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American Revolution

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weapons/the nation makers depicts battle brandywine
'The Nation Makers.' Depicts the Battle of Brandywine of 1777 during the Revolutionary War
american patriotism/signed copy declaration independence 4 july 1776
Signed copy of the Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776
american revolution/marion men crossing pee dee river harass british
Marion and his men crossing the Pee Dee River to harass the British in South Carolina
american patriotism/first page signatures declaration independence
First page of signatures on the Declaration of Independence
american patriotism/declaration independence
Declaration of Independence
cartoons/horse america throwing master english satirical
The horse 'America' throwing his master
poets writers/madison federalist essay number federalist papers
MADISON: FEDERALIST. Essay number ten from the 'Federalist Papers,' written
american revolution/first blow liberty lexington concord colored
First Blow for Liberty (Lexington/Concord)
american patriotism/signed copy declaration independence 4 july 1776
Signed copy of the Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776
american revolution/benedict arnold persuading major john andre conceal
Benedict Arnold persuading Major John Andre to conceal the plans of West Point in
american revolution/map williamsburg virginia surrounding country
Map of Williamsburg, Virginia, and the surrounding country
american patriotism/american seamstress patriot betsy ross making
American seamstress and patriot. Betsy Ross making the first American flag
american presidents/title page second edition thomas paines pamphlet
Title-page of the second edition of Thomas Paine's pamphlet 'Common Sense
american revolution/laodicea dicey langston south carolina protecting
Laodicea 'Dicey' Langston of South Carolina protecting her elderly father
american revolution/plan chain hudson river fort montgomery
Plan of the chain across the Hudson River at Fort Montgomery
american revolution/plan campaign new york new jersey american revolutionary
Plan of the campaign in New York and New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War
american revolution/rubbing 18th century new england gravestone american
Rubbing from an 18th century New England gravestone for an American soldier killed
poets writers/anglo american political philosopher writer paine
Anglo-American political philosopher and writer. Paine, holding the scroll 'Rights of Man
american revolution/continental soldiers gen george washington marching
Continental soldiers under Gen. George Washington marching to Trenton, New Jersey
american revolution/death major john pitcairn british royal marines
The death of Major John Pitcairn of the British Royal Marines at the Battle of Bunker
american revolution/colonial american blacksmith forges weapons outbreak
A colonial American blacksmith forges weapons at the outbreak of the Revoutionary War
american revolution/american revolutionary soldier francis marion
American revolutionary soldier. Francis Marion inviting a British officer to dine
founding fathers/american revolutionary politician oil canvas
American revolutionary politician. Oil on canvas, c1770-1772, by John Singleton Copley
american revolution/brigadier general john stark directing victorious
Brigadier General John Stark directing the victorious American forces at the Battle of Bennington
american revolution/1742 1786 american revolutionary officer
(1742-1786). American Revolutionary officer. Stipple engraving, American, 19th century
american revolution/1755 1804 hamilton yorktown 1781 steel engraving
(1755-1804). Hamilton at Yorktown in 1781
american patriotism/american revolutionary war era flag flown george
American Revolutionary War era flag flown by George Washington's Cruisers, 1775
american revolution/steel engraving james mitan 1801 painting john
Steel engraving by James Mitan, 1801, after the painting by John Trumbull
american revolution/defeat british battle kings mountain south carolina
The defeat of the British at the Battle of King's Mountain, South Carolina, 7th October 1780
american patriotism/thomas jefferson reading rough draft declaration
Thomas Jefferson reading his rough draft of the Declaration of Independence to Benjamin Franklin
founding fathers/1732 1799 1st president united states
(1732-1799). 1st President of the United States. At Dorchester Heights during the Siege of Boston
american presidents/washington valley forge
Washington: Valley Forge
american revolution/new york armies 1776 plan positions british
NEW YORK: ARMIES, 1776. Plan of the positions of the British and American armies in New York
