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architecture/adolf loos steiner house steiner house vienna
ADOLF LOOS: STEINER HOUSE. The Steiner House in Vienna, Austria, designed by Adolf Loos
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architecture/james inman residence james inman residence burrillville
JAMES INMAN RESIDENCE. The James Inman residence in Burrillville, Rhode Island
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architecture/brisville title page page book designs locks
BRISVILLE: TITLE PAGE. Page for a book of designs for locks, by Hugues Brisville
#media dmcs-12233967
architecture/brisville title page title page book designs locks
BRISVILLE: TITLE PAGE. Title page for a book of designs for locks, by Hugues Brisville
#media dmcs-12233963
architecture/cartouche engraved cartouche 19th century
CARTOUCHE. Engraved cartouche, 19th century
#media dmcs-12233961
architecture/decorative border engraved decorative border
DECORATIVE BORDER. Engraved decorative border, 19th century
#media dmcs-12233959
architecture/paxton crystal sanatorium design crystal
PAXTON: CRYSTAL SANATORIUM. Design for a crystal sanitorium by English architect
#media dmcs-12233957
architecture/lawn ornaments 1889 american cartoon man
LAWN ORNAMENTS, 1889. American cartoon of a man who bought too many iron lawn ornaments
#media dmcs-12233955
architecture/bedroom c1750 rococo bedroom french home
BEDROOM, c1750. A Rococo bedroom in a French home. Lithograph, c1875
#media dmcs-12233953
architecture/mexico cathedral c1890 mexico city metropolitan
MEXICO: CATHEDRAL, c1890. The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City, Mexico
#media dmcs-12233951
architecture/winchester cathedral church england cathedral winchester
WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL. Church of England cathedral in Winchester, England. Photochrome
#media dmcs-12233949
architecture/venice st marks basilica interior st
VENICE: ST. MARK'S BASILICA. The interior of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy
#media dmcs-12233947
architecture/john bartram house southeast view house
JOHN BARTRAM HOUSE. Southeast view of the house and garden of American botanist
#media dmcs-12233945
architecture/spain alhambra palace court lions alhambra
SPAIN: ALHAMBRA PALACE. The Court of the Lions at the Alhambra Palace in Granada
#media dmcs-12233941
architecture/rome st peters basilica interior saint
ROME: ST. PETER'S BASILICA. Interior of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome
#media dmcs-12233939
architecture/spain cordoba c1908 beautifully carved choir stalls
SPAIN: CORDOBA, c1908. 'Beautifully carved choir stalls, Cathedral, Cordova, Spain
#media dmcs-12233937
architecture/new york meetinghouse quaker meetinghouse flushing
NEW YORK: MEETINGHOUSE. A Quaker meetinghouse in Flushing, New York. Engraving
#media dmcs-12233935
architecture/syria church c1903 interior greek church damascus syria
SYRIA: CHURCH, c1903. Interior of the Greek church of Damascus, Syria. Stereograph
#media dmcs-12233933
architecture/bowne house 1661 bowne house built 1661
BOWNE HOUSE, 1661. The Bowne House, built in 1661 by John Bowne in Flushing, New York
#media dmcs-12233929
architecture/montana home c1900 interior view unidentified
MONTANA: HOME, c1900. Interior view of an unidentified home in Helena, Montana
#media dmcs-12233927
architecture/architecture columns diagram various orders
ARCHITECTURE: COLUMNS. Diagram of various orders of classical columns. Engraving
#media dmcs-12233925
architecture/spinning wheel american woman spinning yarn
SPINNING WHEEL. An American woman spinning yarn. Photograph, 19th century
#media dmcs-12233923
architecture/hine housing 1912 textile workers family
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. Textile mill worker's family in the yard with a clothesline
#media dmcs-12233921
architecture/hine housing 1912 italian american mother
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. An Italian American mother and five children in their
#media dmcs-12233919
architecture/hine housing 1912 polish american mother
