discovery of the satellites of Jupiter to the Doge
COMET OF 1812. Seen from the Pont Neuf in Paris. Contemporary French colored engraving
GALILEO GALILEI (1564-1642) determining the magnification of one of his telescopes. Colored engraving, 19th century
PTOLEMAIC UNIVERSE, 1660. Representation of the Ptolemaic World System. Color engraving from Andreae Cellariis Harmonia
TELLURIAN GLOBE. A catalogue advertisement for a Tellurian Globe. Wood engraving, 19th century
KWAKIUTL DANCERS, c1914. Kwakiutl dance to restore an eclipsed moon. The men dance in a circle around a smoking fire
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE, 1729. The celestial globe drawn on a flat sheet
PLANETARY SYSTEMS. Woodcut from an edition of Boethius Consolation published in Augsburg in 1537
SCI-FI MAGAZINE COVER, 1930. American magazine cover, 1930

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