american revolution/map fort washington 1776 engraved map showing
MAP: FORT WASHINGTON, 1776. Engraved map showing the English attacks on Fort Washington
american revolution/san fernando omoa 1779 british sailor offering
SAN FERNANDO DE OMOA, 1779. A British sailor offering a sword to an unarmed Spanish
american revolution/battle kegs 1778 kegs filled gunpowder floated
BATTLE OF THE KEGS, 1778. Kegs filled with gunpowder floated down the Delaware
american revolution/yorktown surrender 1781 surrender lord charles
YORKTOWN: SURRENDER, 1781. The surrender of Lord Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown
american revolution/battle bunker hill 1775 peter salem shooting
BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, 1775. Peter Salem shooting British Marine Major John Pitcairn
american revolution/american revolution c1775 the vision
american revolution/battle stony point 1779 american troops general
BATTLE OF STONY POINT, 1779. American troops under General Anthony Wayne surprising
american revolution/new york armies 1776 a sketch operations majestys
NEW YORK: ARMIES, 1776. 'A Sketch of the Operations of His Majesty's Fleet
american revolution/marquis lafayette 1757 1834 marquis lafayette
MARQUIS de LAFAYETTE (1757-1834). The Marquis de Lafayette Marie-Joseph Paul Yves
american revolution/battle long island 1776 american soldiers attempting
BATTLE OF LONG ISLAND, 1776. American soldiers attempting to retreat across Gowanus
american revolution/algerian corsair capture algerian corsair american
ALGERIAN CORSAIR. Capture of an Algerian corsair by an American warship in the
american revolution/valley forge 1777 general george washington
VALLEY FORGE, 1777. General George Washington at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, 1777
american revolution/concord c1775 the concord stage illustration
CONCORD, c1775. 'The Concord Stage.' Illustration by Percy Moran, c1911
american revolution/yorktown surrender 1781 british general charles
YORKTOWN: SURRENDER, 1781. The British General Charles Cornwallis surrenders to
american revolution/congressional document 1776 congressional document
CONGRESSIONAL DOCUMENT, 1776. Congressional document ordering John Ashmead, clerk
american revolution/knox artillery 1776 arrival colonel henry knox
KNOX: ARTILLERY, 1776. The arrival of Colonel Henry Knox in the Continental Army
american revolution/tory pandemonium c1775 meeting angry loyalists
TORY PANDEMONIUM, c1775. A meeting of angry loyalists during the American Revolution
american revolution/boston declaration 1776 reading declaration
BOSTON: DECLARATION, 1776. The reading of the Declaration of Independence in Boston
american revolution/revolution recruit 1777 the recruit
REVOLUTION: RECRUIT, 1777. 'The Recruit
american revolution/yankee doodle 1776 yankee doodle 1776
YANKEE DOODLE, 1776. 'Yankee Doodle, 1776.' Lithograph by Archibald Willard
american revolution/battle bennington 1777 brigadier general john
BATTLE OF BENNINGTON, 1777. Brigadier General John Stark directing the victorious
american revolution/ranger 1777 painting ranger sloop of war
THE RANGER, 1777. Painting of the 'Ranger,' sloop-of-war in the Continental Navy
american revolution/washington headquarters george washingtons
WASHINGTON: HEADQUARTERS. George Washington's headquarters at Valley Forge
american revolution/revolutionary war poster recruiting broadside
REVOLUTIONARY WAR POSTER. Recruiting broadside with instructions for recruiting
american revolution/william smallwood 1732 1792 american planter
WILLIAM SMALLWOOD (1732-1792). American planter, soldier and statesman
american revolution/howe declaration 1776 declaration richard viscount
HOWE DECLARATION, 1776. Declaration by Richard Viscount Howe and his brother, General
american revolution/saratoga surrender 1777 surrender british general
SARATOGA: SURRENDER, 1777. The surrender of British General John Burgoyne (left)
american revolution/american revolution c1775 the combat
american revolution/house burgesses 1774 association signed 89 members
HOUSE OF BURGESSES, 1774. Association signed by the 89 members of the House of Burgesses
american revolution/sampson pension 1818 deposition deborah sampson
SAMPSON PENSION, 1818. Deposition of Deborah Sampson Gannett, a soldier in the
american revolution/battle long island 1776 colonel john glover
BATTLE OF LONG ISLAND, 1776. Colonel John Glover of the Marblehead militia superintending
american revolution/battle stony point 1779 continental army soldiers
BATTLE OF STONY POINT, 1779. Continental Army soldiers under General Anthony Wayne
american revolution/american revolution abandoning vessels gloucester
AMERICAN REVOLUTION. 'Abandoning the Vessels at Gloucester' during a naval battle
american revolution/military text book 1777 a military course