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. A Polish American mother with her children in their crowded
#media dmcs-12233917
architecture/hine housing 1912 interior textile workers
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. Interior of a textile mill worker's home in Pawtucket
#media dmcs-12233913
architecture/hine housing 1912 poor housing conditions
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. Poor housing conditions for textile mill workers in Woonsocket
#media dmcs-12233911
architecture/hine housing 1912 housing cannon mills
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. Housing for Cannon Mills textile workers in Concord, North
#media dmcs-12233909
architecture/factory worker housing 1911 settlement
FACTORY WORKER HOUSING, 1911. Settlement of sardine workers from Factory #2 at
#media dmcs-12233905
architecture/textile worker housing housing workers tupelo
TEXTILE WORKER HOUSING. Housing for the workers at the Tupelo Cotton Mill in Tupelo
#media dmcs-12233899
architecture/hine housing 1911 camp workers peerless oyster co
HINE: HOUSING, 1911. A camp for workers of the Peerless Oyster Co. in Bay St. Louis
#media dmcs-12233897
architecture/versailles pediment 1679 study pediment
VERSAILLES: PEDIMENT, 1679. Study for the pediment of the Marble Court at Versailles
#media dmcs-12233895
architecture/john jacob astor residence exterior home
JOHN JACOB ASTOR RESIDENCE. Exterior of the home of John Jacob Astor IV (1864-1912)
#media dmcs-12233893
architecture/el escorial cloister architectural lower
EL ESCORIAL: CLOISTER. Architectural detail of the lower cloister at El Escorial
#media dmcs-12233891
architecture/john jacob astor residence interior home
JOHN JACOB ASTOR RESIDENCE. Interior of the home of John Jacob Astor IV (1864-1912)
#media dmcs-12233889
architecture/massachusetts trestle boys walking trestle work westfield
MASSACHUSETTS: TRESTLE. Boys walking across a trestle after work in Westfield
#media dmcs-12233887
architecture/william morris designs chair wallpaper designed
WILLIAM MORRIS DESIGNS. Chair and wallpaper designed by William Morris, 1870s
#media dmcs-12233885
architecture/gardner pingree house federal style gardner pingree
GARDNER-PINGREE HOUSE. The Federal style Gardner-Pingree House at 128 Essex Street
#media dmcs-12233883
architecture/american town group well dressed men standing
AMERICAN TOWN. Group of well-dressed men standing near an empty lot in an American town
#media dmcs-12233881
architecture/log cabin c1870 settlers outside log cabin
LOG CABIN, c1870. Settlers outside of a log cabin with a steamboat on the river
#media dmcs-12233879
architecture/wyoming log cabin c1913 log cabin woods
WYOMING: LOG CABIN, c1913. A log cabin in the woods with a marker indicating where U
#media dmcs-12233877
architecture/alabama log cabin c1890 african americans
ALABAMA: LOG CABIN, c1890. Three African Americans outside a log cabin in Mt. Meigs
#media dmcs-12233875
architecture/log cabin c1903 men woman children standing
LOG CABIN, c1903. Three men, a woman and four children standing in the doorway of
#media dmcs-12233873
architecture/arizona log cabin c1908 log cabin thatched
ARIZONA: LOG CABIN, c1908. Log cabin with a thatched roof in front of a large rock
#media dmcs-12233871
architecture/alaska log cabin c1899 log cabins kodiak alaska
ALASKA: LOG CABIN, c1899. Log cabins in Kodiak, Alaska. Photograph by Edward Curtis
#media dmcs-12233869
architecture/log cabin c1906 loggers dog standing log cabin
LOG CABIN, c1906. Two loggers and a dog standing in front of a log cabin in the
#media dmcs-12233865
architecture/log cabin c1895 african american man seated tree stump
LOG CABIN, c1895. An African American man seated on a tree stump, outside a log
#media dmcs-12233863
architecture/log cabin c1900 man sitting small log cabin
LOG CABIN, c1900. A man sitting in front of a small log cabin on a Sunday morning
#media dmcs-12233861
architecture/josiah quincy house country home colonel josiah quincy i
JOSIAH QUINCY HOUSE. The country home of Colonel Josiah Quincy I (1709-1784) built
#media dmcs-12233804


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