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astrology/zodiac sign leo 1716 drawing hebrew book jewish calendar
ZODIAC SIGN: LEO, 1716. Drawing from a Hebrew book about the Jewish calendar, 'Sefer Evronot
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astronomy/chinese celestial sphere tang dynasty 681 905 a
A Chinese celestial sphere of the T'ang Dynasty (681-905 A.D.). Colored engraving
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astronomy/sun center copernicus appears lower right
With the sun at the center; Copernicus appears at lower right and Ptolemy at lower left
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astronomy/constellation cassiopeia constellation cassiopeia
CONSTELLATION: CASSIOPEIA. The constellation Cassiopeia: engraving from Johann Bayer's
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astronomy/allegory mercury 1496 personification mercury
ALLEGORY OF MERCURY, 1496. Personification of Mercury, the planet of science
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astronomy/encircling geocentric ptolemaic universe
encircling a geocentric (Ptolemaic) universe: drawing from a 16th century Austrian ms
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astronomy/southern hemisphere carel allard amsterdam
Southern Hemisphere, by Carel Allard, Amsterdam
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astrology/colored woodcut le grant kalendrier et compost
Colored woodcut from "Le grant kalendrier et compost des bergieres," 1496
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astronomy/anatomical astrological man miniature depicting
Anatomical/Astrological Man. Miniature depicting the influence of the zodiacal stars
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astrology/homo signorum woodcut epilogo en medicina
'Homo Signorum.' Woodcut from 'Epilogo en medicina,' printed by Juan de Burgos
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astrology/midwives attend childbirth astronomer casts
Midwives attend a childbirth while an astronomer casts a horoscope for the newborn
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astronomy/astrology 16th century medieval astrologer
ASTROLOGY, 16th CENTURY. Medieval astrologer attempting to discover the secrets behind
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astrology/zodiac sign taurus 1716 drawing hebrew
ZODIAC SIGN: TAURUS, 1716. Drawing from a Hebrew book about the Jewish calendar, 'Sefer Evronot
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astrology/zodiac capricorn 1716 drawing hebrew book
ZODIAC: CAPRICORN, 1716. Drawing from a Hebrew book about the Jewish calendar, 'Sefer Evronot
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astrology/zodiac sign scorpio 1716 drawing hebrew
ZODIAC SIGN: SCORPIO, 1716. Drawing from a Hebrew book about the Jewish calendar
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astrology/zodiac sign libra 1716 drawing hebrew
ZODIAC SIGN: LIBRA, 1716. Drawing from a Hebrew book about the Jewish calendar, 'Sefer Evronot
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astronomy/constellation capricorn figuration carpicornus
CONSTELLATION: CAPRICORN. Figuration of Carpicornus by Sidney Hall from 'Urania's Mirror
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astronomy/constellation map indian sanskrit star map
CONSTELLATION MAP. An Indian Sanskrit star map, 1840, ordered as a manuscript horoscope
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