MILITARY TEXT BOOK, 1777. 'A Military Course
american revolution/halifax declaration 1776 reading declaration
HALIFAX: DECLARATION, 1776. The reading of the Declaration of Independence in Halifax
american revolution/battle lexington 1775 battle lexington massachusetts
BATTLE OF LEXINGTON, 1775. Battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, during the American
american revolution/liberty bell 1776 the tocsin liberty
LIBERTY BELL, 1776. 'The Tocsin of Liberty
american revolution/battle trenton 1776 general george washington
BATTLE OF TRENTON, 1776. General George Washington inspecting the captured British
american revolution/minutemen heroes 1776 heroes 76 marching fight
MINUTEMEN: HEROES OF 1776. 'Heroes of "'76," Marching to the Fight
american revolution/french squadron 1778 french warship languedoc
FRENCH SQUADRON, 1778. French warship 'Languedoc,' part of the naval squadron
american revolution/united colonies continental currency dollar banknote
United Colonies Continental Currency eight dollar banknote, 1777
american revolution/plan fort montgomery hudson river 31 may 1776
Plan of Fort Montgomery on the Hudson River, 31 May 1776
american revolution/plan general george washingtons operations new
Plan of General George Washington's operations in New Jersey before and after
american revolution/plan siege yorktown virginia american revolutionary
A plan of the Siege of Yorktown, Virginia during the American Revolutionary War, 1781
american revolution/pages 1794 edition baron friedrich von steubens
Two pages from a 1794 edition of Baron Friedrich von Steuben's army drill manual
american revolution/plan battle bunker hill american revolutionary war
Plan of the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolutionary War, 17 June 1775
american revolution/engraved plan 19th century west point american
Engraved plan, 19th century, of West Point during the American Revolution
american revolution/19th century copy map 1780 west point hudson
19th century copy of a map, 1780, of West Point on the Hudson River during the American
american revolution/plan typical british redoubt time american revolutionary
Plan of a typical British redoubt at the time of the American Revolutionary War
american revolution/engraved map 19th century battle trenton new jersey
Engraved map, 19th century, of the Battle of Trenton, New Jersey, 26 December 1776
american revolution/battle virginia capes french english fleets 5 10
Battle of Virginia Capes between the French and English fleets, 5-10 September 1781
american revolution/battlefield plan new york long island american
Battlefield plan of New York and Long Island during the American Revolutionary War, c1776
american revolution/plan american siege british held boston massachusetts
Plan of the American Siege of British-held Boston, Massachusetts, May 1775-March 1776
american revolution/engraved map 19th century siege savannah georgia
Engraved map, 19th century, of the Siege of Savannah, Georgia, during the American
american revolution/battle virgnia capes french english fleets 5 10
Battle of Virgnia Capes between the French and English fleets, 5-10 September 1781
american revolution/plan battle bunker hill boston foreground charlestown
Plan of the Battle of Bunker Hill, with Boston in the foreground and the Charlestown
american revolution/map drawn thomas jefferson milford haven chesapeake
Map drawn by Thomas Jefferson of Milford Haven on Chesapeake Bay and vicinity, showing
american revolution/plan british attack forts clinton montgomery hudson
Plan of the British attack on Forts Clinton and Montgomery on the Hudson River during
american revolution/plan battles freemans farm bemiss heights sept
Plan of the two battles of Freeman's Farm (Bemis's Heights) on Sept. 19 and Oct
american revolution/the tea tax tempest anglo american revolution
'The Tea-Tax Tempest, or the Anglo-American Revolution.' English cartoon engraving of 1778
american revolution/casting tea overboard boston harbor 16 december 1773
Casting tea overboard in Boston Harbor, 16 December 1773. Wood engraving, American, 1851
american revolution/16 december 1773 american engraving c1845
16 December 1773. American engraving, c1845
american revolution/16 december 1773 german engraving daniel chodowiecki
16 December 1773. German engraving by Daniel Chodowiecki, 1784
american revolution/american broadside verses boston tea party c1773
American broadside with verses about the Boston Tea Party, c1773
american revolution/dec 16 1773 line engraving 19th century
Dec. 16, 1773. Line engraving, 19th century
american revolution/16 december 1773 american colored engraving
16 December 1773. American colored engraving, 1829


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