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astronomy/pre copernican ptolemaic conception universe
A pre-Copernican (Ptolemaic) conception of the universe with the earth at the center
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astronomy/japan astronomy 1936 women watching stars
JAPAN: ASTRONOMY, 1936. Women watching stars. Color drawing, 1936, by Ota Chou
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astronomy/johannes keplers model universe line engraving
Johannes Kepler's model of the universe. Line engraving from his 'Mysterium Cosmographicum
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science fiction/mars mission 1950s american magazine illustration
MARS MISSION, 1950s. American magazine illustration by Chesley Bonestell, early 1950s
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astronomy/celestial planisphere 1660 schillers christianized
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE, 1660. Schiller's Christianized Heaven, southern hemisphere
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astronomy/celestial planisphere northern hemisphere c
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE of the Northern Hemisphere, c. 1700, by Carel Allard, Amsterdam
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astronomy/chinese celestial sphere tang dynasty 681 905 a
A Chinese celestial sphere of the T'ang Dynasty (681-905 A.D.). Colored engraving
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astronomy/sun center copernicus appears lower right
With the sun at the center; Copernicus appears at lower right and Ptolemy at lower left
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astronomy/constellation cassiopeia constellation cassiopeia
CONSTELLATION: CASSIOPEIA. The constellation Cassiopeia: engraving from Johann Bayer's
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astronomy/ptolemaic universe 1660 depiction ptolemaic
PTOLEMAIC UNIVERSE, 1660. Depiction of the Ptolemaic universe with the earth at the center
#media dmcs-7520355
astronomy/hipparchus 146 127 bc greek astronomer
HIPPARCHUS (146-127 BC). Greek astronomer
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astronomy/copernican universe 1660 copernican map universe
COPERNICAN UNIVERSE, 1660. Copernican map of the Universe, with the sun at the center
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astronomy/allegory mercury 1496 personification mercury
ALLEGORY OF MERCURY, 1496. Personification of Mercury, the planet of science
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astronomy/donatis comet 1858 telescopic view donatis
DONATI'S COMET, 1858. Telescopic view of Donati's Comet as seen from the
#media dmcs-12323746
astronomy/donatis comet 1858 donatis comet appeared
DONATI'S COMET, 1858. Donati's Comet as it appeared on 11 October 1858 over the
#media dmcs-12323742
astronomy/donatis comet 1858 telescopic views donatis
DONATI'S COMET, 1858. Telescopic views of Donati's Comet as seen from the
#media dmcs-12323740
astronomy/halleys comet 1910 views halleys comet
HALLEY'S COMET, 1910. Two views of Halley's Comet. Photographed from Honolulu
#media dmcs-12323696
astronomy/halleys comet 1910 head halleys comet
HALLEY'S COMET, 1910. The head of Halley's Comet
#media dmcs-12323694
astronomy/halleys comet 1910 fourteen views halleys comet
HALLEY'S COMET, 1910. Fourteen views of Halley's Comet. Photograph, May-June 1910
#media dmcs-12323692
astronomy/encircling geocentric ptolemaic universe
encircling a geocentric (Ptolemaic) universe: drawing from a 16th century Austrian ms
#media dmcs-10409574
astronomy/southern hemisphere carel allard amsterdam
Southern Hemisphere, by Carel Allard, Amsterdam
#media dmcs-10409188
astronomy/depiction ptolemaic universe earth center
Depiction of the Ptolemaic universe with the Earth at the center. Color woodcut from C
#media dmcs-10408880
astronomy/anatomical astrological man miniature depicting
Anatomical/Astrological Man. Miniature depicting the influence of the zodiacal stars
#media dmcs-10408504
astronomy/christian ptolemaic conception universe earth center
Christian/Ptolemaic conception of the universe, with the Earth at the center, embraced
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science fiction/american magazine cover 1931
American magazine cover, 1931
#media dmcs-8857311
science fiction/american science fiction magazine cover 1939
American science fiction magazine cover, 1939, by Robert Fuqua
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inventors scientists/nicolaus copernicus 1473 1543 polish astronomer
NICOLAUS COPERNICUS (1473-1543). Polish astronomer. Observing the skies at night
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astronomy/donatis comet 1858 telescopic view donatis
DONATI'S COMET, 1858. Telescopic view of Donati's Comet as seen from the
#media dmcs-12323748
science fiction/american science fiction magazine amazing stories 1929
American science fiction magazine 'Amazing Stories,' May 1929. Illustration by Frank R
#media dmcs-8216095
astronomy/astrology 16th century medieval astrologer
ASTROLOGY, 16th CENTURY. Medieval astrologer attempting to discover the secrets behind
#media dmcs-7586559
astronomy/map universe 1660 according theories tycho brahe
MAP OF THE UNIVERSE, 1660. According to the theories of Tycho Brahe (1546-1601)
#media dmcs-6251107
astronomy/phases moon woodcut designed hans holbein
PHASES OF THE MOON. Woodcut designed by Hans Holbein the Younger from Sebastian Munster's
#media dmcs-6208073
astronomy/constellation capricorn figuration carpicornus
CONSTELLATION: CAPRICORN. Figuration of Carpicornus by Sidney Hall from 'Urania's Mirror
#media dmcs-6207975
astronomy/galileo galilei 1564 1642 galileo holy office 1633
GALILEO GALILEI (1564-1642). Galileo before the Holy Office in 1633. After the painting
#media dmcs-6207827
astronomy/sun moon 1493 woodcut german 1493
SUN AND MOON, 1493. Woodcut, German, 1493
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astronomy/constellation map indian sanskrit star map
CONSTELLATION MAP. An Indian Sanskrit star map, 1840, ordered as a manuscript horoscope
#media dmcs-6617637